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📍Trump’s “immunity” is likely artificial & temporary says experts. His synthetic antibodies could actually prevent his body from making own. Regeneron antibodies have a half life of 21–25 days—thus, by Oct 23, half gone by then. #COVID19 #TrumpCovid 🧵…
2) “Without replenishment, this decline may leave Mr. Trump even more susceptible to the virus than most patients who have recovered from Covid-19, several experts warned.”…
3) “Moreover, the steroid treatment the president received early in the course of his illness suppresses the body’s natural immune response, including its propensity to make antibodies of its own.”…
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Omg... the overwhelming majority of Republican (men and women) who think the Coronavirus is overblown is just insane. It’s not just MAGA rally attendees, but basically 2/3rds to 3/4ths of all GOP voters who reject public health guidance. This is a Trump cult. #COVID19 #TrumpCovid
2) here is the actual Gallup poll. The difference is night and day on #COVID19 fundamental realities…
3) the gender disparity between men and women also huge. Also persistent even when adjusting for other factors.
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This piece @_HarryPaul_ is a must-read. As we obsess over #TrumpCOVID, it would do us well to take a step back:
"The importance of protecting those with hidden disabilities, such as my restrictive lung disease, who are similarly vulnerable to poor outcomes from #Covid19 get lost"
He warns, re #LongCOVID: "individuals will face additional barriers as they seek accommodation in work, school, and their social lives"

[[editorial NB by me: This will be worse if the #ACA is repealed]]
Additionally, he cautions "Clinicians are not usually accustomed to talking about states of disability for which there is no clear biomedical explanation or treatment plan."

[[editorial NB by me: Esp for women & minorities]]
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I've now watched it x2.
What we know from today's press conference on #TrumpCovid:
- Trump is going back to the White House
- The WH has high-quality care, perhaps as good as at some hospitals [but then why was he ever at Walter Reed?]
- He is still on dexamethasone & remdisivir
What we can deduce:
- His kidney function was not good at one point ("he was dehydrated")
- His lung function is impaired (no answers re CXR/CT scan; received dex; & many of us have seen the "happy hypoxia" of severe #COVID19)
What is mystifying:
- Why they won't tell us the date of the last negative test
- Whether he will actually isolate
- Why he would insist this is no big deal, when it has killed 209,000 Americans & required him to be in the hospital for 3 days
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Dear @realDonaldTrump
You act like a child. You just potentially sacrificed the lives of two secret service members for a joyride. #TrumpCovid

I had #COVID19. I would have done anything to get outside my house for a ride. But that would have been bad for others.
I sweated through my clothes.
I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle.
I was lucky enough to get a test.

But mine was a false negative. So, I couldn't get investigational therapies. Image
I too was on #dexamethasone . But unlike you, I was on it in March. It happened to be the only steroid I can handle.

I was irritable, and as tired as I was, I couldn't sleep. I didn't have my family here
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As I warned, Trump’s condition was much more serious than revealed. His condition was deteriorating faster and earlier in the course of illness than is typical in #COVID19. Thus, the unproven antibody cocktail, #remdesivir (used for seriously ill patients), and now dexamethasone.
Patients with @COVID19 are hospitalized a median of 9days after onset of symptoms. Trump’s became symptomatic on Wednesday at the earliest, so today is Day 5. Yet Trump needed oxygen and hospitalization by Day 2.

It’s VERY CONCERNING that Trump was treated with dexamethasone. As @DrEricDing points out, dex is NOT effective in patients NOT on O2. Biggest benefit is for patients on O2/ventilator, less so for O2 only.

#TrumpCovid #coronavirus
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Watching the press conference on #TrumpCovid.

That he is not on oxygen is a good sign. They will not answer whether he was on O2 yesterday.

The use of remdesivir this early is unusual, but - he is the president.

"Cautiously optimistic".
They admit that he is getting treatments earlier than others get it.

This is the truth of our broken healthcare system: there are special treatments for special people. (Nb, VIP treatment doesn't always help.)
Lots of refusal to answer specifics about tests, fever, and oxygen levels.
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Said scripture: "They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."…

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No distancing, no masks & this photo (via @nytimes) shows the #AmyConeyBarrett super-spreader event last week was INDOOR as well as outdoor, despite official claims

Attendees who later caught #COVID19:
Donald Trump
Melania Trump
Mike Lee
Thom Tillis
Kellyanne Conway
John Jenkins
Trump's campaign manager, Bill Stepien, has also tested positive for #COVID19

This comes days after telling staff without symptoms there's no need for them to quarantine

Perhaps, the entire White House should be put under quarantine! #DonaldTrump #TrumpCovid #TrumpHasCovid @aoc
In early March, @BorisJohnson boasted about shaking hands with #COVID19 patients

5/5 - PM’s #TakeItOnTheChin comments

12/3 - @peston reveals that #HerdImmunity is the govt strategy

13/3 - SAGE advises lockdown

16/3 - SAGE informs govt

25/3 - Lockdown
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#USA #WashingtonDC #TrumpCovid #Coronavirus

According to his doctor, US President Donald Trump received a single dose of an antibody combination from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals as a treatment. The president is generally tired, but in good spirits, Image
according to a review by Sean Conley, which Trump's press spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany spreads on Twitter.
At the end of September, Regeneron asked for emergency approval for its experimental antibody combination REGN-COV2. The share of the US group rose 1.8 percent in after-hours trading.
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#USA #WashingtonDC #TrumpCovid #Coronavirus

According to doctors, US President Donald Trump is likely to experience severe symptoms of his coronavirus infection in the coming week. This is based on the assumption that the 74-year-old was infected a short time ago,
said Covid expert David Strain from the University of Exeter. "The classic respiratory problems would appear in the middle of next week." He referred to the course of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose condition worsened on the tenth day.
However, several experts also spoke of the difficulty of predicting a course in Trump that is likely to receive the best possible care.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ headed to hospital‼️…
🔥🦠🔥Out of an abundance of caution, @realDonaldTrump is headed to Walter Reed to work out of his office... ⁉️#TrumpCovid
💥BREAKING NEWS 💥Marine One set to fly @realDonaldTrump to Walter Reed... looks like he won’t be walking across the lawn today....
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WORRIED—you almost **never ever** give someone a clinically untested drug like @Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody drug—unless it’s for compassionate use for someone severely ill, or you’re crazy. Right @VincentRK? This smacks of utter craziness or desperation. #COVID19 #TrumpCovid
2) the 8 gram @Regeneron dose is also supposedly the *higher* dose according to Sanjay Gupta on CNN.
3) more odd. The 8 gram dose isn’t even more effective than the lower dose. It’s already a somewhat unproven drug other than for viral dose. Why did they say even try it not to mention. Why the higher dose. These are weird signals.
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Important concern is whether President Trump becomes a covid #longhauler — which includes a host of potential symptoms including serious neurological issues that can last MONTHS.


Image is from:…

<thread> Image
2. "As many people reported 'brain fogs' and concentration challenges as coughs or fevers. Some have experienced hallucinations, delirium, short-term memory loss..."

via @edyong209…
3. "What’s unusual about the long haulers is that many initially had mild to moderate symptoms that didn’t require lengthy hospitalization—if any—let alone intensive care."

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)…
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I am in a strange space - feeling wise. I'm feeling a sense of loss. I hurt for all the victims of #COVID19; the ones who have succumbed to it, the ones suffering with it, the ones who have survived it with life-long complications. 1/4
I'm concerned for the health of the President. It puts us all at risk for a multitude of bad actors to take advantage of the precarious state of affairs, especially through a transition of Presidential powers, not to mention 31 days from a General Election. 2/4
Due to the inability of this Administration to 1) Come up with, much less execute, a national plan to keep us safe; and 2) Tell us the TRUTH, I have no idea how we're going to get through this. In the best scenario, the President recovers. 3/4
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#TrumpCovid comments (2/15)
Trump's most idiotic COVID comments (3/15)
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#TrumpCovid NOW @MarkMeadows speaking to reporters, “Good morning, obviously we had a great jobs report this morning. Unemployment down below 8%. Robust economy. Not what people are focused on...As all of you know the President + the First Lady tested positive for Covid 19.
They remain in good spirits. The President does have mild symptoms. As we look to try to make sure his health + safety is good, we look at that for all of the American people. Good spirits and energetic... He is certainly wanting to make sure that we stay engaged. Critically
important, doctors are monitoring their health. They will be glad to provide some updates later today. I think the, the great thing about this POTUS, is not only he’s staying committed, his first question to me is, was, how is the economy, how is the stimulus talks...”@CBSNews
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🚨 White House announces Chief of Staff Mark Meadows coming out to speak to reporters on WH north lawn. 🚨
WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows - no mask - addresses reporters. Opens remarks will comments about jobs report....
“If you can’t protect the President, how can you be trusted to protect the country?” - question to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows after he spoke with reporters for just seven minutes about #TrumpCovid outside the White House. @CBSNews
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The ultimate downplay: Trump knew he had #COVID19, but interacted with his followers and staff anyway. #TrumpHasCovid
“Trump Went Ahead With Golf Club Fundraiser After Hicks Tested Positive” for #COVID.

No shock. He’s been setting up rallies, even indoor ones, putting his followers at risk for his own gain.…
Donors purchased “a roundtable discussion with Trump, photo opportunity and reception” for $250,000.…
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That Trump and his family we’re flying all over the country and disregarding local COVID protocols remains shocking. The stupidity, the arrogance, the ubermenchness.
Hicks and Trump should issue formal apologies to everyone who was at the debate, everyone she came in contract w/on Wed and everyone the President came in contact w/on Thur.

The recklessness of all this, disregard for others, is MINDBOGGLING.

The head of the White House's coronavirus task force will spending 2 hours with the American people in prime time next week. Will be interesting to hear how he explains their recklessness, refusal to follow protocols, whether he is willing to apologize.

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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥⁦⁦@POTUS⁩ and ⁦@FLOTUS⁩ who have tried to gaslight America for months about #COVID19 have finally caught it. It’s a shame that they couldn’t be a good example to America at #Debates2020🙄…
💥KARMA💥At @Debates2020 Trump mocked Biden for wearing masks. “Every time you see him, he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away from it. And he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen...” Now Trump and Melania have #COVID19. #TrumpHasCovid
🦠@GOPChairwoman #coRonavirus McDaniel was with Trump last Friday and has been in Michigan since... #SuperSpreaderEvent #TrumpCovid
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"This poll is highly CLASSIFIED and is only intended for a small group of hand-picked Patriots."

"Do you agree that Slow Joe and Phony Kamala would DESTROY our Nation?"

"Do you agree that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are just Trojan Horses being used by the Radical Left?" ImageImage
Trump selling "face coverings" for a $50 donation. Image
"...they’ve been attacking my father with a viciousness we’ve never seen before. We, the American People, need to be ready to defend him." Image
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"Defend your Nation [...] We need to FIGHT BACK."

"Sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris are nothing more than puppets being used by the Radical Left. How Pathetic."

"These two Corrupt SOCIALISTS have vowed to destroy everything my Administration has built." ImageImage
"The future of our Nation is at risk. [...] Help us STOP THEM."

"To protect the future of our Nation from a RADICAL SOCIALIST TAKEOVER..." ImageImage
Not sure why this Trump text is addressed to Diamond and Silk. Image
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