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While there were some upsetting results yesterday, make no mistake: US democracy won.

Even in states that went with Trump, seeds of a more-representative democracy were planted and will bear fruit in the next 2-4 years. #ElectionNight
Though results were somewhat clouded by the unrepresentative Senate, by solid popular majorities, the country clearly rejected Trumpism.
You shouldn't.

Beto hurts. Florida sucks. Kemp's a crook.

But look across the country: solid victories everywhere.

1.4 million got their right to vote back in FL. Medicaid was expanded in four states. Anti-gerrymandering measures passed everywhere.
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#ElectionNight was a squeaker in House. Dems picking up 26 seats. Reps pick up seats in Senate & hold it
51 Republican 43 Democrats
Key Republican Governor wins in Florida & Ohio help set up #Trump2020 in two crucial battleground states
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Donald Trump's #ElectionNight so far:

- Democrats win the House and vow to pull Trump's tax returns
- Adam Schiff will take over House Intel Committee
- Maxine Waters will become a committee chair
- Trump tweets that tonight was a "tremendous success"
- Yeah, for the Resistance!
Democrats win the House and announce they’ll pull Donald Trump’s tax returns…
Donald Trump delusionally declares victory on the worst night he’s ever had…
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1/ Texas Democrats were hoping for a historic year in 2018. What they got instead was hope for 2020.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
2/ One source of Democratic optimism: single-digit victories this year for a handful of Republican incumbents who swept into office by double digits in 2014.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
3/ Other bright spots for Democrats came in the U.S. House and the Texas House, where Democrats knocked off powerful Republicans.

Beto O’Rourke didn’t quite topple Ted Cruz, but he carried Democrats to victory in battlegrounds suburbs.

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So Adrian Fontes (D) the appointed Maricopa County Recorder has decided to pull all of the "data packs" from the polling stations in MC to bring them in to a central location for tabulation, vs doing it in each polling station.
So now over a Million Votes from the largest county in the state, by FAR, we're told might be tabulated by tomorrow or the next day. Mind you, other races in Maricopa County have been called, other Statewide races have been called, but not the Senate Race. Isn't that curious?
Local News is calling this bizarre and unprecedented. They're all confused as to why these votes haven't been counted when the polls closed 4 hours ago. I can attest, this hasn't happened before. I've been here 25 years. #WhatsGoingOn
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🇺🇸1. One night sitting in my car tweeting, I heard a man loudly speaking about Trump, I sighed and thought it was another triggered lib but he got louder “He is our President! He fights for us!” shocked, I turned to see who it was and there was @Johnny_Congress #electionnight
2. He was taping up his signs in the middle of liberalville whilst red-pilling a constituent on his Bluetooth. I was thrilled to see him and ran to give him a hug. See, a few weeks earlier I’d met him outside of a grocery store, all smiles, all about America #ElectionNight
3. @Johnny_Congress worked all day and at night or time off he campaigned, he loves our district and was gutted to see how many homeless we had. Once I posted a video of a homeless camp and he went down to talk to them #ElectionNight
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Sometimes I hate being right. This morning we said that purged voters’ provisional "placebo” ballots could decide the #Georgia governor's race:…

And today we spoke to two such GA voters who's been forced to vote on provisional ballots...

#PURGED: Christine Jordan, a 92-years old grandma who'd been voting in the same GA precinct since 1968:… #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #Midterms2018 #Georgia
#PURGED: Rahiem Shabazz, a filmmaker and fellow victim of Georgia’s Purgin’ General, Brian Kemp:… #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #Midterms2018 #Georgia
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DON'T UNDERESTIMATE TONIGHT. There were going to be disappointments on #ElectionNight, big ones. And there have been. But if Dems had lost the House, it would have been an absolutely CRUSHING blow. Don't let pundits downplay the tremendous energy this will give blue America.
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The bus taking Standing Rock natives to the polls. First stop: Cannon Ball #ElectionDay
Now snowing in Standing Rock, where voters are being picked up #ElectionDay
Going door to door picking up Stang Rock voters in Cannon Ball. It is freezing out #ElectionDay
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LET JUSTICE ROLL DOWN LIKE A RIVER: The first Latinx woman was elected and help win control of House of Representatives in Virginia after beating an anti-immigrant, anti-women rights candidate.

If you wanna feel the hope, FOLLOW THIS THREAD and share!
A trans woman, Democrat Danica Roem beat Republican incumbent Bob, the guy who introduced the bathroom bill, he was also part of the Virginia party leadership... she’s the first trans women elected to Virginia’s House of Representatives! 👏👏👏 FUCK BOB!
BREAKING: Andrea Jenkins is the first ever elected African American transgender woman to the Minneapolis city council. Huge victory!
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