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1. I think I may have discovered what the DOJ & FBI are desperately trying to hide.

It was POTUS Obama himself who authorized the use of surveillance on Team Trump.

2. The surveillance may have been conducted by UK intelligence - and then fed back to Obama’s IC thugs, for unmasking in the US.

Let me explain.
3. Here's the thing.

An American POTUS can LEGALLY authorize electronic surveillance 'without a court acquire foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year’.

Yes, it's true. Obama had legal authorization to by-pass the normal court vetting process.
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1. This is a good question.

Let me explain.
2. The basic principle of laundering ANYTHING - turn something dirty into something clean, by 'washing' it.

Clothes. Money. Information.

For the pendants:…
3. To launder your clothes, you need a METHOD.

Old days : by hand. These days: using a washing machine.

Purpose : wearing clean clothes is good for hygiene, but also a social norm. It makes the wearer LEGITIMATE, compared to someone wearing dirty, smelly clothes.
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1) It seemed obvious from the start that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was being played to lose. What if there was a second investigation designed to approach it from the bottom up?
2) What if there was a 2nd investigation, not into Hillary but into intelligence personnel stealing information that wound up in Hillary’s emails. What if it found a conspiracy to the highest levels of government?
3) In early 2016, it was revealed that Hillary was receiving ‘intelligence reports’ from Sidney Blumenthal as early as 2011. Most related to Libya, and many containing data taken from highly classified US intelligence.…
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1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump.

Let me explain.
2. First things first.

The custom of not indicting an ex-POTUS is long standing & a sensible one.

The job is the most difficult in the world, mistakes are guaranteed & it could be a dangerous precedent.

I agree with it.
3. As such, when an ex-POTUS becomes a private citizen, he/she is generally given a pass for bad conduct, or even possible crimes - as long as they've stayed true to their oath and within the railway lines of the Constitution, while in office.
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#QAlert 5/20/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q posts for Sunday, May 20, 2018. Note the time, Follow the Pen, #WeareQ and more! #QArmyVsClownArmy!

Let's Go!
@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA
#QAlert 5/20/18 Post 1423
Note the time.
Note the vehicles on the road.
Compare against 2.16.18.
[6] surv [value targets].
@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA #WeAreQ #QArmyVsClownArmy!
#QAlert 5/20/18 Post 1423 pictures
1. Post from 2/16/18 NSA_Teaf_CAM.LONDON
2. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3
3. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3
4. NSA_Traf_CAM_ROT3

@POTUS #GrillNChill #SundayMorning #AMJoy #MAGA #WeAreQ #QArmyVsClownArmy!
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1) HAHAHA! The Dumbocrats are desperately trying various defensive narratives:
These are just a few of the fake narratives they have tried in the past 2 days:

2) "we didnt spy on trump"
3) "ok we spied on trump but we could have done more so we are good guys"
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Thread: A Friday Rant on the Issues of Our Time

This is one man’s summary of the most pressing issues facing the American Republic.
1. #ObamaGate. This is the sum of the weaponization of the federal government against Americans during Obama’s presidency, with emphasis on the illegal surveillance of domestic political opponents. The damage done by the likes of the criminal firm of “Clapper, Comey & Brennan”….
1A. …is incalculable. The number of people involved (insofar as known) is astounding, including the willing (and at least partially paid) participation of the legacy media – which continues to this very day. The genesis is well-documented here:…
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1-Sanate school didn't have the landline/signal 2 call 911
2-NY Times wrote an article about Santafe shooting YESTERDAY
3-Valerie Jarrett as I promised U, started 2 beat the gun ban drum
#IamTheNRA #NRA #2ndAmendment
#HumanTrafficking #SaveTheChildren #NRA #MKULTRA
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5/17/18 - Q
Let's begin w thanks for
LEOs: active, retired, fallen, their families
MILITARY: active, retired, fallen, MIAs, POWs, their families
POTUS Trump who SEES every one of us. He could have been a politican & dropped her hand; but he held on to her & was a STRONG LEADER
Q posts are available to everyone. Many folks, who don't do research on the chans but want a quick way to check Q posts, use the Archived Link.
8chan Link…
Archived Link
When a new 8chan research thread is started, many Anons send a thank you to the person who set it up, "the baker". Last night one Anon sent his TY by quoting a Q post from Jan 2018 (#533). 4=D,10=J, 20=T (Trumps initials)
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Part 1) #Qanon says there will be an #ObamaGate #disclosure event coming soon that will snowball to their end. Likely related to Nunes' investigation--Trump apparently signed the release paperwork

Q also links to video explaining #GreatAwakening via Trump
Part 2: #Qanon implicates John McCain and John Kerry in anti-American activities. Q suggests McCain is "faking it" to avoid prosecution and public humiliation.

Part 3: #Qanon contrasts the definition of patriot and treason, perhaps foreshadowing the #disclosure event previously alluded to.

Q then attacks the identity politics paradigm and reminds patriots to be a #FreeThinker
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Hillary Clinton obstructed justice over 33,000 times.

Perhaps it was an accident.
/one #ObamaGate
Hillary Clinton laundered campaign funds through Perkins Coie.

Perhaps it was an accident.
/two #ObamaGate
Hillary Clinton purchased Russian intel during the campaign.

Perhaps it was an accident.
/three #ObamaGate
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1) so I was Looking itno the "ALICE IN WONDERLAND themed party hussain had @ the White House 2009 halloween
You'll never guess what I found… it was put on by Johnny Depp and someone reported Rape at the party
@FedupWithSwamp @MagniFieri #QAnon #Qanon8chan
2) she said that the " Alice in wonderland programming" was done at a military facility called Coronado Naval Base in San Diego.

Here is a aerial photo of the base in question.
3 ) She said she was a former member of " project talent" and when you look that up Project Talent was a GOV. mind control program !!!…
@intheMatrixxx #ObamaGate #Pedogate #PedoGateIsReal #Pizzagate
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This thread relates to recent #Q posts and gives a big-picture explanation of the massive #Treason that #POTUS and #WhiteHats have been fighting. This almost led to a military #Coup against #Traitor44's regime.

Graphic below acts as a map to clarify key elements.
Many of the crucial components of the #Treason are contained w/in the "Shell Game" report compiled by #Patriot #ScottBennett. This was recently publicized on the internet, explained in this thread:
Ever wonder why #DEM AND #GOP leadership opposed #Trump w/such animus? #Flynn and #Trump knew about the level of #Corruption/#Treason involving the elite, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Trump would discover, reveal, and punish their crimes (#DrainTheSwamp).
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1. In today's America, we have John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey and Adam Schiff. They are the American equivalent of the Chinese Communist Gang of Four from the 1960s.
2. A word about the Chinese Gang of Four and why I think there are some instructive parallels about what we may expect coming down the road for these guys.
3. The Chinese Communist Gang of Four (CGOF) was a political faction composed of 4 Chinese Communist Party officials. They came to prominence during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) and were later charged with a series of treasonous crimes.
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My theory about why #PeterStrzok sent #LisaPage this text message.

It connects a #Qanon post to Google & plot to frame @POTUS for collision, and may provide insight into how #NSA has the info.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #ReleaseTheTexts
2) Yesterday's #Q post exposes the use of the #Gmail draft communication trick, whereby you share an account with other(s) and instead of sending email, you save it as a draft for the other person(s) to read.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #ReleaseTheTexts
3) This was made famous by former #CIA director General Patreaus & mistress. Which was a head scratcher. Why would #PeterStrzok & #LisaPage (+others) use same technique Patreaus was busted using?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #ReleaseTheTexts…
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The Daily Caller News Foundation has obtained the missing text messages the Department of Justice released to members of Congress…
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.@SebGorka was 1000% RIGHT.


The only reason Obama helped Hillary is because he is implicated in here email case. By putting Muh Russia on Trump, Obama tried to hide. No more Barry. Dr Gorka sorry I doubted you.…
At the same time AG Lynch was using Elizabeth Carlisle Obozo was using his own. @SebGorka saw the emails I promise. That's why when this broke HE KNEW it went all the way up. Now we have to find the name.…
Huma! "How is this not classified?" We need to push this. We were so caught in the election that this was being reported.

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For those who have not followed this closely and are just learning, the very latest post by #Q begins to lay the groundwork for the big reveal, which involves broad, illegal #SPYING by #Obama/#HRC/#DEMs against political enemies, including #Trump.
2/ #Q post in 2 pieces [interpretation in brackets]:
Apr 22 2018 12:58:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 1145824 NEW
Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.
Listen carefully.
No evidence to support POTUS targeting.
None. [FBI counterintelligence op was NOT based in official intel]
3/ Part 2 of above #QAnon post #1238:
Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?...…

Screenshot of Post #1238:
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Complete Breakdown: Hillary, Comey, and Lynch Referred for Criminal Charges by Lawmakers in the Eyes of the DOJ
#ObamaGate #WhateverItTakes
#ClintonFoundation #UraniumOne #QAnon #GreatAwakening #ThursdayThoughts #GameStruck4… #news
Useful Information:

Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL)
Criminal Referral:…

Sara Carter original piece (which I've broken down, and explained the majority of the crimes in the OP above as well as the history of those involved):…
Most important of all for those unaware:
Tick Tock: The Complete History of the Clinton Crime Family and Uranium One from A to Z.…
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Part 1: #Qanon returns to past suggestion that Loretta Lynch was promised a Supreme Court spot if HRC won & #emailgate resolved. Involves murder of Antonin Scalia (#podesta?). #Q states Lynch would've replaced Ruth B Ginsberg, who is now having "big problems"

Lots more to come..
Part 2: What makes this even more interesting is that after #Qanon raises this topic in Jan & Feb, today Trump tweets the same message. He knows. And if he knows, that means there is evidence. When will we see justice? Things are moving fast, according to #Q.

Part 3: #Qanon posts link to testimony regarding Ruth Ginsburg as part of the supreme court confirmation process:… Portrayed as #RadicalFeminist all the way back in 1993.

Q implicates Brennan,, suggests they have proof via "reporter"?

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1) After yesterday's raid on Trump's lawyer it seems more relevant. Yesterday morn. I discovered a Soros' website of instructions to launch protests in the event that DJT fires Mueller & created a 42pg. manual from the directives.…
2) What does Soros know that the rest of us don't? Why would Soros' organization create a website w/instructions this detailed w/ protestors ready to launch in multiple cities across every state in anticipation of an event no one could possibly predict?
3) Already assuming President Trump is guilty of something, there are protestors at the ready in 763 cities in all 52 states across the nation.

Last week Mueller stated DJT is not under criminal investigation, then very dramatically raided his attorney's house yesterday evening.
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New early Sunday Q pots 04/08/18 00:09; 00:15; 00:24 Q posts what looks like a series of command codes. Q confirms this is night [4] of operations! Night [4] Increase in chatter.
Auth B19-2. Sparrow Red.
Prevent at all costs. Good.
Castle_Online.#QAnon #AprilShowers @POTUS
New Early Sunday Q 04/08 00:48 Q says they (the powers that be) are trying to start a war, it’s deflection, & they need a public interest shift! After pullout announcement they Stage a chemical attack, a False Flag! #ThesePeopleAreSick… #QAnon @POTUS
Some Anon posts regarding Sunday 04/08 Q drops!! #QAnon #AprilShowers #FalseFlag #Syria #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
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New Q Posts Late Night 04/05/18 & 04/06/18!! 23:35 Q Thank you for your prayers!!
Forced reaction. One of many vehicles. Intercepts. Night [2]
Birds. Fast movers. Force projection. April Showers. Another night of operations!! #AprilShowers #AprilThunder #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
New Q 04/05 23:54 Q posts an article about the deadly Thunderbirds crash, the 4th military incident this week and asks if these were coincidences or Silent War!! He says last night was night [2] of operations & we should pray!! #AprilShowers #AprilThunder #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
New Q post 04/05 23:58 An Anon cross references a previous Q (04/03 21:02) We Are Under Attack!! War!! Q confirms!! #QAnon #WeAreUnderAttack #WeAreAtWar #AprilShowers #AprilThunder @realDonaldTrump
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