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2nd @VicHealth #HealthReimagined panel session set to start, looking at: Good food for all, how do we get there? Am livetweeting for @CroakeyNews Croakey News Conference Service…. Working on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations.
Coming up at #HealthReImagined - @VicHealth panel talking food security: @DrRachelCarey @AgPeriUrban @Nick_Rose96 @thecommongrocer, moderated by @LaTrioli…
We’re hearing first from @VicHealth’s @kirstancorben, via video from Mordialloc, on the Traditional Lands of the Bunurong people, of the Kulin nations
She says last week’s discussions on work were fantastic (here is our wrap story…) introduces today’s #HealthReImagined topic: Good food for all and how do we get here.…
Commiserations to @LaTrioli & colleagues at @abcnews @abclifeau & for the rest of us re very deep cuts to public broadcasting at a time when it's at its most important: in the middle of a national/global public health crisis. #PIJ is an #SDOH #HealthReImagined
Back to #HealthReImagined: Fabulous that the very talented @JessamyG_draws will be live illustrating again today. Also that recording of today’s event will be available here… @VicHealth
Now hearing outline of today's #HealthReImagined paper on food security from @DrRachelCarey on behalf of coauthors Kirsten Larsen from @OpenFoodNet & Jodi Clarke from Ripe for Change… - here's the full paper…
#COVID19 has been a shock to many aspects of our lives, including the foodsystem, says @DrRachelCarey. We saw early signs of this with people stripping supermarket shelves. That setted, but if we look beneath the surface, there are cracks to be seen #HealthReImagined
#COVID19 has been a shock to much in our lives, incl the food system: @DrRachelCarey. We saw early signs of this with people stripping supermarket shelves. That settled, but there are cracks to be seen in the system that need to be addressed for future shocks #HealthReImagined
Lessons from what’s working in #COVID19 offer opportunity for a better food system via new innovations that aim to ensure everyone can access enough healthy food, that food is grown in sustainable ways, farmers paid fairly for food they product: @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
#COVID19 has shone spotlight on inequities in our food system. Australia often described as food secure, yet 4 per cent (about 1 million people) run out and can’t afford to buy more at various times. That number is rising: @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
Many groups are particularly at risk of food insecurity: people who are unemployed, lone parent households, those on <$40k a year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – many run out of food, many have to skip meals #HealthReImagined
#COVID19 has highlighted weakness in food relief reliance on food rescue/charitable groups. They do amazing work but system not set up to deal with growing demand, a “bandaid solution to a complex problem” that has roots mainly in poverty: @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
To address food insecurity, need to focus on addressing poverty, by promoting full employment, raising levels of income support, widening safety net to catch who fall through. Also make sure all who work in food system paid fairly, incl farmers @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
In pandemic, seen vulnerability in food chain. We rely on imports for some processed foods, critical inputs like chemicals, fertilisers, food packaging. We saw some delays due to border closures, transport disruptions etc: @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
But we also saw strengths in our food systems: farmers, retailers, grassroots groups found innovative ways towards more resilience, including Moving Feast, set up in weeks, has delivered 50k meals, 20k food boxes.
Also seen growing interest from consumers in locally produced food, people cooking more at home (associated with healthier diet) and growing more food at home. @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
Diversity be key to future resilience: where we source food from, in the scale at which food produced, who produces food, in the types of food we eat. #COVID19 is an opp to re-set our food system. To do that, need a wider policy lens, not just focus on increasing food exports
Diversity key to future resilience: where we source food from, scale at which food produced, who produces, types of food we eat. #COVID19 is an opp to re-set our food system. To do that, need a wider policy lens, not just increasing food exports @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
Need to look at permanently protecting farmland, nurture new generation of farmers, encourage regenerative agriculture. Food security is about more than just keeping food on the supermarket shelves, says @DrRachelCarey #HealthReImagined
Introducing the panel at #HealthReImagined - @VicHealth talking food security: @DrRachelCarey @AgPeriUrban @Nick_Rose96 @thecommongrocer & Farhat Firdous, moderated by @LaTrioli…
Let’s talk food insecurity, says @LatriceRoyale

How big an issue is it/what impact has COVID-19 had on it?

4 pc of Australians, burden on at risk groups, now increasing numbers under #COVID19. "It's a v big problem at normal times, getting worse now."

. @DrRachelCarey says yes better Job Seeker payments has helped people so far, but possible loss will be big issue.

Farhat Firdous: says people on TPVs (asylum seekers etc) can't get welfare payments, also an issue re access to culturally relevant foods

. @thecommongrocer: our local market a lot busier in early days of #COVID19, the "localised solution" v important.

Our prices are 60pc cheaper than any other outlet, thru community pricing - were noticing people trying to stretch dollar as far as they could.

We've had a big rush for recipes for people suddenly cooking, reconnect and discuss seasonality of food etc.

Re hardship, 87 different nationalities, many have to go elsewhere to access what they need - issues of the "food desert donut" @AgPeriUrban

Hearing from @AgPeriUrban re the Cardinia Food Circles Collective Impact Project which aims to establish a healthy, delicious, sustainable and fair food system for all Cardinia Shire residents…

These cracks in the food system not new, food insecurity been building for many years, says @nick_Rose96 -

Worry that Fed Govt "hellbent" on winding back better Job Seeker/Job Keeper payments, food insecurity going to get much worse later in the year

How can we make sure food system more resilient to withstand more shocks and stresses?

@DrRachelCarey - strengthen local food chains, more diverse enterprises, more diverse scale (not just industrial), thinking about it at multiple scales

In Queensland floods, when supply schemes further east were cut, it was the smaller providers who were critical - "don't put all your eggs in the one basket" - @drrachelcarey

Powerful vested interests want to keep the food system as it is, nationally and globally, says @Nick_Rose96

Supermarkets the most obvious, disadvantaged farmers and rural communities for decades, economic, social, physical and mental health impacts

Hearing also from @DrRachelCarey re @OpenFoodNet - an amazing enterprise now in about 13 countries

(read more here:…)

"We're not scared of profit, but we're about people, planet, purpose," says @thecommongrocer

He talks re Moving Feast, and the need to address systemic/structural issues:

@drrachelcarey agrees, access to quality food is a fundamental human right

Panel pushing back on @LaTrioli assertion that systemic/structural issues too big to challenge now/here

People who didn't realise they live in a food system bowl now asking how we can make sure farmers remain viable. Farmers saying facing weekly food uncertainty. @AgPeriUrban
. @SustainAust survey showing a lot of people gardening, has helped with food supply/stress of pandemic says @nick_hayw

But structural questions important, if don't understand causes, our solutions won't address them. Can't vacate the political space.

Talking re food innovations:

@drrachelcarey talks re need for farmers to get a reasonable prices, says Open Food Network had 14-fold increase in revenue in pandemic

We need to support relocalising of food supply

Q to #HealthReImagined:

How can we uncouple solutions to food insecurity from solutions to food waste? Food waste is an important issue, but access to food is a human right and people should not have to rely food assistance (even if that food has been rescued).
Important not to conflate food rescue and waste, says @thecommongreen

Just using food someone doesn't want to feed people who need it is not the answer.

In #COVID19, food banking system struggled as corporate donations dried up (& volunteers)

Staggering amounts of food waste across the food chain: @thecommongreen

We're deflecting that challenge by allowing food corporations to say 'we donate, so we're doing our bit'.

"It's a matter of human dignity that people not fed second grade, past 'useby' date food waste," says @nick_rose96.

Meanwhile food sector congratulates self.

Principle around dignified access to food. Canadian food banks showing the way.

Important issue to make sure food support meets needs of culturally diverse people.

Farhat Firdous - this been particularly so when people have relied on dropoffs of food parcels, not going to collect their own.

Re shame: @LaTrioli saying had a caller who said been a relief in pandemic because for the first time not had to admit to people that they couldn't afford to go out to cafe/restaurant

@AgPeriUrban agrees has been sense of 'all in together', but shame will return when welfare payments contract/many left behind in economic crisis as people return to 'normal'.

Talks re farmer who had to admit to not being able to feed own family.

Would hope we get to point in future where people don't have to access emergency food relief because we've increased welfare support levels, says @drrachelcarey on question of 'shame' about needing support.

"Stop putting housing on that land", says @drrachelcarey re need to keep food growing on the outskirts of Melbourne

Food such a powerful tool for social/environmental change.

Food banking/relief not the answer. Social enterprise is a way forward now, and for future.

"Our words, our wallets, the two most powerful tools we have".

@thecommongrocer #HealthReImagined
Farhat Firdous welcoming that the pandemic has opened up conversations re impacts of crises on people of colour.

@Nick_Rose96 says has been hope about change emerging from pandemic, but mitigated by govts determined to push back to 'business as usual'.

"There is returned respect that soil is finite, we can't grow food with concrete. What's amazing is p are talking about what we cannot lose, what we cannot live without", says @AgPeriUrban on the silver linings.

. @LaTrioli wraps #HealthReImagined

We'll be posting a wrap of today's discussion at @CroakeyNews tomorrow, and will preview next week's event (on urban issues) on Monday: bookmark our coverage…
NB: @VicHealth is also partnering with the @CancerCouncilVic for a webinar on Monday 29 June about ‘Prevention in Victoria post-Covid 19’ (details to come)

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