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Women are not smaller men! #Atherosclerosis genesis, progression & sequelae different in women. Plaque erosion causing ACS more common in women. Women have unique #SDOH, are undertreated with #cvPrev therapies & #GDMT, leads to worsening outcomes in women. @lesleejshaw #SCCT2021 ImageImageImage
Women’s CVD risk can be underestimated. Female specific risk enhancers help. #CAC if risk uncertain. Women have lower #CAC prevalence than men but prevalence increases after menopause. CAC when present confers greater risk of incident CVD in women than men. @lesleejshaw #SCCT2021 ImageImageImage
Prevalence of non-obstructive #CAD is higher in women but is prognostic of risk. @lesleejshaw #SCCT2021 ImageImageImage
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A system is perfectly designed to achieve the outcomes created by that system.

This system isn’t broken, it’s flawed by design. Ruthless capitalism in which the people the system should be designed to care for are abandoned and failed at every turn.
I would add, by the way, that the same system design that harms patients also harms physicians as well. We are trapped in a system where the winners are the corporations that pulls the strings and the people who run them. You don’t have to look very hard for examples:
This is why I care so much about health policy and the political determinants of health. #PDoH

We can’t truly improve health outcomes or address social determinants of health if we don’t understand the policies that led to them in the first place. #SDoH
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1/ Joining some wonderful people from what I am seeing as a diverse group of researchers at the #EditorialBoard of @PLOSGPH; journal has given itself the tall order of “addresses inequities in public health and makes impactful research accessible to all… (1/n) #Threads
2/ In words of @paimadhu "the journal will amplify the voices of underrepresented and historically excluded communities and prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels"; I am highly skeptical of this,
3/ yet I am thrilled that a #PublicHealth journal would give itself such a vision; #Knowledge #Science #Evidence all reproduce the same kind of social hierarchies that drive unfair accumulation of resources in our society
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The brilliant @KBibbinsDomingo opens today's @theNASEM workshop by reminding us that #EquityInClinicalTrials is about justice, better science, and economic opportunity. There are NO excuses to prop up the status quo, y'all. #BrainHealthEquity
#AdaoraAdimora points out that the research enterprise too often focuses on enrolling individuals that are easy to enroll.
Yes, ma' example of how privilege is exalted by the current system. 🧵/2 #EquityInClinicalTrials
Dr. #AdaoraAdimora underscores the importance of hiring diverse staff that understand, empathize, and reflect the communities to advance #EquityInClinicalTrials. It's past time for research to be anchored by **communities** and not institutions. 🧵/3
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Aisha Willisams from @CHRIS180_Change Krystal Billups from @GroupMosaic presenting on how to address complex challenges when aligning organizations from different sectors to drive change and focus on community rather an organizational plans and interests #collectiveimpact Image
Their initiative used a placed-based and people-based focus #collectiveimpact #CIAS2021 Image
The goals of the Westside Health Collaborative in Atlanta #collectiveimpact #CIAS2021 Image
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The answer is....


ZDogg with guest Vinay Prasad.

Watch at your own discretion.
Warning: this is painful and there will be no lifeguard on duty.

The mental gymnastics of two people with big platforms complaining about being cancelled or other people with big platforms being cancelled when they literally are doing so on social media on their big platforms that are entirely not cancelled.
My brain hurts just listening to this.

“Why are they pushing masks when they really should be talking about social inequality and the lack of resources provided to protect these people” when that’s literally what we’ve been fucking saying for so long...
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I’m really proud to share a just-published article in @TheLancetPH about our #ChequeDayStudy. It is the culmination of years of work and input from community. I hope it informs policy to improve the lives of PWUD in BC & beyond 1/13…
Monthly synchronized income assistance payments have long been linked in past research to considerable and costly increases in drug use and drug-related harm, including overdose, hospital admission, treatment interruption, and emergency service calls. 2/13
This research suggests an individual signal for increased use from payments themselves and social signals from everyone being paid at the same time, producing calls to vary payment timing and frequency. 3/13…
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“How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Body 🧠👩🏽‍💼👨🏾‍💼👩‍💼” with @LcswNidhi, @OwenMuirMD, @CarleneMac, @iSocialFanz, Sara Siavoshi, @docdanmd, @_MohitArora, @digitald0ctor, and Mental Health Matters. Today, Apr 10 at 6:00 PM EDT on @joinclubhouse!
Kudos to the speakers, incredible content and overview to help us understand our experiences, old memory networks and physiological response, and brain shifts.
3/ @docdanmd speaking now about the global pandemic r/t #COVID19 and how we are experiencing a sense of global trauma. So many losses like those of life, jobs, connection, experiences and it’s a shared experience regardless of geography as a shared exp.
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.@POTUS’ FY 22 discretionary budget proposal demonstrates a great step in the right direction with investments in critical programs that impact our members and their patients’ health. @acog is encouraged to see: 1/
- Over $200M to help address #maternalmortality and morbidity w/ a focus on addressing race-based inequities in maternal health outcomes through investments in rural areas, #MMRCs, training to improve culturally congruent care & more 2/
- Critical investments to promote health equity in health care system, confront racial disparities in health outcomes, expand access to culturally competent care, diversify the health care workforce, and address #SDOH 3/
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LOVE being faculty at @MIT this semester for a class on #dataanalytics & #datascience. I tend to PM my mentees, especially women and #blackexcellence to start to prepare questions to ask. Too often people stay silent. Speak up. Never be embarrassed to show #curiosity.
Listening right now to mid-semester progress reports from teams and am feeling like such a proud #datascience #BigData #bigdataanalytics momma. Bear cubs doing good (well AND good in world)

LOVE that this is a space within @MIT that focuses on #SDoH and #equity.
Literally right now, hearing about a study on #socialmedia chatter as a driver of vaccines hesitancy driven by #Twitter - start postulate "cause/effect" by an incident that happens within days after a vaccine - like ppl automatically assume a death is "caused" by vaccine
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Excited to share thesis: Socioeconomic inequalities in multimorbidity and joint associations with mortality in a general population. @theHUNTstudy
#socialepi #sdoh #multimorbidity #frailty #publichealth @NTNU_ISM @ANUmedia 🧵(12+thanks)
Multimorbidity(MM), the co-occurrence of multiple, chronic conditions, where none is more central, is the norm worldwide. MM challenges the person and clinicians in a fragmented healthcare system, aided by single disease guidelines. #medtwitter…
Complexity in MM vary and relate to conditions, individual & social context. I aimed to investigate clinically relevant measures of MM and how socioeconomic position (SEP), a known complicating context, related to these in prevalence distribution and joint impact on mortality.
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Just stop these tiny violins. As a woman of color who lost my mother to the pandemic, as a licensed physician, and as a public servant, I can say it is EXACTLY women like Dr. Birx who drive out women like me from “her” turf & prematurely end the lives of women like my mother.
You don’t have to buy an assault rifle and show up to shoot someone’s mother to have blood on your hands.
Bureaucrats like Dr. Birx has blood on their hands no different from as if she did this. You can kill, passively, while wrapped in an Hermès scarf.…
@JeromeAdamsMD this is an example of bureaucrats & policies causing death

Perhaps before implying seeking accountability for the policy-driven deaths of so many mothers & loved ones

is “anti-feminist”
learn history
bureaucrats kill women & men of color…
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“The past year has seen once unimaginable experiments in housing, criminal justice, education & more. They have worked out pretty well.”

“The pandemic offered glimpses of what is possible. Will all this become a blip in history, or will it provide impetus for long-term change?”
“It is essential we get the word out on what has been accomplished as a result of this crisis and what our government still can do, and to remember what grass-roots activists understand deeply: Whether anything happens at all is largely up to us.”
#Interdependence #SDoH #PDoH
“But the time to push for permanent change is now. This is the moment to ensure that lessons from the pandemic become part of the policy conversation moving forward — to remember we can do more than conventional wisdom would have us believe.”… #PDoH #SDoH
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“This isn’t just about burnout, it’s about betrayal.”…
Care work is the most concrete material example of love, yet it woefully undervalued.
On the whole, U.S. policies have little regard for what caregiving takes. In a country where almost everything can be bought and sold, care work, one of the most concrete representations of love that we have, is extremely undervalued & comes at an economic & emotional cost.
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“We need to find our moral groundings & offer drastic, bold solutions that are needed to meet these monumental challenges. We must ask ourselves whether or not we are just offering symptomatic treatment or an actual solution to the root causes.”…
Minimal, negligible & negligent public health & health promotion interventions have failed repeatedly while substantial evidence continues to demonstrate a clear link between poor health & social inequities such as unemployment, poverty, lack of humane housing, and despair. #SDoH
“We must transcend the cults of personalities and partisanship and reckon with our failure to understand political economy and hold our elected leaders accountable as a result — or risk losing any moral ground to critique those in power.”… #PDoH
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Issue brief THREAD: addressing #SDoH through #ValueBasedPayment #HealthPolicy

I'm SUPER excited about this piece. Work began ~8 months ago, I led it, a topic I care a LOT about (and which the Biden administration does, too). @DukeMargolis @MilbankFund… Image

Alright, finally had a day this week without 200 meetings 😅 so I have time to give this very important topic its proper twitter download. Tweets incoming.

#HealthPolicy #SDoH #PaymentReform #ValueBasedCare
2/ Preface: Important to acknowledge differences in language
-"SDoH:" structural factors shaping downstream social factors
-"Social risk factors:" individual adverse SDoH
-"Social needs:" patients' preferences for help w/social risk factors

#HealthPolicy #SDoH #PaymentReform
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“Only serious reform can address the kind of distress and insecurity so severe that it kills. Is the country ready for this critical shot in the arm?”… #PDoH #SDoH #HiAP
“Long before the virus, many were sinking under waves of despair. Without transformative policies, that despair, with the added fuel of the pandemic, may turn into a tsunami. The aftermath could leave communities under rubble for decades to come.”…
“Tears in America’s economic and social fabric are likely to have negative implications for decades to come. The impact will affect the political candidates that people get behind and support, people’s willingness to help out their neighbors...” #PDoH #SDoH
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“ avalanche of evictions will continue to threaten the country unless more is done by the federal government, the states and the courts.”… #PDoH #SDoH
Eviction is violence

“An eviction triggers a slew of collateral consequences...a ‘Scarlet E’ that will affect their credit scores and attempts to secure safe and decent housing for their families long into the future.”
“Until we actually halt the evictions of families during this global pandemic, the federal eviction moratoria will be insufficient.”… #HiAP #SDoH
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“Most important, America’s reliance on the private sector to protect public health may further shatter what is left of the country’s fragile social contract.” #Interdependence #PDoH #SDoH
We can’t rely on the private sector to protect the common good.… 🧵🧶
For much of American history, the balance between public and private was not nearly so tilted. The past 40+ years saw an accelerated politics of austerity which weakened the social contract, divided and polarized our commons, and atomized our well-being.
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Elderly, low-income, homebound or disabled people face inordinate hurdles to obtain a vaccine in a distribution plan widely centered on cars.… #PDoH #SDoH #Interdependence
“...the people who are safest from the virus will comprise the early wave of vaccination, as the people most likely to die or spread it remain unprotected. Beyond being unjust, that ensures the societal benefits of vaccination will be as minimal as possible.” #PDoH
An equity framework would support the immediate immunization of communities with higher transmission rates and fewer resources to combat the pandemic, benefiting not only that community but all communities in our indisputably interconnected society.
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Trends in US Emergency Department Visits for Mental Health, Overdose, and Violence Outcomes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Holland et al, 2021…
“Economic tension exacerbates connections between mental illness and poverty... such as not having enough to eat, not making enough money to live on and having a greater exposure to risk of illness.” #PDoH
Americans are increasingly suffering symptoms of anxiety and depression, turning to substance use and even contemplating suicide at higher rates.

One group that has been particularly hard hit is essential workers. #SDoH
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Important to keep in mind that #AI is made by humans. Our flaws and biases get encoded and amplified. We need the right diversity of people at the table to design and implement #ArtificialIntelliegence and #ML. #humancentereddesign for all of humanity. #design
Who determines definitions, labels of #data cut offs? Too often we get all nerdy on which variables & factors in the model. But are we even using the right data? #tech #technology types might consider reading Maya Angelou & Toni Morrison and others to think outside the box
Example: many people are interested in #SDoH #socialdeterminantsofhealth & #data for it.
Who has existing large #databases?
Banks are traditionally risk averse, block/exclude those who are labeled high risk
So can their data improve health equity?…
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“When we invest in the care infrastructure, we'll create critically needed jobs, provide critically needed care, and we'll be a step closer to building an equitable economy that works for everyone.” From @womenswealthgap & @aijenpoo… #PDoH #SDoH #HiAP
Building better systems of care support for American workers will enable them to go back into the workforce, bring in income to their families, spend more in their communities and contribute to our nation's recovery. #Interdependence
Care work is the work that makes all other work possible.

The care economy as an infrastructure investment… 🧵🧶 #PDoH #SDoH
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“...every 10-point greater change in economic prosperity from baseline to follow-up (range, 5 to 92) was significantly associated with a 0.4% lower cardiovascular mortality rate per year among middle-aged adults.”… #PDoH #SDoH #Interdependence
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