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Palestinian Islamic Jihad calls for third intifada against Israel

The #Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) called on all factions to take up arms and “expand” the conflict against #Israel in all occupied territories of #Palestine…
Following a large-scale military drill dubbed ‘Loyalty to the Revolutionary West Bank’ by #PIJ militants in Gaza, spokesperson #AbuHamza called for unity among Palestinians across the occupied territories – both in the #WestBank & in the 1948 territories -…
and mobilization against #Israel for what he described as an “intifada that will create the basis for the end of [#Israel] and its expulsion from all of #Palestine”:…
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#PIJ positions have been evacuated in #Gaza 🤷‍♂️
Handheld -
PIJ forces were ordered to leave military positions [in #Gaza]
All military positions were evacuated, PIJ, Hamas and Hamas-owned police.

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There are many ways in which researchers & research organisations can engage with Croakey and public interest journalism to translate your research.

Follow this thread for some examples – AB.

#CroakeyFundingDrive #ResearchTranslation
As @MelissaSweetDr has tweeted this morning, one of her favourite stories of #ResearchTranslation is how @AKction2 go about it...with an important focus on involving patients in the research from the beginning! AB


Don't miss this report about the journey, work & outcomes of the AKCTION program.

The report is an example of Croakey Professional Services & editorial working with researchers – AB.

#CroakeyHealthMedia #ResearchTranslation…
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Da es anscheinend keiner der „Seiten“ der neuen I/P Eskalation möglich ist Fakten als Fakten zu akzeptieren und diese über ihren Ideologischen Horizont hinaus anzuerkennen möchte ich die letzten Tage aus meiner Sicht zusammenfassen (erhebe keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit):
Fangen wir mal mit diesem Bild und der Diskussion darum an da ich alles darum literaly am bescheuertsten finde. Also ich habe das Ganze ein paar Tage beobachtet. Auch die Berichte der Reisegruppe gelesen und mir die Bilder angesehen und fand sie teilweise sehr interessant. /2 auf dem Bild zu sehen:  Simin Jawabreh, @BafiKush, Naima Ama
Bspw. hab ich schon in mehreren Berichten, Dokumentationen, ect. von den Zuständen in Hebron (generell vieler Teile der Westbank) gelesen und gesehen. Die Hauptverantwortung der Zustände dort, und ich bin immer wieder erstaunt wie man das objektiv überhaupt anzweifeln kann, /3
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#PIJ (Englische Abkürzung für Palestinian Islamic Jihad), ist nach der in Gaza regierenden Hamas die zweitstärkste islamistische Organisation im Küstenstreifen, finanziert und militärisch unterstützt von Iran. Anders als die Hamas, die ja regiert 1/
und auf gewisse Bedürfnisse der Bevölkerung achten muss, kann der PIJ agieren wie er will, soweit die Hamas ihm das erlaubt. So erscheint der PIJ heute oftmals als militanter als die Hamas und zwingt letztere häufig zu reagieren und sich als ebenso „militant“ zu zeigen. 2/
Der PIJ gilt u.a. in den USA und der EU als Terrororganisation. Wie die Hamas, so hat sich auch der PIJ der Vernichtung Israels verpflichtet. Der Iran unterstützt die Organisation zu 100%. Die Raketen werden in Gaza selbst produziert, die sogar Tel Aviv erreichen können und 3/
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8 Islamic jihad terrorists eliminated in the #Gaza strip.
2 were on the way to carry a terrorist attack on the Gaza fence.
#PIJ Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been preparing to carry terrorist attacks and making threats. The @IDF carried targeted strikes against the terrorists who ordered this escalation.
The Average #Gazan is being used as a human shield for building terror infrastructure & terrorism
The @IDF conducted a targeted neutralization strike against a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza. Tayseer Jabari.
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Overnight the #IDF were conducting an arrest operation when a gunfight broke out, the gunfights were in a number of locations. Palestinian media claims an ambush was created, however this remains unconfirmed. 3 #Hamas Al-Qassam members, 1 #PIJ Saraya-Quds member and reportedly
another unconfirmed was killed in the gunfight, these were in Burqin and Biddu.Two #IDF SF were evacuated to hospital due to sustaining seriously wounds during the gunfight.
#Israel|i PM Bennett released a comment earlier today saying the operation was nessersary and time bound due to immediate threat (paraphrasing). The media for the factions have released several statements threatening a response to Israel.
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#PalestinianIslamicJihad #PIJ terror organization officially took responsibility for the explosion this morning in az-Zawiyeh Market in #Gaza City! Wow!
This is an admission they were storing weapons in the middle of the busiest market, right in the center of historic #Gaza City, a few meters from an ancient mosque! If it hadn't happened during Eid, when most shops were closed, the death toll would have been much higher.
For more info, here is my previous thread about the incident
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Now with the ceasefire, its important to remember that the fighting began 11 days ago, with Hamas taking a decision to fire rockets at Israel's capital.
Also important to refute claims that Hamas fired because of "the occupation".
There is no occupation in #Gaza.
On September 2005, the Israeli government carried out a FULL withdrawal, both military and civil, from the #Gaza Strip.
The Israeli disengagement from Gaza ended a 38 year long Israeli presence in the strip >>
Jews have been living in #Gaza for centuries. Some of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 joined the already established Jewish community in Gaza >>
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The story that @AP knew #Hamas and #PIJ were operating out of their building and still willingly continued using that building for its offices is in fact not news at all. Indeed @MattiFriedman exposed the situation back in 2014! Spread this far and wide!…
@AP: you knew that Palestinian terror organizations were not only operating out of your building but actively using you and your colleagues as human shields. In doing so you willingly violated international law, international norms, & disgraced the journalism profession.
@jpaceDC yesterday you decried the destruction of the building your staff were using in #Gaza by #Israel. Now evidence has come forward that not only did your staff know #Hamas was operating out of the building, they willingly ignored reporting it. Any comment?
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PFLP Military Wing Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades: "We will direct a missile barrage at the city of Beer Sheva tonight"
IDF Maglan Unit targeting Hamas infrastructure earlier today.
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Good Question; The IDF conduct a technique called "rook knocking" prior to any targeting like this, it allows a period of time for people to get out of the building. They drop a small explosive on the building as a warning.
I have deleted the video; I managed to find it, it's old.…

But the principles still stand in regards to roof knocking.
Video of one of the recent rocket barrages towards Ashkelon earlier today.
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#BREAKING: #IDF just confirmed that they have successfully killed Sameh Fahim Al-Mamlouk, a Senior Military Commander of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (#PIJ) terror group in an airstrike of #Israel Air Force which also killed other commanders of #PIJ & #Hamas in #Gaza today.Footage👇
Here is the image of Sameh Fahim al-Mamlouk, the senior commander of #PIJ terrorist group who was killed by #Israel Air Force this morning.
Unlike the Palestinian terrorists, #Israel Air Force does its best to minimize collateral damage during its airstrikes to prevent unwanted loss of civilian lives. Check how they have targeted the safehouse where the #PIJ & #Hamas senior commanders had meeting this morning 👇
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At least 10 rockets were launched from #Gaza, 7 were reportedly intercepted, one impact in Kiryat Anavim, no injuries reported. #Israel
Red Alert #Gaza #Israel
Nir Am, Kfar Azza, Mefalsim, Nir Am Shooting Range
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#IDF retaliation for the rocket fired from #Gaza earlier appears to have started.

Ongoing, details of individual strikes available on @no_itsmyturn's thread.

#IDF response is covering across #Hamas and #PIJ affiliated military sites, known and previously targeted sites, however more extensive than last night.
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According to reports from #Gaza, #PIJ Military Wing, Saraya Al-Quds have announced a general mobilization of it’s members due to the deteroriation of Maher Al-Akhras health after the 90th day of his hunger strike. #Israel
The reports all stem from a single source, Al-Quds TV.
Saraya Al-Quds via their media channels confirm the general mobilisation.
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Nice try!!! I'll give you 2 examples:

1/ "Khamenei insists on Arming the Palestinians"
[source: his website!…]

2/ #PIJ's Nakhalah talks about Solleimani's achievement on Arming Palestinians!

[source: ]

Need more?
Hamas' Khaled Mashal thanks Iran for the "material support" during the war [He gives his speech INSIDE IRAN]

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pro-#Iran #PIJ's leader Ziyad Nakhala to address a statement in 18 minutes.
He's guest of the "Game of Nations" TV program.
To begin shortly.
Screenplay by : "George R.R Khamenei" 😂
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#PLO and #PIJ condemned #Israel|i/#Bahrain|i normalization in relations.
Add Hamas to the list ^
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#PIJ Saraya Al-Quds Spokesman Abu Hamza is due to make a statement shortly. #Gaza #Israel
My guess is it’s related to their “spiders web” operation.
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Red Alert. #Israel #Gaza
Gavim, Saphir and Nir Am. #Gaza #Israel
Iron Dome reportedly active over Sderot. #Gaza #Israel
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2nd @VicHealth #HealthReimagined panel session set to start, looking at: Good food for all, how do we get there? Am livetweeting for @CroakeyNews Croakey News Conference Service…. Working on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations.
Coming up at #HealthReImagined - @VicHealth panel talking food security: @DrRachelCarey @AgPeriUrban @Nick_Rose96 @thecommongrocer, moderated by @LaTrioli…
We’re hearing first from @VicHealth’s @kirstancorben, via video from Mordialloc, on the Traditional Lands of the Bunurong people, of the Kulin nations
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