Here’s what’s different between this Woodward book and previous books.

Trump and Kushner both participated in the interviews, as did a lot of other admin officials who normally refuse to.

Why is that?
It’s an elecion year. The left has been spinning out and hyping all these books written as hit pieces on Trump.

Woodward’s already written one smear job. His whole modus operandi is writing smear jobs on Republicans. It’s his career.
So why help him write another book knowing the left will take everything they can to attack Trump with?

Because Trump and co knew months in advance now what the left would try to spin out during the election

They have so much control of the board they now write their own smears
The Trump team led Woodward into writing easy to debunk smears that the left is now scrambling to cover and then distance themselves from. The book that was supposed to be Trump’s Covid Watergate has now turned into a massive trap the Dems charged blindly into.
What does this have to do with WW1 flamethrower tactics?

Well, how else do you explain the norm-shattering elbow drops Trump is unleashing daily on the Dems?

While this is all happening peace talks in Afghanistan are resuming.

The UAE and Israel, and soon others, are talking.
What do the Dems have?


Yeah, there’s a winning message.



• • •

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12 Sep
1) Ongoing thread, but I got something to say here.

A lot of people don’t get why these peace deals are all breaking through now, between Israel and the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in eastern Europe.

Carlos does of course, but I’ll throw in my understanding too.
2) Why were these never accomplished before? Why didn’t these peace deals happen under previous administrations?

Because our State Department is useless.

The top echelon, ambassadors, are virtually all either political friends/donors. They’re useless.
3) The career employees that make up the rest of the State Department? Well, fuck. You all know how many billions they piss away every year just throwing into other countries’ money pits of corruption. The State Department is the world’s biggest joke, a bunch of suckers.
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7 Sep
Machiavelli never said shit about ethnic cleansings you complete fucking dolt. Neither did his contemporaries, and neither did the Machiavellian school of political theory that arose in the late 1800’s through to the mid 1900’s.
Fucking Qtard. Finds a couple of dumbass papers from even more dumbassed academic derpensteins published in the last 5 years, probably never read the book cover to cover and read for comparison other political treatises at the time to compare and contrast.
Just reads an abstract that says ‘oh he would have advocated for ethnic cleansings,’ misreads that as ‘he advocated for ethnic cleansings’, then makes dumbfuck statements like that.

Well fuck him and fuck them and fuck everything about what led him to think that was a THOUGHT.
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26 Aug
Here it is, you all asked for it. Well, some of you did. ... one of you did, I swear.

Anyways, whether you wanted it or not, here is the transcript of what would have been Comrade Fudge’s RNC speech had I not had to cancel my appearance.
“Alright, welcome everyone to the 2020 RNC!” *pause for applause.* “Now, I’ll be making this short and sweet, because I met a pair of persian girls cosplaying as Ivanka, and here in a few minutes I gotta go back with them to my hotel room to Jared Kushner their middle easts.”
“Now, some of you may be wondering, why am I the opening speech? Why am I host? Why am I drinking bourbon straight from the bottle here on stage?” Pause for a drink.

“The answer to all three of these is fuck you, that’s why.”
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13 Aug
1) And the foreign policy plan keeps on keeping on.

I might need someone like @COsweda who I’m betting knows FAR FAR more about the history of the middle east’s abortive attempts at peace to fact check me on this, but I think I figured out the strategy Kushner went with.
2) The strategy is simple:

If you want successful peace talks in the Middle East...

Leave out the Palestinians.
3) “But Fudge!” You exclaim, “The Palestinians are part of the problem!”

Yes. Yes they are. And it has been foolish to assume that they would ever switch from being part of the problem to part of the solution.

They are controlled and ruled by fascistic fanatics and hardliners.
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13 Aug
1) What did I tell you.


The Democrats have shot themselves in the foot, and now its on a national stage. I said look at the local races, thinking they wouldn’t be STUPID ENOUGH to do it on the national stage.
2) My assertion was this; the Democrats have their candidates swing as far to the left as possible when speaking to an audience of their own supporters, while relying on media cohorts to paint candidates as moderate to everyone else in a show of non sequitor insanity. Gaslighting
3) The result is that the far left, a vocal minority of the party of course but extremely loud, will inevitably HATE the candidates the party grooms and consider them moderates. They only want ideologically pure far left candidates.
Read 7 tweets
11 Aug
1) I’m threading, because someone’s gonna do it. Someone’s gonna say it. “But this means Kamala is the real pick for President!” You proclaim.

I HOPE that’s true. I HOPE the Dems are THAT FUCKING DUMB.

I’m willing to believe it, because there’s no evidence of intelligence left.
2) She was polling at 8% in her home state of California the week she dropped out.




3) Given Biden has the nomination clinched, and no one else is even close (Bernie has nowhere near enough delegates for even superdelegates to nominate him), to spontaneously appoint Kamala Harris will piss off ALL the hardcore supporters of every other nominee. DO THIS DEMS!
Read 11 tweets

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