1) Ongoing thread, but I got something to say here.

A lot of people don’t get why these peace deals are all breaking through now, between Israel and the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Libya, in eastern Europe.

Carlos does of course, but I’ll throw in my understanding too.
2) Why were these never accomplished before? Why didn’t these peace deals happen under previous administrations?

Because our State Department is useless.

The top echelon, ambassadors, are virtually all either political friends/donors. They’re useless.
3) The career employees that make up the rest of the State Department? Well, fuck. You all know how many billions they piss away every year just throwing into other countries’ money pits of corruption. The State Department is the world’s biggest joke, a bunch of suckers.
4) Think of every clusterfuck in the world. Think about how many state department officials have been involved the entire fucking time resolving NOTHING. How many wars started under their noses. How many genocides

Where the fuck is our state department on the uigher genocide now
5) But THEY CAN’T BE FIRED. They’re career, they’re an intractable bureaucracy.

So they were thrown years of busywork and paperwork, and Trump built a new parallel State Department to operate WITHOUT the career state officials fucking everything up out of vanity or dumbassery.
6) Pompeo was head of the CIA, gathered intel, then became head of the State Department and was tasked with East Asia

Kushner was told to handle Israel and the Middle East.

Grenell was told to manage Europe and NATO.
7) They each had objectives.

Calm North Korea the fuck down and check China’s ambitions so trade deals could be forced on them.

Build the Arab NATO and get Israel opened up diplomatically.

Get Germany and NATO to pay the fuck up for their own defense.
8) Nikki Haley’s job was to cut the UN’s balls off. That was her job. Castrate the UN.

When people leave, its because their jobs got finished.

Have you heard dick about the UN since Nikki Haley left?

Anything out of Germany or NATO since Grenell left after making them pay up?
9) Its a revolutionary way of handling diplomacy, and it WORKS. Cut out the dumbasses that were wrecking shit for generations, and task people to regions to accomplish strategic goals. Don’t tie them down to a specific country as an ambassador, just give them authority as reps.
10) When it comes to diplomacy, Trump didn’t ruin the US’ good standing.

Trump’s teams in the parallel State Department task forces are accomplishing more in 4 years than the State Department has in 40.


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13 Sep
To note: No, there's not actually going to be a food shortage in the US. The only shortages that occurred weren't actual shortages; stores stock their shelves based on typical buying patterns. Panics lead to radically higher purchasing rates

Nowhere did production actually cease
Our food production, which is the most robust system of food production in the world keep in mind because it feeds much of the world FOR FREE and STILL turns a profit, chugged along just fine.

The problem is that interstate commerce got fucked up due to Dem govs and lockdowns.
With interstate commerce getting fucked up, the next most drastic problem became international shipping, which went tits up.

The US will not have a food shortage, but the Dem-Media apparatus will try to scare you into thinking there will be. The NYT is already trying.
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13 Sep
I’m not gonna feign surprise that BLM activists shot the two deputies. I still remember the multitude of shootings in the wake of the Ferguson riots. Including the garage building sniper.

This is what would inevitably happen, and this is on the hands of the Dems who funded this.
At least during the Obama years these assholes were kept at arm’s length. Now? Their donations all go through fucking ActBlue. There’s no other way to say it. Democrats are funding and enabling deadly terror attacks on police officers, and in the next few weeks there will be more
It’s what happened just a couple years ago, and its what will happen now.

Because these psychotic motherfuckers can’t stop themselves.

They can’t stop themselves from drawing cartoons of Trump planes flying into twin towers marked ‘democracy’ and ‘decency’.
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11 Sep
Here’s what’s different between this Woodward book and previous books.

Trump and Kushner both participated in the interviews, as did a lot of other admin officials who normally refuse to.

Why is that?
It’s an elecion year. The left has been spinning out and hyping all these books written as hit pieces on Trump.

Woodward’s already written one smear job. His whole modus operandi is writing smear jobs on Republicans. It’s his career.
So why help him write another book knowing the left will take everything they can to attack Trump with?

Because Trump and co knew months in advance now what the left would try to spin out during the election

They have so much control of the board they now write their own smears
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7 Sep
Machiavelli never said shit about ethnic cleansings you complete fucking dolt. Neither did his contemporaries, and neither did the Machiavellian school of political theory that arose in the late 1800’s through to the mid 1900’s.
Fucking Qtard. Finds a couple of dumbass papers from even more dumbassed academic derpensteins published in the last 5 years, probably never read the book cover to cover and read for comparison other political treatises at the time to compare and contrast.
Just reads an abstract that says ‘oh he would have advocated for ethnic cleansings,’ misreads that as ‘he advocated for ethnic cleansings’, then makes dumbfuck statements like that.

Well fuck him and fuck them and fuck everything about what led him to think that was a THOUGHT.
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26 Aug
Here it is, you all asked for it. Well, some of you did. ... one of you did, I swear.

Anyways, whether you wanted it or not, here is the transcript of what would have been Comrade Fudge’s RNC speech had I not had to cancel my appearance.
“Alright, welcome everyone to the 2020 RNC!” *pause for applause.* “Now, I’ll be making this short and sweet, because I met a pair of persian girls cosplaying as Ivanka, and here in a few minutes I gotta go back with them to my hotel room to Jared Kushner their middle easts.”
“Now, some of you may be wondering, why am I the opening speech? Why am I host? Why am I drinking bourbon straight from the bottle here on stage?” Pause for a drink.

“The answer to all three of these is fuck you, that’s why.”
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13 Aug
1) And the foreign policy plan keeps on keeping on.

I might need someone like @COsweda who I’m betting knows FAR FAR more about the history of the middle east’s abortive attempts at peace to fact check me on this, but I think I figured out the strategy Kushner went with.
2) The strategy is simple:

If you want successful peace talks in the Middle East...

Leave out the Palestinians.
3) “But Fudge!” You exclaim, “The Palestinians are part of the problem!”

Yes. Yes they are. And it has been foolish to assume that they would ever switch from being part of the problem to part of the solution.

They are controlled and ruled by fascistic fanatics and hardliners.
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