NEW - Morrison will 'fire the recovery' with fossil gas

Expect new gas hub, new pipeline, gas plants, gas research & 'voluntary industry-led code of conduct'

Ensuring efforts to recover from Covid crisis exacerbates the climate crisis

Thread #auspol…
Creation of an ‘Australian Gas Hub’ is eerily familiar to what Covid-19 Commission adviser, Saudi Aramco Board Member Andrew Liveris wants by importing the US gas boom (and bust) approach

Andrew 'tingles with pride' over Trump Liveris #auspol
“Unlocking five key gas basins” will be disastrous for Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

Just two biggest Basins, along with existing pipeline of 22 major gas projects would almost equal Australia's total gas production

See @TheAusInstitute report…
“New agreements with the three east coast LNG exporters” is too little too late.

The exporters have helped triple gas supply in the last decade and yet Australians pay more for their gas.

And a 'voluntary industry-led code of conduct' lulz

New money for "CSIRO's GISERA" sounds nice till you realise its compromised by its model

An alliance of fracking companies Santos, Origin Energy, Shell, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Tokyo Gas

The most recent report from GISERA 🤔…
Call for new gas pipelines, what Nev Power and Liveris were proposing in the Covid Commision.

But according to head of gas pipeline company APA:

“It is a throwaway thing to say we need more pipelines....The lack of pipelines is not the constraint.”…
Gas the job creator?

Not if you actually want to effectively create jobs.
It employs 0.2% of workforce.

Its the worst sector to invest in for job-creation cause its so capital intensive

See @TheAusInstitute @Tom_Swann @MarkOgge report…
Now @AngusTaylorMP long-awaited Liddell Taskforce, which threatened to keep Liddell open, is now threatening to build its own gas plant if the private sector doesn’t jump to it

After delaying the transition it is now chastising everyone for waiting!!!…
AGL announced closure in 2017 with plan to replace with cleaner power generation

Doubtful as always, gov requested @AEMO_Media investigate.

Result - "AGL’s plan would deliver sufficient dispatchable resources to fill the identified 850 MW resource gap"…
So why gas and why now?

Well coal for the Kurri Kurri site not popular with Taylor (see…)

He needs to justify more domestic demand for fossil gas, so in comes gov's Snowy Hydro to build CC gas plant

Thoughts @simonahac @KetanJ0 @dylanjmcconnell ?
Do we even more gas plants?

"There is no strong case for more gas generation in the NEM given the current 4.4 GW of combined cycle and 7.0 GW of open cycle (peaking) gas generators are used well below their capacity factors" -@HughSaddler

Overnight BP's influential energy outlook came out

Gas outlook does not pay a transitional role under a net-zero by 2050 approach to climate change and only goes up if you ignore taking climate action.

HT @ntsafos…

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27 Aug
Minister @AngusTaylorMP is trying to amend Australia's green bank @CEFCAus from a profit-making investor in renewables to a loss making underwriting of fossil fuel projects

Key concerns with amendment (thead) #auspol… summary in @smh from @micksfoley
1. Invest

Definition of 'investments' to now include funding projects that 'may not have a return on investment'

Why make a successful public bank do that?

So it can back in dud projects cherry-picked by Minister Taylor (hint -they are gas + coal)…
2. Gas

Changes the definition of 'low emissions technology' to include a fuzzy thing on 'low emissions energy system' (see pic)


To specifically include gas and probably also coal.

Only assurance its not coal is a throwaway line in the Explanatory Memo - nothing in law!
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18 May
Energy and Emissions Reductions Minister #AngusTaylor quietly commissioned fossil fuel executive Grant King to review gov climate policy

Its out and its worrying

It help polluters with quicker, cheaper, easier reductions at climate's and taxpayer's expense.

First this is a red carpet exercise for the Government's failed clean coal technologies

This includes amending mandates for our clean energy funding bodies the @CEFCAus and @ARENA_aus to now allow them to not fund clean energy through CCS…
King calls for the limited climate funding (only $2b over 10yrs vs 100 times that spent on #covid19) to go to Carbon Capture and Storage

The gov has already spent $1.3b on CCS with nothing to show for it, see @TheAusInstitute report

Yep clean coal 2.0…
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27 Feb
Minister for Emissions Reductions will move away from highly successful emission reduction tech (renewable energy)....

To the most unsuccessful emissions reduction technologies in the last 15 years - Carbon Capture and Storage for Fossil Fuels

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) coupled with coal ('clean coal') has been a dismissal failure

Both Labor and Coalition governments have invested over $1.3 billion since 2003 to get CCS on coal up and running and have nothing to show for it

The optimism and money thrown at CCS has been an international failure and distraction to keep fossil fuels alive

See @TheAusInstitute report in 2018 that every target set for CCS, be it from IEA to IPCC has failed.

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6 Jan
There will be alot of scrambling to hide years of climate wrecking behaviour from the likes Business Council of Australia and major fossil fuel companies

Don't be fooled - they are just trying to buy their way back and as cheaply as possible


Responsible for half national increase in Australia's emission 2017-2018 from failed CCS

Shouted down the WA Government when asked to offset future emissions

Massive tax dodger! Caught by ATO expects $10 BILLION back

Gives $1m charity #auspol
Business Council of Australia, lobby of biggest richest companies

Flip flopped on climate with each PM, including on the 2011 carbon price

Claimed Aus doing the bottom end of its fair share (45% cut) was 'economy wrecking'

Set up a $25m trust fund

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10 Dec 19
Minister Angus Taylor addressed the UN Climate Conference #COP25 today

While Australia is on fire, impacts supercharged by climate change, the Australian government is lobbying for it (and others) to do less climate action

Worth letting that sink in

Mega thread #auspol
Speech - "The Paris Agreement sent a powerful signal to the world that countries are serious about climate action...

Unfortunately this doesn't extend to Aus, with
- emissions
- fossil fuel exports
- climate impacts
- reliance on loopholes…
“Australia is committed to the Paris Agreement. We are already on track to meet and beat the target we have set for 2030…

Actually emissions continue to trend upwards, noting a sight dip due to loss of agriculture from climate impacts...…
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21 Nov 19
1/ Time to dispel a few climate furphies.

The first is that no one is doing anything on #ClimateChange.

Here is the % change in emissions (excluding LULUCF) from 2005-17 for all #OECD nations.

Australia is one of only five (in red) that has increased emissions! #auspol Image

All 32 OECD countries combined make up 57% of world GDP and those countries that saw emissions fall make up 54% of world GDP.

Australia is not part of the pack. It is at the back and is an outlier #auspol #ClimateCrisis

(thanks @MattGrudnoff @TheAusInstitute for stats)
3/ Australia’s total emissions rank it as 14 largest in the world.

Australia has higher absolute emissions than 40 countries with bigger populations.

If you look at per capita emissions, Australia tops it.
#auspol #COP25 Image
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