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1) 💥Australia declared WAR on America💥


Here is what Durham can’t tell you❗️

Also - how the targeting of me implicates those who committed the ‘Crime of the Century’❗️ ImageImage
2) I’ll get straight to the point.

The exact moment Australia declared WAR on America was …

… when Alexander Downer handed the “Paragraph Five” disinfo cable to Elizabeth Dibble at the US Embassy in London. Image
3) As you all know, Alexander Downer and Erika Thompson (ASIO/ASIS honeypot) …

… attempted to extract fake “Russia Collusion” from Papadopoulos.

This rot was originally inserted by Mifsud (CIA). Image
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BREAKING: Moira Deeming has assured an organiser of the rally in Melbourne that she “never condemned” them or “KJ” (Posie Parker) — just hours after John Pesutto claimed she “condemned” comments by anti-trans activists she attended a rally and post-rally meeting with. #auspol
Pesutto today said the condemnations made by Deeming were “the most important part of this”, when justifying his backdown on her expulsion. Before changing his mind, Pesutto had previously said it would be “a great failure of leadership if I didn't take this action”.
Deeming's comments throw a major spanner in the works just before Pesutto is scheduled to appear on #abc730 — it is not yet known if the interview will be live (uh-oh) or pre-recorded.
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More than three decades after terrorists brought down an American airliner over Lockerbie in Scotland, families who lost loved ones are finally hoping to see justice. #abc730…
“The idea that they were coming home for Christmas and were blown out of the sky and took minutes to fall to earth … you couldn’t sleep when you thought about that.” – Bill Barr, former US Attorney-General #abc730
“It was very rewarding for me personally to be able to bring those additional charges. For me, it was finishing a job that I had started.” – Bill Barr, former US Attorney-General #abc730
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Tech billionaire @billgates is one of the best-known figures on the planet, responsible for decades of philanthropy targeting poverty, disease, infant mortality and more recently COVID-19. He spoke to @FergusonNews. #abc730
"I think Australia will be able to export green hydrogen and other clean products. It is certainly a country where the opportunity in a green economy is greater than it has been in the past." – @billgates #abc730
"The cost to be ready for the next pandemic is a rounding error compared to what it takes to re-tool the modern economy to solve climate change." – @billgates #abc730
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The days of being swamped with politicians talking about COVID already seem like a long time ago. But the virus continues to run rampant, making a lot of Australians sick and killing many, even if we don't seem to be talking about it publicly as much. #abc730
Joining @latingle in the studio to discuss the nation’s latest COVID strategy are @CrabbBrendan, @nadahamad, and @RDNS_TAI. #abc730
"The current approach to COVID in Australia is to let it run in a so-called healthy population — that means unfettered transmission largely in the wider population while trying to protect those who are deemed vulnerable ... It is clearly not working." – @CrabbBrendan #abc730
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Nearly 18 months after unveiling the AUKUS agreement, the federal government is preparing to announce exactly how it plans on acquiring nuclear-powered submarines. North American correspondent @jademacmillan1 spoke to members of Congress about the path ahead. #abc730
“If AUKUS really works the way it should, there should be contribution into this program from the UK and Australia. And I think that shows that, you know, that’s a force multiplier that can really help take on the larger demand.” – Rep. Joe Courtney, Democrat #abc730
“I think you will definitely see Australians on board US submarines training, for example. Whether we get straight to the point of there’s a combined and integrated Australian and US crew on a US submarine, that will be interesting to see.” – Mark Watson, ASPI #abc730
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A referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will be one of the biggest issues confronting the country next year. @latingle spoke to @mdavisqlder about what the Voice can be, and why she remains optimistic about its future. #abc730
"I think one of the reasons the Voice became the primary focus of Indigenous constitutional recognition is that we actually don't have much input at all into laws and policies that are made about our lives and our communities." – @mdavisqlder #abc730
"There's a lot of noise and it happens in a lot of policy areas in Australia. There's a lot of noise and a lot of advisory committees. There's a lot of talk. There's a lot of reports but there's no coordination. There's no coherency." – @mdavisqlder #abc730
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Tasmanians have long wanted their own AFL team, and they’re closer than ever to getting one. But the AFL has made it clear a local team is contingent on the island state building a brand new stadium. #abc730
“Just about everyone I speak to shares my view that it would be unconscionable to spend that sort of money at a time that the state has so many other challenges.” – Andrew Wilkie, Independent MHR #abc730
“This is a huge opportunity for all Tasmanians and can I say, that these are the investments, this is the type of vision, this is the type of commitment that we all need to embrace.” – Jeremy Rockliff, Premier #abc730
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Kim Beazley once remarked that he had spent much of his public life engaged in questions about Australia's defence. Now as the new chairman of the Australian War Memorial, he's the custodian of the memories so central to our national myth-making. #abc730
"It is a great institution. It's the best of its kind globally. And it's of course constantly experiencing requirements to expand, because we get committed to conflicts and get committed to humanitarian missions and peacekeeping." – Kim Beazley #abc730
"Since the first time I can recollect going there, I always had a sense it was a sacred place. And it is, apart from the sacred spaces of the First Nations people in this country, it is arguably the most sacred space we have here in Australia." – Kim Beazley #abc730
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The Albanese government has introduced tax breaks intended to make EVs more affordable – but drivers who have already made the switch say the nation needs to do more to embrace the electric revolution. #abc730
“If I didn’t have a charger … I’d need to go to a public charger. They are pretty few and far between at the moment. It’s getting better but there’s not one really close by, so it’d be pretty inconvenient.” – Sam Wright #abc730
“If you’ve got to go through that whole process of getting a lease agreement drafted and then putting that to a vote, the next person in this building is going to have to do the exact same thing, even though I’ve already done it. That’s pretty onerous.” – Sam Wright
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Jill Wine-Banks is a former Watergate prosecutor and has been following the January 6 investigation closely. She spoke to @latingle. @JillWineBanks #abc730
"The evidence did not come from Democrats. The evidence came from those who knew what was going on and those are the people who were inside the White House, people who were inside the campaign." – @JillWineBanks #abc730
"it's always more easy to convince a jury of the credibility of a witness if they're testifying against their own interests ... and when it comes to the referrals and the DOJ, the DOJ is an independent agency and will act based on the law and the facts." – @JillWineBanks
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Two years ago the previous government commissioned a review of the system supposed to protect Australia's environment. Graeme Samuel's report was scathing and called for a complete overhaul. #abc730 #auspol
The new government responded to that report today with a suite of reforms including a new environmental agency and new federal regulations. #abc730 #auspol
.@FergusonNews interviews Environment Minister @tanya_plibersek. #abc730 #auspol
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Days out from this year's United Nations climate summit in Egypt, activist @gretathunberg has called for more ambitious cuts to global emissions, while expressing scepticism that the summit will deliver them. #abc730
.@gretathunberg spoke to @FergusonNews from her home in Sweden. #abc730
“People often ask me whether I'm a pessimist or an optimist when it comes to saving the climate. And I always say that I'm a realist.” - @gretathunberg. #abc730
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Tensions between the Albanese government and major gas exporters escalated today. The Industry Minister blamed the current gas price crisis on “a glut of greed” by the industry. The government is weighing dramatic intervention to force prices down. #abc730 #auspol
.@David_Speers interviews Samantha McCulloch, chief executive of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, which represents gas producers. #abc730
“What we're seeing is high energy prices across the globe. This is the result of a global energy crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It's affecting all energy sources, and it's affecting all countries.” – Sarah McCulloch, CEO of @APPEALtd. #abc730
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President of the BCA: If you look over the last three decades at the split between profits and wages, it's been pretty consistent across Australia.
🤔 Image
Oh we shouldn't count mining?

#abc730 Image
BCA pres: "what drives real wage increases and it is productivity"

#abc730 Image
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The Albanese government wants to drive higher wage growth and says workplace reforms it introduced to parliament last week are the key. But a bid to give workers more power by restoring multi-employer bargaining has business groups and some Senate crossbenchers worried. #abc730
"The Productivity Commission put a report out a few months ago that said if you look back since 1900 ... 80 per cent of real wage growth has come as a result of productivity improvements, so the real question is how do we drive productivity?" – @TimReedBCA #abc730
"Profits will always be the more variable factor. If you look over the last three decades at the split between profits and wages, it's been pretty consistent across Australia." – @TimReedBCA #abc730
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Millions of Australians are dealing with the theft of some of their most sensitive private details, after hackers targeted some of the nation’s most prominent companies. Now there are moves for tougher penalties and regulation to protect consumers. #abc730
“We’re in a game of cat and mouse between the good guys and the bad guys, or the organisations and the hackers. And to be honest with you, the hackers are in front at the moment.” – Ben Walker, cyber security analyst #abc730
“Medibank is actually quite sophisticated and quite mature when it comes to their cyber defences. So in my mind, if it wasn’t Medibank, it certainly could have been one of the other big private health insurers.” – Ben Walker, cyber security analyst #abc730
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Chinese ambassador Xiao Qian tells @FergusonNews using all necessary means to take Taiwan would not constitute invasion because that’s something that occurs between states. ‘Special military operation’ a likely candidate? #abc730
He compares the re-education of Taiwanese people that he and other Chinese officials have flagged under ‘re-unification’ to immigrants in Australia learning English. Xiao says all ‘secessionists’ will be punished. The takeover of Taiwan seems to be a fait accompli in his mind
Ambassador hasn’t read the UN report that found crimes against humanity are likely occurring in Xinjiang but says everything in it is wrong #abc730
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Former prime minister Scott Morrison fronted the cameras today in a new attempt to reframe his decision to secretly appoint himself to five powerful ministerial portfolios within his own cabinet. @latingle #abc730 #auspol
“It’s a little known fact that the Prime Minister is not mentioned in the constitution. The constitution speaks of Ministers of State. And our system of government works on the principle of collective responsibility for decisions exercised by the cabinet.” - @latingle #abc730
"Scott Morrison argued today that the reason he had appointed himself to five crucial portfolios in 2020 and 2021 was because they were ones in which ministers have significant powers to take decisions without cabinet approval.” - @latingle #abc730 #auspol
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Demand for Australian-made fashion is booming, but manufacturers can't keep up with the demand. They're turning down high-end brands including some of Europe's biggest names because they don't have enough skilled staff. #abc730
“For Cue, it’s so important to be manufacturing in Australia because we like to be in the now, in the absolute moment. The only way to get that sort of speed to market is to be able to manufacture locally.” – Justin Levis, Cue Clothing #abc730
“This industry, this $27.2 billion industry that exports twice as much as beer and wine combined and employs more than utilities and mining, employs about 489,000 people in Australia, has long been forgotten.” – Leila Naja Hibri, CEO Australian Fashion Council #abc730
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Newmarch House became an early symbol of the COVID crisis in nursing homes. For the past three weeks, their loved ones have been taken back through those extraordinary days as witnesses gave evidence at an inquest into the deaths. #abc730
“No one seemed to know what the chain of command was. So I think it was very evident from the evidence that we’ve got that the house was just in complete chaos. And that didn’t end until the outbreak did.” – Emily Clarke, class action lawyer #abc730
“I think that we’ve got to put things in place so that this can never happen again, and they get the care they need every day – from the day they go in to the day they pass away.” – Louise Payne #abc730
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Sarah Ferguson speaks to former prime minister John Howard about Scott Morrison secretly appointing himself to five ministries, and his latest book, A Sense of Balance. #abc730
"I've indicated that it is a matter for Scott [Morrison] to explain and contextualise. I think most people, and allow me the expression of this opinion, most people are going to say, 'Well, that's interesting, but let's get on with the present and the future.'" – John Howard
"I don't think he should do that [resign] ... it is not in the interests of the Liberal Party to have a by-election at the moment in a very safe seat ... if anybody cares about my party, the Liberal Party, then the last thing they will do is be requesting unwanted by-elections."
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Former prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm has thrown his support behind an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, declaring he'll vote yes when a referendum is held. His intervention is notable, because when he was prime minister, he opposed the Voice. #abc730
"It has achieved enormous momentum. It is the only form of constitutional recognition that Indigenous Australians are seeking. After centuries of disempowerment and dispossession, we need a very good reason to oppose it." – @TurnbullMalcolm #abc730
"I do regret using that term [third chamber] because it was misunderstood. I never intended to convey the idea that it would be a third chamber like the Senate is a second chamber." – @TurnbullMalcolm #abc730
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The rental crisis shows no signs of abating. In some parts of the country, finding somewhere to live has never been harder. While rents are rising, house prices are decreasing, pitting tenants and landlords against each other. #abc730
"It's ridiculous. I apply all the time. I go to inspections all the time ... some of the places, you don't have a chance to apply for them." – Lauren Koplin #abc730
"Obviously as an agent, our responsibility typically lies with the owner, but I do believe it takes two to tango. In some circumstances, there wasn't a whole lot of co-operation from one or both parties and that led to some fairly poor outcomes." – Samantha Gatherum-Goss #abc730
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