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14 Sep, 11 tweets, 10 min read
1/ THREAD. Today I saw my pulmonologist for a follow-up on the state of my lungs, almost six months to the day when I got hospitalized with #COVID19 (3/16), and three months after my last check-up (6/8).

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
2/ The bottom line: although my lungs are not back to the way they were pre-COVID, overall they are looking good, and the damage shouldn't really affect my day-to-day life.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
3/ First we reviewed my CT scan. The scan showed some lung scarring and "ground-glass opacities" (haziness signifying abnormality), but nothing major.

For any radiologists out there, here are the findings.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
4/ My lungs are far better than they were when I was on the ventilator back in March. This is a bit apples-to-oranges, since the left image is a CT scan and the right image is an x-ray, but you can see the difference here (black = good, cloudiness = bad):
5/ He listened to my lung sounds with a stethoscope (auscultation). Everything sounded normal and clear.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
6/ I took some pulmonary function tests (PFTs), which measure things like lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange. They showed nothing concerning -- and improvement since my last visit in June.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
7/ Could my lungs continue to get better? Unclear, my pulmonologist said. The improvement could continue, or it could have run its full course. We'll see in six months at my next checkup.

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
8/ I asked him if I should continue with my inhaler use, Symbicort (maintenance) and Proventil (rescue). He said that if I've been feeling good, which I have, I can stop them and see how my lungs do (and go back on them if I have problems).
9/ I feel very fortunate to be doing as well as I am, in light of the many #LongCovid sufferers who still have lung and breathing problems, and I'm very thankful for the great care I received (and continue to receive).

#COVID19 #COVID #Covid_19 #coronavirus
10/ I would be classified as "still recovering" for purposes of this interesting article about lung problems of recovering #COVID19 patients, since my CT scan is still abnormal (six months after I first got sick).

11/ But on the bright side, my lungs have gotten much better since I was in the hospital in March, and what shows up in my CT scan doesn't seem to bother me much day to day. (Thanks to @PatsyCrowley8 for the article.)

#LongCovid #COVID_19 #COVID

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12 Aug
1/ The latest in Alan Dershowitz/Jeffrey Epstein news (via @KlasfeldReports): in newly released letters, lawyers for Les Wexner "appear to undermine one of Dershowitz’s central claims against his prominent accuser Virginia Giuffre."

2/ Background: in denying Virginia Giuffre's claims that he had sex with her, Alan Dershowitz has characterized her claims as part of an effort to extort money from rich men, such as billionaire (and ex-Epstein associate) Les Wexner.

3/ But in just-released correspondence, Les Wexner's lawyers deny any extortion attempt: "no extortion demand was ever made, no settlement was entered into, and not a penny (or other consideration) was ever paid."

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1/ The next hot-button issue in #COVID19 debates: the relative importance of #antibodies versus T cells in #COVID_19 immune response.

(If you're thinking this should be an obscure, wonky, data-driven debate, I have one word for you: hydroxychloroquine.)
2/ Some background. Antibodies are not the only possible source of #COVID19 immunity.

Or as this interesting @NatGeo article puts it, "antibodies might not be telling the whole story when it comes to #Covid_19 immunity."

on.natgeo.com/2DpoH6V #COVID
3/ Dr. Soo Aleman of Sweden tested patients who previously tested positive for #COVID19, as well as their close contacts. She found that hospitalized patients had strong antibody and T cell responses to #COVID_19 -- no surprise there.

#COVID #coronavirus
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30 Jul
THREAD. Here are a few thoughts on what it means to "recover" from COVID-19 -- in addition to my @latimes op-ed from earlier this month, which is all about what we mean by "recovery."


#COVID19 #COVIDー19 #COVID #coronavirus
My main points:

1. Recovery from COVID often takes much longer than many expect.

2. Recovery is very different for different people.

3. Surviving COVID isn't necessarily a "happily ever after" ending.

#COVID19 #COVIDー19 #COVID #coronavirus
We often think of COVID outcomes as binary: survival = good, death = bad.

We focus a lot on COVID death figures -- as well we should, since 150K deaths is terrible.

But the death total doesn't tell the whole story.

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17 Jul
I was in good shape before I came down with #COVID19 -- and I suspect I might have contracted the #coronavirus at the gym, to which I was going multiple times a week.
It's true my marathon-running days were in the distant past (I finished the NYC marathon twice) -- but I was still in good shape before #COVID19 landed me in the hospital for almost 3 weeks, including 6 days in the ICU on a ventilator, in critical condition.
I was not overweight, I went to the gym three to six times a week, and all my blood work at my annual physical was normal. Here are my before and after #COVID photos (I lost 15 pounds while sick):
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4 Jul
THREAD. A few highlights from and thoughts on this interesting @nytimes article, "U.S. Coronavirus Cases Are Rising Sharply, but Deaths Are Still Down."


#COVID #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #coronavirus
"After a minor late-spring lull, the number of confirmed #coronavirus cases in the United States is once again on the rise.... And yet the virus appears to be killing fewer of the people it infects."
"In April and May, #COVID19 led to as many as 3,000 deaths per day, and claimed the lives of roughly 7-8% of Americans known to have been infected. The number of daily deaths is now closer to 600, and the death rate is less than 5%."
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20 Jun
THREAD. 1. The analysis in this letter from Attorney General Bill Barr to U.S. Attorney (former U.S. Attorney?) Geoffrey Berman is consistent with the analysis in my long thread from last night.

#appellatetwitter #FridayNightMassacre
2. It's not Bill Barr who removed Geoffrey Berman, but President Trump himself: "I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so."

#appellatetwitter #FridayNightMassacre
3. So whether an AG can remove a U.S. Attorney isn't the issue; it's whether a president can (and I think most constitutional scholars, plus the current #SCOTUS, would say the #POTUS of course has this power over an executive-branch official like a USA).
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