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THREAD: Covid-19 : Myths vs Data.
I've been hearing numerous media narratives, each pulling selective truths or misreading data points to propogate their editorial line. Will keep visiting this thread, one myth at a time. Here we go #CoronaUpdate #Covid_19
Biggest myth overplayed is around low levels of cases in #India . Folks are calling US health system as failure with such high case. Nothing could be farther from truth. US now has highest cases in the world. However that's because USA is testing the highest. See below data
USA has tested almost 800 K & Italy tested 430 K. India has tested just 26 K till now. India is not "safe or climatically immune" to #Covid_19 . It is simply not testing enough. Remember below chart. 80% of infections may never experience symptoms.
To be continued....
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The #Covid_19 crisis is an excellent example of how stress can make systems #Antifragile because it offers us a opportunity to see the weaknesses extant in global travel and supply chains and to develop policies and procedures for dealing with pandemic control and treatment. 1/6
I'm not one for Panglossian interpretations. I do assert, however, that we have a valuable opportunity and, therefore, a real duty to learn and to make definite changes in order that we are better prepared to handle the next--inevitable--pandemic. 2 /6
Despite COVID-19's viciousness it is relatively benign when compared to many alternatives. What if the next challenge is as infectious as a flu but has the rate of morbidity of a hemorrhagic fever? We must change. What we must not do is create a massive Federal program. 3/6
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(1) Thread: Who am I? 🥝🇳🇿🇺🇸💃

Just updated my Twitter bio, again.

People are still placing party politics ahead of saving lives.

Saving my life. Saving your life.

There must be #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat at all.

#COVID19nz #StayHomeNZ #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
(2) I say #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat because this Houston woman made a Facebook post in 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Around the same time I decided to identify as a Hurricane Watcher bc emergencies expose policy strengths & weaknesses & I am a policy wonk.
(3) If you're new to... me... then you'll need this info.

As a child, I wanted to be a policy analyst. It's my calling, my vocation. I achieved my goal & worked in Wellington, NZ for many years.

Unfortunately I had to "medically retire" just as my career was taking off.
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J'avais dit que je coupais un peu Twitter mais ne pas relayer ce témoignage serait une faute pro.

Abus de pouvoir, intimidations et insultes racistes : voici l'histoire d H., en mission #Covid_19 pour Santé Publique France verbalisé abusivement jeudi soir à Aulnay.

Thread ⬇️
H. travaille pour Santé Publique France dans le 94. En mission #COVID19, il peut être appelé à n'importe quelle heure. Un laissez-passer lui a été délivré par employeur pour rejoindre le centre à n'importe quelle heure. Jeudi soir, H. est appelé en urgence dans la nuit. ⬇️
Au moment de quitter son domicile en voiture, une patrouille le klaxonne. Contrôle. "Rien ne te dérange ? Tu fous quoi dehors ?" lui lance un policier avant de lui demander son attestation.
H. lui présente donc son attestation et le laissez-passer de son employeur ⬇️
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😥Piel de gallina con el caso de las "nth rooms" Profesores,artistas populares, estrellas del deporte,CEOs de compañías famosas entre los que pagaron para ver pornografía ilegal en salas de chat
Las víctimas:mujeres /niñas engañadas con ofertas de trabajo falsas @mexico_bitcoin👇
El depredador las atrajo a hacer videoclips sexualmente explícitos, prometiéndoles un gran pago.

Con las imágenes comprometedoras, las chantajeaba, amenazando con publicarlas en línea o con sus amigos y familiares👇
Mujeres y niñas tenían que suministrar imágenes cada vez más deshumanizadoras e incluso violentas
En los videos, algunas de las víctimas tenían la palabra "esclavo" marcada en sus cuerpos.👇
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1- Calling bs on Media spin. Hydroxychloroquine isn't in short supply just because Trump commented on it. Doctors know it works..👇🏼

They're using it on severe patients, + undoubtedly prescribing it for each other to avoid contracting the disease.…
2- This slipped out in a @TuckerCarlson interview with a doctor last night who is actively treating #Covid_19

3- If we had a functioning Media, there would be investigative reporting on production ramp-up of hydroxychloroquine.

Instead, they pour energy into debunking its effectiveness and/or running fish tank poison stories.

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Ein Beitrag im Tagesspiegel zeigt klar was falsch läuft mit der Wissenschaftskommunikation in Deutschland während (und vor der) Corona-Pandemie. Beginnen wir mit einem Zitat zur "Letalität" von Covid-19. 1/
"Gemessen an der Letalität, also der Anzahl der Fälle, die zum Tode führen, liegt sie etwas über der Influenza-Grippe: In Deutschland sterben nach aktuellen Trends zirka 0,3 bis 0,4 Prozent aller infizierten Patienten."… Diese Angaben sind problematisch 2/
Wir müssen wegen der sehr präzisen Daten Südkoreas annehmen, dass im best-case 1,48% aller Covid-19 Patienten sterben werden… Warum best-case? Weil es in Südkorea niemals zu einer Überlastung des Krankenhäuser kam und volle Versorgung sichergestellt war. 3/
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Another paper on positive results of #Chloroquine-Azithromycin intervention in #Covid_19 patients. Impressive results and reduction in viral load and early discharge!
Three in vitro studies have demonstrated that chloroquine phosphate inhibits SARS-CoV-2 (8;9) and two have demonstrated that hydroxychloroquine sulfate inhibits SARS-CoV-2 (8-10).
In addition, chloroquine has demonstrated its efficacy in Chinese COVID-19 patients in clinical trials by reducing fever, improving CT imaging, and delaying disease progression
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ගෝලීය වසංගතයක් තුල වුවත්, ජනමාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට ක්ෂේත්‍රයට ගොස් තොරතුරු සෙවීමට සිදුවේ . කථාව ආවරණය කරන අතරතුර මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට තම ආරකෂාව තහවුරු කර ගැනීමට  උපදෙස් කිහිපයක් මෙන්න. #LKA #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaOutbreakLK #COVID #Covid_19 #PandemicReporting
ගෝලීය වසංගතයක් තුල වුවත්, ජනමාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට ක්ෂේත්‍රයට ගොස් තොරතුරු සෙවීමට සිදුවේ . කථාව ආවරණය කරන අතරතුර මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට තම ආරකෂාව තහවුරු කර ගැනීමට  උපදෙස් කිහිපයක් මෙන්න. #LKA #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaOutbreakLK #COVID #Covid_19 #PandemicReporting
ගෝලීය වසංගතයක් තුල වුවත්, ජනමාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට ක්ෂේත්‍රයට ගොස් තොරතුරු සෙවීමට සිදුවේ . කථාව ආවරණය කරන අතරතුර මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට තම ආරකෂාව තහවුරු කර ගැනීමට  උපදෙස් කිහිපයක් මෙන්න. #LKA #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaOutbreakLK #COVID #Covid_19 #PandemicReporting
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Estoy conversando con la Doctora Rosa María Wong Chew, infectóloga y jefa de la subdivisión de investigación clínica de la Facultad de Medicina de la @UNAM_MX en #AzucenaxFórmula
"Si una persona es positiva para #COVID_19 y tiene los factores de riesgo, debemos estar muy pendientes ante cualquier complicación": Dra. Rosa María Wong Chew, jefa de la subdivisión de investigación clínica de la Facultad de Medicina de la @UNAM_MX en #AzucenaxFórmula
"Si nuestro familiar presenta una dificultad para respirar al momento de ser positivo de #COVID_19, hay que llevarlo inmediatamente al médico": Dra. Rosa María Wong Chew, jefa de la subdivisión de investigación clínica de la Facultad de Medicina de la @UNAM_MX en #AzucenaxFórmula
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Governor @AsaHutchinson releases a plan to pay nurses an extra $1000 a month and nurses working in a facility with #COVID_19 patients an extra $2000 a month. #ARNews
Additional money allocated as well to rural hospitals to help them build temporary screening facilities, direct care workers (nursing homes), homeless programs, and also an extra payment to foster families. #ARNews
This plan requires a $116 million expenditure. $91 million would come from the federal government under a Medicare waiver. The state would kick in the additional $25 million. Arkansas is asking CMS today for approval. #ARNews
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@BBCNews @itvnews @SkyNews @Channel4News

Important - please read. Thank you

#covid_19 thread
#COVID19 Thread regarding statutory requirements under Health Protection (Notification) Act 2010

NOTE Covid_19 was listed as a notifiable disease on 5th March 2020 and therefore falls under the above Act and the requirements therein 1/
Below is an extract from the Act which specifies the statutory obligation of medical practitioners to appropriately report actual and (importantly) suspected cases of a notifiable disease within a specific timescale 2/
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In my new @DelorsBerlin Policy Brief, I argue that the limitless @ecb Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) is LAWFUL, since the PEPP is (i) within the @ecb's mandate, (ii) proportionate, and (iii) compliant with the monetary financing prohibition. A short thread. 1/10
(i) The PEPP is within the @ECB's mandate, as it seeks to repair monetary policy channels that were affected by the #Covid_19 pandemic. The @EUCourtPress confirmed in Gauweiler "that a programme to safeguard the appropriate transmission of monetary policy is likely to 2/10
contribute to the ECB’s price stability objective. Since the @ecb considers that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a risk to the smooth transmission of monetary policy, it may swiftly intervene in bond markets to fulfil its (price stability)
mandate. 3/10
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ගෝලීය COVID-19 වසංගතය පුවත්පත් කලාව ඇතුළු සමාජයේ සියලුම ක්‍රියාකාරකම් කෙරෙහි බලපායි. වසංගත අර්බුදයක් ආවරණය කිරීමේදී ඔබ සැලකිල්ලට ගත යුතු උපදෙස් 10 ක් මෙන්න. #LKA #Covid19 #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaOutbreakLK #COVID #Covid_19 #PandemicReporting #JournalismTips
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FM @nsitharaman disappoints, once again.
The PM Gareeb Kalyan Yojana -- which she claimed would involve a spend of Rs 1.7 lakh crore -- is an eye wash, a cruel joke on the ooor of the country.

I will shortly explain why?
1. Cash transfer via Jan Dhan accounts held by women is a good idea, but the amount -- ₹500/month for 3 months -- is grossly inadequate considering the hardship faced by the people intended to benefit from it.
2. The increase in PDS quota and free cylinders are welcome moves
3. The announcements relating to provident fund contributions and increasing collateral-free loan for SHGs will make no material difference in the prevailing context.
4. A 20-rupee hike in MGNREGA wages - which have been overdue for a long time - falls short of expectation.
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Growth rate is key during a disease outbreak. The rate of growth in the the total confirmed #cases in #Canada seems to be showing signs of slowing and pulling away from the continued steep trend line seen, for example, in the United States (Green). #COVID19 #coronavirus 1/25
This is a +ve sign, but still very early to tell, esp. with an est. 1M+ #Canadians having just returned from travel, and #COVID-19 #testing only targeting >severe cases (due to rationing & backlog in lab testing), we don’t have a good grasp on the level of community spread. 2/25
The number of total cases is what we want to know, but the true number of these is not known. Not by us epidemiologists, nor by any other research, governmental or reporting institution. 3/25
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Ik krijg veel suggestieve vragen vanuit Nederland over Mexico's medische capaciteit m.b.t. #COVID_19. De vragenstellers gaan er zonder meer vanuit dat Mexico een niet of nauwelijks functionerend zorgstelsel heeft, want Latijns-Amerika (en zal dus wel 3e Wereld zijn). Incorrect.
Natuurlijk is Mexico, net als alle andere landen, niet voldoende voorbereid op #COVID_19. Dat wil echter niet zeggen dat zorgstelsel hier machteloos en hulpeloos moet toezien terwijl de pandemie toe gaat slaan.
Het slechte nieuws: er zijn, net als elders, niet genoeg tests, niet genoeg ventilatoren, niet genoeg IC-bedden (ca. 3000). Mexico investeert significant minder in de gezondheidszorg dan Europese landen (3,8% BBP, de helft minder dan bijvoorbeeld het Verenigd Koninkrijk).
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Hoy les quiero hablar sobre un país del que @nayibbukele y su gabinete nunca hablan en esta pandemia de #COVIDー19

COREA DEL SUR 🇰🇷(la que no es comunista)

Vecinos de China
Con 9,137 casos (0.018% de su población)
y 126 muertes (1.4% de los casos)
Están por aplanar su curva
¿Cuál ha sido la clave del éxito de Corea?

El gobierno Coreano explica su éxito a su estrategia llamada TRUST (CONFIANZA en español)

Aunque es un acrónimo para la estrategia, sin duda la confianza es un factor clave, y es lo que menos se tiene en nuestro gobierno

Robust screening and quarantine
Unique but universally-applicable testing
Strict control and

Robusto monitoreo y cuarentena
Unico sistema de pruebas universal
eStricto Control
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I’ve taken #coronavirus seriously from Day 1. Today marks 8 weeks since I pushed the CDC to brief Congress on the threat posed by #COVID_19. Since then, I’ve been working around the clock to address this crisis. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to: (THREAD)
When Orange County had one of the first confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, I immediately sent a letter to the CDC. At the time, I was one of a few federal officials calling for us to prepare for this now-pandemic. (2/?)
One of my top responsibilities as a Congressmember is to keep #CA45 residents informed about the facts. That’s why I produced a FAQ on the coronavirus outbreak and have been updating it regularly since January. (3/?)
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Dit is op zich geen slechte column van @leondewinter, maar de eerste alinea roept bij ij wat vraagtekens op.…
De Winter schrijft: "Elke Covid-19 dode is er één te veel, maar – ik stel de vraag aarzelend – waarom raken we niet in paniek bij de duizenden doden door de gewone griep?"
In de intro suggereert De Winter dat we bang zijn voor #COVID_19 en niet voor de griep, omdat we 'gewend zijn' aan de honderdduizenden doden die laatstgenoemde ziekte jaarlijks veroorzaakt.
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I've seen 1000 memes about influenza and the plague because of #COVID_19. While we're all bored, here's a juicy story of class, environment, & protest—my (abridged) @SFUHistory honours thesis on Montreal's 1885 smallpox epidemic. Ask questions and share as you read! (1/30)
So: a sick train conductor arrived in Montreal in Feb 1885. His case was immediately mishandled. The city had no smallpox hospital, so he wasn't properly isolated. Soon, unvaccinated hospital workers brought smallpox into their communities (2/30)
Let's talk about those communities: Montreal was big, urban, and rapidly industrializing. Neighbourhoods and wards were divided along linguistic and class lines, which wasn't cute. Three (90% francophone) East End wards held 81% of the city's population. (3/30)
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Another unpopular reminder: Evolution of the lethality of #Covid_19. There should be no evolution, these numbers should be ~constant in space & time for countries with comparable health systems. They are not because WE HAVE NO IDEA how many contagions and hence about lethality.
2. What this 'mortality' is measuring is how many tests have been performed in each country. And even then, lethality is very biased by whether those tests were done randomly or only on symptomatic patients.
Not to talk about what each country defines as "death by covid-19".
3. It seems, for an outsider amateur, that the @WHO should have a much tighter control on statistics next time.
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1/3. On 13 March, @Channel4News reported on a new rapid #coronavirus testing kit - made in the UK - that diagnoses #coronavirus in 10 minutes!

They aren't available in the UK yet.

#NHS staff can't get tested.

But this report shows test kits being sent to Bahrain. #covidー19
2/3. It seems utterly bizarre that boxes of rapid #Covid19 test kits are being exported around the world, whilst frontline #NHS staff have to risk their health without PPE or tests.

It would be great if @cathynewman & #C4News could ask @MattHancock what the logic is behind this.
3/3. Watching this the govt's U-turn is very stark.

"As the WHO urges countries to step up testing for #coronavirus, the UK appears to be adopting a different approach. Ystdy (12/3) it said it would only test people in hospital." #Covid19 #Corona #Covid
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