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Some pointers on #PersonalFinance
1) Highly #subjective - depends on earnings,savings & lifestyle. Don't clone approach . Take professional help, if needed.

2)Focus primarily on #skillsets in early years.Automatically #earnings increase. Big salary ,bigger savings.
3) Start #saving early on .
4) Incremental savings must be more than Incremental earnings.

5) Avoid #debt . But if necessary plan well & repay it early on . Beware of snowball effect.

6) Avoid instant #gratification. A lil' self restraint goes a long way in saving up .

7) #Leveraging is disastrous . Not advisable .

8) #ConcentratedPortfolio can backfire big time . Makes sense to go in for a diversified one.

9) #AssetAllocation is equally important .

10) #CreditCards if used sensibly are good ,else disastrous. Educate yourself.

11) Buying cash back policies only helps the insurer.

12) Compulsorily keep #EmergencyFund of a year's expenses in F.D .

13) Transfer part of salary the day it is credited to emergency funds & investment . Manage with rest.
Save first, spend balance.
14)Keep #app to track expenses

15)#Study basics of finance. If you don't take interest, NO ONE can help you.

16)Keep #topping up Emergency fund each yr with increase in expenses.

17) LIVE life as well. Don't get caught up in ONLY saving money 😇

The link to the blog on - 4 hygiene factors to be in place prior to entering markets ideally .

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Jan 6

A few important life hacks which I have implemented over the past few years that have helped me immensely.

A 🧵
🔸Making Gratitude an Attitude

Comparison is the theft of joy.
Each day begins & ends with gratitude.

Now I no longer envy others.

I am content. I feel blessed for whatever I have & work hard & live life each day to the best of my ability.

That's all !
🔸Accepting things & Letting Go

The older I seem to get, the more I have begun to let go.

Baggage weighs us down considerably.

All those thoughts,feelings, emotions we keep bottled up only hurts us.

So I try to reset each morning & travel light.
Certainly helps !🤠
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May 13, 2023


A book that must be read by all direct equity investors but will be appreciated & understood by a few, that too only after witnessing an entire cycle play out in markets.

Few of my takeaways from this 💎 by Howard Marks.

👇🏽 Image

To consistently beat the market,
You either need a ton of luck or superior insight & awareness of psychology.

Because investing is at least as much of an art as it is a science, it is essential that one's investment approach be intuitive & adaptive always.

All investors can't beat the market, since collectively, they are the market.

Stellar returns majorly come from correct non consensus forecasts.

Here Second Level Thinking matters immensely.
And the number of people capable of it is tiny.

What is Second Level Thinking ? ImageImageImage
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Apr 28, 2023

We 80's kids are truly blessed.
Life was simple then !

We used to play until we were screamed at to return home.

We enjoyed our childhood without mobile phones & WIFI by playing a wide variety of games which improved our hand eye coordination,stamina & focus.

#Nostalgia Image

Weekends used to consist of watching episodes of Mahabharata , Ramayana,Mogli ,He Man and the likes.

We danced clumsily to the 90's Indi Pop songs & thought WWF was real.

We created so many memories with hardly any photos thanks to the 32 film roll. 😄

Small things like a top , marbles , a rubber ball , or even a piece of cake with some frosting ( there was no concept of black forest cake ) used to make us insanely happy.

We valued each & every possession of ours.
And somehow never craved for more ...

We were content. ImageImage
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Sep 11, 2022
#BookRecommendation #BookTwitter

How To Decide by Annie Duke.

A brilliant no frills book that offers a framework for thinking about how to improve your decision making , along with a set of tools that help execute it.

A few of my takeaways from this gem !
There are only 2 things that determine HOW your life turns out : LUCK & QUALITY OF DECISION MAKING.

We have some control over only one of those two things.

When you make better quality decisions, you increase the chances of good things happening to you.
Our objective is to choose an option that gains most ground in achieving our goals.
Sometimes which entails the least risk.

Thereby we examine the quality of the beliefs informing the decision,the available options & try to envisage the future based on our choices.
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Jun 12, 2022

Do you know why most of us are majorly unhappy with our lives ?

Why do we constantly feel anxious or secretly envy others' life ?

Why do we feel unhappy despite having quite a few things going for us?

The answer is actually simple.... 🙂


It's because we humans constantly COMPARE ourselves to others.

Comparison gives birth majorly to all our emotions, especially the negative ones.

So why do we compare our lives with those of others' we (think) we know of?

Why do we benchmark our happiness to theirs' ?
Ever wondered why we constantly crave to equal or better our peers ?

What purpose does it truly serve ?
Isn't everything in life fleeting ?
Be it fame , beauty , money , laurels ....

So does it really matter ?
And if so, then how much ?

And at the cost of what ?
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Mar 18, 2022


Bitly links of the #BookSummaries I have written from Non-Finance to Finance.
Do share if helpful !🙂

🔸 The only self help book I recommend.
Made these notes post my 3rd reading & implementation of the book.

Atomic Habits :
🔸The secret to a productive, happy & healthy life.
Wisdom in simple words !

Ikigai :

🔸 My all time favourite , read in any mood kinda book, for simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

A Book Of Simple Living :
🔸Social Media makes us crave for validation. How one can stay true to themselves despite it.

The Courage to be Disliked :

🔸 Nuggets of wisdom by Naval Ravikant shared by Eric Jorgensen

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant :
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