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1. Write what you know. Reach into your past for inspiration. Use personal experiences and emotions to create relatable characters and compelling storylines.

#writingtips #ideas #creativity #WritingCommunity
2. Explore your passions and interests to find inspiration for your novel. Think badminton is run of the mill? Think again. Your local sports club might contain someone who inspires the hero or villain of your next book. #writingtips #creativity
3. Observe the world around you – read the news, trawl the Internet, pay attention to the stories unfolding before you. Scratch beneath the surface and try to figure out how and why things happen, and why people respond in certain ways. #writingtips #ideas
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Buenas va otro hilo de ficción para leer rapidito en la espera del bus o donde quieras. Son cortos, se agradece hacerlos volar y quedarse con lo que uno quiera.
Gracias por leer! 🧵
#ficción #cienciaficcion #literatura #WritingCommnunity #microrrelatos
"Agua y arena"
Hay un mundo viejo donde yo no existo. Con paredes y pisos y puertas. Hace mucho que no voy, pero sé que no existo.
Ya la ciudad más grande había sucumbido al mar hecha un infierno de mugre y casas rotas. Lo que antes era una fortaleza en un morro viejo, 🧵
ahora era el único faro guía para adentrarse en sus aguas. Más allá de los bañados con sus juncos llenos de ratas, poco quedaba a la deriva.
Fue distracción, nomás. Apenas eso. Siempre estábamos más allá, errantes, buscando no sentirnos.🧵
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Buenas! Finalmente voy a empezar a subir pequeños textos de ficción en forma de hilo. Son cortos y se leen rápido. Se agradece hacerlos volar y retener lo que se quiera de ellos.
Gracias por leer.
#microrelato #ficción #literatura #escribir #cienciaficción #WritingCommnunity
Estaban pegados a las ventanas y también a algunas puertas, las de vidrio. Buscaban los vidrios como si les dieran frescor o limpieza, o las dos a la vez. Una asepsia que no tenían e intuían imprescindible en ese momento.
Algunos volaban con sus nuevas alas. Se despeñaban de una cornisa de la churrasquera o la chimenea de la estufa, hacia abajo hasta casi tocar el suelo, planeando. Las extremidades cartilaginosas que todos llamábamos alas, eran en realidad un exceso de pellejos y callos fósiles
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Do you know why most of us are majorly unhappy with our lives ?

Why do we constantly feel anxious or secretly envy others' life ?

Why do we feel unhappy despite having quite a few things going for us?

The answer is actually simple.... 🙂


It's because we humans constantly COMPARE ourselves to others.

Comparison gives birth majorly to all our emotions, especially the negative ones.

So why do we compare our lives with those of others' we (think) we know of?

Why do we benchmark our happiness to theirs' ?
Ever wondered why we constantly crave to equal or better our peers ?

What purpose does it truly serve ?
Isn't everything in life fleeting ?
Be it fame , beauty , money , laurels ....

So does it really matter ?
And if so, then how much ?

And at the cost of what ?
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(1) A quick (unsolcited) #Thread about a mistake I see some new/unpublished/undiscovered talent make on social media: announcing and hyping projects that never get made. We know how exiciting it can be to find a "killer" idea and how thrilling it is to begin working on it. #write
(2) We writers often get ahead of ourselves, posting pages, paragraphs, story clips, partial artwork, screenshots, praise from family/friends/colleagues - all for unfinished and/or underdeveloped projects that clearly need more time to grow and become a "thing." #writerslife
(3) The scant validation we receive for this unfinished masterpiece spreads like a raging virus and overtakes the time and effort needed to get the project done. We begin to sell the IDEA of the project instead of turning the IDEA into a PRODUCT. I've seen this happen a lot.
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Okay. We gotta talk about astrology. I try very hard to just let people have their fun things, and even weird stuff they believe in that has absolutely ZERO basis in science or fact, and mostly just keep my nose down. BUT. An author I admire and follow is literally (Cont)
receiving death threats from some obsessive “fans” of a book she wrote a decade ago because the author does not know/remember the birthday of one of the characters in the books. These fans want to know that info so they can figure out the character’s charts and (Cont)
Basically say “Yep! I was right! She’s this sign and that explains her behavior as a character!” And when this author could not provide the info, these fans started creating burner and private accounts to harass and threaten her (Cont)
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1/3 Today I share my #childlessnotbychoice story at @linsdrabwell childfree blog. I am nowhere near to saying I am childfree, but I am now comfortable with saying I am childless not choice and that being #childless doesn't define me. I am more than what I am not. Image
'Once or twice we were able to mark in pen, but it wasn’t permenant, like our lost babies, the ink disappeared, but the marks of love are still very much visible.' Read the full post at….
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I’ve been asked to start my #CSISchoolForWriters up again #writingcommmunity
I’m glad you all have missed it. If you want to be tagged or Untagged let me know. I’m starting back up w/ a bang or a pop depending on temperature and going right for it...
On Human Decomposition: 1/
Tagging: @PaulaMHunter1 @authorkayn @dragonspleen @Mara_A_Miller @MBWorkhouse @AuthorPrime01 @ChuckRothman @Wrightdj21 @sharagodwinson @JerichoSWayne
Feel free to tag anyone you want to be in on this. I’ll try to do it a few times a week. Trigger earning here. Decomp= gross 2/
First off it really annoys me to read a book and have a murder victim showing parts of all 5 stages of decomposition. Seriously annoying. I will throw the book across the room.
By that you probably guessed that there are 5 Stages of Human Decomposition. I will explain each. 3/
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