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Todos o casi todos sabemos que el ROE mide la tasa de RETORNO que obtienen los accionistas por su capital invertido vs el beneficio contable de la compañía pero AQUÍ👇 te comparto unos TIPS que quizás puede que no sepas: ImageImage
✅Yo VALORO mucho que una compañía tenga un ratio estable del 15% o más, no queremos ver ROES erráticos.
✅Este ratio PENALIZA si la compañía se financia con con RECURSOS PROPIOS
✅Cuando vemos ROES superiores al 40 o 50% son absurdos y no debemos tenerlos muy en cuenta ya que
suelen estar distorsionados por la estructura de capital de la empresa, posible SPIN OFF, programa de de recompras agresiva ETC , todo esto hace que la base de recursos propios esté muy deprimida.
✅Cuanto más alto sea el ROE, como norma general, menos dinero necesita reinvertir
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(1/9) The popularity of #NFTs during the epidemic has many #investors asking how they operate and how to acquire them. What Are NFTs And how to Own Them? 🖼️💸🧵

Learn More 👇…
(2/9) A #nonfungibletoken is a form of #digitalasset that simulates practical items, including music, movies, in-game items, and works of art. 💎🌐
(3/9) They are often encoded using the same underlying software as many #cryptos and are frequently bought and sold online using #cryptocurrency. 💻₿
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Today, we attended the #FTX hearing by the @EP_Economics in the @Europarl_EN.

It was an interesting discussion, with the underlying question being

"Would #MiCA have prevented the FTX collapse? Will the new rules be enough to address those issues?"

A🧵with key quotes:

Speakers underlined this is not a #crypto issue, but a human one

"The lack of segregation of user data in the #FTXscandal demonstrates the legislative need for the #EU to apply existing data protection rules to the #crypto market"

MEP @itinagli, Chair of @EP_Economics

"The #FTXscandal is caused by human behaviour!

It is to the #crypto market what Lehman Brothers represented for the traditional finance industry. Had #MiCA been already in place, the #FTX case should have never been possible"

MEP @DrStefanBerger, MiCA Rapporteur

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#Volume is one of the simplest indicators in #Technical Analysis but when used properly it is also one of the most powerful confirmatory indicators out there. It's all the more important in the current #market. In this thread, we'll take a detailed look at volume with examples.
1) Volume is the total no of #shares that are bought/sold. Huge volume can be associated with accumulation/distribution by FIIs, while small volume can be associated with retail investors. When #PriceAction is combined with #volume, you get some interesting Price Volume patterns.
2) If #Price goes up with increasing volume, that's a sign that big guys are accumulating, hence, a #Bullish sign. When Price goes down with declining volume, that's a sign that the small retail #investors are exiting. Nothing to worry, again a Bullish sign.
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(1/8) This is the eighth update on this final stage of the evolution of Profit Sharing 2.0. 📢 📢
This week we are very excited. Users have been testing the interface for more than a week, and we are giving access to more users every day! ⚙️📅 💪 Image
(2/8) Hear the good news out loud: So far, #everything is working as planned and the feedback have been very positive! As we mentioned before, another positive thing is that all the visual work is complete since everything is finished from the #backend 🤫✨
(3/8) This week, we concentrated on four things. i) moving forward with the first #metrics for the service profiles. #Investors are now able to see the #evolution of the strategies before they start investing. We plan to add a lot of metrics going ahead ⌚ 🚀
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Very high % aim constantly on investments is biggest trap one can set him/herself for in markets. We have seen frenzy in #crypto and #smallcaps over past 1.5 year, which caused many of bagheld positions.

The higher your % aim is, the bigger the need to be close to market.

Aiming small % in any speculative market is not as difficult, as % are ramped 10 fold, the difficulty increases massively and your chances of failure too.

Reason: Need for timing increases as well. To get high % movers the timing on cycle start/finish has to be excellent.

Extracting 10 500% rallying tickers out of one strong cycle requires a great cycle timing skills, knowing when aprox the cycle really has started and how much longer can it aprox still have. Why beginners fail here? Because this takes (2-5) years of training to develop.

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Why the FTX drama is not the end of crypto, but rather a beginning. 🧵

(1/21) For those who don't know me, I guess I should start by just saying I've been in this space for a while. I was here before #MtGox imploded. I met Vitalik before #Eth was a thing. I remember exactly..
(2/21) exactly where I was when #Bitcoin hit $100 & $1000. I remember when the engine driving Bitcoin was a philosophical and ideological one, when the space was a bizarre hybrid of gold bugs, libertarians, anarchists, hackers & OG #cryptography evangelists.
(3/21) I've been here for a while & the recent/ongoing drama involving FTX & #SBF is probably the worst I've seen to date.

Lately we've all heard the same question. "Do you think the FTX debacle is the end of #crypto?". I understand the question, but as somebody who knows...
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#Fundamental and #chart analysis of leader of #cement sector #ULTRATECH #cement #Limited which has delivered good profit growth of 21.9% CAGR over last 5 years ImageImage
#Chart analysis of #ULTRATECH CMP 6903
✅Reason 1
➡️#ULTRATECH was in downtrend with fall from 8269
➡️This fall had formed very strong and textbook Head & Shoulder Pattern which is getting negated with breakout of equally strong inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern. Image
✅Reason 2
➡️Downtrend of #ULTRATECH with fall from 8269 was over after hitting 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level
➡️Stock has regained price above 23.6% level and next is ATH level
✅Reason 3
➡️Stock is above all moving averages ImageImage
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What's the role of news headlines for investors?

Lets have a look in this short thread🧵

Pls like & RT, it helps the knowledge to reach max people🙏

#StockMarket #Stocks #Investing #Investment #Investors

@harrie007 @Ishan_Narayan_ @kaushaldarshan_ @niveyshak @sahil_vi

(1/4) Image
🔸News headlines are rarely helpful for investors. Most are just junk flowing through. Even today, there is no shortage of headlines which are just up-to-date version of the past headlines.

🔹Most investors do badly because they pay too much attention to the news & react too much to the events.

🔸So now the question comes, what news should one react to for making investment decisions? What news might affect stock markets?

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1/9🧵 @Cointelegraph reports that “43% of professional investors currently hold digital assets, and 19% plan to buy them in the future.”
2/9 As more institutions are engaging with #blockchain technology, the question of how much of the crypto market cap is covered by professional investors still remains.
3/9 In this report sponsored by Finoa, Cointelegraph interviewed 84 wealthy investors across Asia, Europe, and the US to understand the institutional demand for #cryptocurrecy.
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Why does the #bonds crash signal further pressure for #stocks?
(& why do rate hikes take so long to show in earnings?)

High inflation & rate hikes transmit through the economy with a range of 1st to 3rd order effects with varying lags. Lets map those out:

PART 1 of 2 threads:
This is complicated to map given various dynamics, sectors & lags, particularly with 280 char limits! But lets give it a go anyway. This is descriptive to help you think through aspects & trades you may not have yet considered

Theres 2 PARTS to this thread due to length
Direct impacts:

When rates are hiked in response to #CPI, theres 2 1st order effects that are fairly contemporaneous. First #bond prices fall as they are the direct inverse of their rate. Higher Fed Funds, higher rates across the curve, lower bond prices
h/t @leadlagreport chart
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A look at India Vs the Rest of the world!

A Thread!

#india #economy #globaleconomy #inflation

India is emerging as one of the relatively better-off economies in the post-COVID world.


Looking closely, we find that India’s inflation is well controlled, ATH FX reserves have acted well as a shock absorber against volatility, and our GDP growth expectations is one the highest in the world!

#inflation #volatility #GDP

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What really causes inflation? 🧵

[a thread for normies - like me]
2/ The problem with #inflation is that it's a very personal experience.

As I always say, the wallet is the most sensitive organ in the body, so my inflation might not be your inflation.

In fact, my inflation could be seen as #disinflation by you... (more on that later)
3/ Price inflation and monetary inflation have different definitions:

* For many.- #inflation is the increased prices paid for goods & services.

** To others.- it's a decline in the purchasing power of your #money.

*** In layman's terms.- Too much money chasing too few goods.
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@MELD_labs #Tokenomics: Someone asked in our previous @nmkr_io thread if we generally have observed smart contract-based vesting: We think so, but we have yet to confirm our observation officially. (@flubdubster)

A thread 🧵

#ADA #MELD #transparency #accountability #NFT #eUTXO Image
1) Upon initial research, it seems that #MELD is seemingly using a smart contract to operate its various vesting schedules.
2) We kindly ask the @MELD_labs team for more information about this smart contract and its uses, is it meant for vesting schedules as theorized?

👇 See link 👇…
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Today’s @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (#FOMC) meeting witnessed another historic 75 bps increase to policy rate levels (to a range of 3.0% to 3.25%) in an effort for the #CentralBank to manage its number one priority: fighting persistently high #inflation.
The #Fed, including in today’s meeting statement and in the Chair’s press conference, has been clearer than arguably any central bank in identifying its current goal and moving #InterestRates and #liquidity provision to achieve it.
Indeed, by moving the #Fed Funds rate for the third time in 75 bps increments we see clear evidence of a strong desire by the Committee to temper demand as a way to achieve its goal of #price moderation.
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#Brahmastra wipes out over ₹800 crore wealth of PVR and Inox #investors…

By @jainrounak
Forget making back money, it looks like Brahmastra is taking down PVR & Inox investors with itself. With early reviews pouring cold water on #Brahmastra’s prospects, India’s largest theater chains PVR & Inox have cumulatively lost over ₹800 crore in market capitalization today.
In Indian mythology, #Brahmastra is known as a weapon of unstoppable destruction, which can only be stopped by its counterattack astra (weapon). Ironically, the movie could end up being a victim of the weapon it is named after.
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The #BullBearReport is out.
The #rally runs into resistance and backtracks as #overbought conditions slow the #bulls. Is the run over, or just resting? We review the #FOMC minutes, what it means for #investors, the #technical backdrop and #allocations.…
At 2-standard deviations above the 50-dma, and the 200-dma acting as resistance, the #market pullback, as discussed last week, was expected. Support levels reside just below between 4000 and 4160.…
Great note from BofA this weekend.
“Applying a 20th century PE of 15x gets you to an S&P500 index of 3300, applying a 21st century PE of 20x gets you to an S&P500 of 4400; there’s your range."
Problem: The drivers of the 21st century range are reversing.…
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A Master thread on smallcap and microcap investing for particular marketcap range 500cr to 1000cr and its success rate for last 10 years 2012 to 2022 with conclusion & observation on winners and losers.🧵
#investing #investors #StockMarket #microcap #smallcap
In the last thread we had seen total 116 stocks in marketcap range 500cr to 1000cr, lets have a try with basic fundamental approach and check
what is the result.
ATH: All time high, 40 stocks out of 116 were not able to make fresh all time high after 2012. Some of them generated returns from 2012,
but they were not able to breach their previous ATH. Eg: Sanwaria, Uttam Galva Steel, mercator.
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The Game of Investing 🧵

[an introductory thread for normies -like me]
Markets are hard to quantify & #investing isn't exactly a science because there are no exact formulas to tell you what's the right thing to do

That's why #investors need to build a framework that speaks to them and a personalized investing style to apply in the process... 1/12
The eternal struggle: #Markets are constantly changing and are filled with contradictory information/indicators.

Also, markets don't care about you!

Understand that what matters today will change at some point without any notice & it'll undoubtedly affect your portfolio... 2/12
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1/11 Every Bear Market Since 1950
#stocks $SPY #bearmarket
In this thread:
Shocks, Cycles, and Structural Bear Markets
What is the 2022 bear market like?
Is this bear market over or will it get worse? Image
2/ Shock bear markets are caused by unpredictable events that are not directly related to #economic circumstances. They are very short, lasting less than 90 days, and very deep, historically below -30%. They recover very quickly. Image
3/ Cyclical bear markets are "normal" bear markets. Some are associated with cyclical #recessions. They are shallow, with bottoms between -20% and -30%. They are short-lived, ranging from two to eight months. Image
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YCharts recently caught up with @brianferoldi & @Brian_Stoffel_ to discuss "Everything Wrong With The P/E Ratio" & we learned some great insights on alternative valuation metrics that we’re excited to share. Let's take a look at $NFLX as an example:

🧵 1/8
The PE ratio isn't always appropriate for every company during its growth cycle. Let's look at $NFLX, a known disruptor company with humble beginnings. The company experienced hyper-growth, before finally maturing into the household name we all recognize today.

Because the PE ratio doesn’t factor in future growth potential, it’s not the best ratio to use in the early days of companies like $NFLX. For example, the chart below shows #Netflix’s PE ratio in orange during infancy, a whopping 1459.79. Why?

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The Power of The Dollar 🧵

[a thread for normies -like me]
Long periods of #dollar-strength often ended with massive financial dislocations like the Latin American #debt crisis of the 80s and the Asian crisis of the 90s.

Oppositely, long periods of a weakening dollar came with strong markets like between 2003-2007.

Although the #USdollar is not itself an asset, cash is.

The dollar is the most common currency in which assets are quoted and exchanged in #financialmarkets and the economy.

It's the world's reserve currency (for now at least...) 2/ 20
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1/ Historically, investors in large cap core index funds had the bulk of their money invested in stocks with reasonable valuations with negligible exposure to stocks valued over 10x price to sales.

#stocks #investors #growthfunds
2/ As the below chart shows, that is no longer true today.

Should evoke caution for those using index fund investment strategies with large cap core exposure to make sure they are consistent with your investment objectives, risks, and other goals.
3/ Index fund investors’ exposure to stocks at excessive valuations with historically poor payoff structures is not without precedent – unfortunately, the precedent is not a good one.
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