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A thread to help you see the BIG picture
2) We have been living under Satan's dominion, in a matrix designed to control your mind. Many of these comments and memes come from the #SerialBrain2 material
3) If our souls do not maintain a solid connection with God, we run the risk of possession and becoming forever trapped with Satan's minions.
4) [They] do NOT play fair. The cult is very much aware of how to use magic, spells, energy and mind control for the benefit of their agenda
5) The SerialBrain2 material helps us understand Gematria; a way the Cult (Cabal) communicates with one another... a system to which most of mankind is oblivious
8) Necromancy (communicating with the dead and/or demons) plays a large role in this story as it is a way for these evil beings to gain power and control
9) The fallen require sacrifices. The Bible warned of this.
10) Trump has a thorough understanding of all their evil ways
13) The main stream media is doing everything they can to hide the truths, and silence God's warriors, but we are doing our part to help Trump, the White Hats, and God to defeat this ancient death cult
14) As we work to awaken the public, and activate God's army, [they] have strategies to bring evil beings in from other dimensions. The riots put their mind controlled minions on full display.
16) [Their] rituals have devastating outcomes for humanity.
This is what they have really been up to. The more war, destruction and chaos they can cause, the more opportunities they have to snatch orphaned children. Notice that one vendor is located in Wuhan, China
17) Auxiliary industries support this hidden secret
18) Trump and the White Hats have been infiltrating their ranks for decades to learn the players and are now closing off [their] supply of children. THIS is why they hate him SO much. His success means their literal destruction.
19) If YOU had to maintain a steady supply of children to feed both your cult members and their demon gods, what would you have to do to keep this fact hidden? CONTROL THE WORLD. [They] are patient, calculating and responsible for all the misery of humankind throughout the ages
20) Our world is controlled by Witchcraft and magic, and the networks are EXTENSIVE
21) During WWII Hitler utilized occult knowledge to advance his quest. There are many levels we will not explore in this thread, but the main point is that 1600+ N@zi scientists came to the US with "Operation Paperclip" The cult firmly established itself in our country.
22) One family in particular were heavily involved. Their german name was Scherff. #BushCrimeFamily.
23) We have come to learn however, that most of our politicians, media and celebrities are related theguardian.com/world/2008/mar…
24) The top of this organized infrastructure came into being the same year that WWII ended. It has been suggested that the H0_locaust victims were actually a mixture of folks who were resisting this Satanic takeover; not JUST Je_ws. This makes a lot of sense.
25) WHY do I call it the Master Coven? The Satanic 10 commandments hang on their wall. It is very common for [them] to take anything GOOD, and mirror it to EVIL
26) The author of this commandments, The Lucis Trust is a consultant involved in the planning
27) The UN holds another clue. The Black Cube = Saturn (Satan) worshipping. Luciferianism is a broader term, encompassing many of the evil entities in addition to Satan. Think of them as the white collar elite (Illuminati) while Satanists are worker bees towards the same goals
28) The controllers stay hidden and have many ploys to divert the public away from discovery. A favorite is promoting shame and guilt if anyone even CONSIDERS looking closer
29) About the time our great nation was being formed, a very evil group became much more organized.
30) The monsters, no matter their names through history, follow many of the beliefs below
Here is a link to this interesting video
31) Look for these symbols, pedophilia and human sacrifice to identify the cult. The Talmud is the magic instruction book for the cult
32) Back to the infrastructure, an Anon gives us amazing insight into the hidden executive branch, ISD Global. They are a non profit org with heavy involvement from the CCP of China, responsible for orchestrating the take over of the world
33) Sanctuary Cities are just one part of this extensive worldwide network that answers to the UN rather than their own country
34) Here is a summary of the other city types that are utilized for this control
35) Bad actors in the #Democrat party gladly turned over our country to the UN. Here were two of the steps that furthered this goal. The ultimate outcome was to be #depopulation
36) [They] only needed enough of us to serve their purposes, so control would be easier if our numbers were few.
37) It was a highly organized, group effort. Thank GOD she lost
38) #Obama put the final nail in the coffin his very last day in office. Had he taken this step prior to Trump being elected, it would have been necessary for a military coup to save our country, rather than the slow roll out and education program we have been involved in with Q
40) What was he surrendering us to? A worldwide plan to shore up [their] networks and means of control. Thankfully, Trump was able to reverse the damage but the spider web that he's had to deal with is massive as we will show you
41) Since the Deputy Director General comes from the home of the China virus, the public is witnessing a lot of the UN control in real time as Trump and the White Hat sort this out. It is important we realize just how close we came to utter destruction.
42) We saw signs that the Cabal planned this event back in the 80s! There was also a 1993 Simpson's episode and countless other examples of us being "told" what [they] we planning (universal law.. they MUST show us; if we don't object, we're giving permission)
43) Remember, the endgame was depopulation. The vaccine was the plan. Relax and watch Trump's chess moves to use this to bring down Big Pharma, the corrupt components of our medical industry, the CDC (which is a private organization) and the WHO
44) Meanwhile the public sees the the previous agenda and the control structures we have been subjected to
45) Mr. China predicts we will never return to business as usual... that there will be a 'new normal'
46) You can see how he might think that with a GLOBAL network of policy-makers, mayors and governors answering to his organization, rather than their own countries.
47) As we move into this section, keep the following in mind. Remember, [they] LOVE to come up with a problem, and fancy buzz words, and then 'create' the solution... VERY much like the lab enhanced virus that they suddenly have plans for EXPENSIVE vaccines that are questionable
48) SO many plans to control the narrative!
49) Thanks to Google, programs like Dragonfly could censor digital information and assign a social credit score. The grand plan was to limit resources to those who 'got out of line' and resisted [their] plans. This is heavily utilized in China and making its way here.
50) Part of Agenda 21/2030 was to herd us into big cities for easier control. The CCP got an early start in 1966 and completely dominated their people. SMART cities would utilize tech to surveil, categorize and control us. Your phone, TVs and even light bulbs spy on you.
51) It is ASTONISHING how many Smart Cities there are. Many are also STRONG Cities with leader allegiance to the UN.
52) Obama, once again, built his network though the SES was orig founded in 1978. It is interesting to note that Mr. China above came from the CIIS, their version of our "See eye aye" (avoiding AI algorithms) Funding of our SES was outside of Trump's immediate control
53) Certain groups saw the writing on the wall, while [they] geared up to squelch any resistance through their networks of control. Remember, Obama had legalized propaganda in the US in 2013. (#35 in this thread) MANY in our media, as well as Hollywood are CI aye operatives
54) Another way to strengthen [their] networks is to involve communities and businesses
55) The partnerships are extensive
56) As a reminder, this is the goal
58) [They] are also controlling our schools and colleges. The UN agenda is shocking and Satanic... it lends itself to the depopulation, child trafficking and the possessed citizen strategies.
59) Confucius Institutes are finally being chased out of our country, but their infiltration has caused many problems
60) One of the great tragedies is the infiltration of Thomas Jefferson's UVA, the ONLY college to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
61) It appears that they are being used to train the new leaders of the UN. vamun.org/about-2
62) They sure have a lot of involvement with China
63) Things aren't working out that well for some
64) I'm going to take a moment to back up and explain why we think UVA is such a target. It all begins with Jefferson and his attitudes. Our Forefathers knew the attack we would be under and attempted to safeguard our budding country. Contrary to popular belief, the first..
65) Attack came in 1787 when our original Constitution, The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were changed during the Constitutional Convention. This was when Washington DC was founded and TJ and the other loyal Patriots began their damage control.
66) Jefferson was aware of the tendencies of the Cabal, as well as how to combat them. He began building a school in Charlottesville, and the location seems to be no small coincidence.
67) A secret meeting was held in Rockfish Gap to discuss the future of Jefferson's plan for a school to guide the country. He convinced those who attended to locate UVA at the campus already under construction.
68) Jefferson's goals for his college were very similar to what he desired for the country; no central power or hierarchy that could fall to corruption. His wish was to develop free thinking leaders while avoiding the agenda of the Cabal
69) It seems there were some powerful rituals in play
70) Since Jefferson had claimed the area for good, evil immediately attacked it, and it seems to have spiraled since
71) Still with me? There are two more topics to cover and they are somewhat related. Funding and the involvement of various companies, charities and deceived volunteers. The budget is HUGE. Imagine paying an org to help destroy your country? That's what we've been doing.
72) UNICEF is a major fund raising arm, as they play on the emotions of the public. Sadly, questions MUST be asked
73) The Red Cross is the same. Climate change funds are used as well. Any scam they can come up with, or 'solution' to help the people affected by the latest war/tragedy they have caused is fair game as far as they are concerned. They even make $$ every time you donate...
74) through FB, AmazonSmile, GoFundMe, use of Paypal, Square, and a huge number of other partner organizations. Imagine your donations helping to harm children. It is horrid that the kindness and generosity of humanity is preyed upon for this purpose. Heartbreaking.
75) Here are some of ISD's partners and funders (UNESCO's fund raising and organization arm discussed in #32)
76) Prepare yourself for this one. 😳 It is time to discuss religious organizations.
77) So here is the pretty, heartwarming story and a list of everyone who agreed to assist
78) The sheer number of churches involved is STAGGERING. This is a single organization of hundreds if not thousands. The rules get applied to those who speak out against the agenda and the supporters get a free pass!
79) Looking at the prior organization, everything about them screams political activists! When you consider that immigrant children are the most targeted because their parents can't afford to speak up, and they have no documentation, this story wreaks.... evangelicalimmigrationtable.com/take-action/
78) Remember, that [their] endgame was to create a New (N@zi) World Order, and to limit the numbers who they would need to control.
79) We are CONSTANTLY attacked; financially, through our health care, products we use, mentally and mostly spiritually. It is important for us to understand what [they] are trying to do.
80) Hopefully this thread has helped shed some light on just how huge the Cabal's networks really are. We truly owe our very lives to God who is clearly working through Trump and the White Hats. God bless everyone and please make sure to keep your relationship with Him strong.

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Sep 16, 2020
1) #Agenda21 A look into the Cabal's plan to herd us into cities, sort us, categorize us, and ultimately destroy up to 80% of the population. These images were created from an official document listing the strategies and goals.
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May 1, 2020
1) #Charlottesville Virginia, an area of less than 236k citizens (inc 7 surrounding counties) with WAY too many issues, too many connections to the top echelon of the Cabal that seemingly sets the tone for the rest of our country. There ARE no coincidences! Let's take a peek.
2) Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mtns, Cville and specifically the #UniversityofVirginia were once a beacon of hope, and represent #ThomasJefferson 's attempt to help fledgling America counter the black magik and control of the #Cabal, avoid indoctrination, and succeed as a country.
3) Charlottesville was named after Queen Charlotte. It is believed that her interest in claiming the area was due to the dark energy from the Ancient Aztecs and their extremely evil activities. TJ hoped to negate this influence by using occult knowledge to engage the light.
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How did we get to the point as a society where students, and the general population are so irrational? This thread will explore the fact that #mindcontrol starts with young kids and is prevalent in our school systems.
The ultimate goal of the #NWO is to control everything about our lives; our health, happiness, thoughts, finances, family life and most of all, our children. Kids are the most pure among us, and therefore the greatest prize for these demons.
[They] want us to be docile, obedient workers who do as we are told, with very little ability for critical thinking and problem solving skills. Often, our children are used to assist in manipulating other family members to adhere to the latest social justice schemes.
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1) Birds of a feather... you know the saying...

They CLAIM to fight child trafficking, but do they REALLY? 🙄

In this thread, we are going to take a look at some who are HIGHLY suspect!

2) We will work backwards through this list as some of these organizations were outed long ago.

The #McCain Institute had a terrible track record! At the very least, "McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations"

3) It is widely believed that the McCains were involved in trafficking in AZ. Here is Cindy McCain sporting her pedo swirl, as well as the tell tale medical boot that suggests she has an ankle monitor. McStain abandoned his first wife to marry into this major crime family.
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