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A long time ago, there was a man named Abimelech. He decided he should be the king and ruler over everyone and everything...


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
The first thing Abimelech did was to convince some very powerful men to give him a little bit of money.

So little they would hardly notice, but just enough for Abimelech to...


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
Hire the right men to help Abimelech become king.

With the money given to Abimelech he set out to “hire worthless and reckless men...”

Only men of this type would do.


#SundayThoughts #SundayMorning
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Should the #story of the woman caught in #adultery be removed from the #Bible?

Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of the woman caught in adultery is one of the most powerful historical events to be found in the Gospels. It speaks to the heart of God’s love and mercy, a love that we are to share in our hearts, a love we are to share with the world. It is also a foreshadowing of the
gift of grace and salvation to come, a gift won by the physical death and resurrection of Christ, a gift that can bring about our own spiritual resurrection. Who cannot feel compassion as this woman is dragged before the public, an invisible scarlet letter emblazoned on her chest
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Best refutation to Christianity, Jesus Christ is not God!

-Part 1

#Christians #Bible
Best refutation to Christianity, Jesus is not God!

#Christians #Bible

Part 2
Best refutation to Christianity and that Jesus is not God!

#Christians #Bible

Part 3
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ThanQ @POTUS and the #Patriots, all of this horrific information is coming #DarkToLight.

My journey down the rabbit hole, like many others, has lead me to #BELIEVEinGOD. I thank #God everyday for #TheGreatAwakening that is finally upon me!

#SaveTheChildren #GodWins #bibleverse
I am presently reading the #Bible for the very first time. I am still in the Old Testament and reading #Psalms... What I want to share is what I just read. Psalms 63 -68 just blew my mind, in light of these last few days of revelation...

So many references to flesh-eating liars.
Psalm 63
9 Those who want to kill me will be destroyed;
they will go down to the depths of the earth.
10 They will be given over to the sword
and become food for jackals.
11 But the king will rejoice in God;
all who swear by God ... mouths of liars will be silenced.
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Does the #Bible teach that there will be no #romantic #love or #future #children in the #Resurrection?

Um, #NO, and here is why.
To say that Jesus had many enemies during his earthly ministry is a huge understatement. Though some pharisees were friendly to him (John 3:1-21), most despised him, challenging him and even plotted to kill him (Matt 12:14). One of their main issues with Christ was his refusal to
follow their oral tradition (Matt 15:1-9, Mark 7:1-13). Indeed, Jesus criticized the Pharisees’ over this very tradition. He pointed out their real problem; making the oral law on par with scripture. They had basically added to the Word of God.
The Sadducees had the opposite
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1. What does @POTUS mean when he says “The world is at war with a HIDDEN ENEMY?”

2. What does he mean when he says “We will defeat an INVISIBLE ENEMY?”

3. What did he mean when he said we're “going to MARS very soon?”

Are they related?

I say yes!

I DON'T think he is referring to the #CoronaVirus

I think ... get ready for this ... he's telling us that we're going to War with the Roman Empire which has been hiding in...



I guarantee this will be the best thread you read all day!
3. You're probably thinking "How in the actual the f@ck did you come up with that crazy a$$ theory?"

I know it sounds crazy

I swear I'm not crazy

I promise


Follow me down a DEEEEP rabbit hole

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Revelation 9:11 — "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."

… you know satan uses media to foreshadow his agenda

'locusts from the bottomless pit' 👀
Revelation 9:3 — "And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power."

#biblical #factsmatter #bible #signs #TheGreatAwakening
Locusts From the Pit .. The Birthing ..You Better Heed the Warning
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There's a reason [they] suppress facts such as the giant skeleton bones or 'Nephilim' giants scattered across the earth… 🗣

The BIBLE is the TRUTH satan does NOT want you to find out… specifically 'The Book of Enoch' because it is humanity's TRUE ORIGINS‼️

#Biblical #QAnon
#Q2032 — When you are awake you can see

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
Genesis 6:4 — There were giants in the land.
The giants came from the union of the *sons of God and the daughters of men…

#Bible #Nephilim #TheGreatAwakening #FactsMatter
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1. Let's start another thread. This one will be on the topic of evangelizing #Protestant people and trying to bring them to the #Christian faith

This I think can help a lot of cradle #Catholic apologists when arguing with those outside the Church Jesus built
2. The VERY first thing you have to understand is that the protestant heresy is FOUNDED upon the sin of pride and a refusal to obey.

THIS is the heart of the matter and what you must attack in your discussions. Everything else is ancillary
3. Trading #Bible verses to show them that their religion they've created is contrary to Scripture will NOT work unless you expose the fact that everything they believe is NOT Scripture, but their fallible INTERPRETATION of Scripture.

This is key
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How many coincidences before mathematically impossible⁉️ 👀

… heads scars 🔎 (1 of 2)

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
Barack Hussein Obama gematria value = 501 👀

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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i, as many of u, have gone through a lot of growing maturing as we #researched the #truth about the #evil that has been trying 2 destroy #America & the #World from it's #journey started in 2016, #WL #HRC #emails...
i've had #meltdowns, my💔4 those #suffering things. i felt #helpess #hopless & #depressed until #Q came & THEN, some of u #Bible Thumbing #anons started posting.When public/private was dropped My 💔 & i cud NOT let that go, so i persisted like many of u...
All my time energy was2 #4chan ➡️#8chan..#cbts➡️#QResearch i felt the #world just seemed so #fake & #Drops were the Only #Reality.i've almost been #fired,i lost my bff,going thru ch13, all the while reading about #patriots dying as everything has been unfolding b4 our very 👀s...
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THREAD: The next instalment from the book of Job.

TITLE: Chs. 4–5. Eliphaz’s 1st speech.

SUB-TITLE: How not to win friends and influence people.

#TwitCom: Studies in the #Bible, in #Job

For the previous instalment, cf. below:


Eliphaz’s begins his first speech fairly tactfully.

He ‘ventures’ to have a word with Job (4.2),

and is careful to make mention of Job’s godliness and integrity (4.3–6).

But the subtext of Eliphaz’s statements and questions soon becomes clear.
‘What innocent man has ever been brought to ruin?’ (מִי הוּא נָקִי אָבָד), Eliphaz asks (4.7).

The question is clearly a rhetorical one.

Innocent men are not brought to ruin. That is simply not how the world works.

Consequently, Job must be guilty of transgression.
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1. March.


I've been told we his faithful in the Lord, will receive our marching orders in March.

I have been given them early and am authorized to impart.

The orders are for Woman and Men.

This is come you early that you might begin preperation.
2. One of the greatest times in history!

Is being told through this generation!

Through us!!

#TheGreatAwakening is incredibly dynamic. Possessing more facets of truth than the greatest most precision computer cut gem.

It encompasses all aspects of humankind.
3. Are you ready to receive and embrace the greatest adventure God has ever created?

Are you ready to #BeTheChange & #BeTheDifferance ?

Are you sick and tired enough?

Have you had your fill of hell on earth?

Yeah. Me too!
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Prophecies have always been given to man, so those who God annoints will understand when situations take place.
The scriptures are about 30% prophecy
90% has already been fullfilled.
5% is happening now before the last 7 years known as the great tribulation
During those 7 years the last 5% of #Bible #prophecy takes place. There will be a litteral hell on earth and those who endure until the end will be saved.
The end being either our deaths or the day the great Lord and saviour #JesusChrist returns for our final judgement
God has also given modern men prophecies of these end times.
Very specific details about these days and those to come.
so that when they do happen you will know he is our saviour and the way to salvation.

I would like to share a couple of these prophecies
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This is not a tragic ending
#Jesus the Messiah, the #Jews didn’t realize that, came to destroy evil. The jews killed their only savior and the Son of #God Himself.
#Jesus Goes to the Festival of Tabernacles
Jesus went around in #Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the #Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.…

#Jewish leaders demand that Bible & Koran Be Censored
Jewish leaders are calling for new editions of the #Bible and #koran to carry warning messages which highlight #antisemitic passages in the holy texts.…
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It is 2020!
At the beginning of each #newyear, we make #new plans, new #resolutions, new #goals , want new #directions, forge new #paths and much more. This is wonderful. It sounds like we all want #CLARITY in our hearts about what to do and how to get it done. @PD_PneumaFaith
As I was thinking about this over the last couple of weeks, the scripture for #PneumaFaith kept coming to my mind. "The unfolding of your word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." (Psalms 119:130 NIV). @PD_PneumaFaith
The word #UNFOLDING is used in many translations of this verse (#entrance, #teaching, #revelation, #explanation #disclosure #opening #declaration) Whatever translation we read, it implies the #reading or #meditation of the #word brings #light, #illumination ...
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EL and Elohim… there's a difference‼️

If anyone is telling you that you were made in the image of God (capital G), they are WRONG and leading you astray‼️ 🚩

LISTEN to the #BIBLICAL TRUTH about Genesis 1 & 2… you and this world = made in the image of Lucifer‼️

#Bible #Q
Representative figure, especially an idol… 👹

#BibleStudy #Biblical
And the LORD GOD…

#BibleStudy #Biblical
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Q said “Something BIG is coming.”

Well what’s BIGGER than a bio-weapon, such as the Corona-virus...‼️

Corona = crown
The virus is said to come from a snake... sounds #BIBLICAL doesn’t it⁉️ 👀

The infected have a cranial hemorrhage and collapse... 🧠

#FactsMatter #QAnon
It really is a ‘Game of Thrones’... 👀

Is the #coronavirus the ‘something BIG’ Q referenced in December and is it satan Obama’s ‘Red Wedding’ he made reference to... you decide 🗣

#RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #WeAreTheNewsNow
(Full Video) 👇🏼

Red Wedding ?? Blood Bath? Corona Virus? Adam to Locusts? Hmmmm The Signposts Spell it out

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The Divining Serpent… 🐍

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow #WeAreTheNewsNow #Serpent #coronavirus #BigPicture
Chicago 2035 & Crowned Serpent = The Vatican… 🐍

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow #WeAreTheNewsNow #Serpent #coronavirus #BigPicture
Tucker Carlson, Coronavirus & the meaning of 131… 👀

#Biblical #RealityCheck #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #History #Redpill #FYI #DidYouKnow #WeAreTheNewsNow #Serpent #coronavirus #BigPicture
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Holy sh*t! 4.9 magnitude #Earthquake in #Iran! Look at the date! 2020 2:20:02. Hope everyone is wearing their cross & reading the #Bible! #TheGreatAwakening
You are watching a movie! 🍿
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OPEN THREAD: Through the #Bible in a Year.

Like many, I’m on my way through Matthew.

A few things I’ve noticed so far which I might not have noticed in a translation.

Please add observations as and when they occur to you.

Joseph seeks to divorce Mary ‘quietly’ (λάθρα);

Herod summons the wise men ‘secretly’ (λάθρα) (1.19, 2.7).

Similar manners of behaviour, but v. different motives.

Joseph wants to protect Mary’s dignity; Herod wants to protect his claim to the throne.
The wise men ‘opened’ (ἀνοίγω) their ‘treasures’ and gave Jesus an earthly gift (2.11);

God ‘opened’ (ἀνοίγω) the heavens and gave Jesus a heavenly gift (the Spirit: 3.16).

Matthew will have more to say on what people bring forth from their ‘treasur(i)es’ later on.
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2/ to the DemLEFT on the floor of the House in fighting back at the absurd & very very dangerous weaponization of a political tool to repeatedly overthrow any Presidential election by the losing pol. party! Surely,U MUST know,&should be saying it more in interviews&pressers like
3/ @SteveScalise & @GOPLeader said on the FLR TDY,that this is all about the LEFT’s future POWER lust/grab for permanent CONTROL over USA. In the LEFT’s mind their actions since Nov2016 have proven that they believe they are entitled to permanent POWER in FedGovt over USA& will
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I'll be in Rome for Christmas. Should be magical.

Some interesting background details on Christmas.
H/T @ SayWhenLA, DC is full of Masonic symbolism, but hadn't seen this one.

Masonic handshakes symbolize the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Please keep clicking to unhide entire thread, ends w/
🔹Christ inside Knights Templar labyrinth, and 🔹Bohemia thread.

Alatri, Italy.
This fresco is unique since nowhere else on earth has another been discovered with Christ in the centre of a labyrinth. (roughly 1000 A.D.)

Christ (33) was a human sacrifice, body picked up by Joseph (likely his father).

End of thread..

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#Qanon post #310 also about #Pensacola speech about the military! There was a shooting at a military base in Pensacola this weekend almost two years to the day. News unlocks the map. We need to read these crumbs to show what’s coming #ProjectLookingGlass?!
😳 #Qanon in post 316 calls out @realDonaldTrump’s speech at #Pensacola. Listen to his speech. Thank you for your SACRIFICE. Can they see two years ahead via #ProjectLookingGlass? #MartialLaw on the 11th to be the #Redpill that leads to #TheGreatAwakening?
Since Q called out the time stamp on this post, it is also possible that Marshall Law could be instituted on 12/31 of this year. Anons, what do you think is the significance of the time stamps?
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