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1. SKing is at it again 🤨
See my pic for details.
48% could lead to #Cult93 or 888 DJT. See numbers. Or something else 🧐
I do not follow his evilness so it’s put on newsfeed intentionally to comm.
Occult 77 timestamp. I’ll add links below.
2. OR 12 = 3 so could be 33 which could lead to “CC” which could also = Child Crimes. “Thousands of people are dead on Florida... body blow.”
These people are demented!
3. See President Trump (Donald J Trump) is = 888 #TripleEights in Gematria.
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In light of the Kardashians finally being canceled, let's talk sex programming and mass mind control. It starts with the Matriarch, "Momager" and witch, Kris Jenner. Kris forced Kim to make a sex tape/Playboy
Remember when Kris setup a $500K date for Kim to attend the Vienna Ball with billionaire Richard Lugnar? Even her dress looked like the Knights Templar logo. Lugnar said Kim was "annoying" and never saw her again.
Kanye West proposed to Kim 8 months later, on her 33rd birthday. Bri Luna, an LA witch, was asked who the most realistic witch is. She said "Kris Jenner". Kris used to sell manifestation candles for $100 a piece. Look at the butterfly! #projectmonarch
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@cblcrshr I actually think this relates. 😳 Yikes. I did this in July.
17 front and center. 45. 1600 = White House. “Drive-By” “Funeral Shooting”. “A Ceremony to Remember.”
Red Brick 🧱 (as seen in my George Pink Floyd Thread) is #mindcontrol programming.
CC = 33; also Child Crimes.
@cblcrshr 2. Hhmm I know I’ve posted specifically about this siege before but can’t seem to locate now. 😩
Noting 50 = N.
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Peres). 👉🏻 4555.
Daniel 5. Writing ✍️ on the wall 🧱
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😲I wasn’t even following this guy😆 but I see SO MUCH! Like what I’m seeing @realDonaldTrump!
Say it’s so!🙏🏻 💥Standing over grave of #Cult93💀💥
👉🏻 Barbara C = Barbara ‘Crowley’ Bush.
👉🏻 “Wife of” = GHWB
👉🏻 So many #Cult93’s - #SB2
👉🏻 1919 = Naz! Party + Greenland
2. This is why 1919 is notable & important:
& it just came up again the other day via SKing tweet🤨 “PANdemic” 10:02 = 12 = #Cult93 (9+3=12)💥
The creation of the Naz! Party - Thule Greenland #DogStar #Sirius
#NorthStar Bay in Greenland. Crowley next...
3. Here is why Barbara Bush is in there 👆🏻 👉🏻 Aleister Crowley aka “Father” Crowley... suspected Father of Barbara Bush. George BUSH at #JFK assassination & tons more.
Lots of mixed threads attached👇🏻. Dig in!🧵
Hello George.
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1. Ariane Grande Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry”: Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism… #ArianeGrande #MonarchSlave #Mindcontrol #Illuminati
2. Monarch mind control symbolism from No Tears Left to Cry #ArianeGrande #MonarchSlave #Mindcontrol #Illuminati #mkultra #DID #Dissociative
3, Scooter Braun is her manager, likely handler who she fell out with and then rejoined. #ArianeGrande #MonarchSlave #Mindcontrol #Illuminati #mkultra #DID #Dissociative… #ScooterBraun
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1. Short thread on Bella Thorne... Quick look at the tatts shows she is a Monarch mind controlled slave with beta kitten symbolism.... #BellaThorne #MindControlledSlave #MonarchSlave #Betakitten
2. Next stop a search on Vigilant Citizen, which turns up Illuminati one eyed symbolism... #BellaThorne #illuminati #OneEyeClub #MonarchSlave
3. Of course Bella Thorne has done the Marilyn Monroe shoot, almost compulsory for Monarch mind controlled slaves... #BellaThorne #MarilynMonroe #Monarch #MindControlledSlave #MonarchSlaves
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1. A PIG! 🐷 Are you kidding me?! 🤨 A Neuralink in a PIG named Gertrude and Dorothy. DOROTHY?! As in the 👉🏻 #WizardofOz #mindcontrol movie 🎥 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
2. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Unreal.
3. @LovesTheLight noticed this creeper the other night! 😬 Pig Man 🐷
We have a lot of comms. I’ll need to dig them up.
👉🏻 Remember Mark 5:10-20 Jesus casts the demons into the swine.
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MK-Ultra survivor @luv3rl3y states (8/22/2020, FB): "There's a secret in the basement at the Vatican. It anchors in the demons and must be destroyed."
Brooke adds: "I was taken to the v [Vatican] for rituals. Same as a few others from the family [the Family]. The blood cries out from that place. Same as the old Christchurch [New Zealand] cathedral and when i was in New York oh my gosh one church had so many demons.
"It was illu im inati [Illuminati] church.

There are many churches where sacrifice and abuse has happened.

Satan totally tried destroying everything of Gods."
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Hindus must stop mindlessly parroting #allreligionsarethesame Are all animals the same? Aren't we taught how to identify and distinguish one animal from another from childhood, so we know which one to avoid and which one to pet? #secularismismindcontrol
Ability to recognize a threat is part of #cognitiveevolution We apply that logic in every aspect of life on all things surrounding us, except religion. Hindus don't deconstruct and rationalize religion, instead we feel its easier to internalize delusion. #allreligionsarethesame
Think about it. We do not apply the sameness logic on anything else because we have evolved to recognize differences and make our judgements on this basis. #Politicalcorrectness has enforced #mindcontrol by mainstreaming the idea of sameness, example #allreligionsarethesame
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1. Thread on Miley Cyrus and Illuminati Monarch Mind Control. Miley's career as mind controlled slave started with Mickey Mouse Club and she has remained faithful to the one Eye Club since... #MileyCyrus #Monarch #MindControl #Illuminati
2. Her videos are full of illuminati symbolism and cartel signalling... Miley Cyrus’ “Trippy” Video that Was Filmed While She Was ‘Hospitalized’ Is Actually About MKULTRA… #MKUltra #Monarch #mindcontrol #miley
3. In the 2013 VMA's she was made to cavort and twerk as a beta kitten slave with masses of sexual imagery… #miley #betakitten #monarchmindcontrol #monarch #mileycyrus #illuminati
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@CathyCathyFox & @CzebotarJessie#exposing the #WorldwideTheatreShow for all to see

💯Thx to them for making my life easier🙏
I walk out of my front door into a #SatanicWorld

Over 8yrs years people thought I was🤪#MeToo but now others see it too #WelcomeToMyWorld ImageImageImageImage
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#IlluminatiAgenda @OrtaineDevian

⚫️The #Illuminati wants 2 DESTROY AMERICA

⚫️Myron Fagan hoped that if ENOUGH AMERICANS believed THIS SUMMARY the #Illuminati would ABORT their plan #NWO


⚫️Look how close they are 👀to their goal… Image
#IllumiIlluminatiAgenda @OrtaineDevian

⚫️Fagan identified members of CONGRESS, EXecBranch, &JUDIAL branch as TRAITORS

⚫️Ppl couldn’t believe JFK was part of the #Illuminati plot


⚫️#Illuminati ASSASSINATED him 4 it

⚫️GHWB was #Illuminati ImageImageImage
@OrtaineDevian @MissesJ3 @sjorolan @d5iza @lenlucas46 @carmindabrendel @ChgocadChic @USA_Anne711 @TWITMO_INMATE @damien_shark @CylantJustice #IlluminatiAgenda @OrtaineDevian

⚫️The #Illuminati has 100% control over all 3branches of the govt~Except 4 POTUS & a few congressional defenders

⚫️It’s too late 4 govt to save us


⚫️Do you HEAR? DO NOT COMPLY😷 ImageImage
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🚨🚨🚨 WARNING!!! 🚨🚨🚨
#MKUltra #MindControl #ContentWarning #TriggerWarning
2/ Seriously. PLEASE do NOT read this thread if you could potentially be triggered.
YOUR safety & mental health matters first, & I love you. We'll get through this together. If you're new, just know we've known for years, and we've been waiting for you.

Aight. *cracks knuckles*
3/Who is @shannonwoodward (first tweet) & why is she throwing the CULT's not-so-secret-anymore symbols?

Obvious questions have obvious answers.
How can someone hide in plain sight?
What is it that they need to hide?

Let's go further back & discuss DIAMOND SYMBOLISM, shall we?
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1. Thread on Rihanna. It is clear by all the symbolism she uses that she is in the illuminati #Rihanna #Illuminati #Fenti #Bazaar Image
2. The excellent @vigilantfeed back in 2008 showed the Occult messages in Rihanna’s Umbrella which is about her making her pact with the Devil.… #Umbrella #rihanna #Occult #JayZ #Devil #Rain
3. Note in #Umbrella references to Let it Rain and chrome, similar themes to Gaga recent song Rain on Me on Chromatica. Maybe others can decode... As Rihanna has so many photos, I will include some every other tweet... #Rihanna #Satan #Illluminati ImageImageImageImage
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What is this “promoted”💩😡 #AliceInWonderland for ped0s & #mindcontrol victims?? “Secret Chatting App” ?!
#Alice #FollowTheWhiteRabbit 🐇 🕳
2. Looking at this closer now.🧐 “I’m a rabbit in pants.” Handle is “HarePants”. 😡
Alice is in RED SHOES. #redshoes ! It’s not Alice that wears red shoes that was Dorothy in #WizardofOz, which means it’s intentional. Do you know what GROOMING is?
Red shoes are given to victims.
3. Time on the phone pic is 3:38 which = 3:11 = 32 = 5 or V (Roman Numeral), their duality twin system. 2 V’s = W.
🧐💭💭. There’s probably more in there...
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9. Protester brought a toddler, obviously at night, during a gathering in downtown Portland Oregon. 🥺 Disgraceful!
But do you see it? I believe we have moved on from the #MKUltra #mindcontrol #Pink to 👉🏻 RED. The child is in red pants.
@GinaPhi94724925 ImageImage
10. I don’t think I’ve added my thread “George PINK Floyd & the Brick Wall” 🧱 to this 1 here. It’s important to know the #symbolism & why to watch for the switch moving from PINK to RED. #MK #mindcontrol Ephesians 6:12 #InvisibleEnemy #QAnon
11. Ok! Back to this thread. I’ve been meaning to add some important elements & share Red Hand symbolism digs!
“Caught Red Handed”
Northern Irish Provence of Ulster
Boat race 1st to land to be ruler - story is 1 cut his hand off & threw it to shore to win😬
Scotland & Red Hand... ImageImageImage
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1. Thread on Kanye West and his illuminati symbolism - note the illuminated eyes and "roc" pyramid symbol... #KanyeWest #Illuminati #nwo
2. Kanye West’s “Power” ten years ago was full of illuminati and freemasonic symbolism - The Occult Meaning of its Symbols… #KanyeWest #power #Illuminati #occult #kanye #mason #freemason
3. In 2013 Kanye and JayZ were ruling the rap game with Rocafella records... Kanye West’s “Yeezus”: Surrounded with Occult Symbolism mocked Jesus… #Jesus #yeezus #Kanye #Rocafella #KanyeWest #kanyewest2020
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2. QDrop 4562 (=17= Q) July 2, 2020 10:31:31 AM 👉🏻 THAT Timestamp is 144! 😮💥🙏🏻 As in #Biblical 144,000!
See drop details👇🏻 and linked article.
Jeffrey Epstein Associate arrested this morning in New Hampshire. #ChildTrafficking #HumanTrafficking #sexslaves #PrinceAndrew
3. #Epstein Thread 🧵 #2
QDrop 4565 July 2, 2020 1:53:00 PM.
See full drop 👇🏻
“Sometimes it’s the people in the background that are of greater significance.” Q
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1. Debby Harry is a satanist who is friendly with Marina Abramovic, and went to spirit cooking dinners, which came as a disappointment to many of her fans who knew nothing about it... #DebbyHarry #illuminati #marinaabramovic
2. Even the Mail wrote about it in 2011 - all in the name of art of course... but we know more about these satanists now... #DebbyHarry #SpiritCooking #satanist #luciferian…
3. Thre is a podcast of Debby Harry and Marina Abramovic… #DebbyHarry #Blondie #Harry #MarinaAbramovic #satanists #luciferians
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1. Illuminati short thread - Structure of the Swamp / Criminal Cabal / Octopus / illuminati / military industriaal complex / secret societies / hivites / demons / Luciferians / Lucifarians… #illuminati #swamp #QAnon #hivites #demons #lucifer #satanists
2. The satanic council is the "committee" that distributes the orders and discusses policy. - Obama is now running the Satanic Council… #swamp #satanists #luciferians #Monarch #mindcontrol #mkultra #obama #obamagate #treason
3. ALL on the satanic council are Monarch trauma based mind controlled. Mind Control is the primary means of control of people - eg roughly 6% or 20 Million in the US alone- For mind control see this thread #Monarch #Mindcontrol #mkultra #illuminati
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