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From the UK Gov website!
now classified as a ‘vaccine-derived’ poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2)
The UK Heath Security Agency (UKHSA), working with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has found poliovirus in sewage samples collected from the London Beckton Sewage Treatment Works.'
'Investigations are underway after several closely-related viruses were found in sewage samples taken between February and May.

The virus has continued to evolve and is now classified as a ‘vaccine-derived’ poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2)'
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Because the objective is one of #Depopulation.

If you read the #Guidestones in Georgia, USA, the #1 Goal is to find a way to reduce the global population to 509 million people.

"They," the WEF and their GRADUATES, who have been indoctrinated to provide a #ConditionedResponse
just like our ENTIRE #AcademicProfessionalClass these people were "educated," in a systematic #PavlovsDogs environment where they didn't even realize they were being trained to behave in a certain manner when the masses began to be murdered under the guide of #Healthcare provided
by a leadership team of psychopaths that would make #AdolfHitler salivate.

They are killing 10s of millions instantly and then #SlowKilling PROFITABLY over 5 years the remainder of those willing to receive an injection of their #MagicJuice.

What is astounding to the
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My new map shows the population change (%) between 2017 and 2020, using Eurostat data

#population #Demography #depopulation #europe #RStats #maps #dataviz #gis Image
One pattern is visible for Central & Eastern European countries: apart from major towns the rest has a negative population growth
🇮🇹Italy has a negative population growth in nearly every corner of the country including Rome 😬
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1/ Two quick clips from Bannon's War Room today:
Dr. Malone and Mass Formation Psychosis…
2/ Dr. Malone on Bannons War Room podcast today: "The federal policies are an abject failure."
#Pfizer #Vaccines #Omicron #Vaxxed #Variants #Covid…
3/ Here is the 8 hour broadcast by doctors with a New York Beth Din (Jewish law) in 2021. In the Joe Rogan show, Malone explained WHY the rabbis are concerned about the vaccines: +
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When you attempt to vaccinate once a pandemic level has been reached you only guarantee that you will create variants and thus crate an endemic, an annual return of never-ending variants.Fauci knows this and has done this on purpose. 1/X
If he claims it was not on purpose then he is grossly incompetent and guilty of #MedicalMalpractice, #MalfeseanceOfDuty with #MaliciousIntent because he violated our #AntiTrustLaws by #ConfiscatingAndProhibiting #HCQ from the market. It is illegal to manipulate a competitive...
product, in order to force the market to use your product. Not only has he removed #HCQ but he has supported other corrupt "expert" colluding to strongly recommended against #IVM a nobel prize winning drug that is #SaferThanAspirin and 30+ years of use and recent - 2015... 1/X
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1/8 I studied a lot of sources and I paid a lot of thought trying to understand WHY the "elites" are doing all these now.
The main hypotheses out there are money, control, depopulation, transhumanism, and financial reset. I believe #depopulation is the main target.
I explain why
2/8 When it comes to transhumanism, humanity was already going towards this, there was no need to do it aggressively and very fast and not with everybody as you may want to have a backup. There are countries like China, S.Korea, or Sweden where digitalization is quite advanced.
3/8 It was a question of 10-20 years until 75% of the world would have been living in a digital "utopia". Most of the passports, digital IDs, digital money/wallet could have been easily deployed all over whereas the U.N could have been the "global governance" HQ w/o opposition.
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The Deepstate Poisoning of Humanity...👀💥💥💊💊📢
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#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి 
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....

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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials…

The Epoch Times: Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines.…
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#OperationWarpSpeed will expose Big Pharma and all their cronies. #Novavax which will have real solutions mysteriously found funding via #BillGates AFTER his house was raided and 6000 child p0rn images were found. Think his arm hurts? Funding his own demise? #Karma Image
#OperationWarpSpeed Out with the poisons, in with the #Cures Image
#Pfizervaccine #Pfizer Tried to say they were not part of OWS but Trump said they received 1.95 BILLION and stressed this in his presser. Excerpts from this article suggest that their moves are nothing but a financial scam! ImageImageImageImage
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If the goal of the #plandemic was to inject everyone with mandatory microchip Mark of the Beast vaccines it would have happened by now. And there would have been something realised that actually KILLS people so they would be scared into taking it.
So,what is the REAL agenda here.
It was never goal of the Satanic Elite / #Illuminati for #depopulation through #billgates #vaccines or to enlave you in a Dystopian #5G Smart City. They have no need to control us any more than they already do.
They just WANT you to believe these things.
Their TRUE goal is and always has been for you to worship the same God as they do.They cannot force you to do this. You must do so willingly. And,
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Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates attended a meeting at Thorbjorn Jagland's home in 2013.
Jagland was former PM of Norway, Secretary General of Council of Europe, Chairman of Nobel Peace committee from 09-15 and lied about his ties to Epstein.…
The Crown Princess of Norway, Mette Marit had a close relationship with #Epstein as well, having met the convicted pedophile several times between 2011- 2013 for undisclosed reasons.…
Bill Gates also had a close relationship with the Norwegian royal family, having vacationed with them a few months after his meeting with Epstein and Jagland.…
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A thread to help you see the BIG picture
2) We have been living under Satan's dominion, in a matrix designed to control your mind. Many of these comments and memes come from the #SerialBrain2 material
3) If our souls do not maintain a solid connection with God, we run the risk of possession and becoming forever trapped with Satan's minions.
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1) #Agenda21 A look into the Cabal's plan to herd us into cities, sort us, categorize us, and ultimately destroy up to 80% of the population. These images were created from an official document listing the strategies and goals.
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I’ve decided to do a thread on masks to show how harmful they can be, I fully expect to get mocked/attacked for my beliefs, that’s fine, just know all you trolls I won’t be entertaining you, you’ll just get muted.
I’m posting research, not arguing with brain dead idiots.
#NoMasks Image
One thing to understand is that this is a satanic ritual...even if you don’t believe in God & the devil etc, those in power do & do their utmost to serve it, their ‘god’ & they are truly evil.…
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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If the #WhiteHats have a REAL cure for #Covid19 and perhaps other ailments such as #Cancer, there is no NEED for #GatesFoundation #depopulation #FakeCures…
Bill Gates house raided in Dec 2014... the White Hats owned him from that point on, but will be charging him with MUCH larger Crimes Against Humanity. From this point on, he was forced to help our side.…
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I was writing a rebuttal to Dr Grum’s article “The Case for GMOs” @Ethiobserver . But I have to break my silence as some people, out of their utter ignorance, are relentlessly making ad hominem attacks on #GMO opponents. #Ethiopia
You can search “@kebyes GMO” so that you will learn how enthusiastic I am about the issue. Unlike others who are bashing every opinion/evidence, I like to ask questions first. That is how you learn. So please ask before resorting to attacks, PEOPLE. #Ethiopia
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These are a few things Bill Gates is involved in:

-Biometric identification
-Vaccine injury lawsuits
-DNA editing
-Genetically modified mosquitoes
-Fetal tissue vaccine research
-Remote control contraceptive implants

Is this the future you want?
Bill Gates is funding a World Bank program to install a biometric identification system in developing countries.
India citizens who refuse to have their iris scanned and fingerprinted are denied govt assistance programs.…
Hundreds of children became sick & some died shortly after taking experimental HPV vaccines sponsored by Gates Foundation in India in 09.
Many consent forms were signed with thumbprints bc the kids were illiterate. They preyed upon the most vulnerable!…
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Another children's charity with extensive ties to the Epstein network is ARK (Absolute Return for Kids).

ARK hosted extravagant annual fundraisers from 02-12 featuring Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Jacob Rothschild, various royals & MANY others.

ARK was co-founded and chaired by hedgefund manager Arpad(Arki) Busson, who is in listed in Epstein's black book.

ARK runs charter schools in the US & UK, combats HIV in Africa, and runs private orphanages in Eastern Europe.

Great research doc on ARK:…
Some of the ppl who worked w/ ARK or attended their galas:
-Ghislaine Maxwell
-Jacob Rothschild
-Bill Clinton
-Barack Obama
-Bill Gates
-Prince William/Kate
-Mike Bloomberg
-Kevin Spacey
-Tony Blair
-Naomi Campbell
-Sarah Ferguson
-Richard Branson

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Norway is in charge of drafting UN's sustainable fisheries policy despite the fact that Norwegian fisheries produce some of the most toxic, chemical-laden food in the world.
#Agenda21 #Depopulation

Documentary on Norways's toxic fish farms👇
Norways Ambassador to the UN is Mona Juul, who met with #Epstein at a UN delegation in 2007.

Mona Juul is married to Terje Rod Larsen who runs a think-tank that Epstein funded!

Why was Epstein meeting with UN delegates?
These people are sick...
Epstein frequently met with Norwegian royalty, delegates and various government officials, before and after his 08 conviction.
All while Norway was funneling hundreds of millions to the Clinton Foundation.
There are no coincidences.…
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