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THREAD | (1) Since 2015, a bipartisan consensus has prevailed: members of Congress across the political spectrum support non-nuclear sanctions—including terrorism sanctions—on #Iran.

Six years later, the #Biden admin appears to be on the verge of going against this consensus...
(2) @TzviKahn's memo compiles statements from the #Obama admin expressing support for terrorism sanctions on #Iran.

These quotes highlight the bipartisan support of terrorism and other non-nuclear sanctions—and the importance of maintaining them should the US reenter the #JCPOA:
(3) First up, President Barack Obama 👇
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Joe Biden Is No President

“We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive


in the history of American politics!”

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳
Bye-then Is No President

#ChinaJoe 🇨🇳 #BeijingBiden
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020):
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR
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IMPORTANT. @politico rapporte dans 1 long article comment #Biden a décidé du retrait total en #Afghanistan contre l'avis de son état-major militaire. Il a réussi ce qu'il n'avait pas su convaincre #Obama de faire.
2) Car contrairement au cliché, #Biden n'a plus rien de l'interventionniste militaire des années 1990-2005. Déjà sous Obama, il était partisan du retrait des "longues guerres" devenues ingagnables. Relire cet article précieux du @washingtonpost en 2020.…
3) Il est d'ailleurs, du point de vue politique, singulier de voir ce #Biden président démocrate qui retire, dans la continuité de #Trump, les dernières troupes en Afghanistan contre l'avis de républicains néoconservateurs du Congrès telle Cheney...…
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There are motives behind this defund the police, people are not going be happy with. There is an active plan to federalize the police bring in UN peace keepers which is policed by nato. They corrupt politicians want to do away with Sheriffs not the police force.
This was set in to motion with UN strong cities network. Local police to be replaced by UN's peace keepers aka NATO troops and non-citizen mercenaries through the strong cities network UN to run local police boards U.S. cities.…
I need you to understand what is at stake. It is America as we know it. The goal is to have the Constitution replaced, by the United Nations’ (UN) Bill of Human Rights.…
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"Liberation of the temporarily occupied territories by force would inevitably lead to death of a large number of civilians & many casualties would be inflicted by the army, which is unacceptable for #Ukraine," said Ruslan Khomchak, chief of staff Ukrainian Armed Forces
.@Dpol_un 👆 wait for next Image
📨 @Dpol_un @mfa_russia
📨 @ejaf @sharonstone

#NATO♿🐷🐷🐷 vs 🐯…



#USSVellaGulf🚢✈ #MH17🚀

My name is #Nikita🔫

I work for🐯
& ⏳ @EmbassyCat
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Annonces a minima de #Biden sur les #armes à feu. Il ne fait qu'étendre les obligations de vérification d'antécédents et de traçage aux armes faites "maison"
Car limité par 1 Congrès paralysé sur la question et 1 jurisprudence conservatrice Heller de la #CourSuprême
2) Au Congrès, le Sénat démocrate n'a pas à ce jour les voix nécessaires pour voter les deux lois d'extension des vérifications d'antécédent d'acheteurs par le FBI aux ventes en ligne ou dans les foires-expos, pourtant passées par la Chambre...…
3) Bref, #Biden fait ce qu'il peut sur les #armes: prendre l'opinion à témoin par le ministère de la parole, utiliser les décrets présidentiels sur des "zones grises", inciter les Etats à faire des lois d'interdiction d'accès aux armes pour les personnes dangereuses (red flag)...
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#US-#AlQaeda Unveiled (extremely import, pls read thro thread, 9/11th)

#Yemen authorities just disclosed v. imp phone call bet ex-#CIA Director George Tenet w/ex-Yemen President (Traitor) Saleh Afash, former asking 2 release an extremely important & dangerous #AlQaeda person.
#AlQaeda person was in the Yemeni Security Prison! ex-#CIA Director, Tenet, asked traitor ex-president to hand the terrorist to DCI's ppl on ground, he didnt even want #FBI investigators to know bout this, described as, my own personal problem & favor!
#CIA Director, Tenet said he'd talked 2all ppl in #WhiteHouse bout it. The #AlQaeda person was in prison mainly on investigations related 2 USS #Cole Destroyer suicidal atk bombing, #Aden, Oct 2000. Terrorist name was nvr stated by DCI then, but 2day we no he's Anwar Al-Awlaki!
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It didn't need #UAE, #Egypt, #Greece, #Russia, #France et al, to remind the #US that the policy unleashed by #Obama using Islamist proxies in MENA led to chaos, extremism and terrorism while bankrolled by #Qatar, with later logistics by #Turkey. In #Libya that was obvious to all.
If it were not for the countervailing efforts of allies then Libya right now would have been in a precarious position at the mercy of very violent and dangerous Islamist terrorists organisations—sadly all-well linked to both Qatar and Turkey.
To continue to throw equivalence in the geopolitical situation that Libya found itself in from 2011-2014 and then from the watershed 2014 period till now with military escalation by Turkey, using the same Islamist terrorist network in the country, is a blinkered perspective.
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Today, #Israel🇮🇱 has more #Arab allies than #Turkey🇹🇷 or #Iran🇮🇷. Premature to write off moderate Arabs. That could be what #Obama administration wanted by supporting extremist takeover in Middle East. The opposite has happened. Now there is a push back. Israel & Arabs favor it.
Erdogan's charisma, Islamist allies, & Turkey's soft power make him a key player. Iran's expansionism is based on weaponizing non-Iranian Shia communities. Both examples represent forms of religious extremism. Israel & Gulf offer a new model for the future of the Middle East.
#Turkey is a #NATO ally, a leading #Muslim success story as long as it steers clear of extremism. Half of #Iran cabinet are #US graduates, but it's model is not attractive in the Middle East, promoted by shady money and guns. A third model is presented by #AbrahamAccords.
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Where does the humiliation of Saudi Arabia originate?
“Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru, @brhodes NYT, May 5, 2016

"By eliminating the fuss about Iran’s nuclear program, the administration hoped to eliminate a source of structural tension between the two countries, which ...
@brhodes: eliminate tension bw US and #Iran
"would create the space for America to disentangle itself from its established system of alliances with countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey." 😱
3/ @brhodes & the humiliation of #Saudi:
“The Democratic Renewal,” Foreign Affairs, October 2020

"The US has never been more tightly aligned with Israel, Saudi Arabia, & the UAE…. US has never been more hostile toward Iran. Terminate the..."
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#SleepyJoe is a #DCSwamp Creature

#Obama was a FRAUD

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks have SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

Q: Where are those #ChinaVirus Checks? Where are the Jobs? Where are the Good Schools?


#WhoKilledKobe ?

Maybe someone should ask.
#WhoKilledTupac ?

(and Why?)

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A foreign policy expert from #Iraq proposes a regional axis made up of #KSA #Egypt #Pakistan #Turkey to balance #Biden policies that apparently mark a return to Obama-era antagonism toward America's traditional allies.

#Israel might be added to this axis. /1
This sparks a long overdue debate on why #America in the last part of #Bush admin and throughout #Obama years pushed its allies under the bus (#Egypt #Pakistan #KSA #Gulf #Turkey) & allowed hostile IRGC-QF militias to circle #Israel. /2
There is no logical answer. And if this theory initially seemed farfetched and conspiratorial, some #Biden admin signals showed it wants to put #America back on the same track of collision with its traditional Mideast allies, including Israel. /3
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#Pakistan-#Egypt FM-level talks.

Issues: #Libya-#Yemen-#Gulf-#Ethiopia-#Gaza-#Kashmir.

Robust military ties but overall weak political exchanges between #Cairo & #Islamabad.

Yet @ImranKhanPTI-@AlsisiOfficial governments have recently been in contact to upgrade cooperation.
#Pakistan & #Egypt revive stalled ties. Pakistani foreign minister meets President Al-Sisi. Agreement to launch high-level political consultations next month. #PakMilitary will participate in drills in Egypt in summer. /2

#Pakistan & #Egypt are often considered two players with imp roles in ensuring #Gulf stability, along regional & intl partners; can help in Mideast peace, in Yemen, in fighting extremism & extremist groups. These are recurring themes in discussions:
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In #QAnon Kreisen dreht man sich die Realität noch immer zurecht. #Biden wäre kein echter Präsident und alles würde auf einem Filmset gedreht. Absolut gaga.

#KarolineSeibt, Mutter von #NaomiSeibt, ist auch ganz tief drin im QAnon-Topf.
"Das ist, damit wir sehen, dass die White Hats die Kontrolle haben. Solche Kunstfehler sind beabsichtigt."

Und dann mit dem Text von Schwurbler Gerhard Wisnewski:

"Hier nochmal das angebliche Oval Office mit dem Spalt in der Wand..."

Ohne Worte.
In diesem Video, dass das #OvalOffice unter #Obama und #Trump vergleicht, sieht man sehr gut, dass es sich hierbei um eine "versteckte" Tür handelt.

Tisch, Uhr, alles gleich.

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"We welcome #India's emergence as a leading global power and its role as a net security provider in the region."

#US returns to #Obama era's tight embrace of #India. Under #Trump, US tempered tech-related Indian immigration, and twisted India's arm on unfair trade practices.
Resumption of close #US-#India ties under #Biden administration means the #Pakistan-#America relationship will undergo a readjustment. #Afghanistan will anchor ties. But long-term outlook is up in the air, again. /1

#Pakistan failed to deal with #Trump admin which came close to Pakistani position on #Afghanistan; engaged it on #Kashmir. Under PM #ImranKhan govt, Pak showed reticence in engaging the US beyond Afghan peace process. Pak analysts routinely framed #CPEC as part of anti-#US bloc/2
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#DanielPearl murder is linked to several debates inside #Pakistan: from safety of journalists to the murky story of the former War on Terror & the intelligence #USPakistan tug of war under #Obama admin, to #FATF antiterror steps. And how this will impact relations under #Biden WH
#US embassy in #Pakistan releases a statement quoting @SecBlinken on #DanielPearl case, recognizes past #Pakistani actions on terrorist Omar Sheikh, notes Attorney General's positive statement to recall release order & offers to prosecute him in #America:…
As a #Pakistani journalist, we stand by @yudapearl & #DanielPearl's family in their quest for justice. #Islamabad's commitment to recall the decision to release his killer is commendable, must be ensured. Good work by Pakistani journalists & @arabnewspk:
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Peace with #Israel is a strategic decision for #UAE; reversal unlikely, but dependence on Israel will be limited. Israel has its own delicate calculations. The UAE still needs to build up indigenous military capacity to confront #Iran.

A pithy and positive reaction by the #UAE to news of halt to F-35 sale pending a review.

Makes a strong case:

The deal means sharing the burden on Gulf security; better interoperability b/w UAE-#USA militaries; & freeing #US assets for other missions.

The F-35/#UAE review is imp bcz it reopens old wounds. Gulf/Arab states were wary that #Obama WH used Arab Spring to ally with Islamist groups to topple Arab govts. The #JCPOA reinforced the idea that #US would ally with #Iran+Islamists to redraw borders/2
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#YemenCantWait there is the most brilliant plea for an end to the War on the People of Yemen right now at… What a TRIBUTE to the #Yemeni People. SO many really care for #Yemen, @joebiden must ends the label of the #Houthis as a Terror Organisation.
@RoKhanna Great to hear this from you on #YemenCantWait and looking forward to seeing you cease USA logistical and military support to #Saudi on their campaign in #Yemen, and that they pay reparations and lift the blockade. Yes please send that AID. @ABlinken
Couldn't be more proud to hear @johnfinucane on behalf of @sinnfeinireland and #IRELAND at the #YemenCantWait @Zoom Conference tonight.

Millions of Children, (1.5 times our population in Ireland), do not have access to safe water in #Yemen STOP the #Saudi blockade.
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Vice-president under Barack #Obama and a senator for 36 years, #JoeBiden is a political figure familiar to most Americans🇺🇸

To many, he lacks the aura of the last Democratic president, but after a period of turmoil in US politics, is he the steady pair of hands the nation needs?
#US 🇺🇸 President Joe #Biden moved swiftly to dismantle Donald #Trump’s legacy on his first day in office.

The president signed a series of executive actions to reverse course on immigration, climate change, racial equity and handling of the pandemic ✍️

@WassimCornet reports ⤵️
@WassimCornet 🇺🇸 Meanwhile, Donald #Trump has a long way to go to rebuild an image left in tatters by his presidency, particularly the final months.

France 24's @ketgorjestani said that the Republican left the White House "with the lowest rating of his presidency" ⤵️
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