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1) New #OIGReport pdf out!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#DHS/#ICE need changes 2face challenges they encounter in areas like #SanctuaryCities.
#CAP effectively ID's illegals, but can't get them in custody in "uncooperative jurisdictions".
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 2) One of the issues is adjudication re: #ICEDetainers.

Various Federal & state court decisions, state laws, & local policies limit ICE’s ability 2gain custody of aliens thru use of detainers. These jurisdictions will honor #ICE detainers if certain conditions are met.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse 3) Interesting read on an aspect of the fallout, from the long run #NWO agenda, 2build a dominant, controllable, #Liberal/#Socialist voter base, in the U.S. .
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👀While the #coronavirus epidemic continues ... it is worthwhile pausing to consider what agendas – and I mean which #NWO agendas – are being rolled out using the epidemic as a cover or pretext.

#Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #GatesFoundation #FF #Q…
1⃣ Centralized Control Of Information, I.E. Censorship And Narrative Control

“National governments are considering or have already implemented a range of interventions to combat misinformation"

#Censorship #NarrativeControl
2⃣ The Cashless Agenda

China 🇨🇳 has jumped on the opportunity to forward the #cashless agenda by claiming that paper money must now be taken out of circulation due to the possibility that it could contain traces of COVID-19
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1) New #Q!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3868->
Link2 @KarluskaP - #Tarmac

Link2 #OIGReport - #FBI actions prior 2 #Election2016…
The 6th June '16 meet wasn't thru channels.
#Lynch closed #HRC email investigation 6th July '16.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @KarluskaP 2) #QAnon 3869...
Image of #QMap's 3749.
Link2 @RealSaavedra ==> #Dershowitz on Proof #Hussein Ordered #FBI Investigation At Request Of
#GeorgeSoros [ ! ]

Who really controls the [D] party?
It's no coincidence that this notes #GS over & over.
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @KarluskaP @RealSaavedra 3) #QAnon 3870...
#Q re-drops the lower portion of 3176.
Attention is being drawn 2the long run agenda 2control the masses by fabricating media narratives.

It's an old story.

The #NWO would love nothing better than a completely pacified, mind numbed populous.
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1-🧵👉Modern Day Israel is a Rothschild Creation, Not God's!👉Isaiah 66:7-8 is NOT referring to Israel nation born in 1948!👉It's referring to Jesus' birth ✝️!

👉🇮🇱 DUPES Christians to get:
1-war & political agenda
2-💰 & votes 4 zionist politicians 2b elected
2-b 🧵 #ChristianZionism is heresy & duping many.
#JimTraficant 👉Truth!!!👏 📺👇
What happened to him? 😫
7.5 yrs prison (phony charges)- & sudden death😩

More Powerful💥 #Traficant Vids
He Sets #MSM Straight & more! 👊👊👊

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I've gathered much info and threads I've seen on #coronavirus. I will say that I believe that it is being hyped up. However it is part of the NWO plan to depopulate. It would destabilize the economy. I give you the info here. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #QArmy #KAGA2020 #DrainTheSwamp
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The numbers of the #Wuhan #Coronavirus infected, recovered & died, have been updated this morning.

They are admitting an overnight increase of 15,000 new cases in 24 hrs!

It's been edging up consistently at a much lower rate.
See graphic:…
2) The reported militarization of #Wuhan's #P4Lab has raised new questions about the origin of the #Covid19Virus & the apparent cover-up that has occurred since it was 1st made public.
3) #Japan reports their 1st #Wuhan death.

Then they let out that there are 44 sick on cruise liner offshore...

🤔They're doing the same thing off the #NewJersey coast. They've got a cruise ship, w/people infected w/the virus, docked or moored offshore . They brought 4 sick ....
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It's going to be BIBLICAL
Q asks us to define Renegade, Obama's USSS code name meaning betrayer. Deeper meaning: the father of lies, the tempter and subverter, the great deceiver
The silent war continues...
USSS code for Hillary is Evergreen
From ancient Babylon, Egypt to Roman Pagan rituals of Saturnalia-The worship of Satan
Rituals grooves of evergreen trees became sacred places for child sacrifices
HOLY WOOD OF NEMI where Hollywood derives
Trafficking Hidden in Plain site #Evergreen
Evergreen shipping operating out of HAITI
Shipping industry involved with human trafficking
Why is the MX border/Long Beach Port so important?
Trump closes largest US Trafficking/Smuggling port
Evergreen Logo 8 pointed Star of Ishtar
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The secret cabal being responsible for deliberately starting World Wars
There is evidence that certain top people in Russia, Austria, Serbia and elsewhere may have plotted the murder of the heir to the Austrian throne, thus sparking World Wars.…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo #American Establishment (book)
The extension of British rule throughout the world by perfecting a system, a kind of religious brotherhood like the Jesuits, some say "A church for the extension of the #British Empire".…
Carroll Quigley The Anglo American Establishment (article)…
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The evidence is overwhelming.
The LDS Church is part of the NWO.
#QanonLDS #MormunMafia #CabalChurch #wellhellzbellz

Church claims they kept the $100billion reserves secret so members would continue to tithe.…
Let's start a new hashtag: #favoriteQposts

Use it on your own timeline so we can all share.

You cannot possibly imagine the size of this.
Trust the plan.
Trust there are more good than bad.
The WORLD is helping
We are not alone
We are all connected in this fight
*Novus ordo seclorum: A New Order of the Ages

Latin phrase on American $$.

N does not refer to Nazi.
The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.
Events will clarify.
Think subgroup.

#NWO #NewWorldOrder
Origins tied to #GodofSaturn #Saturnalia…
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How did we get to the point as a society where students, and the general population are so irrational? This thread will explore the fact that #mindcontrol starts with young kids and is prevalent in our school systems.
The ultimate goal of the #NWO is to control everything about our lives; our health, happiness, thoughts, finances, family life and most of all, our children. Kids are the most pure among us, and therefore the greatest prize for these demons.…
[They] want us to be docile, obedient workers who do as we are told, with very little ability for critical thinking and problem solving skills. Often, our children are used to assist in manipulating other family members to adhere to the latest social justice schemes.
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1-🧵👉#TVsGoldenAge 📺 Vs. Today's Filth
Santa Clarita Diet🥩 #Cannibalism🤮
Depicts #Lucifer as cool

Boiled🐸👉slowly desensitize
Goal👉TV in all 🏡= viewing addiction


Real Reason #TVsGoldenAge
To Catch 🐭, Insert 🧀

2- 🧵 #TVsGoldenAge VS. 2Days Evil Shows!
Coincidence, in👆above vid, #JamesPerloff mentions in 1960s, TV began slow downward spiral of degrading innocence, slowly adding: witches, aliens, magic, violence, cursing...

LOOK👇👇👇#HaysCode is Replaced👇👇👇

3- 🧵 #TvsGoldenAge VS. 2days #EvilShows!
Find out REAL reason for TV's Golden Age, by reading GREAT article📰👇 below- #JamesPerloff

Remember to catch🐭, insert 🧀. Which is exactly what they've done; got a TV in every home & "Viewing Habit" ensues.

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1/ Apparently people are over sensitive about anything dealing with #Jews

I agree Jews are God's choosen people.

That said there's also a lot of Fake Jews that runs everything.
Who try to harm the real Jews

I call those Fake Jews Zionist!

This thread is attacking Zionist

Kabbalistic thought, in all generations, FAKE JEWS (Erev Rav) cause many of the problems affecting the Jewish people.
A daily prayer is said everyday for such Jews

3/ Allan Dershowitz explains that “people who use their credibility as Jews to destroy the Jewish people, shall not have any hope.”  A moser or a traitor is a “FAKE” JEW who tries to gain favor in the eyes of the rest of the world by acting against other Jews.

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CORONAVIRUS: did I hear someone say "biological weapons" ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 yup , population control is underway .....

Engineering Deadly Viruses is Legal in the US

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) first appeared in 2012 and is thought to have originated in
in bats and spread directly to humans and/or camels. However, like Ebola, the precise ways the virus spreads are unknown.

1,980 cases with 699 deaths caused by MERS-CoV were reported in 15 countries across the world (as of June 2017).
3 to 4 out of every 10 patients reported with MERS have died.
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Donald Trump is a puppet for the Jesuits of Rome.

Trump claims to be Presbyterian, yet he attended Jesuit Fordham University for two years and then transferred to the covertly Jesuit-controlled University of Pennsylvania.
The University of Pennsylvania is funded by various Papal Court (Fake) Jews, notably by The Annenberg Foundation, 2 started by Papal Knight and hofjude Walter Hubert Annenberg.
Annenberg briefly attended the University of Pennsylvania in his youth and later established the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.
Mr. Annenberg is a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great
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1. John F. Kennedy was shot and killed from a curbside storm drain in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963.

There were several other snipers firing, but they all missed until the limousine driver stopped the Presidential vehicle so the kill shot could be made.
2. The limousine driver had been BRIBED to stop at this white line painted on the curb so the kill shot could be made from the opposite side of the street... from just 15 feet away from the President's head.
3. Here, we can see one of the Dallas policemen pulling his motorcycle over, parking it - his eyes affixed on the drain just seconds after the kill shot had been fired.

He's one of the only people who saw where the shot had come from.
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Tikkun Olam: When the Jews Ascend the Throne of Absolute Global Dominion...
Quoted in The Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Yosef went on to say that, “without this purpose, the non-Jew, the goy, has no place in the world. That is why they were created.”
China to ‘rewrite the Bible and Quran to fall in line with President Xi’s socialist ideology’
Mind you, there is no rewriting of the Talmud. Hmm 🤔🤓…
Meet Robert Lawrence #KUHN, Illuminati handler of #China’s leader
One is a puppet and the other is a puppeteer. You’re about to find out which is which.
If it looks like a phoenix, rises like a phoenix, and quacks like a phoenix, it’s an Illuminist
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1. Satan Worship

Did you know?

Lucis Trust is the publishing arm of the #UnitedNations

Alice Bailey, founder of Lucis Trust, was a disciple of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the “Religion” of #Theosophy

Lucis Trust 👇…
2. Blavatsky’s teachings are expressed in the book, The Secret Doctrine, which centers on the belief that Satan is “The God of our planet and our only God”

“Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the ‘Holy Ghost’ & ‘Satan’ at one & the same time.”


Great book 👇
3. Cecil Rhodes was a Freemason and also a disciple of Blavatsky

He is the father of the push 4 the #NewWorldOrder ,the creator of the Society of the Elect (the British Secret Society of elites/ central bankers, united for the formation of a #NWO)

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Até 2020, seremos ‘silenciados’.

#Soros #Saud #Rothschild #Khazarians #Cabal #FakeJews #SynagogueOfSatan #CIA #Mossad #Islam #Vatican #EU #ClimateChangeHoax #Depopulation #Nazism #NWO #UN

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020
Memorando de 2017 descreve guerra diária na mídia
Plataformas vão banir jornalistas/cidadãos de direita
Financiada p/Soros, a Media Matters tem acesso a dados brutos do FB/Twitter/sites mídia social

Temos sentido essa estratégia desde que Trump assumiu...…
Do Memorando:
Nos próximos 4 anos, a Media Matters vai se concentrar em expor divulgadores de conteúdos de direita. As plataformas Google, Facebook/etc não serão neutras e não enriquecerão divulgadores de campanhas tóxicas que envenenam nosso discurso nacional sem consequências.
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Hola, como sabeis el otro día en mi articulo expuse un poco de como se financia Greenpeace. Lo hace sobretodo a través de donaciones de Fundaciones.

Reconozco que no tengo ni idea sobre dichas fundaciones, solo se que mueven ingentes cantidades de dinero...así que hilo va.
@andrei_kononov @desamparadosb @janayaish @chirigotero74 @LaVozDeEuropa @eleritzo @Guayomedo @GoOutTheBox1 @_humanIam_ @kimikante El tema es que una persona @soymikos a la que Greenpeace sigue me dijo que no se fiaba de los datos que yo estaba aportando...
@andrei_kononov @desamparadosb @janayaish @chirigotero74 @LaVozDeEuropa @eleritzo @Guayomedo @GoOutTheBox1 @_humanIam_ @kimikante @soymikos No fiarse de lo primero que lee uno es una aptitud muy acertada y obviamente yo la comparto.

El caso es que se iba por los cerros de Úbeda y me preguntaba a mi quien había fundado Greepeace.

¡Como si me importase a mi eso! Sigamos...

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Now they need a new bank. I wonder who that will be? Did you know this is EXACTLY how it happened to Gaddafi? Yup. He lost his national bank a year before he lost his life.


Because "We came. We saw. He died."
The #NWO is taking out Iran and Saudi Arabi while truthers cheer about how woke we all are. We are begging for the New World Order.
They don't even have to be sneaky about it. General Clark describes the post 9/11 Pentagon memo saying, "finishing off, Iran." What magical thing happened in DC between then and now that fixed this?
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Wow. The Pope is sounding a lot like Canadian media & the Liberal Government. Fancy that.
#NWO #DefundUN #Globalists…
I believe there's a distraction in here somewhere. What could the Pope be distracting from I wonder? 🤔
Don't look here. Look there.…
A statue of Molech is now standing at the entrance of the Colosseum where so many Christians were brutally slaughtered by the Romans.
Ask yourself why... and why now?
Normalization & acceptance of child sacrifice/ritual when truth is revealed?…
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