@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee I do agree, Dr. Fulli. Response to the drug most certainly is not a diagnosis, & those physicians who conclude an adverse reaction to an #antidepressant is diagnostic of bipolar disorder not only have poor pharmacology knowledge but poor logical skills as well. /1
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Even people with no pre-existing #psychiatric symptoms may have a severe adverse reaction to an #antidepressant or any other psychotropic.

Conversely, any psychotropic might relieve "depression" in someone, eg. amphetamines or opiates. This is another law of psychotropics. /2
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee For what it's worth, I have a collection of case studies where people had immediate severe adverse reactions to #antidepressants & even though they quit within a handful of doses, suffered symptoms identical to post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS for months or years. /3
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee A severe adverse reaction causes neurobiological upset, not drug-induced unmasking or emergence of a #psychiatric disorder. CBT or other psychotherapies may or may not be helpful -- everybody can use some psychotherapeutic support, that's not diagnostic of disorder, either. /4
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee #Psychiatry has long suffered from denial or ignorance of fundamental pharmacological laws of psychotropics, i.e. adaptation->dependence->tolerance->withdrawal, idiosyncratic response & adverse reaction patterns, & post-discontinuation imprint of drug on nervous system. /5
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Categorization of drugs as #antidepressant or #antipsychotic, anxiolytic, etc. is arbitrary, as can be seen by promiscuous prescription of #psychiatric drugs in the US, often with unproven polypharmacy or prescription cascades intended to mask adverse effects of prior drugs. /6
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Not only is response or reaction to drugs not diagnostic of #psychiatric disorder, their application to various "illness" is also arbitrary & actually experimental in every individual case, as most prescribers will admit. Mixing & matching #psychotropics is considered "art". /7
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee In #psychiatric treatment, mixing & matching #psychotropics is considered "art", with success defined as when the patient stops complaining. Adverse effects are not considered mistakes but challenges for more "art". Ultimately, patient is blamed for "treatment resistance". /8
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee In addiction medicine, repeated adverse reactions are recognized as introducing neurological vulnerability i.e. #kindling, while in #psychiatry, persistent deleterious effects of repeated adverse reactions not considered. This is another aspect of pharmacological ignorance. /9
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Again, CBT or other psychotherapeutic treatment may or may not help a patient traumatized pharmacologically & psychologically after going through the mill of severe adverse reactions, repeated drug trials, & burden of polypharmacy so common in #psychiatric treatment. /10
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee #Psychiatry in practice has a lot of room for improvement, & better understanding of the drugs utilized by this specialty supposedly expert in psychopharmacology is definitely one of those areas requiring improvement. Ignorance of the laws of psychotropics is inexcusable. /11
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee You asked for my opinion -- there it is. You're welcome!

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6 Oct
"Professionalism in any field requires keeping pace with change, & nowhere is it more true than medicine....valid knowledge may come from the patient as well as from clinician resources: a sociological change driven by technological change." #psychiatry /1 journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/00…
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I couldn’t sit still, and my constant squirming made my partner cry. I suspect I had something I’ve since found out is called #akathisia." linkedin.com/pulse/learning…
"Within days of that first panic attack in January [2109], I decided to stop tapering the Seroxat and stay on the same 7mg dose. I got in touch with my GP to tell her what had happened.

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@psychunseen: "...if the goal of anti-psychiatry is to get #psychiatrists to listen...this is better done within a therapeutic relationship, not in a picket line at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting or on social media" apparently refers to me personally. /1
I thought it stood out as particularly illogical in his most recent screed psychologytoday.com/us/blog/psych-…

Who pickets the APA other than Scientology?
Then I recalled I had attended an APA meeting where there were pickets. I did not do any picketing myself, but I was invited to speak outside:

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"They considered their findings generalisable across healthcare....” bmj.com/content/370/bm… /1
"Perhaps most striking was the testimony from 100s of patients reporting lack of informed consent for...initial treatment, followed by years of dismissal by clinicians & regulators who did not want to associate life altering symptoms or injured children with their [products]" /2
"The review panel found that healthcare providers’ dismissive attitude toward patients was underpinned by a reluctance in all parts of the system to collect evidence on potential harms...." /3
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11 Sep
Please explain to me what "relationship" means in:

"Unfortunately, some patients who identify with being harmed by psychiatry have given up on finding that kind of relationship and instead attempt to find meaning in identity as an injured party." /1

I think "give up on finding that kind of relationship" may mean: "stopped deferring to the expertise of #psychiatrists in defining their reality". A crime, apparently. Also disregards that if a patient is injured, it's not an identity, it's a fact, not to be "negotiated" away. /2
This further suggests authors of this article believe injured patients are willingly injured -- perhaps somaticizing? -- rather than being the unwilling victims of an accident of fate brought on by #psychiatric treatment, which is known even by #psychiatrists to have pitfalls. /3
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