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So what's the difference between nutritional psychiatry and metabolic psychiatry?🧵(1/6)
#Metabolicpsychiatry is a subfield that focuses on the assessment and treatment of metabolic dysfunction as a means to improve #mentalhealth. (2/6)
There is a complex but crucial relationship between #metabolic dysfunction, food, and mental health. (3/6)
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@kevinpmiller left when Elon took over. That's the kind of man he is. I'm honored to call him my friend. He doesn't toot his own horn. So I try to when I can. Because of his work.

From Kevin
Those of you who have been ardent supporters if this page—and of 'Letters from Generation Rx' - know full well that over the past 11-12 years, I have devoted countless thousands of hours in pursuit of the truth. Many view my work as controversial;
some have said I "had no right" to the story of a family who fought off the ravages of mental health symptoms with vitamins and minerals; others objected to the stories of two parents who killed their children while under the toxic influence of psychiatric drugs;
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#Valproate (VPT) is still more efficacious and more cost-effective as compared to #levetiracetam (LEV) for treating generalized #Epilepsy (GE)

1. I see an increasing trend for prescribing LEV in emergency room, ICU & OPD for GE
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter…
2. In a recent study, LEV was found to be inferior for times to treatment failure, 2-year remission from seizures, and first subsequent seizure. In addition, LEV was not found to be a cost-effective alternative.
3. This is despite the fact the LEV is associated with a higher incidence of #psychiatric and #behavioral adverse effects.
This is a major problem in #ICU patients, as it adds to the burden of patients with #psychosis in ICU.
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Can #drinking excess amount of #water lead to death?

1. Water is life-saving and is essential for survival. However, ingestion of excess amounts of water, especially over a short period of time can lead to serious health hazards, including #death.
#MedTwitter #internalmedicine
2. How much water is needed on daily basis?

The normal daily requirement of water is 2.5 to 3 liters.
The requirement may be higher in summer months. Requirement also increases during #exercise (due to sweating), during fever, diarrhea or vomiting.
3. Why do some people drink excess amounts of water?

There is a misconception that drinking more water is good for #health.
Some people can drink more water due to #psychiatric illnesses.
#athletes can overestimate fluid loss and drink an excess amount of water.
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How a common nutritional deficiency turned an air hostess into a beggar
1. A few years ago, a smartly-dressed man entered my OPD with a shabbily-dressed woman, introducing her as his wife. Her hair was unkempt, clothes untidy and she wore a pair of torn sandals.
2. The gentleman further added: "She was an airhostess in a German airlines, whom I met while flying as I frequently flew to Germany for business. She was 25-yr old, pretty and it was love at first sight, culminating in #marriage. Things started to change within a few months."
3. She developed progressive #memory impairment, mostly for recent events. She had problems in calculation, speaking, and used to get lost in familiar places. One day, she left home to visit a well-known friend's place, but never reached there. She didn't return home either.
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Robert Bransfield, MD: Thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate the causal association between infections and #mentalillness 400+ peer reviewed scientific articles demonstrate the causal association between tick-borne disease and mental illness. #ILADS2022 #Lyme
2/Bransfield: Up to 40% of patients w/ #Lyme develop peripheral or central nervous system involvement. Psychiatric reactions include: #paranoia #dementia #schizophrenia #bipolar #panicattacks #depression #anorexianervosa, and #ODC #ILADS2022
3/Bransfield: Lyme is over represented in psychiatric patients. #ILADS2022
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✨✨We are thrilled to share 2 new papers published this week in:
#BiologicalPsychiatry: Genetic heterogeneity shapes brain connectivity in psychiatry…

#Brain: Brain connectivity mirrors genetic pleiotropy in psychiatric conditions…
1/7 #Polygenicity (=multiple genetic variants associated with one condition) and #pleiotropy (=one genetic variant influencing more than one trait) are key properties of the genomic architecture of #psychiatric conditions and represent major challenges in identifying mechanisms.
2/7 We processed 9 rs-fMRI datasets including 32,726 individuals, to examine the connectome-wide effects of 15 copy number variants, 7 polygenic scores (common variants), and 4 idiopathic psychiatric conditions (Autism, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Bipolar disorder).
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FACT: “Chemical imbalance” or "neurotransmitter deficiency theory" was deployed by pharmaceutical companies to advertise their #psychiatric psychotropics. Never been scientifically proven, debunked many years ago, still circulating as rumor 20+ years later.
See sources below. /1
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@_pem_pem Why this is nonsensical: "Jeffrey Lieberman, a professor of #psychiatry at Columbia University...“The problems that they’ve been criticized for have more to do [with] the way they’re used by doctors & the heterogeneity of the condition that they’re indicated for.” /1
@_pem_pem What Lieberman is saying is that if #antidepressants were prescribed to a population for which they are known to work well, they would have a much better track record. This is true, because it is a tautology. /2
@_pem_pem The reasoning is circular, if #antidepressants were prescribed for those people for whom the drugs worked, they would work. /3
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Monoamine hypothesis aka "chemical imbalance" & other synonyms, arose circa 1965, but was known to only #psychiatrists, who were unhappily prescribing TCAs and MAOIs to a niche market. Patients hated the many adverse effects of the drugs. /1
Until mid-1990s, monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency" etc.) was not circulating as a "folk model", not in medicine or in the general public. 1990 is ~center of this chart, when #psychiatrists, many paid by pharma, started churning out papers. /2
As a meme or "folk model", monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency", "neurohormone imbalance", etc.) was diligently planted by dozens of #psychiatrists -- not a few -- many paid by pharma. Not something that arose organically out of nowhere. /3
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@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1 Not at all, Sanil. Among my site members, many people come off #antidepressants & other drugs with slight or no withdrawal symptoms except an emotional anesthesia, which they may describe as depression, anhedonia, various kinds of malaise, even "relapse" but.... /1
@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1's a "relapse" unlike anything they've experienced before. While they may use #psychiatry's vocabulary, because that's all they've got, this emotional anesthesia is actually a result of long-term psychotropic exposure, not "relapse"..../2
@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1 Post-drug emotional anesthesia is well known among those who have gone off psychotropics classified as addictive & considered a feature of those protracted withdrawal syndromes. There is no reason to think chronic #psychiatric psychotropics are exempt..../3
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A short thread on a recent publication from @HiyaaLab, in Translational Psychiatry. The study shows that the dendritic structure & electrical properties of adult neurons in healthy brains depend on proactive regulation by the gene Tcf4, a high risk allele for #Schizophrenia.
1/7 Image
The #research reveals unexpected gene-networks, previously known to be involved in ciliary pathways, underlie #structural and #functional integrity of mature neurons in the healthy adult brain.
Given that the elaborate #dendrites & spines enable a neuron’s physical and electrical connectivity in a #neural circuit, alteration in the structure disrupts neuronal function, affecting the circuits and #cognition. 3/7
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$10K cost per patient: "In late 2012, when the team finally had 6 months of data on 90 patients, the depression-score reductions....[were] essentially matched by the control group, who after 6 months with inactive devices had 17% hitting the improvement target & 7% in remission."
"As expected, it failed to help many....1st year, 10/90 patients left the study (& 4 had their devices removed), for reasons ranging from worsening depression to a suicide attempt. Eventually, of the 90 patients, 37—most of those who’d felt no benefit—had the devices removed."
"Also as expected for a surgical intervention in so depressed a population, some experienced side effects & least 9 ppl reported increased depression, 6 got infections, & several more suffered side effects such as headaches or postoperative discomfort or pain"
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Dystonia from #psychiatric drugs since 2014: "I have worked so hard over the years to increase my physical activity after WD, so I am extremely proud of the 2 or 3 times a week that I manage to shuffle up & down the block, and manage to lift tiny weights."…
"If I "walk" (a.k.a. limp/amble/shuffle) too far or for too long, the D (dystonia) will flare. If I do too many reps with my small weights, the D will flare. If I have a cold or flu, the D will flare....I try maintain a balance of being lightly active so I can feel happy."
From her history: "-Dual cold turkeys off TCA & Ativan in Oct 2014. Prescribed from 2011-2014
-All meds were Rxed off-label for an autoimmune illness. It was a MISDIAGNOSIS, but I did not find out until AFTER meds caused damage. All med tapers/cold turkeys directed by doctors"
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@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk Sam, please note 3 Blind Psychs whining that there are real, serious flaws that need attention in #psychiatry but they are prevented from addressing them because dings from "anti-psychiatry" patients (on Twitter, no less) hurt their feelings. What does this say about the doctors?
@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk The epithet "anti-psychiatry" directed at patients is nothing but ad hominem from clinicians who have no intention of bringing patients into the discussions of improving clinical care. (This is #psychiatry we're talking about, the science of human emotion.)
@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk The argument that people are dissuaded from necessary #psychiatric treatment by purported "anti-psychiatry" is intellectually dishonest on so many levels.

1) #Psychiatric prescribers report being swamped by demand for their services; they plead for additional prescribers. /1
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@awaisaftab Hello, Awais. I will attempt to answer your excellent questions. @HengartnerMP may wish to add his perspective as well. /1
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP Re your #2: This was a retrospective study. Duration & symptom criteria from Chouinard & Chouinard, 2015 were used in selecting subject population. Other of C&C's criteria (C) were addressed in analysis & discussion. The paper only weakly corroborates C&C's criteria (C). /2
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP "Greater severity of illness": We relied upon subjects reporting symptoms were qualitatively different than prior to treatment. It is impossible to quantify "greater severity", the symptoms being so various & most unlike original condition. They certainly were distressing. /3
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I deeply relate to this. After almost dying of ❤️ failure from #Lyme & being told by 11 “top” docs that in spite of my tick bite, bullseye, & classic symptoms, I could not poss still have it after a short course of doxy. Well, I did. 1/
And after the 12th doc saved my life (thx @StevePhillipsMD), I wrote my story in @HuffPost. I didn’t think anyone would care. But they did. The editor called & asked me to keep writing about this scandal as so many ppl were reading my story. 2/…
So I kept writing and began hearing from people all over the world, including a nurse from Ghana, who used my story to guide them back to health. I even interviewed celebrities who had gone through it like Daryl Hall. 3/…
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Let's unpack why @psychunseen publishes posts such as this one, seeking to delegitimize patient movements he's observed on Twitter. He's been doing this for more than a year. /1
First, everyone should be aware @psychunseen is a #psychiatrist who treats inpatients for the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles.

The target of the tweet is the "drop the disorder" people, but, ill-advisedly, he swipes at chronic Lyme & CFS patients as well. /2
@psychunseen has been working on this thesis for a long time: That patient campaigns on social media are driven by pathological psychiatric conditions, not the desire of patients for better care from doctors. /3
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@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee I do agree, Dr. Fulli. Response to the drug most certainly is not a diagnosis, & those physicians who conclude an adverse reaction to an #antidepressant is diagnostic of bipolar disorder not only have poor pharmacology knowledge but poor logical skills as well. /1
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Even people with no pre-existing #psychiatric symptoms may have a severe adverse reaction to an #antidepressant or any other psychotropic.

Conversely, any psychotropic might relieve "depression" in someone, eg. amphetamines or opiates. This is another law of psychotropics. /2
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee For what it's worth, I have a collection of case studies where people had immediate severe adverse reactions to #antidepressants & even though they quit within a handful of doses, suffered symptoms identical to post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS for months or years. /3
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UK woman tapering paroxetine: "After 18 years of stupor—of emotionless head fog, of sleeping 14 hours a day, of apathy—I’m succeeding in getting off the #antidepressant Seroxat." /1…
After reducing to 7mg paroxetine: "I spent the first half of 2019 in continual, breathless, agitated terror.
I couldn’t sit still, and my constant squirming made my partner cry. I suspect I had something I’ve since found out is called #akathisia."…
"Within days of that first panic attack in January [2109], I decided to stop tapering the Seroxat and stay on the same 7mg dose. I got in touch with my GP to tell her what had happened.

I was referred to the local mental health crisis team." /3…
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@psychunseen: "...if the goal of anti-psychiatry is to get #psychiatrists to listen...this is better done within a therapeutic relationship, not in a picket line at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting or on social media" apparently refers to me personally. /1
I thought it stood out as particularly illogical in his most recent screed…

Who pickets the APA other than Scientology?
Then I recalled I had attended an APA meeting where there were pickets. I did not do any picketing myself, but I was invited to speak outside:

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@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick Joe, you still don't get it: "If there’s a lesson to be learned from anti-psychiatry, it’s that not all of our patients are satisfied customers and they deserve to be heard. But.... listening to feedback with empathy is part of [a #psychiatrist's] routine daily clinical work."
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick The problem patients injured by #psychiatric treatment face is that #psychiatrists & other physicians DON'T UNDERSTAND the feedback they get from patients. No amount of empathy is produce acknowledgement & treatment of injury rather than "relapse"!
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick @psychunseen, your writings will go down in history as an example of what we might call the anosognosia of #psychiatry towards adverse iatrogenic effects of #psychiatric treatment.

Thanks for that, at least. Fodder for future PhDs.
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Please explain to me what "relationship" means in:

"Unfortunately, some patients who identify with being harmed by psychiatry have given up on finding that kind of relationship and instead attempt to find meaning in identity as an injured party." /1…
I think "give up on finding that kind of relationship" may mean: "stopped deferring to the expertise of #psychiatrists in defining their reality". A crime, apparently. Also disregards that if a patient is injured, it's not an identity, it's a fact, not to be "negotiated" away. /2
This further suggests authors of this article believe injured patients are willingly injured -- perhaps somaticizing? -- rather than being the unwilling victims of an accident of fate brought on by #psychiatric treatment, which is known even by #psychiatrists to have pitfalls. /3
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@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Yes, we know. I've got 6,000 naturalistic case histories of adverse effects of psychotropics right here. I know more about adverse effects of psychotropics than I ever cared to. Being prescribed isn't a shield for a drug.…
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Not joining handwaving over esketamine because it's so dangerous, though I abhor the dishonesty & hype. I counsel people with akathisia, movement disorders, suicidality induced by prescribed #psychiatric drugs every damn day. A psychotropic is a psychotropic. They all ruin lives.
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD I just had to review and document the suicides of 2 of my site members who could not stand their post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS from #antidepressants any more. One was a woman with PSSD sexual dysfunction for 38 months. She was 21. Started sertraline at age 17. /1
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