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FACT: “Chemical imbalance” or "neurotransmitter deficiency theory" was deployed by pharmaceutical companies to advertise their #psychiatric psychotropics. Never been scientifically proven, debunked many years ago, still circulating as rumor 20+ years later.
See sources below. /1
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@_pem_pem Why this is nonsensical: "Jeffrey Lieberman, a professor of #psychiatry at Columbia University...“The problems that they’ve been criticized for have more to do [with] the way they’re used by doctors & the heterogeneity of the condition that they’re indicated for.” /1
@_pem_pem What Lieberman is saying is that if #antidepressants were prescribed to a population for which they are known to work well, they would have a much better track record. This is true, because it is a tautology. /2
@_pem_pem The reasoning is circular, if #antidepressants were prescribed for those people for whom the drugs worked, they would work. /3
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Monoamine hypothesis aka "chemical imbalance" & other synonyms, arose circa 1965, but was known to only #psychiatrists, who were unhappily prescribing TCAs and MAOIs to a niche market. Patients hated the many adverse effects of the drugs. /1
Until mid-1990s, monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency" etc.) was not circulating as a "folk model", not in medicine or in the general public. 1990 is ~center of this chart, when #psychiatrists, many paid by pharma, started churning out papers. /2
As a meme or "folk model", monoamine hypothesis (aka "chemical imbalance", "serotonin deficiency", "neurohormone imbalance", etc.) was diligently planted by dozens of #psychiatrists -- not a few -- many paid by pharma. Not something that arose organically out of nowhere. /3
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@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1 Not at all, Sanil. Among my site members, many people come off #antidepressants & other drugs with slight or no withdrawal symptoms except an emotional anesthesia, which they may describe as depression, anhedonia, various kinds of malaise, even "relapse" but.... /1
@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1's a "relapse" unlike anything they've experienced before. While they may use #psychiatry's vocabulary, because that's all they've got, this emotional anesthesia is actually a result of long-term psychotropic exposure, not "relapse"..../2
@sanilrege @markhoro @SenadHasanagic1 Post-drug emotional anesthesia is well known among those who have gone off psychotropics classified as addictive & considered a feature of those protracted withdrawal syndromes. There is no reason to think chronic #psychiatric psychotropics are exempt..../3
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A short thread on a recent publication from @HiyaaLab, in Translational Psychiatry. The study shows that the dendritic structure & electrical properties of adult neurons in healthy brains depend on proactive regulation by the gene Tcf4, a high risk allele for #Schizophrenia.
1/7 Image
The #research reveals unexpected gene-networks, previously known to be involved in ciliary pathways, underlie #structural and #functional integrity of mature neurons in the healthy adult brain.
Given that the elaborate #dendrites & spines enable a neuron’s physical and electrical connectivity in a #neural circuit, alteration in the structure disrupts neuronal function, affecting the circuits and #cognition. 3/7
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$10K cost per patient: "In late 2012, when the team finally had 6 months of data on 90 patients, the depression-score reductions....[were] essentially matched by the control group, who after 6 months with inactive devices had 17% hitting the improvement target & 7% in remission."
"As expected, it failed to help many....1st year, 10/90 patients left the study (& 4 had their devices removed), for reasons ranging from worsening depression to a suicide attempt. Eventually, of the 90 patients, 37—most of those who’d felt no benefit—had the devices removed."
"Also as expected for a surgical intervention in so depressed a population, some experienced side effects & least 9 ppl reported increased depression, 6 got infections, & several more suffered side effects such as headaches or postoperative discomfort or pain"
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Dystonia from #psychiatric drugs since 2014: "I have worked so hard over the years to increase my physical activity after WD, so I am extremely proud of the 2 or 3 times a week that I manage to shuffle up & down the block, and manage to lift tiny weights."…
"If I "walk" (a.k.a. limp/amble/shuffle) too far or for too long, the D (dystonia) will flare. If I do too many reps with my small weights, the D will flare. If I have a cold or flu, the D will flare....I try maintain a balance of being lightly active so I can feel happy."
From her history: "-Dual cold turkeys off TCA & Ativan in Oct 2014. Prescribed from 2011-2014
-All meds were Rxed off-label for an autoimmune illness. It was a MISDIAGNOSIS, but I did not find out until AFTER meds caused damage. All med tapers/cold turkeys directed by doctors"
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@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk Sam, please note 3 Blind Psychs whining that there are real, serious flaws that need attention in #psychiatry but they are prevented from addressing them because dings from "anti-psychiatry" patients (on Twitter, no less) hurt their feelings. What does this say about the doctors?
@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk The epithet "anti-psychiatry" directed at patients is nothing but ad hominem from clinicians who have no intention of bringing patients into the discussions of improving clinical care. (This is #psychiatry we're talking about, the science of human emotion.)
@sash_andy @samwoolfe @lisa63artist @jonathanstea @bmj_latest @hrw @C4Dispatches @gmcuk The argument that people are dissuaded from necessary #psychiatric treatment by purported "anti-psychiatry" is intellectually dishonest on so many levels.

1) #Psychiatric prescribers report being swamped by demand for their services; they plead for additional prescribers. /1
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@awaisaftab Hello, Awais. I will attempt to answer your excellent questions. @HengartnerMP may wish to add his perspective as well. /1
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP Re your #2: This was a retrospective study. Duration & symptom criteria from Chouinard & Chouinard, 2015 were used in selecting subject population. Other of C&C's criteria (C) were addressed in analysis & discussion. The paper only weakly corroborates C&C's criteria (C). /2
@awaisaftab @HengartnerMP "Greater severity of illness": We relied upon subjects reporting symptoms were qualitatively different than prior to treatment. It is impossible to quantify "greater severity", the symptoms being so various & most unlike original condition. They certainly were distressing. /3
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I deeply relate to this. After almost dying of ❤️ failure from #Lyme & being told by 11 “top” docs that in spite of my tick bite, bullseye, & classic symptoms, I could not poss still have it after a short course of doxy. Well, I did. 1/
And after the 12th doc saved my life (thx @StevePhillipsMD), I wrote my story in @HuffPost. I didn’t think anyone would care. But they did. The editor called & asked me to keep writing about this scandal as so many ppl were reading my story. 2/…
So I kept writing and began hearing from people all over the world, including a nurse from Ghana, who used my story to guide them back to health. I even interviewed celebrities who had gone through it like Daryl Hall. 3/…
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Let's unpack why @psychunseen publishes posts such as this one, seeking to delegitimize patient movements he's observed on Twitter. He's been doing this for more than a year. /1
First, everyone should be aware @psychunseen is a #psychiatrist who treats inpatients for the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles.

The target of the tweet is the "drop the disorder" people, but, ill-advisedly, he swipes at chronic Lyme & CFS patients as well. /2
@psychunseen has been working on this thesis for a long time: That patient campaigns on social media are driven by pathological psychiatric conditions, not the desire of patients for better care from doctors. /3
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@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee I do agree, Dr. Fulli. Response to the drug most certainly is not a diagnosis, & those physicians who conclude an adverse reaction to an #antidepressant is diagnostic of bipolar disorder not only have poor pharmacology knowledge but poor logical skills as well. /1
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee Even people with no pre-existing #psychiatric symptoms may have a severe adverse reaction to an #antidepressant or any other psychotropic.

Conversely, any psychotropic might relieve "depression" in someone, eg. amphetamines or opiates. This is another law of psychotropics. /2
@DrFulli @lapsyrevoltee For what it's worth, I have a collection of case studies where people had immediate severe adverse reactions to #antidepressants & even though they quit within a handful of doses, suffered symptoms identical to post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS for months or years. /3
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UK woman tapering paroxetine: "After 18 years of stupor—of emotionless head fog, of sleeping 14 hours a day, of apathy—I’m succeeding in getting off the #antidepressant Seroxat." /1…
After reducing to 7mg paroxetine: "I spent the first half of 2019 in continual, breathless, agitated terror.
I couldn’t sit still, and my constant squirming made my partner cry. I suspect I had something I’ve since found out is called #akathisia."…
"Within days of that first panic attack in January [2109], I decided to stop tapering the Seroxat and stay on the same 7mg dose. I got in touch with my GP to tell her what had happened.

I was referred to the local mental health crisis team." /3…
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@psychunseen: "...if the goal of anti-psychiatry is to get #psychiatrists to listen...this is better done within a therapeutic relationship, not in a picket line at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting or on social media" apparently refers to me personally. /1
I thought it stood out as particularly illogical in his most recent screed…

Who pickets the APA other than Scientology?
Then I recalled I had attended an APA meeting where there were pickets. I did not do any picketing myself, but I was invited to speak outside:

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@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick Joe, you still don't get it: "If there’s a lesson to be learned from anti-psychiatry, it’s that not all of our patients are satisfied customers and they deserve to be heard. But.... listening to feedback with empathy is part of [a #psychiatrist's] routine daily clinical work."
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick The problem patients injured by #psychiatric treatment face is that #psychiatrists & other physicians DON'T UNDERSTAND the feedback they get from patients. No amount of empathy is produce acknowledgement & treatment of injury rather than "relapse"!
@psychunseen @AllenFrancesMD @awaisaftab @pash22 @dawso007 @evolutionarypsy @dranniehickox @sameerjauhar @jonathanstea @CoyneoftheRealm @jack_turban @drjessigold @amybarnhorst @KazJNelson @MarkLRuffalo @tylerblack32 @SameiHuda @paulsummergrad @wendyburn @cadoganhealthc1 @DrWinarick @psychunseen, your writings will go down in history as an example of what we might call the anosognosia of #psychiatry towards adverse iatrogenic effects of #psychiatric treatment.

Thanks for that, at least. Fodder for future PhDs.
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Please explain to me what "relationship" means in:

"Unfortunately, some patients who identify with being harmed by psychiatry have given up on finding that kind of relationship and instead attempt to find meaning in identity as an injured party." /1…
I think "give up on finding that kind of relationship" may mean: "stopped deferring to the expertise of #psychiatrists in defining their reality". A crime, apparently. Also disregards that if a patient is injured, it's not an identity, it's a fact, not to be "negotiated" away. /2
This further suggests authors of this article believe injured patients are willingly injured -- perhaps somaticizing? -- rather than being the unwilling victims of an accident of fate brought on by #psychiatric treatment, which is known even by #psychiatrists to have pitfalls. /3
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@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Yes, we know. I've got 6,000 naturalistic case histories of adverse effects of psychotropics right here. I know more about adverse effects of psychotropics than I ever cared to. Being prescribed isn't a shield for a drug.…
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD Not joining handwaving over esketamine because it's so dangerous, though I abhor the dishonesty & hype. I counsel people with akathisia, movement disorders, suicidality induced by prescribed #psychiatric drugs every damn day. A psychotropic is a psychotropic. They all ruin lives.
@DrFulli @AllenFrancesMD I just had to review and document the suicides of 2 of my site members who could not stand their post-acute withdrawal syndrome #PAWS from #antidepressants any more. One was a woman with PSSD sexual dysfunction for 38 months. She was 21. Started sertraline at age 17. /1
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@dianamswancutt @shayla__love Truly excellent article, Shayla.

I know you couldn't cover everything -- @angpeacock1111 represents the epidemic of misdiagnosis & overprescribing affecting millions of people. Issues around psychosis are fascinating to academics, but there's a larger public health issue..../1
@dianamswancutt @shayla__love @angpeacock1111 Please consider another in-depth article on the patient movement represented in Medicating Normal. It is huge. There is a large peer support underground helping people deprescribe themselves -- they can't find doctors who know how to taper. Millions are looking for this help. /2
@dianamswancutt @shayla__love @angpeacock1111 Millions have been misdiagnosed & overprescribed. GPs mostly do this, but #psychiatry ignores it.

This is a patient movement that is not academic anti- or critical psychiatry, but very angry with #psychiatry for not stepping up for patient safety in #psychiatric treatment. /3
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@DBDouble @f_hieronymus @awaisaftab @rcpsych I took it as "contend" but @f_hieronymus does not seem to be aware that while #antidepressant withdrawal problems are well-documented, this awareness has not translated to clinical practice for 60 years. What is the nature of the barrier? This is the epistemiological question.
@DBDouble @f_hieronymus @awaisaftab @rcpsych First, late '80s-early '90s, new #antidepressants were held not to have a withdrawal syndrome (despite known pharmacological principles of psychotropics & appearance in clinical trials).

Then, starting with Schatzberg et al., 1997, withdrawal syndrome was held to be trivial /1
@DBDouble @f_hieronymus @awaisaftab @rcpsych Schatzberg et al., 1997 claimed #antidepressants "discontinuation" symptoms were mild, transitory, lasting only a few weeks, barely needing tapering. This held sway to the present day (despite decades of many, many patient complaints of more severe problems). /2
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"Approximately 10 million U.S. adults are prescribed long-term opioid therapy (LTOT)...."

(vs ~30 million prescribed #antidepressants)

Frank, 2017 Patient Outcomes in Dose Reduction or Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy...……

"Opioid tapering can be challenging for both patients & clinicians. In routine practice, discontinuation of LTOT is uncommon...from 8% to 35%....nearly half reported wanting to cut down or stop, yet 80% were receiving high-dose opioids 1 year later."…

"There is little evidence to guide clinicians in the process of opioid tapering, especially in primary care settings, where most opioid therapy is prescribed....little is known about the risks and benefits of opioid tapering."
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Why #psychiatry research seems to exist in a parallel universe: "Academic psychiatrists who pursue research careers may not have patients after residency, let alone practice psychotherapy." -- psychologist Jonathan Shedler…
"But aren’t we seeing the same kind of arrogance & reductionism in #psychiatry today?....I cannot tell you how many depressed patients I’ve worked with...successfully....who had been on 1 medication after another for years or decades with little benefit."…
"These patients often go from #antidepressants to mood stabilizers to atypicals....We see polypharmacy nightmares, with patients on 5 or 6 or more #psychiatric medications, and they are just as depressed as when they started."…
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"I was eventually convinced by a psychologist (and my wife) to try Zoloft because I was one of those people that was either born with a chemical imbalance or I acquired one due to my childhood traumas. Well...those 3 days were...pure hell on earth."…
After 2 years on #antidepressants: Diagnosed Paroxysmal Supra Ventricular Tachycardia "24 years of my life chasing this, never not once did any medical or other professional suggest I go see a cardiologist but they were all too willing to take my money.."…
"I was very very ill about a week after I started Pristiq & I told my GP numerous times but she just said to "keep going" as it takes about 6-8 weeks to kick in and start was obvious she was in too far over her head..."…
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Public statement of American #Psychiatric Association (APA) October 15, 2004:

"'The American Psychiatric Association believes that #Antidepressants save lives.'

This was perhaps the first professional suicide note in history...."…
"The American #Psychiatric Association statement should have read:

‘The American Psychiatric Association believes that #Psychiatrists save lives.

...we need to restore the professionalism it takes to manage risky drugs appropriately.'"… /2
"If [#psychiatric drugs] aren’t risky & things go wrong, it must be the prescribers who are risky. And if the prescribers are risky, they need to be constrained within guidelines and protocols...."… /3
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