Unfortunate decision to shift Metro CarShed from Aarey to Kanjurmarg and that too just to satisfy ego❗️
This decision will increase the cost of the project by at least ₹4000 crore and this cost escalation is assessed by the committee appointed by this Government.
Why such a huge burden just to satisfy someone’s ego? Whom does government want to suffer and for what?
The Kanjurmarg site was earlier considered by the Government. But it was under litigation and stayed by Hon HC.
Some private individuals claimed their rights. The stay was requested to be withdrawn.
But Hon HC wanted the amount to be deposited if the claims got settled in future.
This amount was around ₹2400 crore in 2015.
What is the status of that case today?
And if someone moves to Hon SC, who will be responsible for the delay?

Moreover, since the site of Kanjurmarg is a marshy land, it will require at least 2 years to stabilise it.

In addition to this, all the previous tenders will have to be scraped and a new process will have to be followed.
No DPR or feasibility report has been made for this site.
This means that the Metro project, which would have been in the service of Mumbaikars just next year, has now been postponed indefinitely.
₹400 crore was already spent for Aarey CarShed,₹1300 crore wasted due to staying of project & additional cost escalation of ₹4000 crore❗️
₹2400crore cost burden if in case Kanjurmarg land dispute remains as it was.
What will be today’s cost❓
Metro project delayed for indefinite period.
What exactly does the state Govt want to achieve by blocking the seamless journey of Mumbaikars?
MVA Govt misleading Mumbaikars❗️

• • •

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11 Oct
आरे येथील मेट्रो कारशेड कांजूरमार्ग येथे हलविण्याचा दुर्दैवी निर्णय हा केवळ अहंकारातून!
कांजूरमार्गला मेट्रो कारशेड नेल्यास 4000 कोटी रुपयांचा अतिरिक्त भुर्दंड सोसावा लागेल, असे याच सरकारने स्थापन केलेल्या समितीने सांगितले.
हा भुर्दंड राज्य सरकार आपल्या अहंकारासाठी कुणाच्या माथी मारू इच्छिते? आणि कशासाठी?
कांजूरमार्गच्या जागेचा यापूर्वी सरकारने विचार केला. पण त्यावर मा. उच्च न्यायालयाची स्थगिती होती. काही खाजगी व्यक्तींनी त्या जागेवर दावा सांगितला. स्थगिती मागे घ्यावी, म्हणून विनंती करण्यात आली, तर न्यायालयाने दावे पुढील काळात निकाली निघाले, तर त्यासाठीची रक्कम भरण्यास सांगितले.
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3 Aug
It is really very strange that why Maharashtra Government is coming under unnecessary suspicion by not allowing Bihar Police to perform their duties.

The movement of officers doing official public service can’t be stopped by putting them in quarantine in these testing times of #COVID19 pandemic.

A medical team from Kerala visited Mumbai, UP Police came to investigate Vikas Dubey case, a team from Bihar police is already working in Mumbai since 4 days but none of them were quarantined then why only an SP rank officer is treated differently?

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13 Jul
राज्यातील बहुतेक सर्व कोरोनाग्रस्त जिल्ह्यांचा दौरा केल्यानंतर आढळलेली निरीक्षणे, त्यावर राज्य सरकारच्या वतीने तातडीने करावयाच्या उपाययोजनांबाबत मुख्यमंत्री मा. उद्धव ठाकरेजी यांना पत्र..
राज्यातील बहुतेक सर्व कोरोनाग्रस्त जिल्ह्यांचा दौरा केल्यानंतर आढळलेली निरीक्षणे, त्यावर राज्य सरकारच्या वतीने तातडीने करावयाच्या उपाययोजनांबाबत मुख्यमंत्री मा. उद्धव ठाकरेजी यांना पत्र..
राज्यातील बहुतेक सर्व कोरोनाग्रस्त जिल्ह्यांचा दौरा केल्यानंतर आढळलेली निरीक्षणे, त्यावर राज्य सरकारच्या वतीने तातडीने करावयाच्या उपाययोजनांबाबत मुख्यमंत्री मा. उद्धव ठाकरेजी यांना पत्र..
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8 Jul
It was relieving to see yesterday’s COVID numbers in Mumbai coming down to806until I realised that only3300samples were tested.@OfficeofUT are we playing with lives of Mumbaikars?On a given day our patients are806&64deaths which takes the death rate to around 8%&infection rate25%
And same is the case with State numbers!
After 7074 positive patients on 4th July & 6555 positive patients on 5th July (On both days test were around 31,000)the very next day,on 6th July test numbers came down by 8000 &by 5200 on 7th July to show less number of positive patients.
#COVIDー19 can’t be controlled by number suppression.
As new ICMR guidelines allows COVID testing of every citizen and @mybmc declared it has adopted the guidelines & citizens are free to go to any lab and get their test done, it is my sincere request that..
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21 May
Have a look at the positivity rate in total tests conducted till 18th May 2020.
India: 4.17%
(Total tests: 23,02,792/Positive cases: 96,169)
Maharashtra: 12.43%
(Total test: 2,82,000/Positive cases: 35,058)
Mumbai: 13.17%
(Total test: 1,62,000/Positive cases: 21,335)
The ratio of positive cases in Maharashtra is 3 times than that of national average & in Mumbai it is even more.
This shows that the spread is much more in Maharashtra.
And if we eliminate repetitive tests of a single person (since testing number also includes multiple tests of a single person and positive person needs to be tested negative on 2 consecutive days to get discharged), Mumbai’s positivity rate stands at around 22%.
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7 May
मा. मुख्यमंत्री मा. उद्धव ठाकरेजी यांनी बोलाविलेल्या सर्वपक्षीय बैठकीला मंत्रालयात उपस्थित राहून मी आणि विधान परिषदेतील विरोधी पक्षनेते प्रवीण दरेकर यांनी भाजपाच्या वतीने खालील मुद्यांकडे राज्य सरकारचे लक्ष वेधले.
1) राज्यातील आरोग्य व्यवस्था अतिशय वाईट असून पूर्णतः कोलमडली आहे. सायन रुग्णालयात तर मृतदेहांशेजारीच रुग्णांवर उपचार केले जात आहेत. रुग्णांना आता बेड्स मिळणे कठीण झाले आहे.
#SionHospital #Mumbai
कोरोना नसलेल्या रुग्णांचे सुद्धा मोठे हाल होत आहेत. आरोग्य सेवेतील अनेक डॉक्टर, नर्सेस, कर्मचारी पॉझिटिव्ह होण्याचे प्रमाण वाढले आहे. शासनाने यात तत्काळ लक्ष घालावे.

खविणे योग्य नाही.

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