@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo

The only leverage that the world still has over the remnants of the Bashir-NCP, Islamists', deep-state, are those same US sanctions that some people are still vociferously complaining about. They are what largely facilitated in the final toppling of Bashir.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo The US' sanctions are the only leverage that the #Sudan-ese civilians still have over the military junta to force them to guarantee & enact genuine reforms. The military junta has not enacted any reforms at all since the #Sudan transitional government was formed.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo The military junta's "guaranteed committment" to reforms does not need the US' sanctions to be lifted as a prerequisite. E.g., where is the justice for the protestors that were killed during the revolution? Why has that still not been made a "red-line demand" by the "civilians"?
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo Removing #Sudan prematurely from the US' sanctions' listing, will only assist and resurrect the military & Islamists' deep-state before any reforms have been secured by the civilians.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo The #Sudan-ese "delisting champions", along with their foreign supporters & mouth-pieces, cannot continue to under-estimate just how much the military junta's deep-state actually needs those US sanctions lifted just as much, if not more, than the civilians do.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo The military junta needs the sanctions lifting so much so, that they were - & still are - willing to "personally fund" a "fake peace mediation" #SouthSudan to coerce the armed opposition to join them alongside.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo Armed opposition groups with members of the SPLM-North that the military junta detained in Khartoum during the #Sudan Revolution in 2019.

Additionally, you have Hemedti & Al-Burhan now leading the push for #Sudan's normalisation of ties with Israel.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo All signs of deep desperation by a military junta & its Bashir-NCP deep-state's remnants.

As the civilians of #Sudan, guarantee your revolution's reforms first of all from the military junta. Guarantee the reforms from those deep-state actors that are still in govt with you.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo After you have done that, then your demands for foreign assistance with your ongoing revolution - instead of assisting the military junta of the former Bashir-NCP regime's remnants - shall make sense to all.
There are still many outside who still do not trust & believe.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo Do not think that your revolution is not already on the path to that of Egypt's revolution. It has always been on the same path since Bashir’s toppling; & that's with or without the US' sanctions being lifted.
@NesrineMalik @robertamsterdam @StateDept @SecPompeo You already have your very own "Abdel Fattah" waiting to take over in due course. If you are not vigilant & fully cognizant, "Abdel Fattah al-Burhan" shall become your #Sudan's "Abdel Fattah el-Sissi".



Who exactly is #TutKewGatluak ?

• • •

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@liberty_sudan @_hudsonc ...South & all of the other disenfranchised & socioeconomically oppressed regions of the #Sudan. He was not naive nor was he deluded enough to ever think that the current #SouthSudan independence was ever going to be pragmatically realistic in just 6 years of a CPA interim...
@liberty_sudan @_hudsonc ...period, without there first being “fundamental socioeconomic structures” in place to be able to run the South’s - or any of the other regions for that matter - own affairs. Just look at the state of #SouthSudan now for all of the evidence of that that you need; and now look...
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It is understandable why Machar’s SPLM/A-IO will be uncomfortable with the unilateral creation of the Ruweng Administrative Area; if it remains in place.
The former Southern Liech State - which was one of the now defunct, 32 illegally created States by Kiir’s regime -...
...included the ancestral home of Riek Machar. The largely Nuer-populated former Southern Liech State, bordered the former largely Dinka-populated Ruweng State - now the Ruweng Administrative Area.

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Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol is a Dinka tribesman from Malual of Aweil, in the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region of #SouthSudan.
He comes from a prominent family among the Malual Dinka clan of Aweil.
During the civil war of #Sudan from 1983 to 2005, Mathok was in Sudan studying. He was a student activist of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement.

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إنه ينتمي إلى عائلة بارزة من عشيرة المالوال دينكا في أويل.
خلال الحرب الأهلية في السودان من 1983 إلى 2005 ، كان ديو ماتوك في السودان يدرس. كان ناشطا طلابا في الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان.

بسبب عمه ، ارتقى ديو ماتوك إلى موقع مهم بعد اتفاقية السلام الشامل لعام 2005 ؛
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@ctrlamb @JustinWelby @Pontifex @santegidionews

*Public Statement*

The South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) - a member of the SSOMA - is informing its entire membership, supporters, partners and the international community that yesterday at around 5:30 PM our forces were...
...attaked by heavily armed forces belonging to the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

The attack occurred in the areas around Chiombarow and Riaydeng villages. These are areas between Nhialdiu and Bentiu. The attack resulted into some injuries on both sides and the...
...field commanders are trying to monitor the situation in avoidance of further confrontations.

This attack occurred even after the Commander-In-Chief restrained the forces from any active combat.

However, we are informing our supporters, partners and the international...
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Remembering CPA Day: John Garang speech - Eye Radio

”With this peace agreement, the SPLM and the National Congress Party government have brought half a century of war to a dignified end – congratulations.” eyeradio.org/remembering-cp…
”With this peace agreement, there will be no more bombs falling from the sky on innocent children and women. Instead of the cries of children and the wailing of women and the pain of the last 21 years of war, peace will bless us once more with hearing the happy giggling of...
...children and the enchanting ululation of women who are excited in happiness for one reason or another.”

”At the political level, this agreement affirms the right of self-determination for the people of southern Sudan and the right of popular consultation for the people of...
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