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The #African_Union Needs to Resolve #Ethiopiaโ€™s Dam Dispute
By Ola Owojori (@OlaOwojori)

๐Ÿ‘‰ U.S. diplomacy has failed. African diplomacy canโ€™t afford to.

๐Ÿ“Œ The 1929 #Nile Waters Agreement between #Egypt & #Britain, which at the time held colonial power . . .
. . over several #Nile_Basin countr., gave #Egypt z right to veto any projs. along the #Nile.

๐Ÿ“Œ A treaty estab. in 1959 b/n #Egypt & #Sudan apportioned z vast majority of z #Nileโ€™s waters to #Egypt & a sizable alloc. to #Sudan. Eth. was never consulted for either treaty.
๐Ÿ“Œ #Egypt in particular thinks of itself as the natural owner of the #Nile, which it has dominated for centuries.

๐Ÿ“Œ #Ethiopians, in contrast, have been historically unable to exercise any natural rights over the #Nile despite the fact that 86 percent of the water . . .
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By Mekdelawit Messay (@Mekdi_Messay) and Dr. Tirusew Asefa (@TirusewAsefa)

๐Ÿ“Œ As a large dam was being built on a river which is known for its heavy . . .
. . sediment transfer, it was only a matter of time before the issue of sedimentation came to the forefront of discussions.

๐Ÿ“Œ The local name for the #Blue_Nile is fittingly #Black_Nile or #Tikur_Abbay, alluding to its dark color that comes from the sediment it carries.
๐Ÿ“Œ Siltation in dams essentially reduces the storage capacity of dams which in turn reduces the power generation capacity of the dams. In #Sudan, where the direct sedimentation of #Blue_Nile is observed, significant amounts of storage capacity is already lost.
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Up to #African_Union to Resolve #Ethiopia_Egypt Water Conflict
@AmbShinn Blogspot

#Foreign_Policy posted on 24 September 2020 an article titled "The African Union Needs to Resolve Ethiopia's Dam Dispute" by Ola Owojori (@OlaOwojori) a political risk specialist.
Negotiations to resolve disagreements between #Ethiopia and #Egypt over water allocation behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) involving the #US_Treasury_Department and the #World_Bank have failed.
It is up to the #African_Union, which has a better understanding of the problem, to propose a solution acceptable to #Ethiopia, #Egypt, and #Sudan.โ€ฆ
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The point is what was the targetโ‰๏ธ
#Sudan Security Forces Seize Explosives, Bomb-making Materials
#Sudanese security forces targeted a suspected terrorist cell in #Khartoum and seized massive amounts of explosives, including TNT . . .
. . and ammonium nitrate, authorities announced Wednesday. At least 41 people were arrested and are being investigated, according to #Sudan Attorney General Taj Alsir Alhibir.
Forensic analysis revealed the compounds are โ€œdangerous enough to blow up the countryโ€™s capital, if Iโ€™m not mistaken,โ€ added Alhibir.โ€ฆ
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Special Analysis: Arab leaders understand that relations with #Israel provide access to US Empire and all that comes with it, including much desired US-made weapons and other perks such as security and economic cooperation.
by @mikopeledโ€ฆ #UAEIsrael #UAE
Heads of Arab states are seated around the table at a session of their Summit meeting in Khartoum, #Sudan, Aug. 30, 1967.
AP Photo Image
A group of Congressional Dems are calling attention to a key pillar of US-Israeli policy in a futile effort to stall an arms deal as Israeli-UAE normalization takes effect.
by Raul Diegoโ€ฆ #UAE #Israel #UAEIsrael
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Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) as seen from human rights context
By Girma Gadisa Tufa (@GirmaGadisa2)

โœ… These are the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (#ICCPR), the International Covenant on Economic, . . .
. . Social and Cultural Rights (#ICESCR) and the #African_Charter on Human and Peoplesโ€™ Rights (#African_Charter).

โœ… #Ethiopia, #Egypt and #Sudan are states parties to these treaties except that #Sudan not a state party to the #ICCPR.
However, this does not make any difference since article 1(2) of the #ICCPR and article 1(2) of the #ICESCR provides exactly the same right.

โœ… The tension surrounding the #GERD is not only about the geo-politics or agreements or frameworks related to the use of . . .
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#Bahrain Joins the 'Circle of Peace' ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ
Rage in #Ramallah. Expect spittle-flecked fury from Mahmoud Abbas, followed by the glum faces of @DrHananAshrawi and @ErakatSaeb Cue the violins๐ŸŽป
What can so-called #Palestine offer the #UAE #Bahrain #Oman #Sudan #Chad or other Arab states likely to normalize ties with #Israel? Nothing. Nada. Nada naranja.
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Smell the Coffee, End the Fruitless #GERD Negotiationsโ€ผ๏ธ
By Dejen Yemane (@MesseleDejen)

โœ… #Ethiopia, #Egypt and #Sudan trekked a decade long journey while negotiating on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD).
They have as of yet not struck a deal. If they are ready to accept advice, now is the time to discontinue z negotiations in a consensual manner.
โœ… If they come to understand each other & reserve genuine good faith, they can peacefully agree to close z #GERD negotiation.
โœ… 9 yrs of the #GERD journey should enable them to underst. where each party stands & which lines they are unwilling to cross.
โœ… It isn't even merely a source of energy but a river with histor., emotional & political aspects to it as far as the 3 countr. are concerned.
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Al-Qassam, the Military Wing of #Hamas are currently show casing some of their new rocket capabilities on @AJArabic.#Gaza Image
Devliery of some Fajir-5โ€™s from #Iran as per the documentary currently on @AJArabic Image
@AJArabic MRLS appears to contain 8 rockets. Image
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The Right Dam in the Right Place - #GERD
By Mahlet Ayele (@Maallot)

โœ… The #British knocked at the #Ethiopiaโ€™ns door for 50 years in the name of #Nile dev't, but only to be rejected by the highlanders.
โœ… The #British hoped to revolutionize the #Nile irrigation system by building a dam at #Lake_Tana in Eth. & turning it to a major water reservoir with minimal evaporation while significantly enlarging & regulating the amount of water flowing to #Sudan & #Egypt.
โœ… Scholars reinforces the view that the #Aswan_High_Dam was essentially a political project rather than a developmental one.
โœ… Recent works on the #Nile hydropolitics . . .
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U.S. - #Ethiopia Relations Take a Wrong Turn
By Ambassador Johnnie Carson

The Trump administrationโ€™s decision to suspend & delay dev't assistance to #Ethiopia over the filling of the new Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) is misguided and shortsighted.
The move will undermine Washingtonโ€™s relations and influence in one of Africaโ€™s most significant states.โ€ฆ
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Iโ€™m not one for hyperbole but the collapse of the transitional government in #Sudan is no longer a far fetched possibility. The country is literally bankrupt. The situation was already bad when COVID-19 hit. Now the country was brought to its knees by the floods.
This gloomy economic situation is exacerbated by the political dysfunction & dispute within the government component which was made evident in the not-so-subtle blame trading between #Burhan & @SudanPMHamdok on the dire state of affairs.
Moreover #Burhan (surprise!! not @GeneralDagllo) appears to be positioning himself to become the "savior" of #Sudan in the medium to long run. How he plans to achieve this is unclear but it is very obvious he is seeking to build a political base & polish his image
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Floods have caused havoc in #Sudan. Prayers and thoughts for the affected families.

A flood is more than that meets the eye.

7 Sept 2014, #Kashmir #Flood. A tale of disaster, rescue, despair and courage.

A thread...
...Sunday early morning we were finishing night duty shift, when water started entering our duty room at SMHS hospital Srinagar, Kashmir

Few medical personnel lifted the movable machinery on the beds with the hope to save them. Little did we know what is coming next...
... We walked though the rising deluge and reached our hostel building across the road. The water was steadily rising, our cars were sinking....
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#Ethiopia: Score Another Botched Policy for the #Trump_Administration
David Shinn (@AmbShinn)

The U.S. State Dep't announced it is suspending some aid to #Ethiopia over the "lack of progress" in talks with #Egypt & #Sudan on the filling of the reservoir . . .
. . behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) on the Blue Nile (#Abay_River) and the flow rate after the reservoir is full.

As I suggested before the announcement of this U.S. decision, it won't work and only underscores the ineptitude of the administration.
Let the three countries work this out with the help of the #African_Union, where the mediation should have been from the beginning.โ€ฆ
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#Trump's tweets are felt in #Ethiopia. Washington should use its power wisely
Not only are #Trumpโ€™s tweets & actions bolstering anti-democratic values, but fears are growing that the US government is attacking the management of #Ethiopiaโ€™s water resources . . .
. . to bolster its geopolitical interests. In the past, US Department of State officials played an important & often constructive role in #Ethiopiaโ€™s domestic political development. Today, the US secretary of the treasury is understood to be bypassing the state deparment . .
. . and flouting diplomatic protocols in supporting #Egypt in the dispute between #Egypt, #Ethiopia, and #Sudan over the filling of the Grand #Ethiopian Renaissance dam (#GERD).โ€ฆ
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.โ€ฆ
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For Those Living in the U.S.โ€ผ๏ธ
Contact your elected officials to implore the Trump administration to amend its position on #GERDโ€ผ๏ธ
The Minnesota-Midwest #GERD Support, in collaboration with Eth. Waters Advocacy Council & Eth. Amer. Civic Council, has org.
. . a letter-writing campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to urge members of the #US_Congress to work with the Trump admin. to correct its position on the issue of Grand Eth. Renaissance Dam (#GERD), a dispute involving #Ethiopia, #Egypt, & #Sudan.โ€ฆ
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Reaching fair #GERD deal is a joint project, not a burden #Ethiopia should shoulder aloneโ€ผ๏ธ
By Dejen Yeman (@MesseleDejen)

โœ… The best deal for #Ethiopia is no-deal but if a deal becomes a must, the possible agreement shouldnโ€™t be a treaty, . . .
. . shouldnโ€™t include a provision that may implicate a threshold of significant harm; and should avoid judicial means of dispute settlement clause.

โœ… Itโ€™s obvious that the three countries, #Ethiopia, #Egypt, and #Sudan, are negotiating on the rules and . . .
. . guidelines of the filling and operation of the #GERD, using the #Declarations_of_Principles (#DoP) as a basis but there are sticking points in the negotiation. Accepting or rejecting the sticking points would determine the outcome of the negotiation.
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#Blue_Nile [#Abay_River] records highest water level in 100 years: #Sudan
The Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity in #Sudan announced that the #Blue_Nile [#Abay_River], the main river of the #Nile, recorded the highest level of water in the last . . .
. . 100 years, surpassing the flood in 1946.

The levels of the #White_Nile and #Blue_Nile [#Abay_River] was reported at 17.14 meters in #Khartoum, a record high due to heavy rain in #Ethiopia.โ€ฆ
If they are complaining that the water is in short, this excess happened. Nature is giving an instant reply. If they are positive and not complaining, everything will be surplus โ€ผ๏ธ
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An #Ethiopiaโ€™n perspective: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD)
By Asmamaw Tadege and Anteneh Biru

โœ… In the current negotiations, Ethiopia believes the case of the #GERD and that of the broader Nile water sharing are two different issues and . . .
. . must be addre. sepa. #Ethiopia wants z negot. to focus on issues related to z filling of the dam; and strongly believes that the broader water sharing agm't can only be negot. by including other riparian states, such that an agm't that binds all the states is secured.
โœ… #Egypt and #Sudan have been able to harvest and utilise the water flowing directly from the highlands of #Ethiopia for their own development. #Egyptโ€™ians have 100% electricity access and clean water supply; and they are also producing cash crops for export purposes.
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#Thread #UAE #Sudan #Palestine

Many were depressed when the UAE โ€œpeaceโ€ with Apartheid Israel was announced (now in limbo); I on the other hand was happy; let me explain why.

First off, almost all the โ€œGulfโ€ states fabricated by the UK (mostly in 1971), collaborated...1/
..from the start with Zionists and Imperialists plots against the liberation of Palestine and Arab Unity in general; now the collaboration is in the open. 2/
But more importantly, exposing this collaboration indicates the Empire and its Apartheid Colony are in desperate need for legitimization; and they couldnโ€™t find anyone more significant to provide this boost of stature. 3/
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Letter: Ethiopian dam on the Nile would be boon to nation, people
I am urging my representatives to work with the Trump administration on the issue of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, #GERD, a dispute involving #Ethiopia, #Egypt and #Sudan.
The multibillion-dollar dam is currently under construction over the Nile River. The project, funded solely by Ethiopians, will lift millions out of abject poverty and reliance on foreign aid.

Government leaders should advise the Trump administration to:
โ€’ Respect Ethiopia's sovereign right to use the Nile River equitably, as a contributor of 86% of the water.

โ€’ Maintain an impartial role in negotiations led by the African Union.

โ€’ Refrain from threatening to withhold any assistance โ€” direct aid or loans โ€” as a tool . . .
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FIRST official NONSTOP flight from #Israe l๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ to #Sudan!
Sudanโ€™s former Foreign Ministry Ambassador Haidar Badawi said that #Sudan was looking forward to making a peace deal with #Israel.
I hope that more Arab/Muslim countries enter into peace deals with Israel. Isolate the so-called #Palestinians!
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