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As Young Nigerians continue to lead #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

Yesterday, a @PoliceNG Officer opened up about his experience. I have since had conversations with 3 other officers.

*Statements not independently verified.

Key points here. 👇🏿
I will call this particular @PoliceNG Whistle-blower Officer A. He's based in one of the South West State, ranked as a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP).
"This ( #EndSARS ) protest is the best thing that has happened to the force, tell them to take inventory of custody files"
"We write the name of suspect on ledger, if your DPO is corrupt, you will have 2 custody ledger, one is for official, the other one is for suspect that will roga *bribe and then they will be released, so it is like they never came to station" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"Tell them to Probe STS and IRT under @PoliceNG Force Headquarters, if they are serious, let @officialEFCC check bank account of officers from IG, AIG, CP, DIG to even sergeant, any policeman with balance of N5Million is a thief, they can start now." Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"People should visit police college Ikeja, or go to any training school in Nigeria, no way you can produce good officers from those places. I hear the IG praising the tactical college Ila Orogun on the way to Oke ile, is he joking? The place is a disgrace" Officer A @PoliceNG
"You put police with their family in poultry and call it Barack, even to get 1 room in police barrack you have to bribe, if you rent in town, you will hide yourself from criminals and your neighbours see you as one of the bad police, the problem is big" Officer A @PoliceNG
"Let me tell you, when I joined police, we have fuel dumps, where police operational vehicle will collect fuel daily and it is full up tank, when you come back from patrol, you record mileage and refill, now no fuel dump, you have to look for money yourself" Officer A @PoliceNG
"When I joined police, we had tailoring department, we had mechanics, they sow the uniform, they repair police vehicle, now everything is to contractors, they should probe why police can not keep subsidiary services, is it not civilians that take police contract?" Officer A
"I have safer highway personnel attached to me they need over 80K periodically, service tyre themselves, change engine oil, service van, where do you think they will get the money from when the official money is not coming in?" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"Regular police officer, your course mate posted to @officialEFCC or as ADC or orderly to Politian or to Celebrity will buy land and build house in front of you, so everybody is lobbying to leave fighting crime, if they are serious, send everybody back to beat" Officer A
"Armed robbers and criminals are afraid of #SARS Wait till November and December if we don't have something to replace them criminals will strike, police can not do without a strong tactical team but SARS has turned on innocent people, that is the problem" Officer A @PoliceNG
Even in Police, other officers fear #SARS. They have become a cult within Police, a lot of officers are celebrating but we know we need a tactical team. Government can probe the officers, sack the bad one create a new discipline outfit" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"If they round up all the SASRS officers, look at their bank account, interrogate them on what they have done, what they know about killings, separate them from the command, some will confess." Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"Everyone is blaming the Police but the society is also guilty, especially the big men, my mentor retired as ACP, she died very poor becouse she did the right thing, she arrested a suspected murderer his dad came to the station to pay a bribe of 500k to release and she refused"👇🏿
"The father of the suspect went back Less than 2 hours later, she got a call from above with an order to release the boy and escort him home. Very powerful people in government, this was 2011. When she refused, her Zonal AIG ask her if she was tired of the job, she gave up" 👇🏿
"Do you know civilians with money approach police to exchange family members who have committed crime with innocent people? The person making the proposal and the police are all guilty, that is why I am now happy the young people are fighting for us" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"I laugh when Nigeria want police to solve murder cases, how many forensic lab or officers do we have? Police take thumbprint and keep in paper register, if SARS officers kill someone, how do you investigate so evidence can meet judicial standard?" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
"We have many reason why most officers are not found guilty in situations where extra judicial killings happen but let me tell you 2 serious ones and just look at it very carefully, it will shock you." Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS 👇🏿
"1st, there is not solid forensic investigation carried out when officer go out and people report they have killed someone, the normal way @PoliceNG investigates is to decide if you came back to the station with a complete number of bullets you went out with" Officer A @PoliceNG
"Bad Police officers keep official cartridge untouched and switch to the ones they buy from the underworld with rounds of bullets, so if you are going for illegal operation you keep your police cartridge and replace with your own rounds of bullets" Officer A @PoliceNG
👆🏿Thread above combined from 4 different @PoliceNG
I have juxtaposed and narrated in 1 person format to protect their identity. 3 Officers provided names, divisional postings, photographs. I have sent same to contacts in authority, the officers did not went them published. END

• • •

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15 Oct
Thread! @PoliceNG Officer Speaks on #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

So a Compatriot who is serving in the Nigerian Police got in touch with me. The officer requested that the publication of the flowing, this was after a 30 minutes plus conversation on @telegram app. 👇🏿🇳🇬
For safety I will keep the name of the @PoliceNG officer out out. Hoping @NGRPresident and the Police can take note and verify independently.
1. The extortion of members of the public including #SARS is not with the @PoliceNG personnel on the road, it is institutional.
2. He claims @PoliceNG Commissioner's embezzles security vote meant for the upkeep of operational officers. Police divisions are meant to get welfare funds but it never trickles down to low ranking officers who now buy their own uniform, fuel car from funds extorted from public
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14 Oct
Be Vigilant!

So those provocative post's are from cloned @Twitter handles.

A fake Aisha Yesufu handle posted an old interview of Femi Adesina he granted @channelstv during the #RevolutionNow protest and presented it as Femi on #EndSARS. Fake handle created feb 2020.👇⁉️
Be Vigilant!

Be Vigilant!
So those provocative post's are from cloned @Twitter handles.
A fake Mc Macaroni handle posted the attack on #EndSARS protesters in Abuja and gave it an ethnic coloration by labelling it Hausa Fulani attack.
It appears coordinated and well organised
A lot of @Twitter accounts opened in 2019 and 2020 are flooding timeliness.

To be safe, check a profile before you RT or respond to a provocative post or insult. You might be dealing with characters organised to spread misinformation or bait you into anger.

Read! Verify+ Act!
Read 5 tweets
13 Oct

1. Airports is a National Strategic Security Asset.
2. We have a reason why we have a Airport Commandant in the airports.
3. Airforce base in on that same route, the family of officers have a right to move freely.
4. Your video is not conclusive.
The #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria protesters have been largely peaceful, all of you staying behind your gadgets and encouraging them to storm the Airports and strategic assets. You are plotting serious escalations, sadly innocent people are dying on both sides.
We all agree @MBuhari and @PoliceNG made a mess of this protest and they should be held accountable but protest organisers also have the responsibility and duty of care to people who join them, keep safe and don't give this mad dogs any excuse.
Learn from other protests.
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8 Oct
On going protest across Nigeria against @PoliceNG brutality.

#SARS had been disbanded 4 times in 4 years but still operational.

Beyond an effective ban. Here are some of the short term actions the Nigerian government can take. 👇🏿
1. Immediately establish an independent public enquiry to be televised live, victims should be able to give open testimony and indicted @PoliceNG officers prosecuted.
2. Immediate audit and inspection of @PoliceNG SARS detention facilities across Nigeria by independent commission
3. Compensation to identified victims, immediate dismissal and were possible prosecution of officers who may have betrayed the trust to protect and serve the public.

4. Engage with members of various communities and pressure groups on police reform.
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1 Jun
Dilemma across the world amongst oppressed people on the strategy for resistance, I will call it the Malcolm X (Before his pilgrimage to Mecca) BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY option and the Martin Luther King NON-VIOLENCE MEANS option. I was a student of both schools of thoughts.
As fresh student activists in the university of Jos, we had a firebrand inspiring activist named Basil Chianson. Basil, Chima Okereke, Ibrahim Sheu and Ismaila had been expelled for their 'radical' activism by the authorities. Their expulsion gave birth to my radicalism.
When we wrote letters requesting improved welfare conditions for students, especially those in the then neglected Abuja hostel. UNIJOS authorises never bugged. I was part of a delegate that attended meetings with then UNIJOS VC Professor Para Mallum. You got promises and nothing.
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22 Apr
Short Thread
As student activists in UNIJOS, we actually celebrated the coup by Major Gideon Orkar on April 22, 1990, naively we mobilised then started a march towards 3rd Armoured Division to 'mobilise in support of the overthrow of General Babangida'…
We were so glad IBB was 'gone', can't remember now. I think it was either @AbdulMahmud01 (then NANS President) or Benjamin Okonofua who knocked on my door and said 'Sankara it is over'. I was Sec-Gen of the Students Union Luka Dalang was President I had more or less overthrew him
Fell on myself, Kemi Afolayan (Asst Sec Gen) Benjamin Okonofua, Kashim Ibrahim I think, Abiodun Olamosu and a lot of members of the 'Movement' to mobilise Abuja hostel (Every "revolution" starts in Abuja' we did not think, we were charged, moved the entire Abuja, Babylon, Village
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