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In 2013 I just gained admission to study in Enugu State University, when someday my mom called me that early morning saying "EDNA I THINK YOU SHOULD COME HOME TO BENIN.SARS SHOT YOUR DAD" I died
And woke up. I quickly rounded up what I was doing and ran off from Enugu to Benin. I got there and went straight to the hospital she had told me they were. Being the first child, I was so close to my parents because after me, it took almost 8 years before my siblings were born
I came and hugged my mom then held my dad. He had bandage round his head and wasn't moving. I cried like my life would end. Later, mom started telling me the story that they were driving to ugbowo when the police swooped in on them and started harassing them.Before much was said
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Second THREAD documenting violent events relating to #EndSARS & #EndSWAT protests from Oct 19th –26th.

The majority of calls to #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria have been peaceful.

This thread helps ensure incidents where violence has ensued are not swept under the rug.
N.B. Like last week, I can’t give a full picture of each event. Events not listed or deeply covered I’m still investigating. I offer what info I can.

Numbers like 9.068064, 7.511115 are geocodes, identifying a place like coordinates do.

Google geocodes to see the place.
19th Oct – Asokoro, FCT Abuja

At #AbujaProtests, #EndSARS protestors gathered outside Nigerian Police Headquarters.

Singing, they turn and flee when gunfire sounds in the air.
It happened at Shehu Shagari Way & R.B. Dikko Rd junction here:…
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The atrocities committed by SARS officials spread far and wide.

Aubrey Hruby shares the experience of investors who came to Nigeria but we're harassed and robbed by police officers.

An Abuja resident, Princewill described his experience with SARS that has left him unable to hear properly till date, due to their assaults.

Elohor was beaten and had her phone smashed by policemen.

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A thread on the ongoing crisis in Africa👇🏾 Image
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Momentan erreicht auch Deutschland die Nachrichten, was in #Nigeria seit langem los ist: Es geht um #EndSARS. Doch wer oder was ist SARS und was kannst du dagegen tun?
Ein Thread:
SARS bzw. FSARS ist der "Federal Anti Robbery Squad", eine Vereinigung von nigerianischen Polizist:innen gegen Diebstahl und Raub. Seit 2017 (!) gibt es in #Nigeria gegen diese Vereinigung Proteste, da diese Menschen angreifen, Frauen vergewaltigen und unschuldige inhaftieren.
Als auf Twitter ein Video veröffentlicht wurde, in welchem SARS-Beamt:innen ein Hotel überfielen, zwei Männer aus diesem zerrten und diese auf der Straße hinrichteten, trendet der #EndSARS.
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Outside of RTing information on what’s happening in Nigeria, what do people need from us? IDK enough to discuss it, but are there verified donation funds etc. we can RT/support?
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THREAD documenting violence at last week’s #EndSARS & #EndSWAT protests.

Police brutality is a regular horror for some Nigerians. But now, more than ever, cries ring out to #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria.

This thread helps ensure those incidents aren’t swept under the rug.
N.B. This thread isn’t exhaustive and can’t give a full picture of each event. Many need more investigation.

A number like: 9.068064, 7.511115, is a geocode identifying a place as coordinates do: 9°04'05.0"N 7°30'40.0"E.

Copy & paste into Google to see the place.
12th Oct – Surulere, Lagos

At #SURULEREPROTEST, #EndSARS protestors gathered at West entrance to Iyun Rd: 6.502924, 3.363842.

Armed police officers, positioned 20m from Anti-Kidnapping Unit base, stood opposite them.

Video captures the seconds before gunfire resonated.
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#endsarsprotestsurvivors “If I didn’t have daughters, i would have killed you”On 11th October 2020, while I was busy online protesting I was unaware,my younger sis and brother,22 & 24 years respectively in Abuja bravely joined the #endsarsabujaprotest at Unity Fountain. A THREAD
She @call_me_dos couldn’t take any video/photo of the officers because her phone was seized and smashed. I thought to share on her behalf as she even feels her story is stale but no survivor’s story is stale and so kindly read and Share ⬇️ #endsarsabujaprotest @Symply_Tacha
1. Deborah marched with my younger brother and other brave youth during the #endsarsabujaprotest at Unity Fountain
2. Ahead of them were police officers. Black & yellow strip police cars were packed at the right side of the road 3. They knelt down and chanted #endsars ⬇️
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Dear Nigerian Youth,
If they say it requires money to run for office, we will match them. Have they not heard of crowdfunding?

#ReformTheNigeriaPolice #ArrestKillerOfficers #OtedolaBridge #Saturdaythoughts #osinbajo #RECONTRUCTNIGERIA #SecureNorrh #AirportRoadProtest
If they say it requires an elaborate party structure, we will remind them who makes up the pillars. Have they heard of organic growth?
#LeadGenerationInitiative #Roddy #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndSARS #EndSWAT #CongratulationsNigerians
If they say we don't understand the issues, we will take it a step further, demystify and solve the issues for them. Is governance rocket science?

If they say we are too young, we will remind them that Nigeria is one casestudy where recycling, failed. How old is Mark Zuckerberg?
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Afolabi, graduated from the University and after serving, he had no job. But every Tuesdays and Thursdays he took a walk to Ojoo junction in Ibadan to a newspaper vendor stand where he reads free newspaper and write out vacancies that suits his purpose
He has been doing this for some months, until one faithful morning that he was arrested by Police few meters away from his house and taken to #SARS Station in Dugbe. He was arrested with some other boys that Police picked at random at various location between Iwo-Road, Ojoo...
... Sango, Mokola, etc. He was still wondering what his offense was when they told him to remove his belt shoes and to empty his pocket. "Oga, you've gotten the wrong guy, I didn't do anything, I was going to Ojoo junction to read newspaper, etc".
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PART 2 of Thread!


As Young Nigerians continue to lead #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

Yesterday, a @PoliceNG Officer opened up about his experience. I have since had conversations with 3 other officers.

*Statements not independently verified.

Key points here. 👇🏿
I will call this particular @PoliceNG Whistle-blower Officer A. He's based in one of the South West State, ranked as a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP).
"This ( #EndSARS ) protest is the best thing that has happened to the force, tell them to take inventory of custody files"
"We write the name of suspect on ledger, if your DPO is corrupt, you will have 2 custody ledger, one is for official, the other one is for suspect that will roga *bribe and then they will be released, so it is like they never came to station" Officer A @PoliceNG #EndSARS
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These are some of the protests happening across Nigeria on Friday the 16th. Please reply with flyers of protests not mentioned here. #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
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Update Security: Security deployed to the following places:
Airport road
Lekki toll

For tomorrow


Will update on this thread. #EndSWAT
Security deployed to Ifako-Ijaiye for tomorrow. #EndSWAT #EndsSARS
Security deployed to Shagamu for Sunday 💪🏽💪🏽
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Thread! @PoliceNG Officer Speaks on #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

So a Compatriot who is serving in the Nigerian Police got in touch with me. The officer requested that the publication of the flowing, this was after a 30 minutes plus conversation on @telegram app. 👇🏿🇳🇬
For safety I will keep the name of the @PoliceNG officer out out. Hoping @NGRPresident and the Police can take note and verify independently.
1. The extortion of members of the public including #SARS is not with the @PoliceNG personnel on the road, it is institutional.
2. He claims @PoliceNG Commissioner's embezzles security vote meant for the upkeep of operational officers. Police divisions are meant to get welfare funds but it never trickles down to low ranking officers who now buy their own uniform, fuel car from funds extorted from public
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Contrary to the narratives being circulated across social media in respect of a bus belonging to Lagos Bus Services Limited, (LBSL) captured at the Secretariat Bus Stop this morning.
While giving a background to the video, MD of LBSL, Mr. Idowu Oguntona stated that bus 240171 in the video was heading towards Oshodi from Berger around 8 a.m when some armed individuals disembarked from a particular yellow vehicle in front of the bus at the Secretariat Bus Stop,
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1. A friend of mine had a brother who told his parents he wasn't going to school. My friend went ahead and studied law in uni. But His brother chose to join motor parks boys, and became 'Yes' boys for politicians
#EndSWAT @henryshield
2. He boasted to their parents that he was going to be more successful than the one who went to school. He gave many examples of people who went to school and have no jobs. He said the only way to make it here is the path he chose...@segalink
#AlausaProtest #BetterTogether
3. He continued to grow and Political Seasons were seasons of mega monies. He was part of those who gave him monies to get into law school. He had become richer. He got a lady pregnant, he became an husband...and he was living the #Naija dream
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For the past few days, we have protested against police brut
In 2004, before the proliferation of smartphones that made the internet ubiquitous, if you wanted to browse, you had to go to a cybercafe. Late that year, a childhood friend of mine was leaving Umuahia for Port Harcourt. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
None of us had a phone then, so we agonized at the prospect of being cut off from each other. After a while, we hit on a bright idea; since I had an email and could browse, I could show him how to open and use an email. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND
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On the 27th of June, 1987 in accordance with its article 27(1) the UN Convention against Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment came to force to compel each state party to take effective

administrative, judicial and other measures to prevent acts of torture from being committed within its territory. This was expressly stated in Article 2(2) of the UN Convention.

There is a case of one Kayode Badmus who became partially blind as a result of the conditions under which he was held at the Panic Police Station, Yaba, Lagos State.

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I made a promise to provide a website to collate ideas on how to reform police few days ago @Omojuwa @DrJoeAbah @Ade_Nurayn @AyoOyalowo @AdeBanqie @yinkanubi
This site is ready 👇

I will appreciate if we can get a CSO to manage it
For those genuinely interested in police reform, you can start posting your ideas on the website. I promise you that we will collate & find a way to get it to the committee saddled with the responsibility
@OfficialAPCNg @APCUKingdom @OfficialPDPNig

You can follow @npf_reform to interract with other like minded on how to stop police brutality &reform the organization. The website also allows you post your citizens report as it happens.

Let's do it together!!
Let's #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
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My Encounter with SARS

A long thread.....
December 20, 2019 I was coming from school for the Christmas break. I am a student of the funaab, Abeokuta. I was in a public transport along Sagamu- ikorodu road when SARS officers stopped my bus and asked everyone to come down from the bus. They asked us to identify ourselves.
I brought out my school id card for identification the man looked at me and asked for my Lexus car. I was like 'Sir, I am a student. I don't have a car' he went with my Id card to show his boss The man came down from there Space wagon and requested for my phone
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As the #EndSWAT protest in Nigeria is reaching a crescendo, there is a threat that the government will shutdown the internet.

Fear not, my lovelies.

This is what you should do before Buhari, his goons and puppet masters shutdown the internet in Nigeria:
1. Download Tor @torproject.

As a first step, browsing the internet through Tor will prevent rogue agents from spying on your internet activities.

Especially as using the #EndSWAT or #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria makes you a mark.

Download it here:
2. Now that you have Tor, get a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Connect to the VPN and access the internet through Tor.

There are quite a number of VPNs to choose from:
- @theTunnelBear
- @avast_antivirus
- @CyberGhost_EN

Have a look at others here:
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Some of you are so dull to think that we are supporting @MBuhari or the @PoliceNG. Am I immuned to the rascality of the Police or SARS? Am I safe from the bad governance in Nig? If anything, the two politicians I respect most are those I constantly criticize. Check my history.
But what we are saying is, we see deeper than you do, on many things. Come for my PhD, you will only look foolish because you can't have something like that 🤪. We see where the #EndSARS protest is taking some opportunity seekers & we are alerting you. Yes #endsars and Swat.
Those of you taking this opportunity to begin a process of destabilising the nation are long exposed. They can't hide under a legitimate protest to seek political relevance or plant their ethnic agenda. You are exposed before you even go further.
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In our Corruption Survey, @PoliceNG ranked the most corruption institution in Nigeria.
On prevalence of bribery: The police were the most adversely ranked on this indicator. For every 100 police interactions reported by the respondents, there was a bribe paid in 54 interactions.
In the Survey, we made the following recommendations to @NigeriaGov:

• Establish an independent commission of inquiry with subpoena power to conduct a transparent, comprehensive, and impartial investigation into systemic corruption within the Nigeria Police Force;
•Prosecute without delay and according to international fair trial standards anyone implicated in corruption and other serious abuses within the Nigeria Police Force

•Improve financial oversight of the Nigeria Police Force, as follows:
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Everything About Admission and Scholarship in Sweden (Part B)

While we are still saying #EndSWAT #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria, I want to conclude the Scholarship in Sweden as the application window opens soon.

Part A is here:

Let's get started:

1. For Tuition scholarship or school-specific scholarship, kindly open this link:
2. From the link above, you can either choose all Universities from the left or click any from the right to see the scholarship available as shown below: Image
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