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I remember in 2020 I went to see my Aunt at the NAF Valley Estate (NAF Base) Abj, during the #ENDSARS protest. She told me, "Look you have to do all you can to leave Nigeria". I was astounded, because our conversation didn't warrant such a statement. But she goes again..........
"Now is not the time for activism, but the time for you to realize that a shark does not live in a pond. She spoke so assertively looking at me in the eyes. I am not trying to be literal Collins, neither am I trying to flatter you, I expect you to know that a dough will take.....
the shape of the pan it is put in, so does our environment shape us from within.

Destiny? Do you know that our "DESTINIES" are moulded by circumstances that are technically influenced by our environment? And these technicalities includes our friends............
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#JAPA - my side of the story (A thread)

My name is Teinye Boyle, a creative writer, classical musician, Events and Tv producer now pursuing a career in Filmmaking in England, United Kingdom.

For as long as i remember myself, i had been Pro-Nigeria / Anti-Japa up until 2020…. Image
I believed relocating from Nigeria would truncate my destiny as i felt all people do abroad was just pick shifts and pack sh*t - i wanted to be more, i wanted a life of purpose and impact, i wanted to leave a mark and touch lives as many possible
I was building myself a career path and easily morphing into many aspects of my ingenuity just to find balance and of-course, financial sustainability. i had fairly built a name for myself in the event’s industry especially in Pageantry which would enable me author this book 👇🏽 Image
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I’ve interacted with other Sudanese people who protested and while opinion on her is divided, a thing is sure: she wasn’t trying to be a hero. She was just another woman who wanted a good country. The protests worked. Omar was usurped. It’s only unfortunate that the military has
once again acted like the military.

Like her, many Sudanese women fled the country. Sudan is a VERY conservative society that’s just grasping with neo-liberal concepts. Women were harassed, raped, and killed for their roles in the protest.

Happy for her that she’s in the UK now
Her fight definitely isn’t dead, because home is always going to exist. But she’s alive to fight another day, like so many others. There’s a reason civilian protests aren’t as heavy this time as 2019.

Misogyny is why she is being attacked.
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Following the locking of my account for posting proof of perjury by Nigeria's "president-elect" on Monday, I submitted an appeal based on Twitter's stated rules regarding public-interest reporting.

Shamefully, this is the result of the appeal that came in today. Image
By violating its own clearly stated rules regarding public-interest reporting on public figures and forcing me to delete important information, Twitter has conclusively demonstrated that it no longer intends to even pretend to uphold any "free speech" ideals going forward.
As a result, while I will maintain my presence here for the sake of commentary and reach, I will no longer post any original reporting here.

Such material will now be hosted exclusively on my Substack Notes handle, with links posted here to maintain reach.
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Yesterday I promised to do a Thread on the whole EndSars lies & propaganda fest today, Here we go.

In Oct. 2020, A Nigeria Rapper @RuggedyBaba sent out a false tweet about NPF Unit called SARS Image
I have no idea if @RuggedyBaba’s tweet was planned or just a coincidence with the whole #ENDSARS movement, but the whole incident gave birth to the whole protest, not the movement, before the protest, @segalink was already doing EndSars campaign & we always counter by telling him
Ending Sars wasn’t possible but reforming it was the easier thing to do as our society needed policing. When the whole rugged man tweet happened, @ishakaa warned us but a lot of us didn’t listen, for those that didn’t know, the tweet was the origin of the EndSars Protest.
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1. In 1993 ,30yrs ago, I & a couple of my friends were on the street of Lagos ,blocking roads and burning all sorts when we resisted the military over the annulled June 12 for weeks.
We resisted IBB & ensured he left power .
We lost close friends .
I saw people killed by army.
2. When MKO died in 1998, the violence that erupted was unimaginable!
I walked from Ketu to oshodi enrout Ejigbo before I saw a van that we hijacked.
That was 30yrs ago, when we stood up and fought the military to a standstill.
They shamelessly exited & handed us an Interim Gov.
3. Today, those who sided the military to truncate our democracy have regrouped.
They have a tool in their hands today; a generation of young misguided Nigerians with so much entitlement mentality who never & are not intrested in knowing how we fought for this democracy 30yrs ago
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You should be able to see how serious the situation is in Nigeria if you take the time to listen to these misled, stupid, and entitled young people. First of all,these individuals have no idea what they are dabbling in. They are stupid. It immediately brings to mind the #EndSARS/
and how 200 million Nigerians were left perplexed by a group of fools who assembled under the guise of Nigerian youths to wreak havoc in Lagos. Do you know that the Lekki gang of GRV set out with a 5-point demand in the year 2020, presumably to protest the wrongdoings of the/
police's disbanded SARS unit? Each&every one of their demands was met right away by the government. @jidesanwoolu personally visited them to offer his support. They quickly increased their demands to 7 points after gaining that attention. Again, the government complied. They now/
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No woman likes a clingy, insecure man. But that is what we Yorubas are becoming, a frightened, insecure & 2nd rate nation. So fearful that we cant even accept one of our own because his mother is Ibo. There was a time when the word swagger was synonymous with the Yoruba.
Reflecting self assurance and confidence. We exuded belief. The Ibos secretly admired us. They adopted our clothes and music. They flocked to our churches.
We accommodated strangers because we were so sure of ourselves, of our standing in the world, our stature, our swag that we knew our guests were not a threat. Now all that has drained away.
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By Chima Christian

As initially warned, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has delivered what many Nigerians have come to describe as a “sham.” All careful analysis pointed us to this endpoint. Image
Again, I am more disappointed with the leadership of the opposition political parties, their presidential candidates and campaign councils than I am with INEC about this charade of an election.
We provided them with timely data-backed evidence of the plans to subvert the wishes of ordinary Nigerians. We also suggested strategies to avert them. They ignored stone-cold data and chose to anchor their plans - the entirety of them - on mere assurances.
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Brigadier Ademulegun was the most powerful soldier in Northern Nigeria in the Ist republic & second most powerful soldier in Nigeria. The North had strong fate in him, reason Ahmadu turned down a plea from Akintola for them to leave the country temporarily due to rumors of a coup
Balewa and Ahmadu Belo believed none could take over the North with Ademulegun in control and non could take over Nigeria with Maimlari in charge of the arsenals in the southwest. Both of them were focused career soldiers
Ademulegun was in charge of security details for Governor General MacPherson in the 50's. After independence, Balewa wanted him to be GOC. Sons of Zik in their usual mob style checkmated and lobbied for Ironsi, same way they checkmated Odutola for Ojukwu Sr. at the Stock exchange
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MC Oluomo is the leader of a Lagos state government sponsored thuggery, to unleash violence, in order to win the upcoming Governorship election.
I have spent the last 72 hours, trying to infiltrate his camp, in order to know those he is working with, and their plans.
Security agencies, has been asked to stay out of it. Threats has been issued to heads of various security outfits in the country, not to intervene, if not Tinubu will deal with whoever that goes against this directive, when sworn in.

MC is seen here, addressing his Lieutenants.
MC Oluomo is a thug leader, who works for the Lagos state government, but he doesn't operate alone. There are top allies who control designated zones in Lagos, who are MC Oluomo's close Lieutenants. Without them, MC Oluomo can not succeed.
These Lieutenants, also have their boys.
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Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is a Nigerian public speaker, author, and consultant who has been active in various fields such as education, politics, and public affairs. Here's a closer look at his engagements and controversies:
#seyimakinde #ASUU #TalkiNlagos Image
Rhodes-Vivour holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Essex, UK, and a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
In respect to the past actions of GRV, it's obvious that he has been involved in several political activities without making headways.
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Pro-government armed groups High-jacked and deliberately instigated violence during #EndSARS demonstrations to serve as a pretext for the police use of lethal force on peaceful protesters.

It’s been 3 years and over 40 protesters are still languishing in prisons.
The Nigerian army and police killed at least, 12 people at Lekki toll Gate shooting and massacre.

Rather than bringing those responsible for the attacks on protesters to justice, the authorities have engaged in a series of bizarre denials and cover-ups.
If this is not the Government sabotaging its own, then I wonder what sabotage actually is.

Seem most people are beginning to forget or has forgotten, BUUT!!

Oyewole Olumide, Rasheed Tiamiyu, Moruf Adekunle, Taoreed Abiodun, Ikenna Amechi, Afeez Ariyo, Ikechukwu Eze, and
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Obient Mov't & empire playbook:

First they claim you have lost the morals to lead, that a vetted messiah from them will replace you, that your loyalty is not to your ancestors anymore, but to a new Grand Mahdi. House negroes take the bait & game of thrones starts.
The British made up stories to paint us as savages, claimed this as merit to invade our lands, claimed that their mission was to civilize show us the way to heaven, that to be christain is more important than to be Yoruba saro house negroes took bait & game of thrones started,
Jamas at Iorin claimed that Afonja and the locals were infidels, that Alimi had a divine mission to replace him, that to be a muslim was more important than to be Yoruba, turbaned house negroes like Solagberu, Mohemi of Iwo and Balogun Ajikobi. conquest agenda ProMax unloaded.
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Lagos APC is still asleep...?

Or may be I should say APC in general are still sleeping

Labour Party went to court to ask INEC must transmit results of the forthcoming Governorship and House of Assembly election in Lagos State electronically via BVAS

Expectedly, the court
granted Labour party request saying INEC must transmit results electronically or digitally via BVAS in LAGOS

Yes! Only Lagos was mentioned!!!

And APC in their usual manner felt nothing is happening

This was how judiciary truncated APC victories in Zamfara, Bayelsa and several
others as well as...

... prevented the party from Fielding candidates in Rivers State during the 2019 poll

APC is playing with fire!!!

Why is it only Lagos? Why not Nationwide?

Labour Party and other political parties that went to court knew importance of Lagos

If APC didn't
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Sanwo-olu was the one who invited the military to open fire on innocent Lagosians at the Lekki Tollgate. @jidesanwoolu, your days in office are numbered. #EndSARS 💔
Sanwo-Olu did not just invite the army, he took the photos of the brutal slaughter to Abuja. His mind is not only dark. he set out to kill the youths in the most chaotic & brutal insane manner. This is a premeditated cold murder, Babajide has blood of innocent youths in his hands
Denials & counterdenials won’t save you this time. On Saturday, you will face the consequences of your sins.
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Frank Nnaemeka Nweke Jr, the APGA Gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State was born on the 18th of September 1965. He is an Entrepreneur, Teacher and Social Innovator. He is a two-time Federal Minister in Nigeria and former Director General, Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).
Until recently,he was a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Lagos Business School & a member of the faculty,the School of Politics,Policy and Governance (SPPG), Nigeria, where he lectured on Ethics & Values. He is an Edward S. Mason Fellow & an alumnus of the Aspen Institute, Colorado.
In 1999, Frank Nweke was commissioned as a resident consultant to the Enugu State government on development planning and general public sector reforms. The following year, he was appointed Enugu State coordinator of the Community County Council.
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Because 12 reasons
1. Democracy is about choices. Only in Nigeria does democracy function as autocracy & elites find it to be decent rather than fight
2. I’m able to separate my views from my comfort zone & see the brutalization of micro businesses/transporters by violent thugs
3. The pseudo accountability & citizen engagement that has happened over the past 1week shows what is possible if only govt know that they are accountable to citizens & they can be removed by the ballot
4. @GRVlagos is competent. To say GRV is not qualified is like saying
Me, you and all of us building things in the private sector are not qualified to lead government. Many newcomers globally do well in govt. His background is solid & he is sound!
5. This mindset that only the middle aged with godfather backing are qualified is why we’re in slavery
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This is a twitter thread on just some of the evil committed by Tinubu's handbag, Babajide Sanwo Olu during his first term as Governor.

Feel free to add yours!!!

Omo yoruba ni mi, e je ka so ooto fun ara wa, asiko re ti a yo Sanwo Olu ati APC kuro nilu Eko.

Evil 1
A Governor creates enabling environment for Jobs.

However, he made more than 50,000 Lagosians lose livelihood just to appease his God-Father.

Several Lagosians came out to beg including a Lady who used it to feed her family & go to school


The CEO of Gokada, Fahim, came out pleading that many people would lose their Jobs,guess what? Sanwo Olu decided that MC Oluomo & Tinubu are more important than 50k people losing jobs

NB: Fahim was murdered about 3 - 5 months after making this video

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Of Strategists And Advisers

1./ “This is a terrible idea Your Excellency. Involving the military at this time is the worst move we could make.” Hamid spoke in low urgent tones hoping he could convey his sense of alarm and the importance of restraint at this delicate time.
2./ His well-honed instincts warned him that the country was poised on the knife edge and that any wrong move would have too many unforeseen long term repercussions.

He was the youngest adviser on the team but he didn’t consider it a disadvantage.
3./ In fact, often he viewed it as a strength; particularly when he had to counter some of the advice given to His Excellency.

It frustrated Hamid that the older members of the president’s advisory team thought they could run a country like Nigeria,
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1. Like “The May Fourth Movement” in China, A New Political Force is on the rise in Nigeria. What started as #EndSARS Peaceful Struggle, will now be decided on Saturday, the 25th of February, in the Year of our Lord 2023. WALK WITH ME! ✊
2. China share this particular History with Nigeria, & it is not palatable. History repeats itself, what ushered China into her New Age, is playing out before Nigerians. Like the EndSARS in Nigeria, China had its own struggle. Like Nigeria, China is a long History, not that good.
3. China fought more wars & staged more Revolutions, more than the entire continent of Africa. Following the success of the Russian Revolution, wave of Marxist ideas swept across Europe in the early 19th Century. This was the rise of the middle class, China picked up the wave.
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Who gave the Order? @officialABAT

Loadtsad Promomedia Limited, owned by Seyi Tinubu, said the following while testifying before the Lagos Judicial Panel of Inquiry: 'The ad board was switched off on October 20 because its primary aim was for advertisement and not illumination. Image
But it was only that night they have to turn it off while youths were there

“The billboard does not serve the purpose of providing illumination for that place. It does not provide light for that place, it is purely for advert purpose,” Abimbola Eniola,
the company’s secretary, told the panel.

Shortly after the ad board, which provided illumination for the protesters at night, was switched off, armed soldiers arrived at the scene and opened fire on the crowd on innocent youths holding Nigeria flag.
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For the sake of these two, Buhari will do everything humanly possible within his powers, to see that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, their APC god, doesn't win the 2023 presidential election, through the back door.
Buhari doesn't forgive, neither does he forget.

Thread... ImageImage
Elrufai cannot plot a Palace coup against Buhari, gang up with 8 other northern governors, to form the infamous G9 governors, to betray Buhari, and expect Buhari not to fight back as the C-in-C of the country.
He and his likes, believed Buhari will forgive them, & accept Tinubu.
But the Buhari i know, doesn't forgive. He likes laughing last, & his dangerous laugh is always the loudest. The man will literally be pinching you, & be blowing the area breeze, so you don't feel the pain too much.
As for Elrufai, he can rant to the high heavens, Buhari no send.
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Are Nigerians easily drawn to "protests"?

Do we even have the guts to destroy property during protests?

Who are these "ordinary people" protesting?

WALK WITH ME (@firstladyship)

[Igando Palmpay Titi Mowe Bashir Ahmad First Lady Buhari]
1. It took the bravery of young people across mostly Southern Nigeria to start a protest against killer SARS officials after more than a decade of their murderous activities...
2. It's been 7+ years and people have been buying food 🍲 at the highest rates ever recorded in the last decade, yet no one has protested

Rather, Nigerians have continued to "endure"; our greatest coping mechanism
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