Jason Kenney is an economic illiterate. On one hand, he says we need to bring back economic growth to save Alberta. That’s true. But on the other hand, he wants to slash public spending by 20 percent during a recession. That will suppress growth, not promote it. #AbLeg #abpoli
Almost every jurisdiction in the world understands that this is NOT the time for budget cuts and austerity. In fact, the IMF recently concluded that public sector spending is the BEST way to spur economic growth in times like these.
In case you can’t read the small print, it says that increasing public sector spending by 1% increasing economic growth by 2.7% (which is a huge return on investment). In other word, Kenney wants to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what’s needed.
Kenney’s arrogance and his stubborn adherence to discredited right-wing economic dogma is going to turn a punishing recession in our province into a full-blown depression.
And yet, Kenney continues to swagger and bluster. No other serious leaders anywhere in the world are doing what he’s proposing to do, but he pretends that he knows better. He doesn’t. And we’re all going to pay the price for his arrogance and ideological blindness.

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18 Oct
Yesterday, UCP delegates voted overwhelmingly to “make Alberta a Right-to-Work jurisdiction.” These are the laws used by right-wingers in the US to suppress wages and break the bargaining power of workers. We can’t allow them to import these toxic laws to Canada. #AbLeg #abpoli ImageImage
What are Right-to-Work laws? They are laws designed to shatter worker bargaining power (in the workplace and on the political stage) by weakening unions so much that they can no longer act as an effective counterbalance to the power of billionaires and corporations.
Is the US, where right-wing politicians and their corporate backers have championed these laws, RTW has suppressed wages, destroyed the middle class and allowed corporations and the wealthy to dominate the political agenda ... at the expense of everyone else.
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29 Sep
Here, UCP MLA Shane Getson suggests that people are using CERB so they can “eat Cheezies and watch cartoons” ... and buy drugs. This is disgusting. Getson betrays both his disdain for working people and his ignorance of the health emergency in one 2 minute clip. #FUShane #abpoli
If it wasn’t for CERB, millions of Canadians (including many Albertans) would not have been able to pay their rent or mortgage or keep food on their tables. It was also key to our success in keeping COVID infection rates down AND keeping our economy afloat. Getson doesn’t get it.
And if Getson’s “buddies” can’t attract workers because of CERB, it says more about them as employers than it does about Canadians as workers. If you want people to respond to your job ads, STOP PAYING POVERTY WAGES!
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26 Sep
The U.S. Republicans have become an “increasingly authoritarian white nationalist party.” This matters to Canada, & Alberta in particular, because the CPC & the UCP have close ties to the Republicans and are copying their playbook. #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli vox.com/policy-and-pol…
Just a reminder, this is the UCP’s current Agriculture Minister, who continues to be a big fan of Trump’s authoritarian approach to politics. He’s just one of many UCPers (including Kenney himself) who made regular trips to the US for tips & advice from the “mothership.” #abpoli
Here’s an article I wrote about the Republican-style authoritarian tactics and policies beginning embraced by Canadian conservatives (especially Kenney’s UCP in Alberta). Of course, Stephen Harper has been heavily involved in creating “GOP North.” thetyee.ca/Opinion/2020/0…
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21 Sep
As a worker advocate, I’ve been raising concerns for months about research showing that COVID-19 is airborne &!can travel MUCH farther than 2m in indoor environments. UCPers dismissed my concerns. I won’t allow them to dismiss me now. ⁦#AbLeg #abpoli washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09…
Here’s an renowned expert emphasizing the importance of the CDC’s new guidance on aerosols.
Here’s another expert who specializes in aerosols and safety in indoor environments.
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17 Sep
Seat belts are mandatory. Bike helmets are mandatory. Speed limits are mandatory. But taking a vaccine during the worst pandemic in a century should be optional? This is libertarian ideology run amok! The UCP is a public health threat! #AbLeg #cdnpoli cbc.ca/news/canada/ca…
When someone’s “choice” has an impact on someone else’s life or health, it ceases to be a “choice” issue. FFS!
“During the H1N1 epidemic, Alberta only achieved a 40 per cent voluntary immunization rate. Jenne says that didn't hit the threshold for herd immunity. Mandatory vaccination was brought in for smallpox, which eventually led to its eradication in the 1970s.”
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15 Sep
Facebook Is Turning A Blind Eye To Global Political Manipulation, According To This Explosive Secret Memo. And, yes, it’s happening here in Alberta, too, courtesy of the of the UCP. #AbLeg #abpoli #cdnpoli buzzfeednews.com/article/craigs…
“One of the big tools of authoritarian regimes is to humiliate the opposition in the mind of the public so that they're not viewed as a credible or legitimate alternative.” Sound familiar?
Oh, and look, Canadian Conservatives want the stop regulations that could protect democracy from bad actors. I wonder why? 🤔 Image
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