Overnight on 15–16 Oct., a crowd of BLM-antifa rioters shut down the street in downtown Portland & began setting fires. This was the 125th night of violent protesting. Only three people were arrested. #PortlandRiots #antifa portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re…
Arrested at the violent Portland BLM-antifa protest & quickly released without bail:

Zachary K. Reinhardt, 28 archive.vn/yGduL#selectio…

Justin W. Bowen, 25; he was charged just last weekend at the statue-toppling riot for assaulting cops. archive.vn/70d4I
Rachel Lee Talbot, 18, was arrested at a violent BLM-antifa Portland protest & charged w/first-degree felony arson & reckless burning. She was cited & released on the spot. Source w/knowledge tells me she claimed to be pregnant & injured. #PortlandRiots #antifa

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13 Oct
On 11 Oct., around 300 antifa rampaged through downtown Portland in a planned Day of Rage riot. They toppled statues of past presidents, including Lincoln, tried to burn down a museum, & smashed up businesses. One cafe was shot at w/a gun. Only 3 arrested. portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re… ImageImageImageImage
Brandon Bartells, 38, of Wash., charged w/felony criminal mischief & reckless endangering. He's accused of using his car (w/chains & straps) to pull down the Roosevelt statue at the Portland #antifa riot. He was also one of the rioters detained in Kenosha. archive.vn/56ABg ImageImage
Malik F. Muhamad, 23, charged w/6 counts of felony criminal mischief, felony riot, unlawful possession of a firearm & more. Prosecutors say he smashed out buildings at the Portland #antifa riot. He fled from police & was found w/an illegal loaded pistol. archive.vn/f5ZQd ImageImageImage
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12 Oct
On 10 Oct., antifa black bloc rioters gathered outside of the north precinct and blocked the road. Portland Police shut them down and made arrests before they could become significantly violent. #PortlandRiots #antifa portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re…
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest & quickly released:

Sara S. Rider, 30, arrested again archive.vn/Bm00P

Kelsey Marley, 26 archive.vn/Mhor0

Madeline Kay, 23 archive.vn/xF8ii

Molly Peterson, 18; arrested again archive.vn/lvnM8
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest & quickly released without bail:

Matthew Gregg, 32, of Portland archive.vn/9GU2l

Kayla Marie Suitor Upperman, 33, of Wood Village, Ore.
#PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
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7 Oct
Overnight on 6–7 Oct., the 121st night of protests, BLM-antifa rioters attacked the Portland @ICEgov building again. They threw an incendiary device at the facility. Both federal officers & Portland Police made arrests. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re…
Arrested & charged at the 121st night of violent Portland #antifa protests. Both were quickly released without bail:

Zachary Forster, 24

Sean Gabriel Lopez, 25; arrested again archive.vn/Nw6se
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
Evan Henshaw-Plath, 43, was arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest. He runs @SoundBlocPDX & is suing Portland Police for allegedly violating his rights. He has incited violence against me before on his personal Twitter. He identifies as a technologist & hacker.
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5 Oct
Overnight on 4–5 Oct., BLM-antifa rioters in Portland marched around downtown in more criminal protests that began in late May. They vandalized the new $324m courthouse & other buildings. 6 were arrested. #PortlandRiots #antifa portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re… Image
Jeffrey Richard Singer, 33, of Portland, is an active militant #antifa. He was arrested at the violent protest & charged w/felony assault of an officer, felony criminal mischief, escape & more. He was quickly released without bail. #PortlandMugshots archive.vn/NYDOe ImageImage
#Antifa militant Jeffrey R. Singer, who was arrested (& released) overnight, previously went on an expletive-laden tirade at city council meeting. Antifa were broadcasting their agenda in public years ago: "This is Little Beirut...You are laying the seeds for a f—ng insurrection"
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3 Oct
Overnight on 2–3 Oct, Portland BLM-antifa rioters gathered outside the SE @PortlandPolice station again. They chanted about burning it down. In one incident, a mob surrounded a lone officer & a woman jumped on his motorcycle to try & stop him from leaving. portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re…
Tealeanna Lindseth, 22, is part of the "Black Unity PDX" #BLM group. She jumped on a police motorcycle to try & stop an officer. In Aug., she was one of the rioters who beat up a trans woman in downtown. She was friends w/antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl. archive.vn/YDtzo
Tealeanna Izabella Lindseth, arrested overnight & charged w/felony riot & other criminal offenses, was profiled by the Washington Post in August for her involvement in the Portland protests. She says she hates being half-white.
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29 Sep
Overnight on 28–29 Sept., #antifa rioters gathered in north Portland & violently attacked cops. One officer was sent to hospital & 5 were sprayed w/chemical. One of the "medic" cars was driving erratically & had a gun inside. Those arrested carried knives. portlandoregon.gov/police/news/re… ImageImageImageImage
Arrested at the violent 113th #antifa Portland protest:

Chris N. Khatami, 30 archive.vn/rdaUE

Aaron LaPointe-Atchison, 33, of Portland: He faces additional charges for trying to escape from police twice during riot archive.vn/2CvvZ
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots ImageImage
Dustin Ferreira, 37, has been at Portland #antifa riots for more than 100 days. He uses a wheelchair & usually is at the front lines being aggressive. He was booked last night into jail & charged w/multiple criminal offenses. He was released without bail. archive.vn/7gbnu ImageImageImageImage
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