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Sebastian #Fischer, #CDU-Mitglied, Direktkandidat für den Wahlkreis #Meißen und Vorsitzender der #Diakonie droht einer Mitarbeiterin mit "Konsequenzen" und dass er "aktiv wird".

Das alles nur, weil sich diese Mitarbeiterin als Antifaschistin bezeichnet und gegen #Nazis ist.
#Fischer wirft der Mitarbeiterin vor, parteipolitisch nicht neutral zu sein.

Was überrascht, da er selbst äußerst aktives Mitglied der #CDU ist. Wenn Herr Fischer bereits einen Tweets als nicht parteipolitisch neutral betrachtet, müsste eine Parteimitgliedschaft ein rotes Tuch

Was ist hier seine Konsequenz?
Legt er seinen Vorsitz der @diakonie nieder, oder wird er aus der @CDU austreten?

Aber zurück zum eigentlichen Problem:

Von welchen Konsequenzen spricht Herr #Fischer?
In welcher weise will er aktiv werden?

Welches Problem hat er
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Das ist die Staatspartei "der Mitte" in Sachsen. Wenn jemand auf Twitter privat sich einen "#Linksruck der Zivilgesellschaft" wünscht, beschwert sich ein Kreisvorsitzender und ehem. Landtagsabgeordneter der @cdusachsen beim Arbeitgeber wegen "parteipolitischer Positionierung." Image
#SächsischeVerhältnisse: "Sie verlassen die parteipolitische Neutralität ... Sie schaden damit der demokratischen Reputation [des AG]. Das wird Folgen haben. Gute Absichten rechtfertigen nicht Alles. ... Ich habe lange zugeschaut. Jetzt werde ich aktiv." Image
Einige Leute fragen nach oder empören sich darüber in Drukos und Drükos, manche überschreiten dabei wohl auch Grenzen. Der CDU-Kreisvorsitzende: "Bis dahin pfeifen Sie doch bitte den #antifa Haß zurück, den man grad auf Twitter kunstvoll gegen mich entfaltet." Image
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Breaking: @TomasMorales_iv films antifa stabbing suspect Eric “Nina” Cohen at her court hearing in Los Angeles. Cohen allegedly lacerated the heart of a Latino man at an antifa direct action while in black bloc. Antifa raised money to quickly bail her out.
Before the August stabbing, transsexual antifa member Eric “Nina” Cohen was arrested at a violent antifa riot outside the Wi Spa on 17 July. Antifa & their allies gathered in support of the trans person who allegedly exposed erect penis to women & a girl:
Long Beach #antifa member Eric “Nina” Cohen changed her appearance after the stabbing. Antifa accounts used @CashSupport on Twitter to raise money for her to be quickly bailed out once she was identified as suspect, arrested & charged.… ImageImageImage
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"It will not be family friendly."
"This is not a peaceful event and peace police will be kicked out period"

Laura Kealiher, the mother of deceased violent antifa member Sean Kealiher, has announced a riot in honor of her son for Oct. 12 outside the Justice Center in Portland. ImageImageImageImage
Sean Kealiher was groomed by far-left extremists in Portland from a young age. For many years he was sent out as a fighter on the street. He urged for people to bomb schools & took credit for inspiring several acts of domestic terrorism.…
Sean Kealiher was killed in 2019. Someone from his group fired rounds at a vehicle that ran over him. His antifa friends didn't want to call 911 so they dragged his bloody body in the car. Antifa have vandalized property & held Charlottesville-style memorials every year for him. Image
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Crazy vax Nazis now are threatening to fine people who have unvaxxed spouses…
NIH Director resigns after being exposed for lying to Congress about gain of function funding…
Fauci flip-flops on his Christmas threats from yesterday…
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Overnight, antifa gathered outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland to riot after a local grand jury declined to indict an officer over the shooting of a man who brandished a replica pistol at police. Antifa shut down the street & started a fire.
Police observe the rioting #antifa from behind a gate in downtown Portland last night.
Some of the antifa moved to the nearby Portland city hall & lit a US flag on fire.
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Watch the moment the antifa shooting suspect (Benjamin Anthony Varela, of Olympia, Wash.) is told by a detective that he's getting charged with first-degree assault while armed with a deadly weapon, a class A felony. Full:…
You can read about Benjamin Varela's alleged role in the shooting in my report for the NY Post. Security footage caught the suspect running into an alley after the shooting to discard his black uniform & mask.…
Benjamin Varela, the Olympia, WA #antifa shooting suspect, was deemed so dangerous he was restrained in chains during his arraignment on Oct. 5. The court heard how he damaged the jail's sprinkler system, threatened staff & was violent in his cell. Full:
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Mann tötet Tankstellen-Kassierer wegen Ärger über #Maskenpflicht . In Idar-Oberstein wurde ein Tankstellen-Kassierer getötet. Laut Polizei ärgerte sich der Tatverdächtige darüber, eine #Corona-Schutzmaske tragen zu müssen.…
Und nun meine ,,Liebe“ @RegSprecher @BMI_Bund @BfV_Bund @bka #seehofer ist das eingetreten wovor die #Antifa seit Monaten warnt und immer wieder hinweist , #QuerdenkerSindTerroristen , wild gewordene, unkontrollierte ,,Wutbürger“ , radikal , antidemokratisch, out of Control
,,Ohne zu zögern“ getötet: ( Kopfschuss) Weil er keine Corona-Maske tragen wollte, erschießt ein Mann in Idar-Oberstein einen 20-jährigen Tankstellen-Mitarbeiter.…
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An antifa extremist has been trying to intimidate me into silence for reporting out he was forced to turn in his firearm because of a restraining order. To retaliate, he's spreading defamatory lies (& quickly deleting the tweets but I have receipts). @surfshark fell for the hoax. ImageImageImage
Chad Loder is an L.A.-based antifa extremist who incites violence. He played a role in the violence outside Wi Spa this year. He recently started calling himself a journalist despite previously admitting he wasn't one. (He deleted that tweet.) Receipt: ImageImage
This is my reporting that led to Loder retaliating with baseless conspiracy theories & tagging businesses that do advertising with @TPostMillennial. Loder is accused of serially threatening a victim & was forced to turn in his firearm to the state.
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Names of #Antifa protesting for a sex offender arrested at Wi Spa 2.0 on July 17th 2021.

This was the one that ended in a kettle a large number of arrests

Lots of familiar names from previous #Antifa/#BLM events, some examples listed in thread
Eric Cohen #3, being later arrested for stabbing a Hispanic man at an anti mandatory vaccine event.

Niyen King #4, arrested at a Phoenix BLM event honoring Mike Brown Jr's life

Josiah Edwards #5, from Sunrise movement/BLM LA

Damoney Trevino #7 - satanic antifa
Noah Benham #10 previously arrested at a 2017 Milo event for assaulting police

Jessica Woodward #19 previously arrested at Breonna Taylor #Antifa event for restricted items

Jessica Bonfilia #20, active with Seattle #Antifa

Traci Carrr #22 w/ "activist" with "blackwomenperiodt"
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Portland DA Mike Schmidt declined charges in 12 cases against Portland Police cops accused of using excessive force at riots last year. Most of the alleged victims & their attorneys refused to cooperate in the investigation.
Tyler Cox, a nurse at @OHSUNews hospital, was filmed pulling off the helmet of an officer at an #antifa riot & getting punched into submission. He was charged w/felony assault & more but charges were dropped. Portland DA has now dropped the excessive force case into the officer.
Portland prosecutors also found the use of force against Erica Christiansen to be justified. The Deputy DA said Christiansen threw a cigarette at an officer & kept advancing toward him. She was then shot with three impact munitions. She's suing civilly for a lot of money.
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BREAKING: The #antifa member who stabbed a Latino man near his heart on 14 Aug. at a riot in Los Angeles has been arrested. Eric Cohen, 30, of Long Beach, Calif., has been charged with attempted murder & is being held on a $1 m bail. LAPD asking for other victims to come forward. ImageImageImageImage
Antifa member & attempted murder suspect Eric Cohen (DOB 05-05-91) changed his hair color after the stabbing attack in Los Angeles last month. The stabbing victim, a Latino man, was hospitalized for a lacerated heart & punctured lung. ImageImage
Breaking: Antifa member Eric Cohen, who was arrested this week by LAPD over the attempted murder of a Hispanic man during riot, was previously arrested at another antifa riot outside Wi Spa on 17 July. Antifa are often repeat offenders & serial arrestees. Vid by @PoAmBrotherhood.
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(Thread 1/3): Joined @CortesSteve and @JennPellegrino on @newsmax this evening to discuss #Antifa extremist Gabriel Gipe being fired by @NatomasUSD. Radical teachers like this have permeated schools across #California.
(2/3): The school put out a statement earlier today saying that the classroom propaganda was installed this year - that's not true. @MrAndyNgo busted that myth with photographic evidence.
(3/3): These people are echoing failed propaganda from failed movements. We have a corrosive and violent ideology permeating our schools, and sending our children out into the street to participate in riots. This is not fringe, its commonplace in #California.
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BREAKING: @NatomasUSD, the district that employs #antifa member Gabriel Gipe, has announced he has been placed on paid leave & that they'll take steps to fire him. Gipe was recorded in undercover video admitting he indoctrinates students using fear & sends them to direct actions.
Following their investigation into Gabriel Gipe, the @NatomasUSD found numerous other violations of district policy. They uncovered he was using rubber stamps featuring positive depictions of Stalin, Castro, Kim Jung Un & others to mark student work as complete.
Some of the far-left direct actions he gave students classroom credit for attending involved activities that became unsafe. Background: Gabriel Gipe & his wife were at the Sacramento capitol antifa riot in 2016 in which multiple people were stabbed.
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“I have an antifa flag on my [classroom] wall"

"I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries”

Gabriel Gipe, an #antifa member & teacher at @NatomasUSD, was secretly recorded admitting to indoctrinating students to want to overthrow the government.
The undercover video of the @NatomasUSD teacher shows what I’ve found in my research on #antifa. They exploit & indoctrinate the vulnerable (eg children), push out relentless propaganda, support taking up arms & terrorism, overthrowing state, are close w/communist legal group NLG ImageImageImage
Video at Inderkum High shows @NatomasUSD teacher Gabriel Gipe displaying portrait of Mao, who killed tens of millions. He has a graph where students place themselves politically. He boasts about indoctrinating them to the far-left by giving them credit for going to direct actions ImageImage
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Il 27 agosto 2006, Renato perde la vita a Focene, mentre esce da un concerto con la ragazza Laura e l'amico, Paolo.
Ha 26 anni, fervente antifascista, antirazzista, antisessista.
Renato viene raggiunto da otto coltellate.
È già ferito quando cerca di difendere Laura, presa a pugni, mentre Paolo è colpito alla schiena. I due assalitori fuggono.

Portato all’ospedale Grassi di Ostia, Renato riesce a fornire a un carabiniere la ricostruzione dei fatti, che però non viene verbalizzata.
Sono le sue ultime parole. Muore intorno a mezzogiorno.

L’autopsia attribuisce la causa del decesso a due coltellate al cuore «inflitte con estrema violenza», con l’intento di uccidere.
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Two House members slammed for unauthorized trip to Kabul to witness evacuation effort…
REVEALED: Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown Has Long-Standing Ties To Chinese Communist Influence Groups.…
Biden White House Approves Licensing Deal For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Huawei, Reversing Trump-Era Hardline.…
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#Antifa in Portland have prepared for weeks for their planned violence against a patriotic-themed rally today ahead of the anniversary of when their member murdered Aaron Danielson. The antifa are openly discussing on Twitter the proper uniforms to wear to evade being identified.
Flyers for the Portland antifa riot and the patriot-themed rally, respectively. Following threats of violence by antifa & their supporters, the right wing rally has been moved to a new location yet to be announced.
Breaking: The patriot-themed "love" rally originally organized for downtown Portland has moved to the parking lot of the former KMart in northeast Portland following threats of violence by antifa. Antifa have announced plans to gather for a violent showdown of the year.
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Breaking: #Antifa member Clifford Phillip Eiffler-Rodriguez, 35, of Salem, Ore., was arrested at the violent protest on 10 Aug. where antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood. Clifford allegedly assaulted a female officer.
#Antifa member Clifford Phillip Eiffler-Rodriguez, 35, of Salem, Ore., was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer & harassment. His social media is filled with posts promoting antifa riots & calling for comrades to attend.
#Antifa member Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, who was arrested at a violent antifa Salem, Ore. protest, has a felony criminal conviction for computer fraud. He was ordered to pay over $15k to his ex-employer, SoccerPlex. He also expressed desire to assault @cityofsalem mayor.
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Christian Anti-Abortion event tonight in Salem Oregon.

A group of #Antifa showed up in black bloc to disrupt the event. So far they've been largely unsuccessful, currently there is a large number of guys are facing off with them protecting the event
Small scuffle then #Antifa throws a block of ice at the Christian event. Still pretty calm and just facing off

Some of the guys protecting event are the same people who protected the Christians at the event on Sunday in #Portland
Some familiar faces from #Portland #Antifa are there.

Antifa "sex worker"/"journo" Alissa Azar, last time she left Portland for an Antifa event she got knocked out after spraying a woman with bear mace
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Short interview clip with from stream in #Portland, @thebcpreacher's son on #Antifa throwing flashbangs, using mace, and throwing fireworks

stream :
Some fireworks thrown in #Portland as the Christian event winds down and #Antifa groups reportedly start targeting people going to there cars

from Villain Report stream -
Community members have more or less formed their own riot squad in the face of literally zero police precise as #Portland #Antifa attack Christian worshipers exiting an event.

Fireworks and some bear mace was used as well

from Villain Report stream -
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Small clash in #Portland today between #Antifa and right wing groups.

Some pepper spray and paint balls were exchanged, police sitting comfortably
Video from earlier today of #antifa attacking
Another clip from earlier showing #Antifa throwing things into a crowd with children in it.
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⚠️ Racism is alive here:

A Cross For Every Farmer Murdered ✝️

The world has ignored #SA farmers' pleas for help—while Western media is pushing the #BLM narrative!

Farmers killed on their farms, just for being White, out of hate, by Blacks…

🧵 (Part 1)
🚨 If the world is not looking, do their lives still matter⁉️

When does *mass murder* become #genocide?!

Why is the international community not saying anything — is it because the victims are White, and the perpetrators Black?


🧵 (Part 2)
Meanwhile in the US:

“I can't wait until Black people lynch White people!”

Antifa/BLM activists at a protest against a Christian event near Seattle shouted anti-white racist statements, “Death To America!” and burned US flags…


🧵 (Part 3)
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Heute wieder in #Meißen gewesen, da wo ich herkomme. Und ich habe das Gefühl, dass die Lage in #Dresden mies ist, aber wenn wir uns Sachsens Kleinstädte und vor allem noch ländlichere Regionen anschauen, dann gehört die #NoAfD längst fest zur Zivilgesellschaft. Ein Thread. 1/X
Auf dem Foto seht ihr, wie ein AfD-Stand quasi zum Wochenmarkt in #Meißen gehört. Vor ein paar Jahren bin ich aus Versehen in eine AfD-Kundgebung am Neumarkt in #Meißen reingelaufen - weil es de facto wie ein Stadtteilfest war, mit Attraktionen für Groß und Klein. 2/X
Weder an diesem Wochenmarkt, weder damals noch heute gibt es viel Gegenprotest. Stattdessen Normalisierung:
"Guten Tag! Ich hätte gern 1 Kilo Gehacktes, 3 Gurken, ein Glas Honig und ne Portion Rechtsradikalismus, bitte."
"Darf's ein bisschen mehr sein?"
"Nu klar!" 3/X
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