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Breaking: An indigenous-owned cafe in Portland, Ore. scheduled to host a "coffee with a cop" community event was smashed up & sprayed w/paint everywhere by 6 masked assailants using hammers & crowbars. #Antifa are celebrating the attack on social media. From Bison Coffeehouse:
#Antifa accounts in #Portland say the attack on the indigenous-owned cafe (Bison) was retaliation for them agreeing to host a community event where people could speak to cops over coffee. They're justifying it because the cafe's IG allegedly followed Trump. ImageImage
#Portland mayor @tedwheeler has condemned the vandalism on the Bison Coffeehouse & is calling for potential federal hate crime charges. (The attack is being praised by #Antifa as retaliation for the cafe agreeing to host "coffee with cop" community event.) ImageImage
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“Ch 12,” titled “Cultural Rebirth, Aborted:

“It’s a Not so Wonderful Life for the WWII Generation...yet the King Refuses to Die”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

Fr *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(pub 10/2022)…

CW22Q 12/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & being published Oct 2022)

READ &/or dwnl entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Midterms #psychology #history

CW22Q 12/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “*It’s a Wonderful Life* is beloved & timeless, no doubt, because it reassures an entire generation & all those who have had to give up their dreams for whatever reason that their sacrifices were for a higher good…”…

CW22Q 12/3
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Vom „Stellen der Machtfrage“. Einige Thesen als 🧵nach den Demonstrationen #G0310, Zwickau, Magdeburg…

1. Wir haben es zunehmend mit einer faschistischen Massenbewegung auf der Straße zu tun, die sich nicht mehr wie früher an bestimmten Organisationen ausrichtet, sondern wie Image
ein Rhizom aufgebaut ist, das auf wechselnde (Haupt-)Krisen reagiert, die diskursiv miteinander verknüpft werden. Dieses Netzwerk wächst. Es ist wesentlich von regionalen Faktoren abhängig, wer an bestimmten Orten die Führung übernimmt.

2. Die (Montags-)Demonstrationen zeigen
immer deutlicher, dass es den Teilnehmenden nicht um „Sorgen wegen der Inflation, der steigenden Energiepreise, der Folgen des Ukraine-Krieges“ (👇)… geht, sondern dass das Ziel ein Systemsturz ist (verweisend auf 1989).…
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13:36 Heute marschieren in der leipziger Innenstadt erneut Querdenker*innen, unter ihnen viele gewalttätige Nazis, auf.

Ich bin am Connewitzer Kreuz, hier wird es eine Zubringerdemo zum Gegenprotest geben. Ich berichte nur über die Rechten

#le0310 #Leipzig #Querdenken #Quergida Man sieht eine Regenbogenfahne auf einem Auto. Auf der Regen
14:41 Am Augustusplatz bei Querdenken sieht es aktuell noch so aus. Offiziell startet ihre Versammlung um 15 Uhr.

#le0310 #Leipzig #Querdenken #Quergida #NoNazis #Antifa
14:44 Auch der leipziger AFD-Stadtrat Marius Beyer ist vor Ort, hier mit Transpi. Normalerweise führt er in Leipzig-Engelsdorf die Querdenken-Demonstrationen an.

Die Anmelderin Anette H. sucht währenddessen noch nach Ordner*innen

#le0310 #Leipzig #Querdenken #Quergida #NoNazis
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Breaking: Talia Ben-Ora (@taliaotg), who calls herself a journalist, was captured on camera physically confronting people to stop them from witnessing a children's drag queen event at NYC Public Library. She apparently had approval to do that from @nypl.
#Antifa militants assaulted people to stop them from going inside the @nypl Public Library during the children's drag queen story hour event. Witnesses say #Antifa member Samson Seligson/@thizzl_ is the one arrested here:
Video of the #Antifa militants gathered outside the New York Public Library in Manhattan to confront black and Jewish protesters who oppose a drag queen story hour event.
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Four churches in Humboldt County in Northern California were vandalized with #Antifa graffiti calling for the death of Trump supporters & police. Antifa routinely target churches in hate crime attacks that are not investigated as bias crimes.…
Portland has experienced the most attacks on churches by Antifa since 2020. This attack on a Catholic Church in downtown was caught on video. That trans Antifa suspect was released & went on to commit armed robbery in another county. She’s been convicted & is in prison.
April 2021 #Antifa riot in Portland. No arrests.
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Deze week las ik een boek uit 1907(!)… en daarin trof ik verrassend rake observaties aan over #elite en #volk
Want de technologische vooruitgang gaat verder, maar de menselijke aard verandert niet.
Disclaimer: Jack London (John Griffith Chaney) schreef dit in een tijd dat #socialisme nog een onbevlekt ideaal was.
De socialisten in dit boek zijn nobele ridders💪 terwijl de kapitalisten de grote schurken👿 zijn.
Maar toch: zoek de parallellen.
De kapitalistische #elite in zijn boek (blz. 37) overtuigt zichzelf het altijd bij het rechte eind te hebben.
Onze huidige elites doen het precies zo. Zij zijn superieur, zij weten het beter dan het ‘domme volk’.
Ze rechtvaardigen onrecht, want ‘het doel heiligt de middelen’.
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A large number of police officers are already on the scene outside the Berlin venue hosting a live @jordanbpeterson event tonight. #Antifa have planned for weeks to try to stop the event.…
#Antifa's direct action against #JordanPeterson is already underway in Berlin. They earlier plastered posters against him around the city. One reads, "no show (allowed) for sexists & racists."… ImageImageImageImage
A large group of #Antifa militants are holding a procession in their march to the Tempodrom venue in Berlin where #JordanPeterson is speaking tonight. They're hiding behind masks & large banners. A vehicle transporting large speakers is part of their group. #Peterson
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Breaking report from @EvaKnott & I: A trans #Antifa member in San Diego pleaded guilty to multiple violent felonies over assaulting people at a riot last year. The @SDDistAtty case is the first time prosecutors sought to unmask Antifa cells in California.…
This is video of one of many #Antifa attacks on people at Pacific Beach in January 2021. Those victimized include Trump supporters, minors, a photojournalist & a man & his dog walking on beach. Erich "Nikki" Yach admitted to being part of this conspiracy:
San Diego #Antifa member Erich Yach is listed as a 6 feet 4 male, but she told court she's trans & her name is "Nikki." She has a prior felony for domestic violence & has now been convicted over the #Antifa riot. She named her co-conspirators in plea deal.…
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Oregon's largest school district (@PPSConnect) is experiencing a surge in vandalism costing hundreds of thousands to repair windows & remove graffiti since the 2020 riots. Antifa encourage attacks on school property, viewing schools as a form of…
In March 2021, the Portland Public Schools (@PPSConnect) headquarters was severely damaged in an arson attack. One of the graffiti messages repeats a BLM-Antifa mantra. An anarchist symbol was also sprayed on the building.
In June this year, #Antifa in Portland smashed up a Portland Public Schools (@PPSConnect) van during a second night of rioting incited by pro-abortion far-left group, Jane's Revenge.
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New Ngo report: German #Antifa are going all hands on deck to stop @jordanbpeterson's live Berlin event on Sept. 29. They've announced a direct action gathering & even had a training meeting earlier this month to prepare.…
Berlin Antifa (@antifanordost) & several far-left groups have released several flyers to promote their training & direct action against @jordanbpeterson's speaking event on Sept. 29. They falsely accuse him of inspiring neo-Nazis & being linked to Charlottesville. #Antifa
Berlin Antifa already had a training on Sept. 17 to prepare for the direct action against Jordan Peterson's Berlin event at the Tempodrom venue. Antifa will meet at the corner of Mehringdamm & Yorckstrasse at 6 pm on Sept. 29.
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So there are a few things that I want to cover today. It has to do with #Cuba🇨🇺 & the new #FamilyCodeLaw #CodigoDeLasFamilias #CodigoSi & why the Extreme Right Wing of the #CubanDissidents & #CubanExiles are against it #LGBTQRightsAreHumanRights #CubanConstitution #Socialism
So first what is #ElCodigoDeLasFamilias Or the #FamilyCodeInCuba. First we need a small lesson in #Socialism. #Marxism teaches that we need to use #Science & Common Sense to advance society.
Common sense says if you want a #Democracy to advance and flourish, you need to improve it with scientific precision. So, #Marxist countries make it very easy to have what is known in America as a #ConstitutionalConvention. Aka whenever they come up with something better for
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Antifa gathered outside in support of the drag bingo event at the First Christian Church in Katy, Texas—near Houston on Saturday. They were met by a group of right-wing protesters & religious people who opposed the event.
The drag event at the First Christian Church (@FCCKaty) in Katy, Texas was a fundraiser for Transparent Closet, its clothing boutique for trans children & youth. #Antifa, an explicitly anti-Christian movement, allied itself with the church to oppose right-wing protesters.
Katy, Texas: Though police largely kept the two sides separated outside the First Christian Church hosting the drag bingo event, #Antifa assaulted people with pepper spray when they crossed the street.
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Warum #Antifa?
Fast genau nach 100 Jahren und dem Marsch der Faschisten auf Rom, erleben wir vermutlich wieder eine Übernahme der Faschisten in #Italien Ein Grund? Der Faschismus wurde in Italien NIE aufgearbeitet. Weiterer Grund? Kredite aus Russland! #NoAfD #AfD Recherche: Warum antifaschistischer Widerstand so wichtig ist!   Zumind
Schon vor einigen Monaten haben wir auf Kredite an Lega,Salvini durch #Putin und dessen Umfeld hingewiesen in 3 Recherchen beim @Volksverpetzer. #AfD #NoAfD Unter anderem die Verbindungen zum Faschisten #Dugin #Italienwahl #Italien…
Russische Strukturen und Spenden in #Italien: Die Verbindungen laufen zwischen #Salvini,#Lega, und auch den Protofaschisten die in Umfragen gerade die Mehrheit stellen. #AfD #NoAfD Dazu mehr in dieser Recherche. #Italienwahl…
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An investigation reveals that the Democrat (@MGPforCongress) running against @joekent16jan19 in the Washington district right next to Portland offered aid to #Antifa rioters in their attempted insurrection against the local & federal governments in 2020.…
I track #Antifa organizing in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve talked about wanting to collude with the campaign for @MGPforCongress. Antifa from Portland have carried out attacks in Vancouver. Voters there will have to decide if they vote for a candidate who supports that.
Background on one of the many Portland #Antifa attacks on the people of Vancouver, Wash.:
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New: #Antifa accounts are alerting one another about the protest today outside the Ontario high school where the controversial trans teacher teaches. They say the protest is fascist transphobia & wants it shut down. ImageImageImageImage
Breaking: A large crowd has gathered outside Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario to protest the trans teacher who wears the extra large breasts costume. The school says it supports her human right to gender expression. Video by @lincolnmjay:
Protesters outside the Ontario high school where the giant fake breast trans teacher teaches tried to force a man out who they claimed was a plant meant to make them look bad. He held a sign for a white nationalist group that read, “Fags out.” @LeighStewy:
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Breaking update on Portland #Antifa trans rioter believed to be dead: Antifa organized a "search & rescue mission" at Collins Beach to find "Tabitha Poppins," who went missing in the water on Monday. They seem to imply that they won't involve law enforcement if they find a body. ImageImage
Read my reporting on "Tabitha Poppins," an #Antifa rioter believed to be dead. She allegedly neglected her children she fathered from a prior marriage to become a full-time "protester." Her ex stated there was "immediate danger" in the custody filing.… ImageImage
As the far-left in Portland come to terms that Tabitha "Poppins" Curtis is likely dead, they are posting their eulogies via tweets. This extremist admitted to how she was part of a conspiracy to help him escape arrest from the @PortlandPolice: Image
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"Oh, you're raising a little fascist as well?"

Two far-left protesters part of the #Antifa/trans direct action against the women's rights rally in Brighton, England confronted a man & his baby. They curse him & the child out.
One of the women cursing at the baby and the father has been identified as Carly-May Kavanagh/@cmkavanagh, who calls herself a journalist. She also says she works at the House of Commons for the MP for Brighton, Kemptown @lloyd_rm.
Some are claiming it is harassment to identify a lawmaker’s top staffer.
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Brighton, UK: At the #LetWomenSpeak @StandingforXX rally, violent #Antifa & militant trans extremists tried to shut down the women’s rights event. One was arrested on suspicion of assault. Another was arrested for obstructing police. The militants tried to stop the arrests.
Brighton, England: This trans person’s comrades tried desperately to “de-arrest” & hide the demasked face but were pushed back by police. The person (referred to as “her” by others) was in black bloc & had to be dragged screaming into the police vehicle. #Antifa #LetWomenSpeak
#Antifa & militant trans activists came to try to stop a large gathering of women’s rights activists at the @StandingforXX rally in #Brighton, England. Police kept the two sides separated. #LetWomenSpeak
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In 2020 sagte ich im @DLF 👇 , dass sich #QAnon zu einer dualistisch-religiösen #Digitalsekte entwickele. Man beachte die (an-)klagende #Trump-Rede mit Musik, den Zeige-Finger (eigtl. Zustimmung zu einer Predigt!), die apokalyptischen Verschwörungsmythen.…
Wenn Ihr Euch also fragt, woher Kampagnen der #Trump-Qultisten kommen: Für diese Leute DARF Demokratie auch in Europa 🇪🇺 & Israel 🇮🇱 nicht gelingen. #Antifa wird zum #Terrorismus umgedeutet, „Mischehen“ attackiert, Demokrat:innen getrollt. Längst weltweit.…
Über den Aufmarsch der US-Rechten um #QAnon, #FoxNews & #Trump informiert auf Deutsch u.a. @ardenthistorian, von mir ist „Rückzug oder Kreuzzug?“ bei Patmos erschienen & englische Aufklärungs-Videos erstellt u.a. das @ProjectLincoln :
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Un deuxième problème, plus nuancé, mais tout aussi dangereux, sont les profils des confus et complotistes qui se dissent de gauche.

🔴Chapitre 2 du mode d'emploi du ⏩retweet⏩ :
2/8 Comme je l'ai dit dans le mode d'emploi⏫, ne ⏩retweetez⏩ jamais sans ❗️vérifier❗️ le profil du tweet qui apparaît dans votre fil.

Il en va de même pour les tweets :
(abonné) a aimé ; a suivi ; a répondu
ou les tweets proposés en fonction des tendances.

Pourquoi ⏬
3/8 Voici cet exemple qui vient d'apparaître sur mon fil :

Je suivi @CharliB97783485, profil que je fais confiance.

Charli a aimé et retweeté @BenoitLeCam, qui est en train de suivre la manif à Callac dans les côtes d'Armor. Benoit se présente comme un militant de gauche.
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NEW Ngo report: Against its own policies, @gofundme is hosting a misleading campaign to raise cash to keep a violent Portland #Antifa member out of prison. Phoebe Anne Loomis has a history of being arrested at riots going back to 2017.…
The fraudulent fundraising campaign for Portland #Antifa member Phoebe Anne Loomis, who uses the moniker "Phoenix," lies about her criminal case. Far-left extremist & ex-@bellingcat writer Robert Evans has donated the most so far.…
This was my tweet about violent Portland #Antifa member Phoebe Anne Loomis last year after she was arrested at the May Day 2021 riot in which city hall & downtown businesses were attacked. She has branded herself with the symbol of Antifa on her chest.
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An #Antifa cell in Oregon published a link to a Portland Antifa site (Rose City Counter-Info) where claims of responsibility for attacks are published. They detail an attack on the family home of a @PortlandPolice officer on Sept 11 or 12. They name his wife & give the address.
Officer Hearst was cleared by a grand jury for the killing of black male Quanice Hayes, who was shot by police after taking a person hostage using a realistic-looking replica pistol.

I've asked @PortlandPolice if @FBIPortland are aware of #Antifa targeting family home of Hearst.
Despite the Portland Police being found justified in the killing of violent criminal Quanice Hayes, the city of Portland (@PortlandGov) paid out $2.1 million to his family last year.
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Recherche: Die #AfD und #Höcke - Deren Ziele und Strategien zur Destabilisierung der Demokratie. -> Gegenmaßnahmen, Wunde Punkte, Spender, Millionäre, Milliardäre, rechtsextreme Kontakte und Strukturen. #NoAfD #Einheit #Zusammenhalt #Antifaschismus Bild Zitat Tisa von der Sch...
Nach der Lektüre des Parteiprogramms der AfD, insbesondere des Buches von Höcke, ist längst deutlich: Die AfD will ein anderes Deutschland und ein anderes System. Höcke redet von „Renovation" , beschreibt aber ein revolutionäres Szenario. #AfD #NoAf #Hoecke #Zusammenhalt #Antifa Image
#Hoecke beschreibt aber ein revolutionäres Szenario, in der ein Bürgerkrieg nicht unwahrscheinlich würde, würde die AfD nicht ihre letzte „evolutionäre und friedliche Chance“ ergreifen. #NoAfD #AfD #Zusammenhalt #Antifa Image
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