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Far-left extremists & #Antifa from across US have been going to Atlanta to support an occupation at a construction site for a future police training academy. They've created barricades & hurled firebombs at responding police. Comrades have carried out violence in solidarity. ImageImageImageImage
On May 12, far-left extremists tried to set on fire the offices of the company (@BrasfieldGorrie) contracted with the city of Atlanta to build a police academy. The rioters also smashed out windows. #Antifa

Katie Marie Kloth, who uses the fake name "Krow," was arrested: ImageImage
Arrested at the far-left violent attack on a construction company office in Atlanta on May 12 as revenge for it building a police, EMS training center in south Atlanta. #Antifa say it would be a "cop city."…

Joseph William Turner & Tyler John Norman: ImageImage
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Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier. Oder in diesem Fall mal wieder die beiden Angreifer vom letzten Mal. Und schon wieder war der lächerliche Haufen in blau weiß mal wieder nicht vor Ort. Die #CoroNazis können hier machen was sie wollen. Die Stadt #Barmstedt und die @SH_Polizei tun
dass, was sie am besten können. Nichts tun und wegschauen. Ich wurde wiederholt bedrängt, geschubst, beleidigt, es wurde versucht mir auf die Hand zu spucken. Das übliche. Aber das eigentliche Highlight war die Frau von dem Mann in grün. Also das Pärchen, dass mich beim letzten
Mal schön bedrängt hat und versucht mein Handy zu entreißen. Im übrigen sind die beiden Eltern. Mir tut das Kind jetzt schon leid. So aggressiv wie die Eltern sind.
Heute haben die beiden dem ganzen aber die Krone aufgesetzt. Nachdem die Frau immer wieder zu mir kam um mich zu
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Manchester, UK: At a militant trans direct action today against trans-critical feminists, a group of radicals dressed in black block blocked @GSpellchecker from getting closer to a statue of a suffragette.
The group of far-left radicals gathered in Manchester to oppose trans-critical feminist Kellie-Jay Keen (@StandingforXX).
Violent #Antifa members from the Anarchist Federation group manhandled a trans critical feminist in Manchester today. The far-left called for a direct action to shut down a women’s rights protest at a statue of a suffragette.
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Thanks @nickconfessore! I been watching @TuckerCarlson since the Brinkley days on ABC 30 years ago & I always thought George Will was the white supreme! I just thought Carlson was aa arrogant punk.

This white supreme nationalist concept of "replacement" is confusing though. 1/5
@nickconfessore @TuckerCarlson I've thought that replacing higher-paid workers w/ min wage (or lower) employees was just good business practice?

There are a finite number of jobs & so new workers helps keep labor costs down but I see nothing white supreme a/b that--it's just good business, right?
@nickconfessore @TuckerCarlson I assume that the 72,000 fired New York nurses w/ immunity proven from working w/ the sick 18 months were replaced by nurses from developing nations at a more reasonable wage, right?

Plus, they're much more likely to "go along w/ the program" if you get my drift ;>).
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Since the draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion was criminally leaked on May 2, left-wing extremists have begun targeting churches & pro-life groups as revenge for a legal process that actually has nothing to do with them.

I will document the attacks here. #abortion
Boulder, Colo.: On May 3, the Sacred Heart of Mary Church was smashed up & vandalized. This was the second time the church had been vandalized in less than a year. The vandal(s) left behind #Antifa anarchist symbols & messages. #abortion…
Portland, Ore.: On May 3, #Antifa joined a group of pro-choice protesters who marched throughout downtown before smashing up city hall & numerous businesses. They also tried to set the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse on fire using incendiary devices.…
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"We have run thin on patience and mercy"

A far-left group has released a statement claiming responsibility for the arson attack on a pro-life group in Madison, Wisc. They're promising more violence if their demands aren't met.…
The threats were published by far-left extremist & #Antifa supporter Robert Evans, who received it from a personal contact he trusts but won't name. Evans writes for @bellingcat, donates to far-left causes & has praised a domestic terrorist attack in Portland.
"We will issue no further warnings"

This is the full statement from the far-left group claiming responsibility for the arson attack on a pro-life group in Wisconsin.
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BREAKING: Portland reporter Mike Bivins has been arrested over vandalism attacks on synagogues & attempted arson at a mosque. He's been charged w/multiple felonies. His last DM to me in 2020 was a message critical of me posting #Antifa riot mugshots.…
In late 2020, Mike Bivins & leftist lawyer @UnderdogLawBlog announced a $1 million lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.…
Mike Bivins was most known for his reporting & video coverage of right-wing rallies & protests. He captured many viral videos of riots in Portland.…
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Ahead of last night’s #Antifa riot in Portland over abortion, they gathered in front of the federal courthouse & created a mini autonomous zone with blockades. At night, they smashed up buildings, businesses & started fires. Video posted by @StanPulliam:
As organized & pre-announced on Twitter, #Antifa destroyed property & started fires in Portland last night at their pro-abortion direct action riot. Like a gang, they talk now about discarding the clothes they wore while carrying out the crimes together.
#Antifa smashed out nearly all the windows of Portland City Hall at their riot yesterday for abortion.
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1. #b0105

Niemiecka fikcja, niemiecka rzeczywistość: tak upada #Berlin 🇩🇪

Wczoraj był 1 maja. Ja i pewien dziennikarz z USA wtopiliśmy się na ten jeden dzień w środowisko #Antifa. Ubrani jak oni, krzycząc ich slogany... zobaczyliśmy, jak do Niemiec wrócił komunizm i przemoc.
2. #b0105

Demonstracje zaczęły się już dzień wcześniej: od feministycznej manify pt. #takebackthenight.

Jak zwraca uwagę napis na dole promocyjnego plakatu: w demonstracji wolno było wziąć udział tylko kobietom, "niebinarnym" i transseksualistom. Żadnych mężczyzn!
3. #b0105

Demonstracje miały miejsce w lewicowych/imigranckich dzielnicach miasta: #Kreuzberg i #Neukoelln.

Przybywających na manify witały stragany sprzedające świece, dilda i produkty spożywcze w postaci genitaliów.
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Bereits am Mittag kam es zu ersten Konfrontationen zwischen der Polizei und der 1. Mai Demonstration in #Nantes. Die Polizei setzte Tränengas ein. Die Demonstration hat sich jedoch neu aufgestellt und zieht weiter.
#1erMai #1Mai #manif1ermai #Frankreich #France #PrimoMaggio
Aber auch in #Lyon kam es zu ersten Konfrontationen mit der Polizei, hier setzte die Polizei Wasserwerfer ein.
#1erMai #1Mai #manif1ermai #Frankreich #France #PrimoMaggio
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Wer Informationen zum III-Weg und "Die Rechte" und den Rechtsextremisten in #Zwickau #Dortmund braucht, sollte sich unsere Recherchen genauer anschauen. Verbindungen reichen von #AfD bis #LePen #Putin #Asow und deren Umfeld! #NoNazis #Antifa #1Mai87…
Pierre Krebs als Hauptredner bei einer Veranstaltung der deutschen neopaganen Neonazi-Partei Der III. Weg im September 2015. #Zwickau #Antifa #Neonazis #1Mai87 #1Mai #1Mai2022
Auf dem Festival „Rock gegen Überfremdung“ 2017 lag ein Reconquista-Flyer aus, auf dem Andriy Biletsky als „Kommandeur des Asow-Bataillons und Führer der ukrainischen Nationalisten“ vorgestellt wurde. #Zwickau #Antifa #Neonazis #1Mai87 #1Mai #1Mai2022
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#Antifa violently shut down a lawful political rally in downtown Portland attended by families and their children.
Read the police report about the #antifa attack on the @StanPulliam event. Two people reported injuries from antifa using mortar explosives. Antifa also filled balloons w/paint & other substances to hurl at targets. Police didn’t to respond to the scene:…
@StanPulliam #Antifa member & riot arrestee Miguel Louis Lofland has been inciting violence against Sandy, OR mayor/Republican gubernatorial candidate @StanPulliam because of his anti-Woke stance. Antifa believe those who oppose CRT are fascists who should be killed. ImageImageImage
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For May Day on May 1, a date honored by communists & socialists, #Antifa in Portland, Ore. are holding an event at 1 p.m. at Laurelhurst Park. They use the event to recruit new members & to further radicalize existing ones. They will distribute terrorist texts as well.
Seattle #Antifa are promoting the communist May Day march happening at Judkins Park at 1 pm

The Seattle May Day events are infamous for violence. Starbucks is closing its 5th & Pike Street location in order to protect staff. #Antifa are also calling for violence against @amazon.
Olympia, Wash.: #Antifa have organized a May Day event at Yauger Park at 1 pm. The Antifa cell in the state capital is extremely violent. Last year, one of its members, Benjamin Varela, was arrested & charged over a shooting.…
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Bei @HLlive wird berichtet, eine Veranstaltung von Monika Heinold (@MonikaHeinold) & Annalena Baerbock (@ABaerbock) wurde in #Lübeck nach Buttersäure-Anschlag abgesagt.

Die verschwörungsidelogische #Querdenker-Szene & AfDler*innen haben gegen die Versammlung mobilisiert.
Wir möchten daran erinnern, Annalena Baerbock wurde schon im Bundestagswahlkampf 2021 von extrem rechten AfDler*innen (z.B. Maximilian Holstein & Denise Holstein) als „Volksverräterin“ markiert.
In diesem Zusammenhang möchten wir daran erinnern, der CDU-Politiker Dr. Walter Lübcke wurde von etlichen AfD-Politiker*innen als "Volksverräter" markiert und schlussendlich von einem #NeoNazi und AfD-Wahlkampfhelfer ermordet.
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Yesterday, #Antifa attacked participants of the People’s Convoy driving on the freeway through Portland by throwing projectiles & paint on the vehicles below. John Hacker, an #Antifa member who was indicted for attacking me, was part of the Antifa group.
John Colin Hacker (pictured), an #Antifa member who is currently being prosecuted for attacking me in a 2019 felony robbery, was part of the Antifa group that gathered to throw paint & projectiles onto drivers on the freeway. Traffic was completely halted.…
Portland city council member Jo Ann Hardesty, a conspiracy theorist & race hustler, has released a statement defending #Antifa throwing projectiles onto vehicles driving on the freeway:
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The @SeattleParks property in the former CHAZ that was vandalized with #Antifa graffiti this week is now filled with more extremist messages, including ones that read "Antifa Zone," “Dismember Andy Ngo” & "I want to kill white ppl." Photos by @choeshow.
"206 161 1312" looks like a phone number but it is in fact an #Antifa dog whistle. 206 is a Seattle area phone code. 161 = AFA (Antifascist Action). 1312 = ACAB (all cops are bastards). The graffiti around the former CHAZ call for specific people by name to be murdered.
Earlier this week, journalist @choeshow captured the moment #Antifa members at the former CHAZ began vandalizing the @SeattleParks property after it was just cleaned and repainted.
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Vandals shot out a Vietnamese restaurant (Saigon Cafe) in Eugene, OR with a BB gun & sprayed what looks like crosshairs & reticles, plus Satanic symbols, on the business. #Antifa, who have a violent cell in Eugene, say the symbols are neo-Nazi Celtic crosses.
Olympia, Wash. #Antifa member Miguel Louis Lofland, aka "Miguel, Allegedly," believes the symbols on the Saigon Cafe in Eugene, Ore. are neo-Nazi celtic crosses. Lofland has called & harassed me before, & is involved in far-left extremism in the Pacific…
The far-left are citing Abner Bashir Hauge, aka Left Coast Right Watch, an extremist #Antifa account, as the source the symbols on the Saigon Cafe are neo-Nazi crosses rather than reticles. I've witnessed Hauge wear fake press markings & harass people.
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Die AfD in die Schranken weisen, heißt auch keine Sicherheit für die AfD!

#Antifa #NoAfD #NoAfDSH #NoNazisSH #NoNazisHH #Reeperbahnfestival #Stadtpark #Volksparkstadion Das Logo von A-Z Sicherheit...
Seit mehreren Jahren begleitet das Unternehmen A-Z Sicherheit & Event GmbH zahlreiche AfD Veranstaltungen. Die Firma mit Büros in #Barmstedt/#Heede(Kreis #Pinneberg/#Segeberg) bei #Hamburg und #Bentwisch bei #Rostock ist an vielen großen Events in #Norddeutschland beteiligt. Dieter Kremer vor einem Sch...
Der Rassist Dieter Kremer ist der stellv. Geschäftsführer. Auf seiner Facebook-Seite verbreitet er rassistische und verschwörungsideologische Inhalte. Bilder von Dieter Kremer vo...ImageImageImage
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"Calling white people 'cracker' is good"

BREAKING: Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at Portland hospital @OHSUNews, has a history of racist posts. A militant communist who works w/patients, she calls for political violence, domestic terrorist attacks & the deaths of others.
Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at Portland hospital @OHSUNews who has access to patients, called for terrorist attacks on state institutions & wanted to see people burned to death. A worshipper of totalitarian communism, she lied to @CBP about why she traveled to Cuba.
Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at hospital @OHSUNews, responded to my 2019 Antifa beating by saying I should have been hit with cement. She pledged support for #Antifa.

Adam Kelly and I, both nearly killed by Antifa on 6-29-19, were treated at @OHSUNews—who employs her.
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Heute war mein (wahrscheinlich) letzter Abend mit den #CoroNazis. Neuer Job mit neuen Arbeitszeiten. Aber das ist ein Verlust den ich verkraften kann. Als wir ankamen lief das #Friedensfest mit Musik noch. Auf dem Rathausplatz war eine Veranstaltung mit Livemusik, bei der Spenden
für die Menschen in der #Ukraine gesammelt werden sollen. Da dort ein paar Dinge zu kritisieren sind, gehe ich erstmal darauf ein, bevor ich mich den #Schwurbler*innen widme. Gesichert wurde die Geschichte durch AZ Security aus #Barmstedt. Der Chef dieser Firma ist wiederholt
durch rassistische und verschwörungstheoretische Äußerungen auf Facebook aufgefallen. @AntifaPinneberg hat dazu schon ein wenig geschrieben.
Die Veranstaltung heute war auch nicht die erste, die durch diese Firma "geschützt" wurde. Wie kann es sein, dass
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One of the women resisting arrest at the Pittsburgh #BLM protest where the viral punch photo was taken is Victoyia Lynn Townes. She was arrested over a racist #BLM attack in a restaurant in 2020 where she was charged w/rioting, making terroristic threats, assault & more.
#Antifa & the far-left use @PayPal, @CashApp to raise cash rewards for their violent comrades to incentivize further criminal behavior.

Victoyia Lynn Townes has a trial for the 2020 #BLM Pittsburgh racist attack on April 20 in Allegheny County, Penn.
One of the #Antifa members fundraising cash for violent criminal suspect Victoyia Lynn Townes is Joshua Trapp.

Trapp, of Pittsburgh, was also arrested at a direct action there in 2020. He is a communist activist. #BLM
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Overnight, #Antifa in Portland carried out a violent attack using explosives & arson as revenge for the death of #PatrickLyoya in Michigan. @PortlandPolice press release says they targeted businesses, bus shelters & the North Precinct. The attack was organized on Twitter.
Police made no arrests & are asking for tips to be sent to with reference case number 22-101241.…
#Antifa in Portland organized the revenge attack on Twitter. They're trying to hide the evidence by deleting their tweets after the attack. Police said they smashed up targets & used explosive devices.

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Breaking: Far-left protesters surround a car on the road at the #PartrickLyoya protest in Grand Rapids, Mich. & threaten to shoot the driver. One person cocks his gun & they kick the car. #BLM #Antifa
Far-left activist Talia “Jane” Ben-Ora & her #antifa comrades are very upset that one of the protesters has been trying to de-escalate & calm those wanting to be violent at the Grand Rapids #BLM protest.
At night yesterday, #BLM & far-left protesters in Grand Rapids, Mich. confronted another driver. They unlawfully directed traffic & demanded the driver turn around as they had taken over that part of the road. #PatrickLyoya
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Innerhalb 1 Woche haben wir gleich 2 Razzien gegen Rechtsextremisten, die diesen Staat und sein System, seine Demokratie zerstören wollen. Die Radikalisierung schreitet voran, und die #AfD macht Witze über Entführung von @Karl_Lauterbach #NoAfD -Analyse Thread 1/x
Seit nunmehr 2 Jahren sagen wir klar das #Querdenken KLAR am rechtsextremen Rand agiert. Das sie antisemitische Kernpunkte liefert, die KLAR Teil der Faschismustheorie sind. Die Nationalismus eher vorziehen als Internationalismus. #NoAfD #AfD
Viele Antifaschisten liefern seit 2 Jahren genau dazu Hinweise,Recherchen, Analysen trotzdem aber werden Taten der Querdenker nicht unter Rechtsextremismus verbucht, und das obwohl bekannte Neonazis wie Nerling mit dem Orgateam befreundet ist! @ingo_hasselbach #AfD #NoAfD
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