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A number of bills in state legislatures are limiting civil/criminal liability of drivers attacked by "protestors"

Thread to show examples of #Antifa/#BLM blocking roads and attacking/harassing drivers

Samuel Young shooting at a fleeing driver in Aurora
James Marshall shooting a disabled vet and single father in the head in Alamosa Colorado.…

He survived after 3 weeks in a coma. Marshall was charged with attempted murder, assault, etc

Trial set for Aug 30th currently.

People at a Provo Utah event organized John Sullivan (1/6 Capitol #Antifa) shooting a driver.

Jesse Taggart was charged with attempted aggravated murder.…

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One of the #antifa jail funds in Portland is running out of money after the people they bailed out aren’t returning the money back to the group. They have set up a @Venmo & @PayPal as a front to raise money for violent criminal suspects in contravention of TOS.
One of the extremists Portland #antifa are trying to raise money for using @venmo & @paypal is Malik Muhammed. He’s charged w/attempted murder, among other serious crimes. Venmo, @CashApp & @AskPayPal should do more to make sure they aren’t pulled into fundraising for terrorists.
I’m often asked if rioters are paid by #antifa to riot. The answer is mostly no however they have established a system where they’ll pay your bail using crowdfunding money from @CashApp, @Venmo & @gofundme. When the DA drops the case, the rioter pockets that bail cash.
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Wir gedenken: Heute vor 47 Jahren, am 5. Mai 1974, wurde Neşet Daniş von türkischen Faschisten (#GraueWölfe) bei #Hamburg in #Norderstedt angegriffen, am 21. Mai 1974 verstarb er im Krankenhaus an seinen schweren Verletzungen.

#Antifa #NoNazis #NoNazisSH #NoNazisHH #FightBack Image
Als Reaktion auf den Mord gab es u.a. in #Hamburg, #Neumünster, #Köln Demos, Kundgebungen und Versammlungen. ImageImage
Aufruf für Neumünster und Hamburg: ImageImage
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After holding far-left events for May Day in Portland, #antifa shut down the roads at night & smashed up buildings again. Police declared a riot. At the same time, another antifa mob attacked the @ICEgov facility. Two of them threatened cops with knives.…
Portland #antifa leader Phoebe A. Loomis, 37, was arrested at the May Day riot & charged w/a felony. She was quickly released w/o bail. She was previously convicted for her role at another May Day riot in 2017. She has an antifa gang tattoo on her chest.
Jeremiah Day, 22, threatened police w/a knife at the Portland #antifa May Day riot outside the @ICEgov facility. He tried to escape on foot. He was charged w/11 criminal offenses, including a felony, but was quickly released without bail. #AntifaMugshots
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There were around 50 at the #antifa Portland May Day riot. There is a lot of infighting occurring at the moment. At one point, they actually had a journalist get on his knees to beg for forgiveness because I had retweeted his videos. He begged:“Please treat me like a human being”
Dustin Brandon Ferreira, the Portland #antifa wheelchair rioter, led the impromptu trial against the journalist who was made to get on his knees to beg for forgiveness.
Portland #antifa member Dustin Brandon Ferreira (2lesslegs) responded in an Instagram post. He says he is waiting for the day he can celebrate when I am dead.
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A mob of #antifa in Seattle have shut down traffic for May Day. After marching around, they began to assault police and others with projectile weapons.
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+++ ALERTA +++
Am #1Mai mobilisiert die neonazistische Kleinstpartei III. Weg nach #Schweinfurt. Wohl als Ersatz für #Zwickau. Außerdem hat auch #Querdenken eine Veranstaltung angemeldet.
Weitere Infos, sowie ein Zugtreffpunkt folgen bald! Behaltet unsere Kanäle im Auge!
Wenn #Schweinfurt zusammen mit #Leipzig oder #Plauen als Ersatz für #Zwickau dient, ist es umso wichtiger einen breiten und stabilen Gegenprotest auf die Beine zu stellen! Deshalb alle am #1Mai2021 nach Schweinfurt!
Kein Fußbreit den Faschist:innen!

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Thread to highlight the two tier justice system for the right/left. Some of those arrested as a result of 1/6 are being held w/o bail for what amounts to trespassing.

Here's some #BLM/#Antifa who are out on bail for far more egregious offenses.…
Samantha Brooks and Ellen Reiche, both charged under ACTUAL terrorism statues for allegedly attemempting to derail trains carrying hazardous materials with shunting devices.

Both are free on bail
Richard Hunsinger aka "Millions of dead landlords", a communist who with a group of other extremists threw a nail bomb and Molotov cocktails into a Federal building.

Free on 10k bail
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(Updated) Pinned Data Dump thread. For more in depth threads in specific areas of interest

Federal Charges: 342 #BLM+#Antifa rioters Federally Charged since start of George Floyd 2020 riots


AntifaWatch Tag-…
Thread to track Federal charges dismissed at request of
@USAO_OR (Formerly Billy Williams, currently Scott Asphaug is acting) of rioters from #Portland.

49 so far.
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+++ SONNTAG #b2504 +++

13:00 🚲-Demo: #Spekulation deckeln!, #Hermannplatz

13:00 #Xbergmatinee, #Mariannenplatz

14:00 #NoQuerdenken Gegenprotest, Bat-Yam-Platz

15:00 #Antifa|scist Resistance Day, Zielona Gora

17:00 Protest Gegen den Überfall auf #Südkurdistan, Weltzeituhr ImageImageImageImage
+++ SONNTAG #b2504 +++ ImageImage
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Some initial footage from the #Sacramento #BLM/#Antifa "protest" tonight.

So far it just seems to be marching and yelling while blocking the street. They're in black bloc and have a wall of umbrellas apparently.

More of the typical ACAB chants from #Antifa/#BLM

There's only like 30 of them so it's a pretty calm event so far. More of the same marching and chanting the same ACAB type stuff

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On 23 April, #antifa rioted again during Portland's state of emergency (declared since Chauvin trial conclusion). Antifa targeted immigrant-owned businesses & threw a rock through the window of a local resident. #PortlandRiots…
#Antifa member Jacob A. Camello, 29, was arrested at the Portland riot & charged w/felonies. She identifies as a woman & is part of the Socialist Rifle Assoc. She's been quickly released. She was found carrying tools for vandalism. #AntifaMugshots
Crystal Monique Miranda, 29 was charged w/a felony over her role in the Portland #antifa riot. She's the partner of transwoman Jacob Camello, who was also arrested at the violent riot. She was quickly released without bail. #AntifaMugshots #PortlandRiots
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Some video from #Denver.

#BLM/#Antifa + NLG Greenhats, while blocking the street surround a truck and get in a standoff for 30 seconds or so before letting him pass

Colorado has been a hotspot for leftists blocking roads & violence targeting drivers

Here's James Marshall shooting a disabled veteran and single father in the head at a protest last year in Alamosa

(He survived after 3 weeks in a coma thankfully)

Here's Samuel Young opening fire indiscriminately at a fleeing car. He was charged w/ 4 counts of attempted murder.

This was at a PSL event in Aurora where 'protestors' blocked the road and were armed.

He shot two of his fellow protestors during this.

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Some video from #Portland tonight which is just starting

If there's something everyone can agree on-

"F*ck Ted Wheeler"

Quickly back to the standard window breaking though

Like clockwork, a local Starbucks with broken out windows and #Antifa graffiti.

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#Louisville Police have made several arrests tonight in a heavily armed "protest" that has been blocking the streets

Think they arrested Mathew Ballard (An #Antifa Journo) shortly after this clip

Protest continues going, harassing people eating outside into holding up a black power fist.

Keep in mind these people are armed
Goes without saying these people are totally deranged.

Here's more marching and honking through residential neighborhoods

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Meet Taylor 👋

Taylor Maloney is an #Antifa extremist who celebrates black nationalists murdering Police Officers (April 2nd DC Car Attack)

Taylor openly advocates for killing cops, rioting, and looting. Taylor is the President of the Student Government Association at @VCU.
-Advocates burning city buses (I'm sure that will help working people)

-Defends D.C. carjackers that killed Mohammad Anwar, the Uber Eats Driver

-Arrested at a violent July 2020 #Antifa riot, charges were not pursued by prosecutors
-Unsurprisingly, Taylor is a communist & has appeared on podcast episodes titled "Why all kids are Communists & you should be too"

-The riot arrest was w/ Molly Conger aka socialistdogmom (The person above her)

-More tweets calling for destroying property
#Richmond #VCU @VCU
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Michele Gilbert Moffatt, a Registered Nurse active with #Richmond #Antifa faces 3 felony charges for harassing RPD officers by posting home addresses last year.

Police arrested & seized her electronics. She's been released on 1k bail.
Her Twitter has been ID'd as @justthemedic thanks to the chest tattoo (If you're going to do an anon twitter account maybe don't post that?)

Social Media activity shows advocating violence and connections with Molly Conger, Goad Gastby and other #Antifa…
The account that was setup around that time to harass officers is likely "RPDID2020".

She's married to a doctor in Richmond who has sent money to her Antifa friends before. No indication of his involvement beyond that.
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Clashes between #Antifa/#BLM and Police in #Albany today.

They've been camped out for about a week demanding an officer be fired. Multiple arrests made so far

More video of Police clearing out their occupation/encamptment

Police won the day, retaking south station area.

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.@HouseDemocrats just passed a radical bill to make DC a state.

This is a pure political power grab, to add 2 more Democrat senators.

It gives even more power to already-too-powerful DC lobbyists & other residents.

And it weakens nearly all other Americans’ power in Congress.
As a DC resident, I firmly oppose DC statehood.

The Constitution calls for a federal enclave for our nation’s capital.

And by allowing #BLM and #antifa rioters to attack a U.S. senator leaving the White House, @MayorBowser proved our Founders correct.

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Third and final set of Mugshots of #Antifa/#BLM #rioters from #BrooklynCenter (#Minneapolis) #Minnesota arrested during riots 4-12 to 4-17

As with previous, most arrested for riot with a small number arrested for unlawful assembly/emergency violations.
Gif Version of Third set of Mugshots of #Antifa/#BLM #Rioters from #BrooklynCenter (#Minneapolis) #Minnesota. From riots 4/12 to 4/17.

Huge thank you to the people that helped by putting in public records requests, organizing data, and tracking via spreadsheet.
-The complete collection, all 147 mugshots
-3rd set side angle with names
-3rd set front angle with names

We'll have all of this backed up on our site eventually. A couple highlights of those arrested next.
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On 20 April, around a hundred #antifa rioted in downtown to celebrate the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin. They smashed businesses one-by-one again & started a fire. At one point, a masked militant punched a responding officer in the face. #BLM…
Randy Gray, 36, was recorded on video sucker-punching a @PortlandPolice officer in the face at the BLM-Antifa riot celebrating the Chauvin conviction. He's charged w/felony assault on an officer, 4th-degree assault & much more. He was quickly bailed out.
Kenneth G. Harold, 24, is charged w/felony criminal mischief for his alleged role at the Portland #BLM #antifa riot. Police say they observed him vandalizing a coffee shop. He was arrested carrying a pointed weapon & spray paint. #AntifaMugshots
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Some video, looks like. massive fight broke out. Declared an unlawful assembly.

More from #Portland #Antifa

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Police responding to planned #Antifa #riot in #Seattle.

They apparently smashed in the windows of a comic book store with a LGBT flag right inside earlier. Image
Streamer being harassed by #Antifa in #Seattle.

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Breaking: Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of murdering George Floyd. #BLM #antifa #DerekChauvinTrial
2nd degree unintentional murder: GUILTY
3rd degree murder: GUILTY
2nd degree manslaughter: GUILTY
Bail revoked; Chauvin is in custody effective immediately; sentencing in eight weeks. #DerekChauvinTrial
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