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After holding far-left events for May Day in Portland, #antifa shut down the roads at night & smashed up buildings again. Police declared a riot. At the same time, another antifa mob attacked the @ICEgov facility. Two of them threatened cops with knives.…
Portland #antifa leader Phoebe A. Loomis, 37, was arrested at the May Day riot & charged w/a felony. She was quickly released w/o bail. She was previously convicted for her role at another May Day riot in 2017. She has an antifa gang tattoo on her chest.
Jeremiah Day, 22, threatened police w/a knife at the Portland #antifa May Day riot outside the @ICEgov facility. He tried to escape on foot. He was charged w/11 criminal offenses, including a felony, but was quickly released without bail. #AntifaMugshots
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.@TigardPolice (near Portland) have made additional arrests following months of investigation into the #antifa attack on the police station & city hall that caused over $100k in damages.

Dajah R. Beck, 38, arrested again; charged w/felony riot & felony criminal mischief
Jovanny Garcia, of Beaverton, Ore., was charged w/felony riot & felony criminal mischief over the violent #antifa attack on Tigard City Hall & police station. He's been arrested at other riots in Portland, where the DA dropped his charges. #PortlandRiots…
Zane Saleem Bsoul, 20, of Tigard, Ore., faces an additional felony criminal mischief charge over his alleged involvement in the violent #antifa attack on Tigard City Hall & police station (near Portland). He also has a felony riot charge. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
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Overnight on 12 March, #antifa gathered to riot in NW Portland. They began smashing up an apartment building before police quickly created a perimeter & boxed them in. Antifa were found carrying guns, knives, hammers & other weapons. 13 were arrested.…
Tara Walker, formerly known as Tara Turner, 36, was arrested at the violent #antifa protest. She's an antifa member who was charged with illegal possession of a loaded firearm & resisting arrest. She was quickly bailed out. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
Cody James Connel, 36, was arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest. He's charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest & interfering with an officer. He was quickly released without bail. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
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There were two #antifa riots in Portland on Inauguration Day. The evening riot outside the @ICEgov resulted in 7 arrests. Around 150 antifa came in riot gear & brandished batons & rocks. Police seized guns, batons & knives from rioters. #PortlandRiots…
Gregg Tully was charged w/felony riot, reckless endangerment, attempted assault & more at violent Portland #antifa protest. He's exec dir of @pasaprimates. Last year, he wrote an op-ed w/UN Messenger of Peace @JaneGoodallInst. All his charges were dropped.
Justin William Bowen, 25, was arrested for the fourth time at the BLM-Antifa #J20 violent protest. He was charged w/reckless endangering, attempted assault & more. He was immediately bailed out & his charges were dropped. #PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
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On 20 Jan., #antifa in Portland launched a coordinated attack on the headquarters of @ORDems to protest Inauguration Day. Responding police confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar & incendiary devices from antifa. 8 out of around 150 were arrested.…
Arrested at the violent #antifa #J20 Portland riot:

Jean V. Paris, 18, & Alyssa Hartley-Davis, 18, both of Albany, Ore., were charged. They were immediately released without bail and their charges were dropped by morning.
Kai-Ave James Douvia, 22, is accused of using a pry bar in the #antifa #J20 attack. He’s a former Evergreen State student & is charged w/felony riot & more. He was arrested at violent protests last year but all those charges were dropped. #PortlandMugshots
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BLM, antifa & other far-left extremists have established a new autonomous zone in north Portland after violently repelling law enforcement. They're trying to protect a squat that was earlier raided by police. Firearms were found on site. Read my report:…
Alicxandra Blake Lucero, 26, was one of the few arrested at the #antifa autonomous zone in Portland. She's charged w/resisting arrest, trespass & interfering w/an officer. The zone has continued to grow w/barricades. Nails, bricks have been laid on street.
Lester L. Wrecksie, 44, formerly known as Teresa Gronwoldt, was arrested at the raid on the BLM-antifa squat in north Portland. The transsexual antifa was previously arrested at a riot in July but had all charges dropped. He was quickly released yesterday.
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Overnight on 15–16 Oct., a crowd of BLM-antifa rioters shut down the street in downtown Portland & began setting fires. This was the 125th night of violent protesting. Only three people were arrested. #PortlandRiots #antifa…
Arrested at the violent Portland BLM-antifa protest & quickly released without bail:

Zachary K. Reinhardt, 28…

Justin W. Bowen, 25; he was charged just last weekend at the statue-toppling riot for assaulting cops.
Rachel Lee Talbot, 18, was arrested at a violent BLM-antifa Portland protest & charged w/first-degree felony arson & reckless burning. She was cited & released on the spot. Source w/knowledge tells me she claimed to be pregnant & injured. #PortlandRiots #antifa
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On 10 Oct., antifa black bloc rioters gathered outside of the north precinct and blocked the road. Portland Police shut them down and made arrests before they could become significantly violent. #PortlandRiots #antifa…
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest & quickly released:

Sara S. Rider, 30, arrested again

Kelsey Marley, 26

Madeline Kay, 23

Molly Peterson, 18; arrested again
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest & quickly released without bail:

Matthew Gregg, 32, of Portland

Kayla Marie Suitor Upperman, 33, of Wood Village, Ore.
#PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
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Overnight on 6–7 Oct., the 121st night of protests, BLM-antifa rioters attacked the Portland @ICEgov building again. They threw an incendiary device at the facility. Both federal officers & Portland Police made arrests. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots…
Arrested & charged at the 121st night of violent Portland #antifa protests. Both were quickly released without bail:

Zachary Forster, 24

Sean Gabriel Lopez, 25; arrested again
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
Evan Henshaw-Plath, 43, was arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest. He runs @SoundBlocPDX & is suing Portland Police for allegedly violating his rights. He has incited violence against me before on his personal Twitter. He identifies as a technologist & hacker.
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Overnight on 4–5 Oct., BLM-antifa rioters in Portland marched around downtown in more criminal protests that began in late May. They vandalized the new $324m courthouse & other buildings. 6 were arrested. #PortlandRiots #antifa… Image
Jeffrey Richard Singer, 33, of Portland, is an active militant #antifa. He was arrested at the violent protest & charged w/felony assault of an officer, felony criminal mischief, escape & more. He was quickly released without bail. #PortlandMugshots ImageImage
#Antifa militant Jeffrey R. Singer, who was arrested (& released) overnight, previously went on an expletive-laden tirade at city council meeting. Antifa were broadcasting their agenda in public years ago: "This is Little Beirut...You are laying the seeds for a f—ng insurrection"
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Overnight on 28–29 Sept., #antifa rioters gathered in north Portland & violently attacked cops. One officer was sent to hospital & 5 were sprayed w/chemical. One of the "medic" cars was driving erratically & had a gun inside. Those arrested carried knives.… ImageImageImageImage
Arrested at the violent 113th #antifa Portland protest:

Chris N. Khatami, 30

Aaron LaPointe-Atchison, 33, of Portland: He faces additional charges for trying to escape from police twice during riot
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots ImageImage
Dustin Ferreira, 37, has been at Portland #antifa riots for more than 100 days. He uses a wheelchair & usually is at the front lines being aggressive. He was booked last night into jail & charged w/multiple criminal offenses. He was released without bail. ImageImageImageImage
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The violent BLM-antifa activities on 26–27 Sept. in Portland resulted in dozens of arrests during the governor-declared city emergency. In downtown, rioters fired ball bearings from slingshots at cops & shut down the streets again. #PortlandRiots #antifa ImageImage
Grace Dietzschold, 18, a green-haired Portland lesbian activist, was arrested dressed in black bloc. She's charged w/attempted assault of an officer, harassment, resisting arrest & more. She was quickly released without bail. #PortlandRiots #antifa ImageImage
Arrested at the violent #antifa protest, charged & released without bail:

John Colin Hacker, 36, of Portland

Ruby Martin, 30, of Springfield, Ore.: felony assault of an officer, felony riot & more
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots ImageImage
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Overnight on 24–25 Sept., a group of BLM-antifa rioters gathered in north Portland & attacked the @PortlandPolice union hall again. They set fire to the building, vandalized property & prevented drivers from using the road. #PortlandRiots #antifa…
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest, charged w/multiple criminal offenses & quickly released without bail:

Carina M. Jung, 30, of Portland

Michael Robert Divita, 39, of Portland
#PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
Jenna Glenn, 30, of Tualatin, Ore., was arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & charged w/multiple criminal offenses. She was quickly released without bail within a few hours. #PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots #BlackLivesMatter
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Overnight on 23–24 Sept, hundreds of BLM-antifa rioters attacked the Justice Center in Portland. They used rocks to shatter windows of the police station, set the exterior on fire multiple times, & threw 3 Molotov cocktails at officers. #PortlandRiots… ImageImage
Breaking: Joseph Robert Sipe, 23, was arrested at the Portland #antifa riot where firebombs were used. He's charged w/1st-degree attempted murder, 1st-degree arson & other felonies. There is a federal hold on him, so he can't be quickly released. #BLM ImageImageImage
Cyan Waters Bass, 21, was arrested at the Portland #antifa riot where firebombs were thrown. He's charged w/2 counts of 1st-degree arson, felony possession of a destructive device & more. There is a federal hold on him, so he can't be quickly released.… ImageImageImage
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Overnight on 22–23 Sept. in Portland, BLM-antifa rioters gathered in front of the Penumbra Kelly building again. They blocked the road & threw an explosive. Two of the protest's participants were involved in a shooting that resulted in injuries.… Image
Both arrested for the 4th time at a violent Portland BLM-antifa protest. They were charged & released within a few hours without bail:

Simona Andrea Arteaga, 39, of Portland

Tracy Lynn Molina, 47, of Logsden, Ore. ImageImage
Laura Saulsbury Sutton, 33, was arrested at the violent BLM #antifa protest in SE Portland. She was charged w/multiple criminal offenses & then quickly released without bail. She's a circus performer from Flagstaff, Ariz. #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots ImageImage
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Overnight on 18–19 Sept, #antifa resumed rioting in Portland after putting it on hold because of wildfire smoke. They surrounded ICE facility & hurled projectiles at cops. A rioter broke open multiple fire hydrants, causing water to spill all over streets.… ImageImageImage
Arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & released:

Kermit Poulson, an antifa militant, charged w/3 counts of felony criminal mischief for breaking open fire hydrants. He was previously sentenced to prison for making threats against Ted Wheeler. ImageImageImage
Aiden Brunola, 21, from Lake Mary, Fla., was arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & released without bail. He's charged w/felony assault of police, felony unlawful use of a weapon, resisting arrest & more. He identifies as a communist. ImageImage
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11 New Reports from #PortlandRiots 9/18 Unlawful Assembly at ICE facility…

Charges include Assaulting police, unlawful use of weapon, resisting, disorderly, interfering, and Possession of Stolen Property

#Portland #PortlandProtests #PortlandMugshots Image
Additionally - Nicholas Bantista was arrested by State Police (Likely federally deputized) and held under a USM hold (Generally predates Federal Charges)

He previously had a standoff with police where he tried to get officers to shoot him & shot himself in the head with a BB gun ImageImage
Source on that -…

Looks like he tried to suicide by cop. Very similar to Amber Purkapile (…)
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On 8–9 Sept., antifa wearing helmets, gas masks & carrying shields marched through downtown Portland. They were accompanied by their support car caravan who shut down traffic. They threw eggs & bottles at police, & vandalized the area. 11 were arrested.…
Arrested at violent Portland #antifa protest & released:

Andrew R. Duran, 18, of Hillsboro, Ore.; bailed out

Peter Curtis, a 40-year-old transvestite, arrested again

Adrian Cherry, 25, of Vancouver, Wash:
Arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & released without bail:

Tracy L. Molina, 37, arrested again

David Brooksher, 36, of Oakland, Cal.

Ella Beaver, 22: escape, disorderly conduct & more
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Overnight on 6–7 Sept., #antifa rioters gathered outside @PortlandPolice north precinct. They came armed with hidden weapons including a bottle & wick, fire accelerant, batons, a stun gun & more. 15 were arrested. #PortlandRiots…
Arrested & charged w/multiple criminal offenses at the BLM-antifa gathering in north Portland & quickly released without bail:

Gerald Kohler, 19, of Oregon City

Lucas Angell-Atchison, 25, of Portland
#PortlandMugshots #Antifa #BLM
Deidra Rose Watts, 25, formerly known as David Villalpando Perez, of Vancouver, Wash., was arrested at the antifa gathering in north Portland. She's part of the #antifa press crew & was quickly released without bail. #PortlandRiots
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Over 50 arrested at the Portland #antifa riot on 5–6 Sept. The riot was organized & promoted by antifa ahead of time to celebrate over 100 days of riotious violence. They used firebombs & explosives in a residential area, causing one to be hospitalized.… ImageImageImageImage
Arrested at Portland #antifa riot & then released:

G Evelyn Luhman, formerly G Grant Luhman, 27

Tony Girard, 34, of Tigard, Ore.

Noel Ruiz, 27

Cassandra A. Tighe, 24, of New Mexico ImageImageImageImage
These serial-arrestees at the #antifa riot were released again:

Eleanor Rose, 22

Meganne English-Mills, formerly Michael Leon, 24,

Sherry Motamedi, 45

Folasada Ogurifiditimi, 27 ImageImageImageImage
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At the violent #antifa gathering on 4–5 Sept. in Portland, they tried to attack the police union hall. They came armed w/an illegal gun in one of their support cars. One arrestee who had an injury jumped out of ambulance that was taking her to hospital.… ImageImage
These men were arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & released:

Casey K. Smith, 30

Wyatt Scully, 19

Matthew Carr, 40, of Beaverton, OR

Matthew Sohan, 33, of Yakima, WA ImageImageImageImage
Arrested at the violent Portland #antifa protest & released:

Daniel C. Marion, 31, charged w/assault, DUII & more. He made a GoFundMe for antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl.

Nicole Rodriguez, 23, listed female ImageImage
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Overnight on 31 Aug–1 Sep, a Portland BLM-antifa gathering on its 95th night became a riot after they broke windows, burglarized business & lit a fire in an occupied apartment building. They wrote "How much does it take to show you we are serious" at scene…
Alexandra Johnson aka "Arex," 28, of Portland, was arrested again at the violent #antifa riot in Portland. She's a BLM-antifa livestreamer who wears "PRESS" markings. Again, she was quickly released without bail. #PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland riot:

Christopher Babb, 50: felony riot, carrying concealed weapon, attempted assault & more 

Kyle Giacomozzi, 37, of Happy Valley, Ore

Deven White, 29, of Portland
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Overnight on 30–31 Aug (94th day of protests & riots), #antifa attacked the Kelly police building in Portland again. In response to the killing of the Trump supporter, they came in bullet vests & armed w/numerous guns & "spike strips" to pop police tires.…
Kristopher Donnelly, 26: arrested 4th time. He's now held on federal warrant

Carly Ballard, 34: arrested again; already has federal officer assault charge

John Dixon, 27: felony assault of an officer & more
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland protest, charged & quickly released without bail:

Ellayna Morris, 36,

Patti L. Lebouef, female, 49, of Coos Bay, Ore.

Wolfgang Taylor, 19
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On 29 Aug., antifa clashed w/participants of a pro-Trump car caravan that drove into downtown Portland. Far-left rioters hurled projectiles at the cars & their passengers, & were hit w/pepper spray in return. Later, a caravan participant was killed.…
Eran Isaac Brown, a 27-year-old biomedical engineer & researcher at @OHSUNews, was arrested at the violent antifa protest & charged w/reckless burning & other criminal offenses. He is among a handful of OHSU-affiliated people arrested at #antifa events.
Arrested at the violent #antifa vs Trump caravan clash in Portland, charged & quickly released without bail:

Dave Campbell, 60

Davey Vincent aka Brian David Zier, 47
#PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
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