1. Brief explainer thread (mostly for my Portland people) about Thailand protests. Bangkok protesters at start of curve where they get geared up. Umbrella walls (vs pepper spray spiked water cannons.) Massive numbers of protesters & hundreds of riot cops.
2. Reasons: Terrible Prime Minister took power in military coup & kept it with rigged election. Royal family is extraordinarily wealthy, by law nobody is allowed to criticize them. Chronic economic imbalance, economy weak with COVID-19 stopping tourism. theguardian.com/world/2020/oct…
3. Inspired by Hunger Games (3 finger salute) young people have been joining with seniors in Bangkok to defy Prime Minister, Royal family and call for democracy, accountability, human rights. Police crackdown now, these assemblies are all declared illegal.
4/4. “Milk tea alliance” between Hong Kong (tea with milk) protest movement + its supporters in Taiwan (boba tea) + the Thailand (Thai ice tea) protesters. Seen as alternative to China (tea without milk) govt authoritarianism. (Maybe Portland has a latte alliance with Seattle.)🧋

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31 Jul
1. Instead of my usual monthly Burma (Myanmar) topic, this History Thread is a brief backgrounder on Portland, Oregon’s history as it relates to the ongoing Portland Black Lives Matter protest situation, along with an overview of those events.
2. Portland (653k pop. 2018) is on violently stolen land of #Indigenous Mollala, Multnomah, Kathlamet, Chinook, Clackamas, Tualatin Kalapuya & other Nations. White colonizers' timber towns were established along the Willamette River in 19th Century. oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/urban…
3. Oregon was founded w. racial exclusions incl. “lash law.” White settlers feared free Black people & #Indigenous people alliance. 1857 state Constitution excluded all Black people. State’s racism history also violence/massacre against Chinese immigrants. oregonhumanities.org/rll/magazine/s…
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25 Jun
1. This History Thread is about Burma (Myanmar) and natural disasters. Geography: Bay of Bengal & Sagaing Fault create conditions but disaster effects worsened by Climate Crisis, deforestation, economic/regional/ethnic inequality, info/funding/planning/academic gaps & corruption.
2. On edge of Indian Plate collision with Asia, Burma (Myanmar) has major north/south fault line (Sagaing Fault) & Burma Seismic Zone subduction & coastal subduction zone. Volcanoes are dormant but seismic activity in the form of earthquakes of various severity occurs frequently.
3. Ancient earthquakes formed & changed land that wd be known as Burma. 1762 Chittagong/Arakan earthquake (est 8.8) killed 200+ & elevated Arakan coastline. 1839 Mingun earthquake destruction Prome, Bhamo, Ava. Rang temple bells in Rangoon, felt in Moulmein. Years of aftershocks.
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23 Apr
1. This History Thread is about #malaria in Burma (Myanmar) and the way approaches to preventing, treating or controlling it have evolved. Malaria had long been the most deadly disease in Myanmar but cases and deaths have steeply declined in recent years. ImageImage
2. Malaria is a disease spread from human to human by mosquitos infected w. plasmodium parasites. Types endemic to Burma/Myanmar mainly P. falciparum (most fatalities) & P. vivax (relapses.) Affects liver, spleen, red blood cells; causes fever. Possible: anemia, cerebral malaria. Image
3. Fossil evidence preserved in Burmite (Burma Cretaceous amber) revealed a form of malaria parasite (P. burmacis) in midges 100 million+ yrs old. Modern malaria vectored by female anopheles mosquitos. 1st description: Chinese 2700 BC book Huangdi Neijing. today.oregonstate.edu/archives/2016/…
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19 Mar
1. This History Thread is about epidemics & pandemics + significant disease outbreaks in Burma (Myanmar.) Historical epidemiology incl. plague, smallpox, cholera, HIV/AIDS, influenza. Malaria not included as more endemic (locally present) than epidemic (& rates its own thread.)
2. Thado Minbya young King/Founder of Ava died in smallpox epidemic circa 1367. Arakan used variola smallpox inoculation, captives of 1785 Burmese invasion brought practice to Burma. British colonial smallpox vaccination campaigns limited until 1920s. Certified eradicated 1977.
3. Plague bacillus (endemic Burma) in fleas carried by rodents. 3rd Plague Pandemic (12 million dead) spread from neighboring Yunnan 1855 thru China, beyond by ship. 1906 alone 8,637 reported plague deaths Burma.
@Jonathan_Saha on British Colonial photos: colonizinganimals.blog/2013/03/20/pla…
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26 Sep 19
1. After 2 years of my monthly History Threads on Myanmar (Burma) issues (plus Andamans, Malaysia’s Bateks) this anniversary History Thread is about 1990s Burma borderlands as described in my 2nd book “Down the Rat Hole: Adventures Underground on Burma’s Frontiers” published 2005
2. Banned from Thailand in 1988 (described in my 1st book “Burmese Looking Glass”) I went to Burma’s other borders: Bangladesh, China, India, Laos. My purpose was to meet with, interview dissidents, fighters, traders, even children. And to investigate resource extraction issues.
3. My 1st visit to Bangladesh/Burma (Arakan) border was in 1991. I interviewed ABSDF students, Rakhine and other political dissidents incl. Communists and monks who sought refuge near Cox’s Bazaar & Teknaf. I met, interviewed the first Rohingya families who fled in ’91-92 exodus.
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23 May 19
1. This History Thread is about the mighty rivers that have defined Myanmar (Burma.) North-south river valley geology shaped regional history. #Rivers, their tributaries & watersheds continue to have enormous political, agricultural & environmental importance. #dams #biodiversity
2. From 12th C. BCE populations migrated along #Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady), #Chindwin, #Salween river valleys to settle in lands that are now known as Myanmar (Burma.) Powerful dynasties rose and fell along the Irrawaddy, including Pyu, Pagan, Ava.
3. British made river port Rangoon (Yangon) colonial capital in 1853. Burma became “rice bowl of Asia” under their exploitation especially in fertile Irrawaddy Delta. River inundation/irrigation can augment monsoon rain for wet rice cultivation. Padi harvest transported by river.
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