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1/ This is a crucial time for #OntEd ted: 3 school boards will be hiring Directors of Education - @PeelSchools @tdsb & @DurhamDSB. With any shift in power, opportunities exist for a rise in justice-oriented practices and/or a rise in corrupt, back-door deals.
2/ School boards need to hire anti-racist leaders, *especially* as Directors of Ed.

Trustees - what criteria are you giving to search firms to choose your next Director? Are hiring committees racially diverse including trustees with critical, anti-racist mindsets & experiences?
3/Leadership of school boards MUST BE INTENTIONALLY #AntiOppressive #AntiRacist. It is the only way to close gaps.

So, what might this look like?

Here are some suggestions based on the research and preliminary findings from our current study on anti-racist leadership.
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1st speaker at @tasfreelancers conference starting now. is @marcus_bowles, looking at an issue of concern to every freelancer: The Future of Work. HIs argument is that "freelance is the new normal". More on that here:…
We are also going to need more soft skills, and more people who are comfortable and experienced in working from home @marcus_bowles tells @tasfree, citing…; and…
If you are pivoting into the freelance market, then in the coming months / year, @marcus_bowles has this list of actions for @tasfreelancers, that you need to take. More from that source here:
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#LIVE Keystone, South Dakota: #Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest…
#NEW post — learn more about today's event here

Indigenous Activists Assert Right to Unceded Land At Anti-Trump Protest…
"Even natives have been extracted from their own sacred land."

A young #Indigenous woman who's been protesting since she's a baby heatedly explains the situation.…

We are #live in Keystone, South Dakota
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I've reached the stage in my career where I'm receiving invitations to speak about #EDI #Indigenization #Decolonization from the same institutions that also declined to interview me for TT positions... umm, let's unpack/unwind this with a meandering🧵
I need to be clear, as a white/white-coded Métis and Cree scientist, I experience relatively little marginalization, certainly non-comparable to other BIPOC scholars (perhaps more for my gay and two-spirit identities, especially when younger)
I recognize the privilege/advantage being white and male has afforded my education (that's a whole thread on its own) -- But I also see how my work with #EDI and esp. #Decolonization and #Indigenization of botany/science is simultaneously desired yet undervalued for advancement
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I’m not mad at anyone celebrating Canada Day but as I grew older,met with elders and learned about the true history of how 🇨🇦came to be,I realized how wrong it is to be proud of it...

Fast forward to now, blessed with 2 Ojibwe daughters who know they deserve better and a non-Indigenous son who knows his sisters and their ancestors deserve better... children learn the truth and are encouraged to speak up against injustice, systemic racism, biggotry and all forms of hatred...they will learn their language to keep it alive...they will question what doesn’t seem fair...they will influence changes that are long overdue...
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When Europeans first stumbled upon Turtle Island there were 40 Million #Indigenous peoples speaking 1800 different languages. These societies had complex systems of mathematics, science, health & economy, all grounded in an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.
At its height, the Maya civilization had a metropolitan centre with 60,000 unique structures spanning the area of New York City. They had the world's most advanced system of mathematics, the most accurate calendar, and systems of trade that extended to Ontario in the North.
In what is today Canada, complex Indigenous confederacies maintained huge territories, sustaining healthy and thriving populations with prosperous and sustainable economies and ecologies.
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1. The following is an unfinished saga of #racism & corruption; about how far one jurisdiction will go to cover up their misdeeds, the people who are complicit & the Australian #FirstNations man sacrificed to the God of Prosperity. #Justice4Mullins #BlackLivesMatter #Indigenous
2. In 1999 Mark Mullins was investigating the misappropriation of money from the ACT Dept of Urban Services to the ALP. He departed in April 2000, as did Cathy Kosmidis. Although undated this letter was clearly written whilst both were with DUS.
3. Mullins made a short foray into the corporate world with Ernst & Young before being asked to consider applying for a position as a SOG A with ACT Treasury by Graeme Dowell Commissioner for ACT Revenue. He was selected for the role by an independent panel in 2001.
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Protesters want #AndrewJackson's statue removed because he ordered the removal of an estimated 100,000 #indigenous people from eastern states. 15,000 died along the #TrailOfTears headed west. #native / thread…
In Dec 1830, #AndrewJackson told Congress "Indian removal" was approaching its "happy consummation," moving "savages" west, freeing land between TN & LA for white settlement, & "reliev[ing]" Miss & western Alabama of "Indian occupancy."
"What good man would prefer" forests & "savages" to "our extensive Republic" occupied by 12 million "happy people" & filled w/ the "blessings of liberty, civilization & religion?" Jackson asked Congress in 1830.

The white supremacist's portrait hangs in the Oval Office.
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Six months into the pandemic, data on #COVID19 cases in #Indigenous communities remains scarce. As an infectious disease epidemiologist, and as Native American, I find this distressing. Here’s what I’ve recently gleaned from publicly available (but hard to find) data.

A thread:
There are 12 tribes with at least 50 COVID-19 cases reported as of June 18. Navajo Nation has by far the highest total, but there are serious outbreaks in many other tribal communities. Some of these tribes are incredibly small; even 50 cases can greatly affect their population.
Beyond Navajo Nation, which has been extensively reported on, other tribes are experiencing a recent surge in cases over the past month, particularly the White Mountain Apache and Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.
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This is how whiteness, racism and mediocrity is continuously rewarded at @UofT. How this woman has been named senior fellow at U of T’s massey college is beyond me. Alissa Trotz has resigned from her position at Massey College at University of Toronto following this appointment
This is the same woman who has been fired by actual publications — right wing/right leaning publications at that!

If THEY are firing her, how tf could U of T allow this person to even qualify after the first stages of scrutiny?
Now we have lost one of the only two Black ppl we’ve ever had on the Governing Board and then ONLY Black person that was on it currently.

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A few hours ago, the #Israeli #military #demolished farmland west of Beit Jala in the area of al #Makhrour—land belonging to the Abu Eid family, one of the original #Christian families residing in Beit Jala.
According to one of the family members, they have owned this farmland for at least one hundred and fifty years.

In 1993, part of their farmland was destroyed to build Route 60—an #Israeli road which runs north and south through the #WestBank,
connecting illegal #settlements to #Jerusalem. This is now the second time that this family’s #land and #agricultural #resources have been destroyed for the sake of a #settler road. As usual, #Palestinians are paying the price for settler-colonial conveniences.
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@larsloekke Exodus?
Jews cooperated with nordic monarchs and Vatican exactly to keep the secret?
Nordic hills/mountains,nordics are countries of peace and milk?
(Vester/Øster) Nejsig = sig nej (say no) = Sinai = Nessj = Næse = Loch Ness = Nasją = НАША = NASA = נָשָׁא…
@larsloekke Aegyptus =Ego=Sea Peoples=Sealand=Zealand=Sjæl-land=Soul-land=Sjøl-land=Sawol-land=Seola-land=Sēla-land=Self-land =
( "Aegy, Gr.] the Herb Wake-Robin red chest bird ?) =Dawn= Denyen=Danoides=Dan=Day=Dag=Danaïdes=Danuna =Danaos =Dananiyim=Danaoi =Dinaides
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THREAD: I've been inundated in the past week by calls/msgs from Black & racialized educators (at all levels) struggling with what's going on- AGAIN. This isn't new; many of us never had the option to "not understand", "not know", to "sign off", "walk away", "do it btw 9-4" #ABR
If U are a non-Black or NOT #criticallyconscious Ed leader (that includes IBPOC folk)-U must understand that UR #silence in staff meetings is literally suffocating ppl. ur unwillingness to address what is happening to ur staff/communities is #racism #WeCantBreatheAGAIN
Ive heard a list of things happening all over the province
1) not addressing it and being completely silent
2) not addressing it bc they dont know what to do
3) asking Black & racialized folk to lead PD for staff but then not stepping in when there are racist responses
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I've taught pre-K to college & wrote my PhD dissertation on #racism. All research shows Ms Newsome is 100% correct: if your kids are old enough to talk, they're old enough to talk about racism. <thread>
Children's Community School in Phillie has resources to help parents & teachers talk w/ kids about #racism.…
Children as young as 2 use "#race" to reason about people's behavior (Hirschfeld, 2008).…
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It bothers me to no end to see a senior LUSH brand person post stuff about dismantling white supremacy when I had an incident w/ them over Indigenous Rights & the impact of LUSH’s white supremacy on Indigenous Ppl. That incident ended up affecting my career progression at LUSH.
That senior LUSH person also showed us a training video about how anti-oxidants work and it had problematic imagery of “cowboys and ‘indians’” and they seemed completely oblivious.

It was very upsetting and they seem not concerned at all when I pointed it out.
I was in a particularly fragile mood b/c only weeks before being at this brand & product training my family just found out Nicheemit (my Cousin) Christine Wood was no longer a missing Indigenous Woman rather was a murdered Indigenous Woman.
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USE THIS #Thread #Paradox of #AntiracistEdLeadership in #Edsystems- thoughts I've been really mulling abt in the past while. Have to admit, I've been sitting on this for a couple weeks. Grateful to those who helped me sift through my thinking <3 Here's to #courageousconversations
True #AntiRacist Leadership can only happen when you are anchored in #communities and you do the work #buildrelationships #seekadvice #love & #beLoved by those who give you #permission & #legitimacy to continue the struggle in boardrooms.
When I became a senior leader in Edu. I was advised that - You cannot be on the streets & in the boardrooms. "its time to choose. Its a different struggle." I didnt choose bc WE deserve to be in the boardroom but THAT choice comes at a #price
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The #COVID19 is the the global transformational reset button for the fourth industrial revolution sought by those World Economic Forum et al. We witness a global consolidation of power, inclusive of UN & WHO as the 4IR rolls out. Data & nature: the post2020 coveted class assets.
#WEF: "We partner w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, & experts from around the world to co-design & pilot innovative new approaches to policy & governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

#2020Reset #IoT #5G #Blockchain #AI

#WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Founding Partners:

MESS Turkey
Motsepe Foundation
Reliance Industries
Kaiser Permanente
Koç Holding
Latham & Watkins
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We reviewed and analyzed the #academic #literature to answer the following questions: How have #Indigenous peoples participated in #environmentalmonitoring, and how has their #participation influenced #monitoring #objectives, #indicators, #methods, and #monitoring #outcomes?
Findings: 1. The literature most often characterized participation as data collection;
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Dearest colleagues, friends, public (anyone who wants to know), I’m going to tell you about an urban family doctor’s job before & during #COVID19 Here’s my story as told in 16 tweets (1/17): #medtwitter #onpoli @ontarionurses @OntariosDoctors @OntarioCollege
I take care of 1400 patients in @ottawacity in a #patientcentredcare clinic with a rainbow flag and the words “Common Ground.” I have many #LGBTQ patients, and also #Indigenous patients and #mentalhealth and many who live with physical/cognitive disabilities. (2/17) @CBCOttawa
Before the pandemic, I’d start at 9am with #Pediatrics, immunizations, answering questions, addressing parental #depression and #anxiety. Then I’d see other patients with infections, injuries, #diabetes, chronic illnesses. My clinics ended at 6pm, then paperwork. 5 days/wk (3/17)
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"First, we need to acknowledge that our collective failures as humanity to live within planetary boundaries"

No. This is the failure of the capitalist system, & global/industrial civ. Not collective, but Anglo-led.

#Financialization of Nature
["our collective failure"] to respect the wisdom of our ancient ancestors, [] & health experts...

Indigenous peoples rep. less than 5% of population, - yet manage 25% land & support approx. 80% all biodiversity. Instead of listening/learning - you turn a blind eye to genocide.
Club of Rome & partners turn a blind eye to ongoing torture, murder, rape, displacement of Indigenous Peoples (#WWF). Now, working w/ the corporations/entities that have plundered the natural world, you push for further displacement of #Indigenous via #NewDealForNature.
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We all know it has been tough for our communities. Gathering events, pow-wows, & cultural programs have been canceled & people feel isolated. Lets change that!

Share your dances, songs, crafts, lessons, and stories traditional & contemporary using the hashtag #PandemicPowWow
The #PandemicPowWow is an online compilation of cultural songs, dances, stories & crafts that can be added for the duration of the Pandemic. Add your work every week & keep the worlds spirits filled with hope & love. Every contribution will brighten someones day! Share widely!
One of the bright things to look towards is connecting indigenous people around the world. We welcome Indigenous people from across the world to contribute to the #PandemicPowWow. Let these hard time unite us and draw each other closer in learning, comradery, & #solidarity!
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Part 1: Documenting Cases of #Corruption In #CPS
#FamilyCourt #FosterCare & #CrimesAgainstChildren

Dedicated To The Children, Nancy Schaeffer & Linda Collins-Smith

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @flynn_neill
Judge Lyris Younge, charged with 10 counts of judicial misconduct including blocking the rights of parents in family court cases, admitted wrongdoing to avoid going to trial▫️

“Prevented parents from speaking in court proceedings about removal...
Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Amy Farmer & Tiffany Long Against Owner of Drug & Paternity Screening Lab Contracted With AL DHS #CPS - Owner, Brandy Murray, 36, Arrested & Charged With 2 Counts of Forgery▫️ Many Child Custody Cases Now Being Questioned▫️
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Shills for "The Future We Choose" - round up #2.

Not a coincidence. The majority of those promoting this book are both white & wealthy. #Ecological crisis will never be resolved by the ruling classes. It cannot be resolved within the same economic system that created it.
The Guardian rolls out the red carpet for "The Future We Choose". Par for the capitalist course.

As the former CEO of #WeMeanBusiness, recently appointed by the UK Govt as the High Level Climate Action Champion for UN climate talks, #COP26, of course Nigel Topping is excited.
"It's about human lives"

This anthropocentric ideology appears to be an infectious disease amongst the "enlightened eco-capitalists". It demonstrates that they are absolutely disconnected from the natural world.

#TheFutureTheyChoose will reboot the system destroying Earth.
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From Carol Gammel. . :
According to the #Indigenous, there is much #poverty on the reserves. Take a look at what the Government pays the #Chiefs and #Executives on the #reserves....
The city of #Thompson, Manitoba with 13,446 residents pay their mayor, deputy mayor and council members at total of $80,474.45 annually for taxable salaries and per diems...
(the mayor's annual indemnity is $29,745.45 per
annum, council members are paid $9,915.15 per annum and the deputy mayor gets $11,068.40 per annum...
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