Me on my usual #ttrpg ranty bullshit- please mute this thread as usual.

How my D6 starwars homebrew mod is going.
So, funny thing, WEG pretty much slipped a fast one on us with all the rulebooks because if you scan down the cheat sheets available online pretty much everything is 3 dice or 3dice+1. Blast pistol vs an eweb blaster? Honestly it makes fuck all difference for most encounters.
So for me starwars is way more swinging... it is high drama with epic highs and comic lows.
The d6 die system means you get bell curves happening, averaging out die rolls. That doesn't feel right to me.

So I decided to mix things up a bit and go to the queen of swing- d20
And no, I don't mean the d20 system, I mean the die.

A d20 is a flat result, you have the same odds of rolling high as low. 2d10 gives you a pyramid, you are most likely to roll an 11, and 3d6 gives you a bell curve.

D20 swings wildly. So in it goes.
So the stats have a poor cousin, which is strength. You only have a few skills on strength, and a heap on dexterity and... well, it is kind of weird.

Change "strength" to "athletics" and suddenly running, swimming, climbing, jumping make more sense.

So that happened.
Mechanical is a bit weird as it means "piloting stuff", so change it to "piloting".

Medical moves from mechanical to knowledge. Now smart people are healers and technology stat is pure engineery.

Okay that all works.
Starting stats go from 2 to 12 (5 average-so 3xweg stats plus dice mod). 10x previous stat in cp to add ×1. Skills go from +1 to +12. Previous score in CP to go up +1.
So you make rolls by rolling equal or under your stat to get target number. It's blackjack style, so the number rolled is the success rating- how well you did. Rolling exactly your target number is a critical hit.
Combat is opposed rolls, the success of the roll is who acts first- so you can out draw and gun down someone before they get a shot off, or actively dive away from an attack.

Both roll, if you fail your success rating is zero.

On a 20, a complication occurs.
Typical complications are - fall down, out of ammo, get stuck, weapon jam, drop gun... etc.

Okay you hit, so how does damage work?
Weapons have a damage rating (3xwegstat plus adds) from 1 to 20 (× scale). A stormtrooper rifle is therefore damage 10.

Roll under the (damage rating, - armour value.) So if you have -4 armour, that blaster does between 1 and 8 hits.
Roll em. On a damage roll, rolling OVER your damage caps it to your damage. So most of the time a blaster does 10 hits.

At point blank you get +5, close +1 to damage. Your success rating is damage.

1+ stun
3+ wound
6+ severe wound (2 wnds)
9+ Incapacitated (3 wnds)
13+ fatal
Now, fatal for npcs is a kill, for cannon fodder Incapacitate is a kill unless the player shot to Incapacitate.
Wounds give you -2 cumulative penalty.
Stuns -1 for rest of turn and next turn.

Fatal dies in (1d4 turns) unless a player gets to them and pulls a "dont die on me buddy" thing from ICRPG. And they make an athletics (toughness) save. They become incapacitated.
And thats it.
To clarify a few things:
The conversion rule is dice x3 plus adds

WEG starwars stats are dice and adds. So 3d+2 means "add 3d6 dice together and then add 2." Math crunchy and, as mentioned, bell curvey.

3D into my homebrew is 3x3- = 9.
3D+1 =10
3D+2 =11
4D = 12
4D+1 =13

In WEG hand weapons have a difficulty to use. If you succeed, you hit.

In this brew, difficulty to hit is a modifier. Opponent rolls to dodge each attack (-1 for each attack on this turn).

Convert hand weapons like so

V.easy 0
Easy -1
Medium -2
Hard -3
Very hard -4
Armour is same as converting dice.
Converting difficulty ratings is as damage.

1+ v easy task
3+ easy task
6+ medium task
9+ difficult task
13+ very difficult task
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