Amazingly crazy developing story of how you will be attacked by a extreme pro-Palestinian activists if you step one millimeter away from their worldview. You can start it by yourself from this tweet, or I will share screenshots of how it went to get to this in a thread below. 1/
Basically, it shows why there is a fallacy in logic (namely, an argument to moderation) of those who say, that Israel and Jews can negotiate with organizations and/or people who support the BDS. It is practically impossible and let me explain you why. If one supports BDS, one 2/
basically calls Jewish right to exist in MENA in question, and there is no middle ground to it. You cannot negotiate with extremists on peace. You cannot meet them half way here: like part of Jews will be exterminated, part expelled or may stay as minority. It’s genocidal view 3/
Of course those who disagree with this notion like @WajahatAli and @rabiasquared, or even people like @mehdirhasan (you know him, of course) will be immediately smeared by those proponents of BDS (@stevesalaita, @AmerZahr, @YousefMunayyer and etc.), and basically called 4/
“Zionist shills” or people who got their platforms only because of “Zionists” (they mean “Jews” here”, of course), like in exchange between Salaita and Ali. One can negotiate and come to peace only with those, who at least accept your right to exist. And now the screenshots. 5/

• • •

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19 Jul
Lately everyone is talking about #JewishPrivilege and how “white Ashkenazi Jews” benefited from such privilege. I have decided to take a step back and to look closely at those “white Ashkenazi Jews”. Since majority of Jews who are talking about such privilege are US Jews, 1/
I want to share with them something, that they may not know about their own ancestors. Of course you all heard about numerous atrocities that Jews had to endure throughout centuries, inquisition, expulsions, genocides, raping, libels and many others. You name it. 2/
Then we had the Holocaust and actrocities that are unparalleled. But what if I tell you there was a gigantic industry of oppression that specifically abused Jews and Jewish children 1 century before it? Sounds weird, how can we not know about it, right? Something that killed 3/
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13 Jul
My #JewishPrivilege... oh, where do I begin? It’s a history of a Pale of Settlement privilege.

1) Members of my family (some will never get their names back) were killed in pogrom in Malin in April 1919. All my grandpa remembers is that his great-grandparents were killed in it.
Who else? He doesn’t know. His parents remember, but we will get to their privilege later. My grandma vaguely remembered her relatives were killed in another pogrom in Proskurov in 1919. But who, how, when, and where they were buried? We don’t know already.
2) Another chapter of privilege was famine in USSR known as Holodomor. My grandfather had 2 younger brothers. His first brother named Jan (but family called hin Janek) died of malnutrition in 1933. Grandpa and his other brother managed to survive, eating anything they could find.
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5 Jul
Director of Information and Press Department of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova on her press conference 2 days ago about #MH17 (airplane, downed by proRussian militia with a help of Russian Buk) has mentioned a new book, written about this tragedy in Malaysia.
Zakharova has also mentioned that “Russian experts contributed in making it”. So another Russian researcher Vadim Lukashevich managed to find this book to find out which version was used there. And he was in total awe. Please look at the very bottom of it. [next tweet]
It says “Angkara Yahudi Dajjal Illuminati” which means “Jewish crimes of Antichirist’s Illiminati”. I mean who is surprised that Jews are blamed for this as well? We get everything. Fabulous. Now we just need to find out how Russian experts exactly contributed. Any ideas? 😳😳😳
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4 Jul
@Claire_Voltaire has started this hashtag: #NotYourDhimmi.

I want to make a short thread on a story that shows how Jews were degraded and made inferior to Muslims after the conquest of MENA by Islamic conquerors. It’s a story of Keffiyehs.
You will tell me: but wait, Michael, aren’t keffiyehs Arabic garments worn by them as part of their national attire? There is also one named Palestinian keffiyeh and popularized by Yassir Arafat. That is correct. And yet its origin is not that straightforward.
Why it became official garment of Arab people and through them of all Muslims? Because Hadiths made turban (& keffiyeh as its variation) a crown of Muslims. The Hadiths were written around early/mid 8 century after Muhammad. In coins minted earlier Muslim rulers didn’t wear them.
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8 Feb
Looked out of my window in Israel and it feels like a rain is comign.

Random account registered this month: who the hell are you to tell us that there is a chance for rain? Are you an expert?
Account with PhD in twitter bio: do you have a degree in meteorology? You don’t, but I do, so you are talking non-sense here.
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8 Nov 19
I was reading Jerusalem Post on Sander’s position.
He said no preconditions to negotiations, but then puts condition East Jerusalem becomes capital of Palestine and Israel will cease control of its capital in order to appease old communist from Vermont & his advisor @mattduss. 1/
I have a “why” question. Why East Jerusalem has to become capital of Palestine? PA wants it to become? Well, they also want Israel to stop existing and all Jews to be drowned in the sea (“from the river to the sea...”). Shall Israel appease these appetites too? If no why not? 2/
Because I don’t understand why Israel has to negotiate on East Jerusalem status when neither any Arab countries recognized Israel itself, yet alone it’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, even though Israel took over it in defensive war against Jordan in 1967, nor Palestinians 3/
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