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Make no mistake, when @WileyCEO hits rock bottom, when his career lays in tatters, when he is excommunicated and ostracised, he will feel bitter but he will feel vindicated. He will blame "the Jew" and say, "I told you I was right." He won't blame himself. Ever. Sound familiar?
Imagine if a Jewish artist (or anyone) had gone on a rampage like this about Black people, pulling out every loathsome trope, threat and aggression from the racist blueprint. Twitter would be aghast. Blue ticks would be lighting up our timelines like good little justice warriors.
Yet here we are. The same people, the same faces, the same names, highlighting the same antisemitic shit. But, aside from our familiar friends? Nothing. Even when the Far Right join the conversation to side with @WileyCEO? Nothing. Is this that #JewishPrivilege we all enjoy?
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Lately everyone is talking about #JewishPrivilege and how “white Ashkenazi Jews” benefited from such privilege. I have decided to take a step back and to look closely at those “white Ashkenazi Jews”. Since majority of Jews who are talking about such privilege are US Jews, 1/
I want to share with them something, that they may not know about their own ancestors. Of course you all heard about numerous atrocities that Jews had to endure throughout centuries, inquisition, expulsions, genocides, raping, libels and many others. You name it. 2/
Then we had the Holocaust and actrocities that are unparalleled. But what if I tell you there was a gigantic industry of oppression that specifically abused Jews and Jewish children 1 century before it? Sounds weird, how can we not know about it, right? Something that killed 3/
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Yeah, no. I don't have to agree with shit.
This is insanely americentrist CRT bullshit that means nothing for the individual experience of bigotry. I'm darker than my Late uncle Dennis who was a light skin Black man who was born in the south in the 40's. 1/
I'm lighter than my sister who was born in Israel in the 70's. I'm darker than Linda Sarsour. I'm lighter than David Silverman. I'm darker than my little sister who's a Jew in Germany. Darker than my Jewish cousins in the UK. Lighter than my uncle who escaped France to Israel. 2/
The tone of your skin as an indication of your personal experience is a path I'm not willing to go through. Measuring one's privileges with this parameter is junk social science we should have observed during #JewishPrivilege 3/
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(thread) #JewishPrivilege is me being the only jew in my middle school and being pushed and kicked in the hallways while being yelled at “go burn in the ovens with your ancestors” “kyke” “dirty jew” then having my arms held down while my peers drew swastikas on my arms.
#JewishPrivilege is when a student photoshopped my face onto anne franks body and sent it around to 3 different schools and at the young age of 10 I was told i needed to kill myself because Jews (myself) cause all the problems in the world.
#JewishPrivilege is attempting suicide after 3 years of continuously being bullied for being jewish. 3 years of being terrified to go to school in the fear i was going to my physical assaulted again for being jewish.
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Look at this woman enjoying her #JewishPrivilege.
Jews in Baghdad sure enjoyed their #JewishPrivilege in 1941.
These Jews in Hebron enjoying #JewishPrivilege in 1929.
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Fellow Jewish people, In Israel 52% of us agree that African migrants are a cancer. Our state funded religious leader publicly calls black people monkeys and sub-humans, and we treat them like dogs in Israel. We are the only group allowed to be racist to blacks.
Fellow Jewish people, Facebook removes 95% of criticism of Israel and YouTube removes 80%.
Our leaders are allowed to promote raping non Jewish women, beheading Arabs, and murdering women and children. We are the one group that you cannot criticize.
Fellow Jewish people, we're allowed to teach our kids that we are God's chosen people and that non Jews are meant to be our slaves. We're allowed to teach our 3yr olds that all non Jews are evil. And in Sweden, we're the only religious school allowed to operate!
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#JewishPrivilege is running the Slave Trade, owning the Slave Ships and owning the Cotton Plantations but constantly blaming Slavery on White people with the very media that you completely control.
#JewishPrivilege is running the Slave Trade, owning the Slave Ships and owning the Cotton Plantations but constantly blaming Slavery on White people with the very media that you completely control.
#JewishPrivilege is running the Slave Trade, owning the Slave Ships and owning the Cotton Plantations but constantly blaming Slavery on White people with the very media that you completely control.
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#JewishPrivilege is using Americans as cannon fodder in WWI to take Palestine, WWII to establish their ethnostate, and today to defend it & blow apart their regional enemies while flooding their historical European enemies with refugees of those wars to destroy their homogeneity
The dirty deal that cost 100,000 American lives in WWI
How they got America into WWI
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Have you heard of each of these men & without looking them up, do you know what their major accomplishments were?

-Lazar Kaganovich
-Genrikh Yagoda
-Nikolai Yezhov

In 1918 Russia, the 7 major socialist parties in Russia were dominated by Jews.

In 1918 Russia, the Bolshevik Party & its leadership was absolutely dominated by Jews.

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My #JewishPrivilege... oh, where do I begin? It’s a history of a Pale of Settlement privilege.

1) Members of my family (some will never get their names back) were killed in pogrom in Malin in April 1919. All my grandpa remembers is that his great-grandparents were killed in it.
Who else? He doesn’t know. His parents remember, but we will get to their privilege later. My grandma vaguely remembered her relatives were killed in another pogrom in Proskurov in 1919. But who, how, when, and where they were buried? We don’t know already.
2) Another chapter of privilege was famine in USSR known as Holodomor. My grandfather had 2 younger brothers. His first brother named Jan (but family called hin Janek) died of malnutrition in 1933. Grandpa and his other brother managed to survive, eating anything they could find.
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I guess #JewishPrivilege is losing 1/3 of your family to the Holocaust and Pogroms, then living as 2nd class citizens in the USSR, then losing family and friends to terrorism due to daily attacks in world's only Jewish state while it is disproportionately targeted for criticism.
It is being banned from traveling to multiple countries simply because of your religion. It is having bigotry against you normalized in most of Europe. It is being the target of overwhelming majority of religious hate crimes even in the United States. #JewishPrivelage
And the truth that anyone living here is extremely privileged, but even in the US you get bigotry normalized by major athletes and celebrities, you get openly anti-Semitic members of Congress that get widespread support, and you get all of that met with relative silence.
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My #JewishPrivilege: I’ve never spent a night hungry. There was always a roof over our heads. Never went to jail or onto food stamps. First cousin froze to death escaping Babi Yar. Attended the top school in Los Angeles. My cousins Eva & Miriam Kor were a Mengle Twin experiment.
Our Bombay family’s tiny & vulnerable Jewish Community had the honor of defiantly celebrating Chanukah as sitting ducks at the Gateway of India with our 6 & 3 year olds, days after anti-Semitic Pakistani terrorists targeted Chabad killing Rabbi Holzberg & his pregnant wife Rivka.
Never went to synagogue without checking the exits. Went to two Ivies. Threatening graffiti scrawled on my son’s Jewish day school. Grew up in a well-to-do LA neighborhood...Around neighbors that hated & bullied us and had restricted “convenants” to keep us out. #JewishPrivilege
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