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Judge starts by explaining the #Corona measures when resuming the #MH17trial this morning. Important to proceed but with only the 3 judges, 1 prosecutor, 1 attorney for the victims, 1 clerk, no one else. You can follow via livestream… #mh17proces #MH17
When #MH17 trial proceeds on 8 June, the defense can still request for investigatory measures. Court agrees that defense needs more time to prepare. The Court does not impose a deadline for the defense to respond to issues before 8 June, agreeing with the defense's submission.
Court decides that Prosecution has not sufficiently motivated the necessity of an inspection at the site of the reconstruction of the plane and how they suggest this would look like. Decides Prosecution needs to motivate this further.
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Day 2 of the #MH17 court hearings is starting.
Prosecution starts with presenting the status of the investigation, starting with the method of investigation (the JIT), followed up by validation and verification status, and ongoing evidence collection. Following the upcoming status summary, witness safety will be discussed.
Prosecution refutes Russia's claims that Ukraine had any veto rights on what information the Joint Investigation Team is included in the file or made public.
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1 - ARE 9/11, #MH370, #MH17 RELATED?

It seems to me that 9/11 and the disastrous flights #MH370 and #MH17 are closely related.

In this thread I provide some circumstantial evidence.
I would appreciate if you help uncovering the mess with an RT.
2 - ARE #9/11, #MH370, #MH17 RELATED?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Ukraine on July 17, 2014.
Western governments have blamed Russia.
On 9 March 2020 a criminal trial against Russian suspects starts near Amsterdam.…
3 - ARE #9/11, #MH370, #MH17 RELATED?

On Sunday 8 March I attended a symposium about this #MH17 trial, in Amsterdam.

The speakers criticised the official investigation.

One particular remark from audience member, named Erik, alerted me.
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@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 1/ Adam Robinson has done a very poor job in the article "Kremlin media amplify #MH17 truthers ahead of Hague trial"…

Following is why Adam Robinson is inaccurate and biased

1. "Kremlin media" does not exist...
@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 2/ ... and it would be incorrect to say government funding of media in the Russian Federation is in any way less funded by citizens than the BBC. To illustrate the fallacy in a corollary, one wouldn't say that the "Murdoch media" is the voice of Rupert Murdoch would one? Or...
@HRIMark @BBCMonitoring @Shayan86 3/ that the government of the UK or the Russian Federation or Murdoch dictates content. The BBC, for example, reported on witnesses who said they saw and heard fighter jets around the time of the downing of MH17. Do you mean to say the BBC are "truthers", whatever that means?
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Russia: "Ukrainian Su-25 fighter close to #MH17 before crash" - Defence Ministry (21 Jul 2014)
#IranCrash #PS752 #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
'Why did Ukraine SU-25 fly same path as #MH17, simultaneously at same altitude?' - Russian Military
#IranCrash #PS752 #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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Nothing to see here...
July 17th 2014 +/- 13:20 UTC
#MH17 #QAnon
Look closer...
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Dit hieronder moet een tegenvaller zijn voor al die tweeps die afgelopen dagen beweerden dat het verschrikkelijke en super evil Iran nooit een eigen rol in ramp met Oekraiens toestel zou toegeven.
Trouwens, toen in 1988 Iran Air flight 655 werd neergeschoten (290 doden), erkende de VS bij monde van pres Reagan ook binnen paar dagen verantwoordelijkheid voor het, onbedoeld, neerschieten. VS betaalde uiteindelijk bijna $62 miljoen in compensatie.…
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#Iran admits downing a civilian jetliner #PS752 after calling the US and others claim as 'psychological warfare'.

Ops Martyr #Soliemani has been a sobering wakeup call for #Tehran.

11 revenge scenarios yet to be realised while some 200 Iranians already dead, stampede included.
Religious fanatics - in #India and #Iran both - failed to act professionally in brief, offensive battles.

Both #Delhi and #Tehran made catastrophic decisions.

After initial denial, both had to admit failure.

The world isn't safe with #RSS, #Shiite extremists in power.

#Iran can't get away by scapegoating a low-ranking official, downing an enemy plane is never a tactical decision. An officer of the level of major general or brigadier would have approved and directed. Allowing field commanders to act on their own proves lack of professionalism.
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While everyone is arguing about what happened to flight #PS752.

I'm still here, trying to figure out what happened to flight #MH17, shot down over Ukraine 17 July 2014, exactly 17 years after the planes maiden flight in 1997.

[They] told us it was Russia.
Don't use MH17 crash for 'political ends', Putin says
21 July 2014
The Dutch led Joint Investigation Team claimed that Russia and the militia of the Donetsk People's Republic were involved. But is their evidence solid enough?

NEW Documentary: The investigation MH17: in Search of Truth released 20 Dec 2019
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Have the Democrats & MSM stepped into another trap? One created by their own TDS?
If Trump can be blamed for Iran accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian jet, can't Obama be blamed for Russia accidentally shooting down a jetliner over Ukraine?
The Obama State Dept. started that...
Weren't the victims on MH17 caught up in an unnecessary & unwanted military tit for tat in eastern Ukraine? What started that conflict? The Obama Admin toppling the government of Ukraine & triggering Putin's response.
Weren't the 298 victims on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 also caught in the crossfire?

Weren't their deaths part of the national security risk analysis of supporting the revolution in Ukraine?

Weren't they a risk associated with triggering a Russian response in that tit for tat?
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Die Iraner bulldozern die Absturzstelle von Flug #PS752!!!
Ein „wir waren es“ hätte es auch getan.
Die Black Box – das widerstandsfähigste Objekt im ganzen Flugzeug – „wurde beschädigt und hat einen Teil ihrer Erinnerung verloren“, erzählen die Iraner, die den Hersteller nicht an die Boxen heranlassen wollen.
Die kaltblütigen Mörder in Teheran versuchen alles.
#MH17 reloaded.
Aber ich sage voraus, dass @HeikoMaas & Angela #Merkel nun „noch mehr Dialog“ wollen & nicht etwa die harten Sanktionen, die so ein Akt der Barbarei der Mullah-Diktatur nach sich ziehen müsste.
By the way,@RegSprecher: Die Rakete kam aus #Moskau.
Liebe Grüße an Herrn Putin am Sa!
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🚨Witness video of Ukrainian Boeing 737 jet (Flight 752) carrying 180 passengers and crew that crashed shortly after takeoff in Tehran. The plane was headed for Boryspil International Airport in Kyiv, Ukraine. Just tragic. It’s Christmas.
Ukrainian Embassy in Iran says engine failure caused the crash on the Boeing 737 airliner that killed 176 passengers & crew shortly after takeoff from Tehran en route to Kyiv, Ukraine. Witness video appeared to show the airplane on fire before crashing.
Update: Ukrainian embassy said Iran asked it to rescind early statement blaming 737 crash on engine failure. Black boxes found. Investigation launched.

Victims: 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, 10 Swedes, 2 Germans, 3 Brits. #UkrainianPlaneCrash…
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Giuliani drops anchor in UKR, meets w/ a host of shady pro Putin/RUintel dirtbags to gin up propaganda vs Biden.

Giuliani said on Twitter that until the matter is resolved, the issue “will be a major obstacle to the US assisting UKR w/ its anti-corruption efforts.”

“The fact that Giuliani is back in Ukraine is like a murder suspect returning to the crime scene to live-stream themselves moon dancing,” said Dan Eberhart, a prominent Republican donor and Trump supporter.

“It’s brazen on a galactic level.”

Giuliani meets at the “Premier Palace Hotel, owned by close Putin ally, RU oligarch Alexander Babakov.

Hotel known as den for Kremlin agents & Babakov is alleged Russian intel himself.”

During the 2014 EuroMaidan Revolution, 100 activists surrounded the hotel.
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Очень длинная история про голос Донбасса
Короче жил был один актёр средней руки и 3его плана. Жил он в Донецке, сам был из шахтёрской семьи, из Алчевска, в шахтеры не пошёл и играл при Украине в основном второстепенные роли с малым к-вом текста, но на хлеб с маслом хватало
Но вот настало Денере, с ролями стало совсем туго, приглашали в основном на детские утренники и ролевые игры про дидов. Дела шли всё хуже, возможности в Украину вернуться - все меньше и начал наш герой выпивать. Не то чтобы он не выпивал ранее, но тут прям запил по черному
В один з таких запойных дней, Сан Саныч, а именно так звали нашего лирического героя, соскребая последние рубаси на бутылку паленого коньяка с портвейном (не хватало около ста российских рублей, это то чем теперь платили в Донецке), встретил бывшую звезду донецкого подмостья - N
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And *because* France isn’t one, could *this* be why .@ClarenceHouse (and the (so–called) “Royal Protection Squad” – hand-in-glove w/MI6 (i.e. the SIS, etc., ad nausea) had to wait until Diana, Princess of Wales, was in France until the .@RoyalFamily
2/ had Whitehall itself issue the assasination directive to their .fr counterparts (… — “The Murder of Princess Diana: Revealed: The Truth Behind the Assassination of the Century (Unabridged)” by Noel Botham) — only reclaiming (through subsequent anonymous
3/ (but traceable) purchase / via @Sothebys) the items both Diana and Dodi Al Fayed had consulted (being already owned by Dodi’s father) — *because* Dodi Al Fayed ~ through his being related #Khassogi ~ consulted them in the first place?

I.e. WHAT could Dodi — and Diana — have
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Russia tried to dismiss this case on jurisdiction, arguing "even if we did it, it wasn't terrorism". Will be an important court case. Evidence submitted includes a @bellingcat investigation into the artillery shelling of Mariupol by Russian regular army.…
In our report, we analyzed 10s of thousands of raw phonecalls from January 2015, and identified 11 high-ranking Russian active-duty officers who supervised and participated in a 24-hour secret artillery-units incursion into Ukrainian territory that left nearly 100 civilians dead.
The shoot-down of #MH17 is among the incidents presented to court. Considering Russia vetoed a UN tribunal on MH17, this will be a roundabout way for this case to be brought to an, effectively, a UN tribunal.
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1. W niniejszym opracowaniu zademonstrujemy, w jaki sposób, niepostrzeżenie, tylnymi drzwiami, jesteśmy eksponowani na rosyjską propagandę w mediach społecznościowych. Materiał ten nie podsumowuje tematu, a stanowi jedynie do niego wstęp.
2. 26 kwietnia 2016 to początek nowej ery w polskich mediach społecznościowych. Poseł Dominik Tarczyński organizuje internetową armię #DrugaZmiana. To właśnie od tego momentu mowa nienawiści w social media zyskuje nowe oblicze.
3. Wchodząc w słowne, wulgarne utarczki z bohaterami #DrugaZmiana buduje sobie rozpoznawalność, popularność i zasięgi konto #KenLewak. Przedstawia się jako zwolennik lewicy. Wkrótce razem zrozumiemy, jakim celom ma w rzeczywistości służyć jego obecność na TT.
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"Het is de hedendaagse Nederlandse vorm van het McCarthyisme."…

#MH17 #IntegrityInitiative
Vervalste geluidsopnames - essentieel forensisch bewijsmateriaal dat dankzij deze #MH17 documentaire aan het licht kwam is via deze link te downloaden.
De Maleisische audio-expert Akash Rosen die aantoonde dat de Oekraïense geheime dienst vervalste telefoontaps online plaatste terwijl de wrakstukken van #MH17 nog brandden, is op dodenlijst #Myrotvorets gezet.
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Because @eliothiggins and @bellingcat are frauds and belong in prison. #MH17…
Ambassador to Netherlands: There is no question of Ukraine's responsibility for #MH17 crash…
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Why was MH17 shot down above Ukraine and what's the latest in the investigation?

Obama never released the radar images!

Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down above Ukraine on July 17, 2014, with the loss of 298 lives.

#Ukraine #MH17…
PM of Malaysia Mahathir reveals why the US, Dutch and Australian governments attempted to exclude Malaysia from membership of the JIT in the first months of the investigation.
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#Baudet blaast de laatste dagen weer hoog van de toren. Misschien ook wel om de interne strubbelingen in de #fvd te overschreven. Een van zijn terugkerende thema’s is dat hij en zijn partij niet eerlijk behandeld worden, door het publiek, de #media, of nu Otten.
Wie herinnert zich nog de klacht dat #fvd negatief geframed wordt, dat er labels en negatieve stempels op de partij geplakt worden.….
De #fvd: “Het moet nu een keertje klaar zijn. Daarom lopen we ze voor ééns en voor altijd stuk voor stuk langs. Met uitleg waarom de beeldvorming in de media niet klopt.” De 21 ‘frames’ staan tussen aanhalingstekens. Dat wekt de indruk dat het letterlijke citaten zijn. 4/40
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RU docs reveal desire to sow racial discord & violence in the US
US intel agencies warned of likely RU meddling in the 2020elex.

Enter JDs vs Trump teeing off an excg of weaponized talking points deliberately designed to distract & divide.

Here we are!

Disclosed: US nuclear weapons are being stored in Belgium, Germany, Italy😱, the NL & Turkey😱

Given the immense unexplained wealth accumulated by Epstein, authorities order forensic acct’g exploring the money trails via a criminal tax fraud and/or 💰💦 inv’n

Epstein’s former bookkeeper, in a deposition, said she arranged for underage girls to be sent to his parties, and others were sent to modeling assignments with wealthy clients where they would only be paid if they agreed to have sex.

Trump/Epstein vid revealed.
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#Thread Let me tell you why the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s decision to re-admit Russia will prove to be an own-goal and why those who voted in favour have made a fatal error of judgement.
Your claims that Russia belongs to the CoE with all the rights & obligations this confers is self-defeating. The hallmark of the Kremlin is that it actively chooses to operate outside the norms of international law, whatever the forum and whatever the rules or rulings.
Remember the aggression against Georgia and Ukraine? 13,000 dead and counting. Vetoing and obstruction of the investigation into #MH17? The #Salisbury attack as well as election meddling around the world? Are memories so short?
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As Putin again claims “no proof” of Russian responsibility for #MH17 shootdown, let’s recount the incontrovertible evidence as I lay out in #TheShadowWar

1- US satellite and radar data showed within hours that the missile was fired from inside Russian-controlled territory. 1/
2/ Blast pattern in cockpit and fuselage of plane corresponded to blast pattern of Russian BUK antiaircraft missile system - in front of and above target.
3/ Pieces of BUK missile were found inside the bodies of cockpit crew, along with pieces of windshield.
4/ Eyewitness accounts and photographs tracked the BUK missile and mobile launcher’s arrival in Russian-controlled territory hours before the attack and its departure hours after & subsequent return back inside Russia proper.
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