Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
#Iran has a population of 84 million.

Two thirds live in poverty.
Over half are in absolute poverty.
20 million live in slums.

Remember how Obama/Biden allowed #Iran access to $150 bn in credit & $1.8 bn in cash?

Much of that money fueled terrorism.

Not a dime was spent on the people; many are literally seen searching in trash for something to sell or even eat.

#Iran has the world's 2nd largest natural gas & 4th largest crude oil reserves.

Obama/Biden provided this regime access to $150 billion in credit & $1.8 billion in unmarked cash.

And yet there is a shortage in cooking gas.

Welcome to #Iran under the mullahs' regime, where

-two thirds of the 84 million population live in poverty
-over 20 million live in slums
-over 7 million child laborers can't go to school

And yet officials & regime insiders live lives of absolute luxury...

60 million Iranians live in absolute poverty

Yet the regime funds:

Assad—$15 bn/yr
Hezbollah—$700 mill/yr
Houthis—at least $360 mill/yr
Hamas—$360 mill/yr
Iraqi militias—$150 mill/yr

Children looking in trash for anything to eat or drink

#Iran's genocidal regime executed a young man for stealing.

The mullahs ruin the Iranian people's lives, force them into poverty, leave them no choice but resorting to robbery, and then execute them for petty crimes.

Imagine living in a country with the world's second largest natural gas & fourth largest crude oil reserves, and yet nearly 75% live in poverty.

Thousands of children in #Iran are collecting trash to sell & help their families make ends meet.

Imagine living in a country where people are so poor you see many writing their telephone numbers & blood types offering to sell a kidney.

Welcome to #Iran under the mullahs' regime.

If anyone ever says, “Iran is sanctioned by the U.S.,” ask them why does this regime provide billions to dictators and terrorists?

Assad—$15 billion/year
Hezbollah—$700 million/year
Houthis—at least $360 million/year
Hamas—$360 million/year
Iraqi militias—$150 million/year
Some may say US sanctions deprive Iran of humanitarian goods & medicine.

Note: The chief of staff of Iran's president said one billion euros ($1.12 billion) in hard currency allocated for importing medicines & essential goods simply “disappeared.”…
Those who make such claims are members of #Iran’s network of apologists/lobbyists.

Here are just a few examples.
#Iran’s regime is corrupt to the bone.

Iranian MP Ezzatollah Yousefian Molla revealed the “disappearance” of $9 billion in hard currency amid the economic crisis facing Iran with the collapse of the riyal against the US currency.…
#Iran has spent between $20 billion & $30 billion in Syria to prop up the Assad regime, a lawmaker told the semi-official Etemad newspaper, in a rare estimate by a regime insider.…
Regime priorities:

Iran's Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines & Trade Hamid Zadboom called the reconstruction of countries such as Syria a "religious duty," adding that "Iranian building materials needed to renovate the war-torn country are underway."…
#Iran does have money, but not for the people

Obama/Biden provided the regime access to $150 bn in credit & $1.8 bn in cash?

The money fueled global terrorism

Not a dime was spent on the people; over 60 million live in poverty & many search in the trash...


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New revelations: #Iran has a secret #nuclear bomb-making facility despite the Obama/Biden deal

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#Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi (PDF) stormed Kurdish Democratic Party office in after senior KDP leader comments. KDP complaining why Iraqi government did not protect its office. This further shows the dangerous influence of Iran's regime in Iraq.
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Iranian opposition NCRI unveils new nuclear bomb-making site near Tehran. #Iran's regime has kept this area site a secret from the international community.

Obama/Biden's JCPOA did not block Tehran's path to nuclear weapons.

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South of this site is the Khojir missile site where #Iran's ballistic missile program is based.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (man on the left with a white shirt) is the main individual behind Iran's #nuclear weapons drive.
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Online conference weighs in on the threat of #Iran supporting global terrorism that continues to dangerously undermine global security.

For the past four decades, the mullahs have left nothing but death in their wake. This theocratic fascist dictatorship has wrecked #Iran’s economy and turned this once-great nation into an int'l pariah.
Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers, MP
#Iran & its IRGC are a threat in many places around the world. It is shocking that the UN arms embargo on Iran is due to expire in just a few days.
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The Obama/Biden admin was in bed with #Iran’s regime & its lobby group @NIACouncil, based on released emails.

“I have chatted with NIAC folks over the years”
“we do have a relationship with NIAC”

NIAC sought admin’s advice on paying President Clinton for a speech.
NIAC is a lobby group in the U.S. pushing Iran’s talking points.

Listen to this Iranian regime insider explain that NIAC was established by @JZarif, the foreign minister of Iran's regime.
@tparsi is the official founder of NIAC in the U.S.

Listen to how he parrots Zarif’s talking points.
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