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I am profoundly grateful to @ScovillePF @BrookingsInst @AtomicMuseum @NNSANevada and Frank Rose for believing in&supporting me, to @macfound for investing in the #NextGen and to @GreenValleyHS for inspiring me
So how do you engage the #NextGen in #nuclear issues? Here’s an idea-
Day 1: 7-hr Seminar. Bring 50 @ClarkCountyNV high school&college students to the @AtomicMuseum to hear from #NextGen @Erin_Conn17 & @Maggie_Tennis, to learn from giants like @nnssmark of @NNSANevada and Thomas Hunter, former Labs Dir of @SandiaLabs, and to run a wild #NK wargame
Day 2 - 5: Create 3-4 presentations, give 16 lectures, run 3 more simulations to meet with 650 students, 9-12 grade, regular-@iborganization classes, for an additional 24 hours of in-class teaching time. Thank your teachers & give back to your community #almamater @GreenValleyHS
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In this Thread I present evidence that Netanyahu is a dictator. Proofs of Israel's crimes against Palestinians: occupied territory, destroys homes/history, kill Palestinian, arrested children (Physical abuse, sleep deprivation, humiliation, sexual assault)
In this Thread I present evidence of the Illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel and the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians
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This past Friday marked 33 years since the #Chernobyl disaster. The podcast Today in Focus with @GuardianAnushka from @guardian chose to mark the occasion by uncritically reporting on the extraordinary claims of @katebrownumbc about the health impacts of the disaster. Thread 👇
@GuardianAnushka @guardian @katebrownumbc 1. It is said that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" but @guardian now joins @sciencemagazine, @nature, @TheEconomist, @thesundaytimes and others in providing a platform for Brown's radical claims with a remarkable lack of critique.…
@GuardianAnushka @guardian @katebrownumbc @sciencemagazine @nature @TheEconomist @thesundaytimes 2. Historian @katebrownumbc alleges that several intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations such as @UN, @WHO, @IAEA, @iaeaorg, @RedCrossEU and the UNSCEAR have conspired to cover up tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of casualties resulting from the accident.
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Here is a thread about uranium mining based on this article by Dr Gavin Mudd. It's worth reading…
1stly, I have researched and written about the environmental impacts of uranium mining in Australia. It was paid work with terms of reference that gave me authority. I cited Dr Mudd among others. Most have found it very helpful…
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NO: 1
@SecPompeo: On #SriLanka, radical #Islamic terrorism remains a threat. The President & I have been very clear on this. #ISIS has been weakened, yet this evil continues in our world. Our coalition is committed to defeat this terrorism.
#IranRegimeChange #USA
NO: 2
@SecPompeo: Any country not abiding by these sanctions will be sanctioned.
The President & I have had conversations & we're confident they will provide the oil needed for the world market.
The waivers will expire on May 2. No #exemptions.
#IranRegimeChange #USA
NO: 3
@SecPompeo: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo:
Every Iranian (regime) leader including @HassanRouhani & @JZarif has accepted the fundamental nature of this regime. Therefore, in our view, there is no logic behind the moderate/hardliner distinctions
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@AndreVanDelft @JoostNiemoller @Nuon (S)linkse ongein of bevolkingsmanipulatie, maar door wie?
Who’s behind the #race #mixing agenda in advertising?…
@AndreVanDelft @JoostNiemoller @Nuon Long-standing CEO of Publicis (1987–2017) has been Maurice Lévy, who cited his Rabbi grandfather as his greatest inspiration. Lévy has been honored by the Anti-Defamation League, for his work fighting anti-Semitism, and his relentless promotion of “diversity” 😈😨
@AndreVanDelft @JoostNiemoller @Nuon What better way to destroy the #white #nuclear family, than to encourage white people, especially white women, to mate with foreign men that are unlikely to support them or raise their children. If you wanted to create a chaotic society that is easy to lord over. 🤔 NWO?
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#NorthKorea has published #KimJongUn take on what happened in Hanoi. He positions himself as the rational, flexible person in US-DPRK #nuclear negotiations. Essentially says US team came unprepared & disorganized. #KCNA
Kim: “In a word, the U.S. did not ready itself to sit face to face with us and settle the problem nor had a clear direction and methodology.” So Kim’s getting a taste for how things work these days in the White House.
While including the usual threats & pinning blame for Hanoi breakdown on US, Kim does make clear he’s open to negotiation. That means signaling this week from @TheBlueHouseENG @TheWhiteHouse paid off. #Kim got the assurance he needed that #NorthKorea remains priority for #Trump.
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33 years ago: the prototype of the Integral Fast Reactor demonstrated exactly the kind of intrinsic designed-in safety still demanded by #nuclear energy's loudest critics.…… 1/4
That's safety. Waste? It was designed from the beginning to run on used fuel. It was designed to be the solution to most activist's No. 1 objection to #nuclearenergy.… 2/4
This type of reactor is estimated to put out well under 1 gram CO₂-equivalent per kilowatt hour (gCO₂e/kWh) over its lifecycle. Compare that to some of today's national grids:… 3/4
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Here comes more info by @manupubby on the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex arising out of #Balakot

Swedish AWACS and South African Denel H4 missiles used by Pakistan.
In the aftermath of #AirStrikes (30 days) the narrative should have been discussions on #Nuclear or #Peace

However, the narrative is a mass of names of weapons used by India and Pakistan and names of defence companies.

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1) @realonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 3026...
#Q reposts 634 & the bottom section of 677.
The question that #Anons are asking is when did #JohnPerryBarlow actually die. There are historic records saying this from the 6th, 7th & 8th...
2) #QAnon drop No. 3027...
The time of #JPBarlow's death was on the 8th by #Russia time.
3rd image related/updated 2 Russian time.
3) #QAnon drop No. 3028...
#Mueller holding off release of his report until after #RR testimony. AT the time #AAGWhitaker came in, post #Sessions, there were almost 3 doz #SealedIndictments in #DC. They were in the hands of #RR as #Sessions had recused himself. #Mueller can only
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Attracted by infamous #ViolentUpside of past #Uranium Bull Markets? 🚀🌜 #Investment choices are limited in this tiny niche sector with only ~60 companies left standing of over 500 #U3O8 related #stocks a decade ago. In this thread I will try to lay out some #investor options..🗂️
For lowest risk #investment in #uranium best option is a traded Fund that holds Physical #U3O8. ⚛️ In North America that's Uranium Participation (#TSX: $U OTC: $URPTF) & in #UK that's Yellow Cake PLC (#AIM: $YCA). A 3rd choice, Uranium Trading Corp $UTC, is set to IPO in US. ✍🏼
If you prefer to #invest in baskets of #uranium #stocks through ETF's for 1-trade in & out #U3O8 sector exposure, only 2 real choices. In North America, Global X Uranium ETF $URA on #NYSE, Indexed by Market Cap📊 In UK, Geiger Counter Ltd Fund on LSE: $GCL cherry-picked by PM's🍒
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On "renewables" (solar & wind), in 2009:
'The main.. challenge is that the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine in a given location..' A challenge even for sunny, breezy Australia. 1/12
And the way the energy discussion has bogged down in Australia is reminiscent of what's described here:
(I recently saw the issue of persistent fossil fuel consumption dismissed with #BecauseRenewables - seriously?) 2/12
Is the term "renewable" even all that useful for serving effective clean energy progress, or more-so for other purposes? I highly recommend this exploration… 3/12
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Un article en français de 2013 qui reprend largement l’article du Dailymail précédemment cité de 2011.

(Quel temps perdu depuis 😭😭😭😭😭😭!)…
Un excellentissime rapport :
“Transition Énergétique
La France en Echec
Analyse et Perspectives”

Lien vers un #thread
#EnR #nucléaire #transitionEnergetique

Bill Gates veut devenir plus actif sur le nucléaire énergétique :

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On Jan 3, the Dems ought to introduce a bill to strip Trump of nuclear first strike authority, and insist it be signed into law before any discussion of a wall.

It's a matter of national security.

@RepRoKhanna @RepAdamSchiff @SenMarkey @RepTedLieu @RepKarenBass
As he becomes more unstable, @RepKarenBass, it is critical Congress preempt such a strike.
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"Underfeeding"? 🍼 What the heck is that?
And as a #uranium #investor, why should I care? 🤔

Follow this thread to find out what underfeeding is on #uranium supply side vs #nuclear energy demand, using "coffee beans" in place of #U3O8 Yellowcake. I hope I get this right. 🤞🏼😉
2/ Let's use "freeze-dried instant coffee" in place of "enriched #nuclear fuel" (EUP), where utilities are "coffee buyers", #uranium miners are growers, converters are roasters & grinders, & enrichers are factories where ground coffee is turned into packaged instant coffee.☕️
3/ Coffee grower (#U3O8 miner) harvests, dries and bags coffee beans (Yellowcake) to be stored in warehouse until a coffee buyer either buys a few bags "on the Spot" or negotiates a long term contract for so many bags per year. Coffee buyer sends bags to be roasted & ground.🛍️
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France presented today its #energy and #climate strategy. It has four goals:
1 - To cut #energy consumption
2 - To turn away from #fossilfuels
3 - To diversify its #energy mix
4 - To keep things affordable, increase jobs and innovate…
The overall target of France's strategy for #energy and #climate is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through cutting GHG emissions down significantly and also increasing carbon sinks
France wants to cut #CO2 emissions down to 227 Mt in 10 years by cutting final #energy consumption 14% and primary #energy from #fossilfuels by 35%. Also, increasing #renewable heating and doubling the #electricity from renewables. Note: transport emissions vanish by 2050.
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What has @wikileaks has taught and shown us about ​#nuclear issues? A thread. Add info you've found to be in the public interest that whistleblowers have trusted to the​ global #WikiLeaks archive #WikiLeaksIsAPublisher​​ #Assange #SubstanceOverSmear
Western and Chinese companies expose workers in African uranium grab - WikiLeaks released a collection of documents that open up a corrupt multi-billion dollar war by Western and Chinese companies in the Central African Republic (CAR)​
Trident nuclear weapons submariner, Royal Navy Able Seaman William McNeilly, aged 25, stated, "Please make sure this information is released. I don't want to be in prison without anyone knowing the truth," about the detailed nuclear safety problems
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#BREAKING: The Pantex Nuclear Plant in #Texas is experiencing an operational emergency. The Emergency Response Organization has been activated.
The #Pantex Nuclear Plant is the primary U.S. nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. Reports that there is no threat posed to the public at this time.
CNN is now reporting that the lockdown is due to a 'Security Event'. #Texas #Nuclear
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Can someone explain to me when the @GOP stopped ignoring fiscal responsibility?
Can someone explain to me why @GOP claimed to be the party of Moral Values but continues to support a person like @realDonaldTrump?

Can you explain to me why you wouldn't want another party in power for the Senate or House when you believe in the Constitution and checks and balances?

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Today much of the world's population lives safer, more comfortable, healthier, longer, more productive lives than ever before. And yet, around half of the global population currently lacks access to enough electricity, and 1.2bn people have no access at all. #IPCC 1/n
Global electricity access is rising, which is improving the lives of millions. But this means our decarbonisation challenge is even greater, since we not only have to replace our entire fossil fuel infrastructure, but probably double it to meet rising global energy demand. #IPCC
The question is where will this energy to come from? A: Right now, mainly from #coal. #IPCC
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@foxnewspolitics French intelligence concluded #Iran's intelligence ministry, which is controlled by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered foiled attack on exiled Iranian opposition group's rally near Paris in June, French diplomatic source said.…
The Trump administration is pushing international nuclear inspectors to launch a new investigation into evidence Iran has been stockpiling #nuclear weapons technology and materials at a secret undisclosed site…
The hardening of relations between #Paris2018 and Tehran could have far-reaching consequences for Iran as President Hassan Rouhani’s government looks to European capitals to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal…
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Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has released the public redacted bids submitted under its 12 TWh/year Zero Carbon Energy RFP. Going to sift through them today and provide some highlights. #procurement #cleanenergy #offshorewind #nuclear #hydro #solar
1/ Background: On July 31, 2018, DEEP issued the final RFP for Zero Carbon Energy, soliciting proposals for up to 12 TWh/year of qualified zero carbon energy and associated environmental attributes. Proposals were due September 14.…
2/ Background: Eligible resources included New England nuclear power generating facilities (i.e., Millstone and Seabrook), existing and incremental hydropower, zero carbon Class I resources (i.e., solar, onshore/offshore wind), and paired & co-located energy storage.
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@EricHolthaus Now let's talk about solutions. First of all, slow the bleeding. QUIT CLOSING #NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. Oyster Creek shutting down is like taking a baseball bat to over 5 Ivanpah solar plants; it produced ~5400 GWh zero-GHG per year vs Ivanpah's 990 GWh.
@EricHolthaus The replacement power isn't coming from solar and wind, guys. It's coming from natural gas and coal. Solar and wind can't compete with the kind of reliable capacity factor Oyster Creek delivered 24/7.
@EricHolthaus #nuclear power stations that are "unprofitable" are largely so because of cheap natural gas + renewables forcing nuke operators to deal with negative electricity prices.… NG won't be cheap forever, but #climatechange will continue getting worse.
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