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Very long Conference Call today & huge volume of interest. Upshot is Cigar Lake will restart in September if they can get workers & #COVID19 allows. They remind investors that none of Cigar's #Uranium production goes to Spot market, all goes to fill existing contracts.
If Cigar Lake can be restarted safely, 1st 2 weeks Sept for maintenance, production ramp up starting mid-Sept. $CCO 2020 Guidance 5.3M lbs #U3O8. Still heavy Spot #uranium buying required in H2 & will begin buying for 2021 needs too. McArthur/Key remaining offline indefinitely.
Cameco $CCO remains heavily reliant on market purchases to meet delivery commitments in 2020/2021. Cigar Lake restart lbs already committed to contracts, adding no supply to Spot market. Inkai lbs from #Kazakhstan remains an unknown. At least 20M lbs #COVID19 global supply drop.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/20/2020-2…

If Solar Panels Are So Clean, Why Do They Produce So Much Toxic Waste?…

#waste #solar #nuclear #consequences #toxic
What Is the U.S. Budget Deficit and Does It Matter? - Barron's…

Financial Brokers Must Now Act in Your ‘Best Interest.’ What Does That Mean?…

#finance #BusinessEthics
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These are the #stories of #math that we celebrate, amplify and make central to the idea of #maths as a #objective #neutral #culture-free subject. #Math can do no #harm, and the #logical “pure math” thinking of #Mathematicians is worthy of emulation. But... 1/x
2/x ... "What about pure mathematics and mathematicians who merely prove theorems? Is there any #ethical component comparable to what you find in other fields of #science?" - R. Hersh in Experiencing #Mathematics
3/x One point of view: "there's no need for #mathematicians to have a code of #ethics, because what we do matters so little that we can do whatever we like."
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Ever since @GretaThunberg’s, in many regards excellent, summer speech (#sommarip1) I’ve been trying to come to terms with the sources used to rule out #NuclearEnergy as the cornerstone in fighting #ClimateChange. Now @TIME has published the full script..…
..with links to her sources. Turns out “Risky” comes from HPC running over budget(!), and “expensive” is based on openly anti-#nuclear @MycleSchneider’s WNISR report, with no regard to e.g. system costs.

= two words w/o any backing that delay dealing with #climate issues. Why?
Don’t get me wrong, HPC has gone over budget and time and may cause a financial “risk” to UK citizens vs not doing anything, but it’s also incremental to achieving #netzero. But it’s crazy cherry picking. China builds 6+ reactors cheaply per year. Decoupling always needs nuclear.
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🚨BREAKING: A fire tore through #Iran’s main #nuclear-fuel production site, extensively damaging a factory appearing to produce centrifuges used to make highly enriched fuel.

“Early evidence suggests it was most likely an act of sabotage.”

The damaged building is adjacent to the underground fuel production facilities where the US & Israel conducted a sophisticated cyberattack “Olympic Games.” That altered the computer code and destroyed ~1,000 centrifuges, setting back Iran’s nuclear program for a year or more.😎
The timing was “suspicious.” A series of unexplained fires have broken out in recent days at other facilities related to #Iran’s nuclear program.💥
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#Russia denies:
• paying the #Taliban to kill US troops
• murdering a #Putin enemy in Berlin
• invading #Ukraine
• shooting down #MH17
• sending mercenaries to #Libya
• murdering British citizens with a nerve agent in #Salisbury
• hacking #Germany's parliament
• manipulating the 2016 #US election
• bombing schools in #Syria
• murdering Boris #Nemtsov
• organizing a coup in #Montenegro
• murdering a #Putin enemy in London
• financing #nazis in the US and #EU
• causing #nuclear accidents that poison #Scandinavia
• bombing hospitals in #Syria
• trying to annex #Belarus
• murdering journalists in #Africa
• occupying territory of #Georgia
• providing weapons to the #Taliban

and so on and on.

#Russia declared #war against the West in 2014. It's time to fight back.
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“Nuclear deterrence can serve as a pillar of international security only in conjunction with negotiations and agreements on the limitation, reduction, and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Without them, deterrence fuels an endless arms race”…
There is not even one writer or analyst in #Pakistan who has done any serious work on defence spending and #nuclear weapons program and what it has done for Pakistan. Leave aside debt servicing, defence spending is the biggest budget item consuming over 40% of revenues.
Army has abt 25 divisions. This includes 19 Infantry divisions, 2 mechanized Divisions, 2 armored Divisions & 2 artillery Division. Few years ago, I wrote why do we need so many infantry divisions, given the tectonic changes in the nature of both external and internal threats?
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Here we go again with the "#nuclear power will be really cheap" story again

Amazing how often this is trotted out. There is zero evidence for it. Those who like nuclear want it to be true. But it isn't. A quick reprise…
A long time ago in 2006 there was UK energy review concluding nuclear power was a good idea

Overturning policy that renewables were best bet because they were 'not delivering' after 3 yrs of trying

One of all-time worst decisions in energy thinking…
Obviously now, after 14 years of trying and nuclear being a calamity and renewables being cheap, we have not seen anything like that sharp about turn.

Note that far more people are employed in BEIS on nuclear issues than on RE
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Replay of today's North Shore Global #Uranium #Mining ETF $URNM Webinar, featuring Mike Alkin's @FootnotesFirst presentation "Price is Everything" is now available.📺 I'll post some of the slides in this thread. Check out the Q&A too. #Nuclear ⚛️ Link:…
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When the highly-respected scholars argue that the Russian #nuclear doctrine doesn't have the escalate to de-escalate concept (E2D), my immediate response would be this: with all due respect, how do you know? 1/12
As the expert debate has to lie on personal interpretations of policy statements (very changeable thing) and few official documents, having unclear language and ambiguous paragraphs, it's hard to either dismiss or detect #nuclear E2D for sure 2/12
My disclaimer here is that I'm not a supporter of the E2D concept either an adherent of the prevailing Western narrative about the Russian #nuclear policy of E2D. However, I argue that there're cases when Russia is ready to use the nukes to end/de-escalate a conventional war 3/12
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Saviez-vous qu’au début du XX e siècle, la #radioactivité est considérée comme une source de "vie éternelle" et le radium, découvert en 1898 par Marie et Pierre Curie, fait l’objet d’un engouement populaire très important en Europe et aux USA.
Un petit thread ici
Alors que Pierre et Marie Curie viennent juste de découvrir la radioactivité et ses pouvoirs miraculeux, les foules s'enthousiasment pour ces mystérieux produits dont le pouvoir rayonnant éclairait un avenir qui ne pourrait être que radieux.
En 1902, Loïe Fuller, une célèbre chorégraphe rencontre les Curie dans leur laboratoire. Elle créera, sans utiliser de produits radioactifs, un spectacle intitulé "la Danse du radium", joué sur les scènes de Broadway et des Folies Bergère.…
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Story of #Pakistan becoming Nuclear state on 28th may 1998 in newspaper clippings from 1998: #Nuclear #YomeTakbir #Kashmir #یوم_تکبیر
In the 1998 Indian general election the BJP emerged as the single-largest party and Atal Bihari Vajpayee became PM of #india on 11 may 1996 ... 2/n #یوم_تکبیر
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was member of the same #BJP who organised a rally at the site of Babri Masjid involving 150,000 volunteers, known as kar sevaks. The rally turned violent, and the crowd overwhelmed security forces and tore down the masjid 3/n #یوم_تکبیر
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QUESTION: The terrorist responsible for the #Pensacolashooting on 6 Dec, 2019 had been linked to Al Qaida for almost a decade. We asked Hans Jakob Schindler @FightExtremism, "What does this say about Al Qaida's current activities in the 'West'?" Follow this thread for the answer.
ANSWER: "The newly obtained evidence form the two phones of the perpetrator apparently show not only his long standing association with AQAP (at least since 2015) but that he planned and prepared the attack for a long time, potentially years.
This demonstrates that AQAP remains the al-Qaida affiliate that is most geared towards attacks outside the immediate conflict zone, in particular attacks on US, European and other Western targets.
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1) Why are #Uranium #stocks so severely undervalued relative to Spot #U3O8 price?🤔 There are several reasons but biggest by far was decision by Global X Uranium ETF $URA in January 2018 to switch from 100% to only 50% U3O8 stocks! They had to unload over US$200M in U stocks! ..2
2) In January 2018, $URA held over US$400M worth of #uranium stocks. The switch to 50% led to a selling-off of US$200M worth of #stocks into a tiny illiquid sector, driving down share prices of almost every U stock across the board starting in March 2018. But it got worse... /3
3) $URA had been the Sentiment Indicator for #Uranium sector. Where $URA went, #U3O8 #stocks would follow.🐏 As U stock prices plummeted, $URA plummeted, so more investment firms redeemed $URA units, creating a downward spiral🌪️ so by end of 2019 over US$320M in U stocks sold..4
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I have some legit questions for people who hate renewables and think they're a waste of time/money/resources/hope. Not looking to start arguments here, I'm looking to understand views
Are you arguing we should put all the money currently spent on renewables (including research, govt subsidies, etc) into research for advanced nuclear? Worth it to put the amount of clean energy in the US on hold for, at minimum, years until we have designs certified AND built?
Or should we try convincing/enticing/forcing utilities to starting build more large reactors with existing design certs NOW, like AP1000s? Or build ESBWRs, APR1400s (neither of which have been built in the US before), also putting the addition of clean energy on hold for years?
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Here are some of main points that came out in Cameco's $CCO $CCJ 2020 Q1 Conference Call. The overall theme was that recent transition towards a seller's market in the #uranium space has been accelerated by #COVID19 supply disruptions. Cameco is moving into driver's seat..
2) Cameco is seeing broad-based #uranium demand in the Spot market led by producers like themselves trying to fill delivery contracts. #Nuclear utilities not dominant yet. No month-end price dips in March/April signal tighter market. Material availability is inverse to price...
3) Cameco agrees with Kazatomprom CEO that Carry Trade is declining as Spot #uranium oversupply ends. Huge primary supply deficit eliminates availability of material for carry traders. Result is utilities returning to "classic" long-term contracting as traders cannot deliver LT..
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#Nuclear #Energy & the draft 2020 American Energy Innovation Act

1/ A thread for those researching the #uranium space who wish to reconcile the metal's bullish thesis with the BIPARTISAN (emphasis) legislative efforts currently underway in support of nuclear’s long-term future
2/ Firstly, two pro-nuclear Bills became law in ’18 & ’19 – Nuclear Energy Innovation & Capabilities Act; NE Innovation & Modernization Act. Now, numerus other NE Bills (through Committee) were combined into one larger, stimulative, shovel ready, clean energy mega-legislation
3/ Feb 27, 2020: the BIPARTISAN American Energy Innovation Act was introduced, compiling > 50 energy-related Bills to replace/modernize EPACT2005. Passage in the Senate is likely, the House requires more climate mandates. Highlights: #energyinnovation2020
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Important thread.

Q: What does #Imperial College, the World Economic Forum (#WEF), #Salesforce, #Sinovation Ventures (Chinese technology venture capital), #ABB (#automation technology), global artificial intelligence (#AI), all have in common?
A: #Vaccines, #EmergingMarkets, #gene editing - via the Fourth Industrial Revolution

[It is important to Important to note that on June 13, 2019 WEF officially partnered with the UN. On March 11 2020 it announced partnership w/ WHO to form "COVID Action Platform for business."
Jan 24 2019: "Imperial scientists present #vaccine revolution to world leaders at WEF in Davos"

Academics from Imperial's Network for Vaccine Research, joined heads of G20 & other states, #CEOs of #multinationals, members of int. orgs & other scientists at the #WEF meeting.
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After #infoherbs, #epistemics and #techognomics, what is now? 😅
But of course this is the time of environment. You may have already guessed it: #ecognomics.
We r talking always about #february2020, so it's #ecognomics02_20!
"New green technology generates electricity 'out of thin air"…
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People who think that @BernieSanders gets us closer to @AndrewYang's vision for America don't actually understand Yang's vision for America: A Thread

#YangGang #EndorseUBI
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

First of all, #Yang wants a unified America. One where there isn't a huge political divide and so much hate and conflict. He doesn't alienate anyone.

#Bernie is incredibly divisive and angry and will only cause tensions to rise if given the nomination or the presidency.

The #FederalJobsGuarantee goes against Yang's vision because #Yang wants to redefine work in an age where jobs are being automated away and where work that has intrinsic human value isn't being recognized by the market.

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Is the draft EU #mandate that different to the final mandate for negotiations with the UK? Answer: not really but there are some interesting nuggets. Thread:
1. Application of WA as important as future UK-EU negotiations: ROI - UK must work well (BIG job for joint committee). Mandate does not mention GB-NI checks but member states will be watching.
2. Process: there will be parallel negotiations (you can imagine goods, security & fish all taking place at the same time). EU negotiators will work closely with the Working Party on UK (that's where EU27 diplomats meet inside the Council). They will also update EU Parliament
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The #ChineseShip detained by India and the international duplicity.
The Department of Revenue Intelligence and #Kandla Customs detained a Chinese ship on February 3 for carrying a falsely declared “dual use” industrial autoclave as an industrial dryer, which can be used in the manufacture of ballistic missiles.
Now the scientists from the #DRDO are examining the suspected cargo of the Chinese ship #DaiCuiYun, bound for the Port of Karachi to ascertain whether the 2005 Indian law against #WMD and the international laws on the same can be invoked against both the consignee & consignor.
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My short take on @EmmanuelMacron's speech on defence and #nuclear #deterrence #dissuasion:
The baseline of the doctrine is unchanged: defensive role of NW, targeted against states' centres of power; strict sufficiency; final warning to restore deterrence; and vital interests 1/7
On that point: Macron specifies what previous presidents had already alluded to: "Let's be clear: France's vital interests now have a European dimension". I.E effort at being more open about the European role of French deterrence, while still not participating in #NATO's NPG. 2/7
Deterrence is also a necessary component of his effort to build a European strategic culture. He thus proposes "a strategic dialogue, with those European partners that are ready, on the role of French nuclear deterrence for our collective security". 3/7
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