Idiot!! Confuses referencing with "Shabda Pramana". First these "Scientific reasoning and logical acumen"( or whatever) self-conceited Dhakkans should develop the understanding of "Pramana" as it's stated in Scriptures.
Don't get fooled by the Sanskrit terms used by Oak in his books and talks eg like this one.

It has nothing to do with Pramana Shashtra of Indic Aastik or Nastik Darshans. Oak's methodology has been nicely deconstructed by @jayasartn in her book. Let me quote.
"...he often talks about a methodology in his videos and blogs for dating Mahabharata war. He compared the
methodologies of sage Patanjali, Karl Popper and Richard Feynman and arrived at a combination.
Impressed with Patanjali’s maxim, “pratyaksa-anumdna-agamaah pramanani”, he decided to adopt it but preferred to interpret it in his own way. He picked up Popper's idea of shapes for degrees of testability to frame a Triangle of Explanation-Prediction-Testing.
He combined this with Patanjali’s three Pramanas namely
Pratyaksha, Anumana and agama. While combining, he changes the generic term ‘pramana’ of Patanjali (used in
the same sense in all the other Astika Darshanas too) into a component and
translates it as “Insight’ or ‘Explanation’, instead of merely ‘proof, ‘evidence’ or‘testimony". | He regards this as representing the corner point of ‘Explanation’ of Popper’s Triangle.
So now he has three corners of Popper’s triangle with Pramana, Anumana and Pratyaksha.
He describes Agama as “established knowledge, assumptions, traditional doctrine & precepts” but does not want to accept Agama because he thinks it had landed humanity in big trouble when misunderstood.
To justify this he cites two instances of which the first one pertains to the case of Aristotelian science turning
into a dogma.
'Christianity included Aristotelian science as part of their Holy literature,... dark age of Science in Europe.' 8/…
As a second reasonhe says that some traditions had modified ‘agama’ into ‘Shabda’ and caused dogmatic
insistence thereby leading India into Dark Age of Science. To quote his words:
After eliminating Agama or Shabda, his scientific methodology is built on the Triangulation of Popper
substituted with Pratyaksha, Anumana and Pramana as follows:
The methodology starts from Theory (1) which is about all the astronomy references in the Epic. That is again
repeated as Pramana (2), tested by means of astronomy simulations and mathematical calculations (3), inferences
are made from them (4) and
all these are supported by background knowledge (5) which consists of concepts of modern and Indian astronomy. This has replaced Agama, though Agama is mentioned in the above diagram."

As one can see, what Oak is selling is Carl Popper with the wrapper of Patanjali. This reminds me of Gandhi selling Prophet Daniel's Passive Resistance and Biblical suffering leads to purification as "Satyagraha" and "Ahimsa".
So don't get fooled! What Oak is selling is his own "Manastarang" and has nothing to do with Patanjali or his Yogashashtra or anything from Vedic Shad-Darshans.

In the light of abv deconstruction, now I understand his problem with Adi Sankaracharya.
Basically, due to his ignorance of the idea of Shabda Pramana, to quote @jayasartn, "Oak thinks that Shabda Pramana replaced Agama and was twisted badly such that the Indian science was pushed into Dark Age.
So according to him This view of him seems to have grown exponentially over the years that recently in a twitter
interaction Nilesh Oak was found to be spitting scorn over the very idea of Shabda Pramana."
Matlab Veda ke jis bhee part ko Oak software se verify na kar paaye usko Utha ke koode mein phenk dena chahiye.

Be aware of such Protestant Padre-Parrots. Basically they uproot your Shraddha in Scriptures on the name rationality and hand you over to Padre wolf in long run.
Had i known this earlier, I would have shooed him away without writing a such 18 tweet long thread and treating him with respect.

• • •

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17 Oct
In Vedanta there is no alternative to "Shabda Pramana". If the truth Vedas was an objective reality (Drishya) then yes one could have tested and verified it with Pratyaksha, Anuman etc Pramanas.
But if Truth is Subject himself (Drashta), then by which Pramana Subject will know himself? There is no other option but Shabda Pramana ie Veda.

चैतन्य(ब्रह्म) तो महावाक्यरुपी(वेद) शब्द प्रमाण के अलावा अन्य किसी भी प्रमाण से जाना ही नही जा सकता है।

cc @jayasartn
Read 7 tweets
16 Oct
आर्यपिण्डविशेषत्वं तद्वत्‌ ॥ ६० ॥
इसी तरह आर्य पिण्ड(शरीर) की विशेषता हैं

वर्णाश्रम ऋंखला के साथ नारीजाति-सम्बन्धीय विज्ञानका दिग्दर्शन कराकर अब महर्षि सूत्रकार अन्य प्रकारकी ऋंखला का दिग्दर्शन करा रहे हैं

और कह रहे हैं कि, जैसे वर्णाश्रम ऋंखला के लिये नारीजाति का प्राधान्य है, वैसे ही आर्य पिण्ड मात्र की विशेषता है । यद्यपि आर्यपिण्ड ओर अनार्यपिण्ड दोनों ही मानवपिण्ड हैं, परन्तु सृष्टिके आदिकालसे आर्यपिण्डपिण्डरूपी वर्णाश्रम धर्मी मनुष्यजातिके शरीरकी विशेषता प्रसिद्ध है।
क्‍या सभ्यताके विचारसे, क्या आचारके विचारसे, क्या सामाजिक व्यवस्थाके विचारसे, क्या धर्मज्ञानके विचारसे, क्या आध्यात्मिक लक्ष्यके विचारसे ओर क्या स्थायी जीवनशक्तिके विचारसे, यह मानना ही पड़ेगा कि, आर्यपिण्डकी विशेषता है

इसका विज्ञान कह रहे हैं--
Read 91 tweets
16 Oct
Socialist-Sarkari Bania is one vertex of the that blood sucking triangle of Neta-Babu-Socialist-Sarkari Bania to siphon of people's money with facade of Socialism.
This arrangement was devised by Sekoolar-Savarnas and still operational since 1947.

It works like this.Socialist-Sarkari Bania gets loan from Govt owned banks to run business per verbal order from Neta and executed on the paper by Babu.They just eat up all the money with some facade of industrial activity.Finally SS Bania is closes it showing it as failure. 1/2
Now, Socialist-Sarkari Bania is back to the bank again on the pretext of another industrial activity and cycle repeats.

Take for example the scam involving Ahmad Patel and Sandeshra group with total loan amount of Rs 14,500 crore.
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
Today I read a very interesting thing about Arundhati, the wife of Sage Vashishtha and its symbolism as a star of Saptarshi Mandal. I didn't know this symbolism of Arundhati to such a detail.
" The image of Arundhati is of iconic proportions such that her name is found invoked across the country irrespective of the languages spoken and the background of the people. Not many know that the true persona of Arundhati can be known from old Tamil texts!
Arundhati is held as an epitome of pativratatva — a virtue that has no equivalent word in English, except the term ‘chastity’. Interestingly this virtue has a word in Tamil as “karpu” with two ancient Tamil texts giving elaborate description of what this virtue stands for.
Read 23 tweets
14 Oct
I was reading a book critiquing Nilesh Oak's work on the dating of MBH. I guess this criticism is true about his work.
"Analogies as astronomy positions

The Voyager- Simulation Nyaya is capable of proving even analogous statements.
A verse in Mahabharata compares seven Kaurava brothers attacking Bhima with seven planets attacking the Moon.

An enthusiastic Oak armed with this Nyaya runs the simulator and finds seven planets –
that include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – lined up in the sky from east to west in his Mahabharata date, corroborating this analogy![34]
Analogies have a special place in Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’s claims on ‘logical reasoning’.
Read 17 tweets
14 Oct
काँग्रेस (सेकुलर-सवर्ण)-अशरफ की प्रेम कहानी का एक और प्रमाण बेंगलुरु से। यह हमेशा याद रखें कि यह कोई नयी चीज नही है जो हाल के वर्षों में हुई है। इस प्रेम-कहानी की शुरुआत महात्मा गाँधी द्वारा १९२१ में हुई थी।
जबतक आप इस बात पर विचार नही करेंगे कि भारत पर इस्लामिक शासन के दौरान अस्तित्व में आया आक्रमणकारी विदेशी मुसलमानों (अशरफ वर्ग जो भारतीय मुसलमानों को बहुत ही हेय दृष्टि से देखता था और उनसे बिल्कुल अलग-थलग रहता था) का वर्ग और इन अशरफों की(और बाद में अंगरेज की) स्वामिभक्ति करने1+
वाला हिंदूओं का रायबहादुरी वर्ग २०वीं सदी की शुरुआत में एकाएक कहाँ गायब हो गया, तबतक आप १९२० से २०१४ तक की भारत की राजनीति को आप समझ नही पायेंगे।
Read 5 tweets

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