Posted this question the other day and got 800+ responses

here's a thread breaking down the fourteen most common, creative, and hilarious ways people landed their current gig
1. "I created it"

this was BY FAR the most common response

Key takeaway: don't like your job? create one you do
2. Spray and pray

honestly didn't know the "scrape every company in a 10 mile radius" tactic was even a thing

Key takeaway: if you cast out enough lines, you'll get bites
3. LinkedIn

For as much crap as we give it, LinkedIn still gets the job done

Key takeaway: still gonna make fun of it
4. Twitter

Was a little surprised that this wasn't more popular

Key takeaway: sometimes it feels like everyone gets their job through Twitter, but given that most people who find job opportunities via twitter are very active on twitter, its probs a bit of an echo chamber
5. Worked way up

Key takeaway: With career hopping becoming the norm, it was cool to see people still commit to a company long term
6. Luck

Right place, right time stories are my fav

Key takeaway: you really never know when your life might change forever
7. Driving Uber

This is similar to luck but even more intentional

Key takeaway: now i'm wondering what other ways you can leverage the huge amount of passengers that Uber drivers interact w/ every day
8. Craigslist

Key takeaway: I've also heard of co-founders meeting on Craigslist. what a platform
9. Quora

Never in a million years would've thought answering questions on Quora would result in a job

Key takeaway: share your knowledge publically. it doesn't matter where
10. Cold outreach

This one is near and dear to my heart cuz it's how I landed at the Brew

Key takeaway: firmly believe that a well crafted cold email (or DM) is the most powerful job finder on earth
11. Friend-of-a-friend

Notice how none of these are 1st degree connections

Key takeaway: your college roommate likely won't get you a job. your college roommate's older sibling might tho. networking up > networking sideways
12. Ex's

This is a funny wrinkle on the above method

Key takeaway: I don't recommend calling your ex right now and asking for a job. but if you do, please live tweet it
13. Classic jobsite

Job boards and job sites have been around forever and they aren't going anywhere

Key takeaway: seems like industry specific job boards are the most effective
14. Podcasts

Absolutely love this method

Key takeaway: bit cynical, but people love talking about themselves. if you give them a platform to do that, they are way more likely to hire you

There is no "correct" career path

you do you

• • •

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quick analysis
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1/ Creating content on Twitter can be difficult. A thread on the stack of tools I use to make my life easier
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Chirr app

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What I don't: have to copy and paste tweets into Twitter after thread is drafted and can't add pics
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other under taught areas I've seen TikTokers address

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10 Twitter thread ideas that will get you likes
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Surprising = the valuable lesson for creators contained within

2. Repurpose posts from Reddit

the majority of threads are simply exercises in curation

this thread blew up with minimal effort

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1/ Being a writer at @MorningBrew means existing in a constant state of creativity

creativity comes with its own set of challenges

here are a few ways I've learned to get over writer's block and imposter syndrome

Set fear-inducing deadlines

the Brew newsletter has to go out the next morning

I literally have no other option other than to get a piece done

my hand is forced every day

have someone set immovable deadlines, and watch your output 10x
3/ Massage your work

if there is a lump of something on the page, congrats, the hardest step is over

now enter massage mode

make each sentence feel good, like it deserves to be there

then, if you have to keep rewriting a sentence, just delete it
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1/ @jamiekaywilde and I just put together a Marketing 101 syllabus for the Brew (link at the bottom of this thread)

it led me down some crazy marketing rabbit holes

here's my favorite one

A thread on why Betty Crocker deliberately made its cake mixes a worse product
2/ In the 1950s General Mills released its now-famous Betty Crocker cake mixes

the mixes included all the dry ingredients, plus milk and eggs in powdered form

all you needed to do was add water, mix it all up, and put the pan in the oven
3/ Sales we're nonexistent

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we'll get to the reason why in a second

but first...
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