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17 Oct, 26 tweets, 8 min read
A few days ago, I promised to put down my Personal experience with CSP James Nwafor, the man under whose command SARS Awkwuzu became an abattoir.

A #Thread
On 27th Feb, 2015, men from Awkwuzu SARS crossed the boundary from Anambra State into Enugu State and arrived at Agbalaneyi farm land of Nachi Community, close to Oji River junction, by the Expressway.

The men of SARS saw a group of young men working for their community (installing a worker’s bay canopy). They picked up two young men, Anthony and Godwin. Godwin has a Motorcycle, and it was loaded up and off they went to SARS Awkwuzu.
People didn’t know who they were or where they came from. After weeks of searching all the Police stations and divisions in Enugu State, our search extended to Anambra where we found out that the due of Godwin and Anthony were in their custody
By the time we found them, I went to SARS Awkwuzu to know what crime they had committed and possibly effect their release. Upon arrival, the Men of SARS Awkwuzu at the gate refused me entry, asking who I wanted to see and in respect of which matter
I told them I wanted to see the O/C SARS, James Nwafor, and I will not tell them why, as it’s something I must discuss with him alone. They became mad. Then the threats and attempts at intimidation started. When they saw I was not going to backoff they took me to a senior officer
The senior officer gave me a sit and asked why I was there. I told him I had a message for the O/C SARS from my Boss who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He asked for the message, and I said No, it’s for the O/C. Another round of intimidation ensued for 15-20 minutes
Then I was taken to the 2iC, that’s the 2nd in command. He was the most brutal of them all. He nearly got physical when I refused to share with him the details of my mission. He was livid. When his intimidation did not yield fruit, he dismissed me to go and see the OC
As I was inside the compound, I observed the environment. The smell of blood and death was everywhere. The ambience is that of a slaughter house. There was a feeling of darkness so thick you could touch it, even though it was like 2pm
I finally was ushered into the office of CSP James Nwafor. My first shock was the litany of Awards and Recognitions scattered all over his office walls. You’d think it was Dora Akunyili’s closet. Yet, just a few metres away, his boys slaughtered people like animals
The man James Nwafor, quiet honestly, was nothing like all the people I met from the entrance to the 2iC. He looked calm, relaxed, and very well fed. His stomach was well rounded and his skin colour was radiant. With hindsight now, I remember the devil once looked radiant
After explaining my mission and asking why Godwin and Anthony were abducted from Enugu (Yes, I insisted it was abduction), James Nwafor spinned a story that almost made me fall off my seat. He said they were kidnappers! How?
He said they exchanged gun fire with them and killed the rest of the gang during the exchange of gun fire, and the rest died on the spot while the duo of Godwin and Anthony were arrested
When I saw the two young men and what has been done to them, it took all my strength not to shed tears. Godwin has a wound on his arm that was pouring water and blood. He told me how they used a plank doused in acid to hit his arm repeatedly at the same spot.
The arm had started decaying due to the acidic substance reacting on the bodily injury from hitting Godwin’s arm. The smell was so horrible I could barely wait to finish my discussion with him.
I came back and filed an action against the Police and SARS. They responded to my action and exhibited statements made by the same people who James Nwafor claimed to have killed during gun battle on the spot. Maybe they rose from the dead.🤷🏼‍♂️
He forgot that he had published an Interview in The Nation’s newspaper where he stated that his men exchanged gunfire with some Criminals somewhere in the forest of Ezeagu, and were killed. The same people somehow made statements naming these two innocent people as gang members.
The Federal High Court upon my Application ordered James Nwafor to produce the duo in court. He failed to do so. The Court gave a verdict ordering their release and slamming 5 million naira damages against the Police.
After the Judgment, James Nwafor did not obey. But by this time, he was already getting more than he bargained for. Godwin and Anthony were still at SARS Awkwuzu. Godwin’s arm was getting more decomposed right before his eyes.
James Nwafor rather than release them as ordered by a Federal High Court, He clandestinely took them to a Magistrate Court in Achalla, and they were arraigned for Kidnapping.
Of course the Magistrate has no jurisdiction and had to remand them in Prison custody. The Joy and celebration following their remand in Prison was something else.
You would think that they would be sad right? Nah! They celebrated! They thanked me for saving their lives, having brought them out of SARS Awkwuzu. The tale of what they experienced can only be imagined.
They were certain they were both going to die in a matter of days if they were not brought out of SARS Awkwuzu. They went to Prison custody with happiness. What an irony! I didn’t understand it, but they did.
After a few weeks, they were granted bail by the Courts, and they went home. Godwin never recovered his Motorcycle. He never wanted to have anything to do with SARS Awkwuzu. He had felt the kiss of death, and was happy to be alive.
I took these pictures of Godwin’s arms after series of treatment had taken place while he was in Prison custody. They are both fine now and living their lives happily, with they knowledge that they would have died for nothing.

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I just read this article by @Chxta, and wish to add a few comments of my own.

The question is Why Northerners almost always produce the CJN in Nigeria.
Towards the end of Chxta’s article, he suggested that Southern Lawyers choose the Bar, over the Bench.
That will not be the truth. Why it appears that way is because Southerners have a lot more successful lawyers, so it follows that they will have more Silks than the North.

Add the fact that more Lawyers one from the South than the North, even though the North is more populous
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When two or more persons agree to do something unlawful, and in the process, something more criminally weighty happens, by the hand of one person, ALL the parties are guilty of the serious crime, even if it was not caused by them directly.

A perfect example will explain the principle, and this is a true story. I will change a few things, jut a few.

4 guys and a lady decided joined a group, which has now been proscribed by the Federal govt. They decided to to “raise” money and equip their office
They planned to rob a guy from another part of the country of his Keke (Tricycle), sell it and use the money for their office.

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Dear @gtbank, your customers in Enugu are suffering sever hardship, and it appears you don’t care.

Only one branch operates per time in the whole city. The result is clusters of people under the sun. No seats, no canopies.
Why don’t you run your 2 branches to minimize crowd? ImageImageImage
It makes absolutely no sense to close down 1 branch and use only 1. No sense! @gtbank

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I saw this post on Instagram where OfficialBlessingCEO @blessingceo discussed WHAT MEN WANT. instagram.com/tv/CDoEkYIp_Cv…

She totally missed the point.

As a man, here is my 1 cent on WHAT MEN REALLY WANT.

It’s a what? It’s a #Thread
There are 4 things men want from women; and I am talking within the confines of marriage.

Feel free to extend it to relationships, but no. 4 is a sin for single people before God.🙄

The points I will discuss are general rules. There must be a few exceptions, I guess
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One of the shockers I got in my time in the North, Kano state to be precise, was the Almajiri system. The greatest shock was the bomb explosions, but I want to talk about the Almajiri system. #Thread
I did my NYSC in Kano State. I left Enugu for Kano sometime in Nov 2011. It was my first trip to the North, except for Abuja, which some of us don’t consider as North North. You get the point?
After the 3 weeks Orientation camp at Kusala Dam Karaye, it was time to go. Like everybody else, I was itching to leave that compound that had held us caged for 21 days. As we waited to collect our posting Letters for PPA, little did I know that my greatest shock yet was outside
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This is a very very very serious issue that needs to be looked at and addressed. A prison with a capacity of 638 holds 2077 persons. Most of them are not convicts. Most, close to 80% are people whose cases are still in court, normally called Awaiting Trial. #Thread A bit long
Section 36(5) of our Constitution presumes that every person charged with an offence is presumed innocent until a court says otherwise. It follows that in the eyes of our Law, more than 1,000 persons in Enugu prison are presumed innocent
The has made provisions for Bail. Bail is the release of a suspect or an accused person temporarily to competent sureties who will guarantee their presence whenever they are needed, either in the police station or in the court.
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