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The primary responsibility of protection of lives and properties is that of Government. Why @MBuhari has refused declaring Bokoharam, Fulani herdsmen, Bandits, ISWAP and ISIS to be terrorists organisation is confusing.
I do not also understand why @MBuhari has refused to ensure that these throat-slitting organisations are arrested, prosecuted...and executed accordingly. This is most baffling to me, and most confusing. The pace at which these advocates of 72 virgins behead people is alarming.
The beheading of 110 Nigerians who went to look to their daily bread in the farm, whom the Federal Govt believed that they ought to have first sought and obtained 'permission' before farming and being beheaded, needs a loud ASSALAMUALAIKUM.
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I'm 23 already and I'm ready to become MORE!

2020 is a year that I never envisioned, not the year's figure but things that happened/ is happening in 2020 like the COVID-19 Pandemic, To increase in GBV and Sexual assault, To Increase in Police brutality,...

Thread👇 ImageImage
To increase in Insecurity, To increase in #climatechange , To the Trauma some of us went through as a result of the #EndSars protest, To Killings of peaceful protesters, To recent Killings of some innocent lives #ZabarmariMassacre and many more to mention but few.

I'm grateful to the Almighty for keeping safe and healthy to celebrate my 23rd birthday with you all.

Thank you so much for the gifts, wishes, prayers, words of encouragement, and supports. Trust me, I don't take any of them for granted.

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Some preliminary thoughts and questions about policing. All thoughts welcome, but especially thoughts from professional police officers, criminologists, sociologists, and people who've studied policing around the world:
I take as given that we need the police and will need them so long as the human species remains recognizably human. For any population x, some percentage will be dangerous predators, and without the police, we'll all be the prey.
We need the police. In principle, everyone should feel grateful to the men and women who do the difficult and dangerous work of finding and apprehending predators and bringing them before a court of law.
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Ordinarily, I would have 'ignored' this #ZabarmariMassacre, but the the humanity in me will not allow me look away. I would have also tagged it 'fake news', but because 43 human beings have been beheaded and, I feel too pale to play it down.
If Arewa does not kill hypocrisy, hypocrisy will kill Arewa. Prior to 2015 Arewa was most louder, firm and critical. They said all manner of things. I am quick to hold that they were that 'vociferous' because a @GEJonathan was involved. Today, Arewa blame everybody but @MBuhari."
Despite the abomination and barbarous cruelty that is ongoing in the north, Arewa has decided to keep a sealed lips. And whenever they speak, it is on non-issues: dressing, 'alcohol' and sinners' crusade. They dare not hold their leaders to account. Woe betide them.
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I am Tokunbo Abiru, former Group Managing Director of Polaris Bank and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the December 5 Lagos East Senatorial by-election. #TokunboAbiru #dec052020 #LagosEast

By training, I am an economist and a chartered accountant. I put in about 32 years of work after my university education. I spent about 29 years of my career life in the banking sector. #TokunboAbiru
3⃣By the grace of God Almighty, I got to the peak of my chosen career. By 2013, I became an Executive Director in First Bank Plc. Thereafter, I had the privilege to be the regular-appointed Group Managing Director for Skye Bank Plc., #TokunboAbiru
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10:00 At the Lagos State #EndSARS Judicial Panel of Enquiry.

Today looks like we will be getting many nee petitions. Lots of new faces already seated.
10:40 Room is slowly filling up. Police legal team are here, looking extra gingered this morning. I hope they drink a lot of water. Every case today is vs. Police.

Meanwhile, they tried to kick me out of my seat again for not being a lawyer, but I’ve been saved.
10:46 THE BAG IS HERE!!!
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1. In post 1991, following the victory over Saddam in the gulf war, destroying him became the project. Allegations of chemical weapon used on Iraqis was all over western medias without proof until one was manufactured in Halabja, a Kurdish town.
2.And Suleiman Doud al- Afari was made the fall guy. Piled with the WMD hoax, invading Iraq was mission accomplished. Millions dead & millions more in exile, while the missile ruins and scatters everywhere, no apology or compensation from the west, Just moved on.
3. Enter Syria. Bashar as an anti West in a region that has to be beholden to western ideals, so has to go. Allegations of a massacre in the town of Allepo was made with ''manufactured'' proofs. But to gain more traction, CSOs were funded to commence human right demonstrations.
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10:15 At the Lagos State #EndSARS Judicial Panel of Enquiry.

It looks like LCC will be cross examined today. I’ve seen the two legal teams of Mr. O and his boys, and the LCC, huddled outside.

I got here on time alright, but registrar and I had a fight about where I should sit.
10:29 If you missed Tuesday’s panel report by @SeyitanAtigarin, it’s right here.
10:30 Panel is not seated. I saw two of the members scurry in at 10:20, so expecting usual late entrance.

Only thing happening now is the registrar is puttering about under the seats.
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It's now established that @CNN was part of the plan to burn Nigeria with this "clarification" they just issued.
A reputable news agency like @CNN deliberately recruited or mislead by @StephanieBusari who may have been "recruited" to spread Fake News that led to Lagos carnage.
For those who because of colonial mentality thinks @CNN is better than @vanguardngrnews and @MobilePunch ,we can all now agree that they are the same .
Spreading unverified information as news negates the ethics of journalism.
@CNN should tender an apology and stop the pride.
@CNN even went further putting her reputation on the line again by complaining videos that have been circulating on social media for over three weeks & tagged it "Exclusive Report" on the #EndSARS to hoodwink gullible Nigerians & those who recruited her.
That was very low @CNN .
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Breaking News: Anambra State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on #EndSars & police brutality today issued summons to CSP James Nwafor, DSP Abbatunume Joe & Hyianceth Nwankwo to appear before it on 8 December 2020 to answer allegations against them
The CMD Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, DCP Kolo, Strategic Tactical Squad of @PoliceNG Abuja were also summoned to appear on 8 December 2020.
The orders of the JPI were issued sequel to the oral applications (pursuant to S.9 Commission of Inquiry Law Anambra State 1991 & Rules 3, 4 & 7 of the JPI Rules 2020) by Abdul Mahmud Esq, counsel for the Iloanya, Adimachukwu, Onyemelue & Akabike families - petitioners
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#EndSARS : Once again, I am at the ASATU hall, in Anambra State Government House, Ọka, to cover the Anambra State Judicial Hearing on police brutality and extrajudicial killings for @pobinproject. Today, @PoliceNG is expected to produce CSP. James Nwafor. Updates to follow.
One hour behind schedule, the hearing is yet to begin.
The panel enters and the opening prayer is being said exactly one hour-fifty minutes from time.
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Our lawyers got the notice for the hearing pretty late, so we had to request for adjournment to the case which the court graciously granted. Thus the 21st April 2021 date was set.

However, we may approach the court to request for an earlier date.

Stay tuned. We will win this.
We will pursue this case to the end. No going back.

We will not allow any violation and/or interference in our local political affairs by any foreign actor.

This case will serve as a deterrent to anyone who grossly abuse his privilege against our country.

Jack must pay.
We trust in the court ability to deliver the right justice, against violation of our sovereignty, subversion of our peace and collective well-being of Nigeria's security.

We therefore, look forward to having Twitter office in Nigeria and $1bn for the victims of #EndSARS protest.
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In the early hours of Saturday, 7th November, 2020, around 2am in the midnight, men of the Nigeria Police traced her to her husband's house. They tarried a while, till the dawn broke. When it was around 5am, the police moved in and arrested her with her husband.
With her husband, she was whisked away.

"Who is this woman", you may wish to inquire. Her name is Iya Oba. Her full name is still unknown. She's a pregnant mother of one (less than two year). She's a young lady in the mid-30s. It is believed that she is in her second marriage.
She lives around Alawaye Mosque, Abayomi Area, Iwo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.

On the third day, after the arrest, her husband was released, as he was not implicated in the horrendous act. However, his wife (the accused) was kept in the police custody.
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It’s 10:00 am - November 24th marks the 12th sitting of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry. Court is barely full and panel is not here yet. #ENDSARS
All set and ready to go @ARISEtv - The Court registrar has just informed me that, the focus of today’s hearing will be on the petitioners. #ENDSARS
Here’s a list of today’s expected petitioners. #EndSARS
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Fellow Northerners, Northern Nigeria is imploding! Bandits and kidnappers are having a field day, they no longer operate in the villages, they operate live in cities and universities. People can no longer sleep with eyes closed, go to the market or travel in peace again. Ransom
payment has driven families into debt and poverty. Some families lost members because they cannot pay ransom. People in the villages are getting massacred, their communities burnt and they can no longer go to their farms, which in turn means they can no longer feed again.
"Leaders" in the North recently met in Kaduna, and to our surprise, they focused on #EndSARS protest in the South and social media instead of the pressing matter of insecurity in the North. To them, they have their securities, so the rest of us can go to hell for all they care.
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Lie Mohammed is becoming petty. Saying that the Lekki Tollgate event of 20.10.20 is " a massacre without dead bodies", is the most crude statement to make. The Minister should ask soldiers what happened to the bodies they took. @jidesanwoolu admitted that people were killed.
It is too early for the Federal Government to take position. We are still on a voyage of 'truth discovery'. Saturday's cross was tremendously revealing. First, footage handpicked from cyberspace were styled 'fake, unreliable and non-credible' by the Government.
But as the rhythm of truth became louder and irresistible, the Federal Government made heavy reliance on the very 'online footage' from the Lekki Tollgate massacre it dubbed fake. At the Panel (as seen last week), the Government went back to the scene of the to conceal evidence.
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Many Africans have been brainwashed and gaslit by Western education that they do not understand the full extent to which Western industrialisation has underdeveloped Africa.
I hear Africans say, all the time, "we need to take responsibility and stop blaming slave trade and colonialism". They then cite examples of previous colonies that are doing better, like India or Vietnam.
What these people fail to realise is that no other group of people have had it as bad as we have. First of all, you have to understand that when slavers were coming to our coasts, they weren't interested in our old or our frail.
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12:22 pm, Time stamp reads 18:31:58 - we are getting closer. #EndSARS
We are starting to see some activity, in clear view, protestors can be seen, some running away and others trying to create a barrier between them an the military. The atmosphere in the court room just got intense @ARISEtv #EndSARS
12:40 pm - the protesters on the other side of the gate and the military continues to slowly close in on them. I feel a tight knot in my chest 🥺 #EndSARS
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09:55 At the Lagos State #EndSARS Judicial Panel of Enquiry.

It’s one month since the morning of the “powers above my control” speech, and we may finally be watching the footage from the night of #LekkiMassacre.

The military are here, so are the lawyers. And lots of cameras!
10:07 I know, I know. I said I would be away today. But I overslept a 4AM travel time for the first time in my life and missed my flight.

So here I am.

By the way, still follow @SeyitanAtigarin’s report. She’s a real journalist, unlike some of us.
10:13 The bag is out! You know what that means. We may be breaking a punctuality record today.
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Time is 9:37, I’m on my way to the court of Arbitration when my cameraman calls to tell me our live TVU transmission is down, other channels have the same problem too. Could they be jamming the signal? Gone to retrieve another one, all green means we are good! #EndSARS
Why is there so much traffic this early in the morning? Will I make it in time? Will the court proceedings start without me? Why today ohhh Lord 🙆🏾‍♀️
Just kidding, got here 10 minutes ago, the panel is’not here yet. Military will be testifying again today, the atmosphere is calm as lawyers, press and the public make their way into the court room. Wondering what time we will start... @ARISEtv #EndSARS
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A live thread of the proceedings of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Saturday, November 21, 2020.

The Nigerian Army will continue its testimony today regarding the shooting of peaceful #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate on October 20.
Today's sitting commences at 10:30 am.

LCC's case to be treated first.

Footage of the night of October 20 to be played before continuation of Army's testimony.
Adesina Ogunlana for #EndSARS protesters just proposed that footage of the night of October 20 should be played to show events from 5 pm to 7:59 pm.

Other counsels agree.
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Revealed: Twitter networks targeting #EndSARS protests in 🇳🇬

@jean_leroux uncovers accounts that amplify pro-govt content, and appear to be staging a suppression campaign against anti-police brutality protests.

An investigation by CfA partner @DFRLab:
As part of this campaign, the accounts circulated meme-like graphics in a loosely coordinated manner.

Over the span of a few minutes to several hours, they would post and amplify images that used the same fonts, colours and graphical elements: A collection of meme-like images with similar fonts, colours
These accounts also shared content aimed at undermining the #EndSARS movement.

The tweets cast doubt on the events of the Lekki shooting, criticised prominent witnesses, and targeted the media and NGOs that called for accountability. A collection of several tweets from pro-government accounts
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