25 Reasons Why #TRUMP is #UNFIT to be President!

Donald Trump is psychologically & morally unfit to be president of the USA. Four more years with Trump in the White House would be catastrophic for America. Outlined in this thread are 25 statements that demonstrate this reality.
1. NARCISSISTIC: Trump’s narcissism is extreme & pathological. He consistently lies about his abilities & achievements. His need for flattery is endless & those who don’t provide it are scorned & attacked. He blames others for his own failures & never takes responsibility.
2. PSYCHOPATHIC: Trump’s total lack of conscience is disturbing. He displays no remorse for any harm caused to others by his words or actions. He engages in manipulative behavior to ensure his own needs are satisfied & demonstrates no capacity for empathy or compassion.
3. ABUSIVE: Those who criticize Donald Trump or present him with information he perceives as unfavorable are invariably abused & shamed – usually in a public forum for the world to see & hear. He is vindictive & spiteful towards anyone to whom he feels inferior or threatened by.
4. AMORAL: Trump has no moral compass to guide his conduct. His core “principles” are those of self-interest, self-advancement & self-preservation. The absence of any moral framework (of right & wrong) in which to ground his behavior & decision-making has terrible consequences.
5. ANTI-SCIENCE: Trump’s total disregard for science leads to horrific outcomes (e.g. the COVID19 death toll). But given that he is a pathological liar it makes sense that he is threatened by facts & evidence as these contradict the lies & propaganda he spreads on a daily basis.
6. CHAOTIC: Trump has no capacity to communicate calm & stability in times of crisis. Rather than speak & act in a way which unifies & calms people, he lashes out & attacks whoever or whatever it is that he deems to have caused a particular crisis or problematic situation.
7. CRUEL: Trump’s cruelty towards other people – both interpersonally & at a group level – is rooted in his lack of conscience & inability to experience compassion for others. This tendency toward cruel & heartless behavior has horrific consequences when combined with power.
8. DISCRIMINATORY: Trump uses race, gender, national identity & religion in ways which fuel discrimination. His extreme statements about immigrants, his atrocious treatment of women & his appeals to white nationalist & far-right Christian groups are prime examples.
9. DISHONEST: Trump lies pathologically about both the mundane & the extraordinarily important. He feels no obligation to tell the truth, regardless of the situation. His dismissal of verifiable facts & his inability or unwillingness to be honest is a catastrophic character flaw.
10. DISLOYAL: Trump has no loyalty to anyone - that includes his MAGA followers & America itself. Trump’s presidency has left a trail of destruction & chaos given the number of people he has either “fired” or forced out of his administration through his cruel & reckless behavior.
11. DISRESPECTFUL: Trump is notoriously disrespectful of societal institutions that have served the USA in a functional manner for decades. He undermines societal cohesion & promotes chaos through his attacks on the press, the courts, the military & international organizations.
12. DIVISIVE: Trump brings out the worst in people. He attracts those who share his total rejection of societal norms about mutual respect & honorable conduct. He fuels an already deep partisan divide through his neverending attacks on his actual or perceived political opponents.
13. EGO-DRIVEN: Trump is driven by one thing only – his ego. He is totally incapable of putting aside his own needs for the sake of the greater good & makes decisions which prioritize his ego. As president this has catastrophic consequences (e.g. >220,000 dead from a pandemic).
14. FRAUDULENT: Trump is a conman. He has spent his entire adult life conning people & cheating them of money. There are countless examples from his business ventures where he has swindled people & left them penniless. His efforts to scam the tax system are another example.
15. IRRESPONSIBLE: Trump’s irresponsibility is disturbing. This has been displayed throughout the entire pandemic with his total refusal to lead by example & model behaviors which adhere to public health guidelines. His rallies are a lesson in how to spread an infectious disease!
16. LAZY: Trump’s disinterest in educating himself about key political issues relating to his job is a product of his extreme laziness. Trump has no interest in putting in hard work because that requires commitment & dedication, neither of which he possesses. He’d rather golf!
17. NEEDY: Trump is malignantly narcissistic & in constant need of praise, adulation & attention. When he doesn’t receive this he responds with rage & venom. He goes to extreme lengths to be the center of attention & is incapable of stepping aside & allowing others to shine.
18. SHAMELESS: Trump has no conscience & no sense of guilt. When he lies pathologically, he feels no remorse. When he makes absurd statements that are based in lies & propaganda, he feels no sense of embarrassment or shame (e.g. his comments about injecting bleach for COVID19).
19. UNDISCIPLINED: Trump presents as one who has never studied in any great detail the most important aspects of his job as president. He is woefully unprepared, ignorant & misinformed when questioned about crucially important topics relating to the management of the nation.
20. UNFORGIVING: Trump is incapable of forgiveness. Being able to forgive requires one to first have a sense of compassion & understanding that people make mistakes. For Trump, forgiving others amounts to “losing.” Because of this inability to forgive, Trump is eternally angry.
21. UNINTELLIGENT: Leading the most powerful nation on earth *should* require one to possess a high level of intellect. Trump, however, frequently demonstrates a failure to understand, analyze & intelligently discuss key topics relating to his role as president of the USA.
22. UNTRUSTWORTHY: Trump cannot be trusted on any level. Given the extent to which he lies pathologically on a daily basis, literally nothing he says can be believed or trusted. One must always second guess what he is saying because nothing he communicates can be relied upon.
23. VINDICTIVE: Through Twitter & his daily outbursts at press conferences, rallies & other forums, Trump displays vindictiveness & nastiness towards anyone & everyone who dares to criticize him or who fails to cater to his extreme needs. He stops at nothing in scorning others.
24. VISIONLESS: Guiding America forward requires reflecting on the past & the future. Trump’s disregard for the achievements of past leaders, & his inability to think beyond the present, renders him incapable of crafting a vision for the nation that leads us forward with hope.
25. WRECKLESS: Trump has a profound inability to regulate his own conduct. This is particularly evident on Twitter where his behavior can range from prematurely announcing major policy changes (without considering the consequences) to tweeting compulsively about his “enemies.”
CONCLUSION: Trump is the antithesis of who a president should be. The 25 statements expressed about him in this thread are supported by countless examples from the past 4 years & beyond. America cannot take 4 more years of this insanity. Trump must be voted OUT!


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16 Oct
Trump went dark after his "Town Hall" unless he's going to go on a late-night Twitter rant which is always a possibility.

I spoke too soon. He's warming up with some retweets!
Trump is in vindictive mode right now, retweeting trashy tweets about Biden from 2-3 days ago. It's like he had a bad night at the Town Hall, came home & out of spite logged into Twitter to retweet garbage about Biden. We see Trump's psychopathology play out daily on Twitter!
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16 Oct
Tuning in to watch @JoeBiden on ABC!
Joe Biden speaks & sounds like he is the president of the USA. Donald Trump speaks & sounds like an incompetent, vicious & nasty challenger to the current president!

On one channel we have a knowledgeable, rational, well-informed & honest man (BIDEN) responsibly & thoroughly responding to the questions of voters. On another channel there is a nutcase (TRUMP) spreading lies & propaganda! The choice is so easy.

#VoteBiden #BidenTownHall
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30 Sep

I'm somewhat dreading the debate but I am going to watch it & will make comments in this thread!

#Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate2020

Trump predictably defends his push to get through his nominee before the election (or shortly thereafter).

Biden has a good response focusing on the potential consequences - loss of ACA & loss of "choice" for women.

Of course Trump has to jump in, like a child.
Hey #ChrisWallace - stop Trump from interrupting! We are only 5 minutes in and Trump is already out of control. Trump is disgusting!
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23 Sep
Republicans can have their prized 6th seat on the Supreme Court. Maybe they don't realize that the price for that will be losing the Presidency & the Senate & delivering control of Congress to the Democrats. And then once they have it, Democrats should USE their power to the max!
There's no point trying to shame Republicans into "doing the right thing" & being morally consistent - they are AMORAL. They do not care about morality. So instead of wasting energy on all that, just VOTE & take all power from them. That is the best revenge for their hypocrisy.
So while Republicans are busy lusting over their "win" on the Supreme Court, Democrats should be busy registering as many voters as possible, maximizing early voting & making sure that Republican hypocrisy is punished severely at the ballot box & beyond.
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30 Aug
Trump's effort to fuel intense social unrest across the nation for which he will then present himself as the man to fix it is going according to plan. He is the Divider-in-Chief & these shootings in Wisconsin & Oregon are exactly the kind of news he wants.

Republican voters are in the minority in this country. The GOP has one won the popular vote ONCE in the past 7 election cycles. So they have to resort to ever more extreme measures to scrape across the finishing line "ahead" in the electoral college (which is inherently biased).
“He (Trump) just keeps pouring fuel on the fire. He’s encouraging this. He’s not diminishing this at all. This is his America now,” Biden said, “And, if you want to end where we are now, we’ve got to end his tenure as president.”


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29 Aug
The Trump Family turned lying, fraud & scamming into a career pathway & a lifestyle. Voting out Donald Trump in November isn't just about choosing a different president. It's also about firmly rejecting *EVERYTHING* represented by Trump & his family of fraudsters.

Donald Trump & Melania Trump
Don Trump Jr & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner
Eric Trump & Lara Trump

Voting out Donald also means taking away power from the rest of the family to have influence over decisions which impact ALL of our lives.

"The reliance on Trump family members to vouch for the President - opposed to former Republican presidents or other party elders - underscores the degree to which the GOP has consolidated around Trump as an ideology and brand unto himself."

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