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Psychology, sociology & politics. Have you registered to vote? See link below. 1️⃣6️⃣ days until Election Day, Nov 3rd! #Biden2020! En español: @murray_esp
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23 Oct

It will be painful, but I'm watching it.

And will add comments along the way!

CORONAVIRUS: Trump provides no details as to how he would "lead" the nation through the next phase of the pandemic. He lied about "being congratulated" by other nations for his efforts. 2 minutes of absolute nonsense. "It will go away, it's going away!" Moronic.
CORONAVIRUS: As Biden correctly notes, Trump still has no plan!! And he correctly slams Trump for the fact 220,000 Americans have died. Biden provided a good short summary of the pandemic disasters of the past 8 months. "I will make sure we have a plan!"
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21 Oct
In Thursday night’s debate Biden should ask Trump about the 545 innocent immigrant children previously separated from their parents at the US-Mexican border who to this day have not been reunited with them. This is a national disgrace.

"Some say the Trump administration should answer to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, after NBC reports hundreds of parents were deported without their children."


Those who crafted & implemented this policy should face criminal charges. Where’s the outrage from the fake “family values” party? Non-existent. Their “pro-family” & “pro-life” charade is limited to white kids born to "conservative" parents.

Where is Kirstjen Nielsen these days?
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20 Oct
"Trump tapped his political organization to cover exorbitant legal fees related to his impeachment. Aides made flashy displays of their newfound wealth — including a fleet of luxury vehicles purchased by Brad Parscale, his former campaign manager."…
Rich Republicans don't want to give their money directly to the Trump Campaign because they know it will be squandered. Yet they are willing to allow him to handle the nation's economy? The entire situation is insane. Trump is a conman & a fraudster!
Trump's campaign has wasted $1.6 million on political ads in the DC market not to score votes, but to satisfy Trump's toxic ego because he watches a lot of TV while in DC! Absurd. They are literally paying for ads in DC just because Trump would complain if he didn't see them.
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17 Oct
25 Reasons Why #TRUMP is #UNFIT to be President!

Donald Trump is psychologically & morally unfit to be president of the USA. Four more years with Trump in the White House would be catastrophic for America. Outlined in this thread are 25 statements that demonstrate this reality.
1. NARCISSISTIC: Trump’s narcissism is extreme & pathological. He consistently lies about his abilities & achievements. His need for flattery is endless & those who don’t provide it are scorned & attacked. He blames others for his own failures & never takes responsibility.
2. PSYCHOPATHIC: Trump’s total lack of conscience is disturbing. He displays no remorse for any harm caused to others by his words or actions. He engages in manipulative behavior to ensure his own needs are satisfied & demonstrates no capacity for empathy or compassion.
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16 Oct
Trump went dark after his "Town Hall" unless he's going to go on a late-night Twitter rant which is always a possibility.

I spoke too soon. He's warming up with some retweets!
Trump is in vindictive mode right now, retweeting trashy tweets about Biden from 2-3 days ago. It's like he had a bad night at the Town Hall, came home & out of spite logged into Twitter to retweet garbage about Biden. We see Trump's psychopathology play out daily on Twitter!
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16 Oct
Tuning in to watch @JoeBiden on ABC!
Joe Biden speaks & sounds like he is the president of the USA. Donald Trump speaks & sounds like an incompetent, vicious & nasty challenger to the current president!

On one channel we have a knowledgeable, rational, well-informed & honest man (BIDEN) responsibly & thoroughly responding to the questions of voters. On another channel there is a nutcase (TRUMP) spreading lies & propaganda! The choice is so easy.

#VoteBiden #BidenTownHall
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30 Sep

I'm somewhat dreading the debate but I am going to watch it & will make comments in this thread!

#Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate2020

Trump predictably defends his push to get through his nominee before the election (or shortly thereafter).

Biden has a good response focusing on the potential consequences - loss of ACA & loss of "choice" for women.

Of course Trump has to jump in, like a child.
Hey #ChrisWallace - stop Trump from interrupting! We are only 5 minutes in and Trump is already out of control. Trump is disgusting!
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23 Sep
Republicans can have their prized 6th seat on the Supreme Court. Maybe they don't realize that the price for that will be losing the Presidency & the Senate & delivering control of Congress to the Democrats. And then once they have it, Democrats should USE their power to the max!
There's no point trying to shame Republicans into "doing the right thing" & being morally consistent - they are AMORAL. They do not care about morality. So instead of wasting energy on all that, just VOTE & take all power from them. That is the best revenge for their hypocrisy.
So while Republicans are busy lusting over their "win" on the Supreme Court, Democrats should be busy registering as many voters as possible, maximizing early voting & making sure that Republican hypocrisy is punished severely at the ballot box & beyond.
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30 Aug
Trump's effort to fuel intense social unrest across the nation for which he will then present himself as the man to fix it is going according to plan. He is the Divider-in-Chief & these shootings in Wisconsin & Oregon are exactly the kind of news he wants.

Republican voters are in the minority in this country. The GOP has one won the popular vote ONCE in the past 7 election cycles. So they have to resort to ever more extreme measures to scrape across the finishing line "ahead" in the electoral college (which is inherently biased).
“He (Trump) just keeps pouring fuel on the fire. He’s encouraging this. He’s not diminishing this at all. This is his America now,” Biden said, “And, if you want to end where we are now, we’ve got to end his tenure as president.”

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29 Aug
The Trump Family turned lying, fraud & scamming into a career pathway & a lifestyle. Voting out Donald Trump in November isn't just about choosing a different president. It's also about firmly rejecting *EVERYTHING* represented by Trump & his family of fraudsters.

Donald Trump & Melania Trump
Don Trump Jr & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner
Eric Trump & Lara Trump

Voting out Donald also means taking away power from the rest of the family to have influence over decisions which impact ALL of our lives.

"The reliance on Trump family members to vouch for the President - opposed to former Republican presidents or other party elders - underscores the degree to which the GOP has consolidated around Trump as an ideology and brand unto himself."…
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27 Aug
Given the Hatch Act is basically useless, maybe it’s time for a new law that forbids a president from holding campaign-related events at the White House and which makes it illegal to use taxpayer funded resources in staging such events. Tonight’s fiasco serves as a case example!
And I don’t just mean a symbolic law which is never enforced but one which is taken very seriously and has consequences if broken. Trump’s blatant abuse of the line between governing and campaigning is taking place right before our very eyes - he is amoral, shameless & corrupt.
If there is one thing which Trump’s presidency has demonstrated it’s that there are insufficient mechanisms in place to deal with a president who behaves in an amoral, corrupt & illegal manner. Impeachment is utterly useless if the party of the president controls the Senate.
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25 Aug
Some speakers at the Republican convention should be drug-tested before going on stage or recording their segment!!

Does Don Jr take stimulants?
“Many people on Twitter are saying” that Don Jr has a fondness for a certain white powder which would explain his current (crazed) presentation!!
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23 Aug
Now we know where Mary Trump obtained a lot of the information about Donald that appears in her book - from Trump's own sister! Imagine if any other president or presidential candidate had a sibling who spoke about them in such a scathing manner?!!…
"The transcripts reveal the depths of discord between the president and his sister, illuminating a rift that began when she asked her brother for a favor in the 1980s, which Trump has frequently used to try to take credit for her success."
"Barry has never spoken publicly about disagreements with the president, and her extraordinarily candid comments in the recordings mark the most critical comments known to have been made about him by one of his siblings."

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4 Jul

It is atrocious that Trump is abusing his status as president to turn this pre-Independence Day celebration, funded by taxpayers, into a campaign event. It's now just a verbal version of his Twitter rants - toxic, divisive & full of lies.


A real leader, & president with class, would use this opportunity to express a message of hope & unity. But not Trump. He's used it as yet another chance to TRASH those who oppose his presidency & those who challenge the status quo in this nation.

"They want to silence us but we will not be silenced"

Met with chants of USA, USA, USA.

And "we love you!"

I can't.

There's a lot of trash being spoken by Trump at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota right now.
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24 Jun

"KAREN" is a short-hand way to describe a phenomenon that existed long before social media shone a light on it: the use of White Privilege by some women to punish non-white folks for actions the "Karens" of this world have deemed "unacceptable!" 1/5
The general understanding is that women who engage in Karen-like behavior are doing so due to underlying racist beliefs or tendencies and that the behavior they label as “unacceptable” would not be criticized if engaged in by a white person. 2/5
While some may regard it as a “slur” the use of “Karen” is one way to shame those who engage in racist or racist-like behavior & it may help in reducing the occurrence or frequency of such behavior. The avoidance of public shame can be a powerful motivator for change. 3/5
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14 Jun

In replying to Trump’s tweets on a regular basis I have learned a lot about what he posts & why he does it. In this THREAD I describe >30 different content categories into which the majority of Trump's tweets fall.

#DonaldTrump #TrumpTwitter

Trump tweets daily. The content he shares includes a mixture of original tweets, article/media links & retweeted content (from other accounts). He often goes on tweeting binges & meltdowns posting large numbers of tweets & retweets in a short period of time.

My analysis of Trump's tweeting behavior is based on my own daily interactions with his account over the past 2 months. For each of the categories of tweets identified & listed in this thread I provide an example to demonstrate what I am referring to.
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6 Jun

Lindsey Graham has been trending on Twitter over the past 24 hrs. I’m going to talk about how that came to be & why discussing rumors about Graham’s sexuality are fair game given his anti-LGBT record & his support of a psychopathic president.

#LadyGraham #LadyG

Rumors about Graham being gay have been around for years. What sparked the recent drama though was a tweet by a porn star (see below) who claimed a Republican Senator (“LG”) has been both one of his clients & of other sex workers.


Given the GOP’s long history of anti-LGBT rhetoric, it’s no surprise that Graham has a bad record on #LGBT issues. His congressional rating by @HRC is just 12%. It’s bad enough when straight folks oppose LGBT equality but even worse when one of our own does.
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25 May

@sarahcpr is a NYC-based comedian who shot to Twitter stardom with her superb lip-syncing videos using the voice of Trump. In this thread I outline why I find her videos both hilarious & powerful (politically).

#sarahcooper #trump

Sarah’s popularity has flourished on Twitter in the past month. She now has over 789K followers & her 12 short Trump clips (all less <1 minute each) have been viewed >60 million times. You can watch all of them here in this thread of retweets:

For a long time I could not hear Trump’s voice without feeling instantly irritated & annoyed. But the comedic nature of Sarah’s videos has given me the chance to listen to Trump speaking & not only hear what he is saying, but LAUGH at the same time.
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22 May

Sarah's comedic use of Donald Trump's voice/words is brilliant.

Included in this thread are all of the Trump videos she has recorded to date, from April 2020 to the present. I will add more as she creates them.

#sarahcooper #comedy #trump #nyc

I reflected on that question & came up with some explanations (5) which are outlined in the thread below. Feel free to add your own!


"HOW TO MEDICAL" (April 23, 2020)

This was Sarah's "breakthrough" video. It followed Trump's insane comments about injecting disinfectant as a possible treatment for COVID19. As of today it has 17.5M views.

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19 May
THREAD: #TrumpTwitterReview
(of tweets posted 5.18.20)

Monday was another day of chaos on Trump’s Twitter, which incidentally passed 80M (still 37M behind Obama).

A total of 38 items were tweeted. In this thread I will provide a breakdown of the key themes.

(1/12) #Trump

Trump’s tweeting started at 8.22am & ended at 10.55pm.

85% of tweets featured “new” content.

New Content
- Original tweets: 16
- RTs with comments: 9
- RTs w/o comments: 7

Rehashed Content (previously tweeted)
- RTs of own content: 2
- RTs of other content: 4

Trump uses others to amplify his key points of attack & to shame critics. Monday’s cast:

- Mark Levin (anti-Obama)
- Bill Mitchell (pro-HCQ)
- Wayne Allyn Root (pro-HCQ)
- The Curve is Bent Time to Free Us (pro-HCQ)
- Protest video from Suffolk County (again)
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30 Apr

12 Reasons to NOT Vote for #DonaldTrump

4 more yrs of #Trump as president would be catastrophic for the #USA. He is inherently unfit for the role & his presidency has devastated the country. Here are 12 reasons (my opinions) to NOT vote for Trump in #November2020.
1. NARCISSISTIC: Trump’s narcissism is extreme & pathological. He consistently exaggerates his abilities & achievements. His need for flattery is endless & those who don’t provide it are scorned & sidelined. He blames others for his own failures & never takes responsibility.
2. PSYCHOPATHIC: Trump’s lack of conscience is disturbing. He displays no remorse for any harm caused to others by his words or actions. He engages in manipulative behavior to ensure his own needs are satisfied & demonstrates no capacity for empathy or compassion.
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