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Defund Vice, this is soo messed up. WTF. #PortlandShooting 🤯🤯
Not even I saw this coming from the #simulation next, what the fuck!! So the independent journalist that did this knows where he is? Sounds like he’s about to have some legal problems.
Source, and I hate linking these bitch ass people -…
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4 white white males in black car/SUV shot black man nonfat 129th and powell…
More reports from scanner that shooting came from black BMW sedan with tinted windows. Manager at Fairhaven says she didn't see, but heard the shots. Then saw Black teen that was shot come out toward road asking for help. #PortlandShooting Image
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I understand the everyone is upset about Jay but, as I have said before, emotion will get you killed.

What we face is bigger than any individuals' pain or anger.

We face enemies within & foreign, trying to change our system of government.

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Here is a video of the #PortlandShooting at normal speed. I've allowed it to loop so you can study it.

You can hear the Antifa guy calling out to others about "having one of them..." (Trump supporters)

Then you hear two shots. Look at the smoke.

#thread 2/9
Here, I have slowed down and zoomed on the incident.

You see the smoke comes from Jay's side first, then the Antifa guy's side next.

I haven't found a video from an angle that shows the Antifa guy pulling a gun on Jay.

#thread 3/9
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#BREAKING:So let's get this straight--#Trump @GOP's "strategy" for reelection is NOT ONLY cheating with #Putin's help, but also INCITING DEADLY VIOLENCE so as to push the #LawAndOrder narrative?

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty… via @USATODAY
SERIOUSLY folks, how the hell is #Trump's #GOP the "moral values" party which enjoys RECORD #Evangelical support, when their ONLY PATH to "victory" entails CHEATING & INCITING DEADLY VIOLENCE? Folks, special place IN HELL!!
#TheResistance #PortlandRiots #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
Let that SINK IN folks--Part of the #Trump #GOP's election "strategy" is to SHIP IN far-right THUGS into #Portland and other cities to INCITE DEADLY VIOLENCE, then turn around and campaign as the party to restore #LawAndOrder. HOW THE HELL did we get here folks?

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🤬ALLEGED #PortlandShooter....

Standing right next to a truck with #Trump Supporters.

Now try to convince me this wasn’t a hate crime
There’s earlier video showing him harassing the man in the back of the #MAGA truck.
Here’s the alleged shooter in other video. He’ll be identified and it’s almost a guarantee he will have a long history of abuse! #portlandshooting #PortlandShooter #portland
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Trump's effort to fuel intense social unrest across the nation for which he will then present himself as the man to fix it is going according to plan. He is the Divider-in-Chief & these shootings in Wisconsin & Oregon are exactly the kind of news he wants.

Republican voters are in the minority in this country. The GOP has one won the popular vote ONCE in the past 7 election cycles. So they have to resort to ever more extreme measures to scrape across the finishing line "ahead" in the electoral college (which is inherently biased).
“He (Trump) just keeps pouring fuel on the fire. He’s encouraging this. He’s not diminishing this at all. This is his America now,” Biden said, “And, if you want to end where we are now, we’ve got to end his tenure as president.”

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#AntifaTerrorists and #BlackLivesMatter Celebrate Murder of Trump Supporter in #Portland tonight.

These are Vicious, Terroristic Marxists that have no regard for Human Life; only Social Justice Indoctrination/Dogma.

#PortlandProtests #PortlandProtest
It's getting pretty brutal out there....

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRIOT #Riots2020
Sooooo #Portland looks even more like a Post Apocalyptic Warzone than usual tonight 🙃🥴

Nice job Libtards 👍

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BREAKING: Victim of #PortlandShooting tonight was a member of “Patriot Prayer” and was killed for unknown reasons.

This was an execution as video reveals shooter saying “Hey, we got ourselves a Wigger!” then fires his weapon.

There are multiple videos of this execution of a fellow Trump Supporter and US Patriot (@JackPosobiec has several) and reporting on the victim being from Patriot Prayer is from @nytimes

The shooter is wearing the white top and was 100% on foot (not the red car)
Initial reporting by BLM-ANTIFA live-streamers (who left Washington DC earlier today but RUSHED to Portland after learning of the Trump Rally) stated that Trump Rally members shot a black male.

THIS WAS A 100% LIE!!!!

The victim is a white male, Patriot Prayer member.
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URGENT: RETWEET! I have strong belief from the video footage of a live I’ve viewed from Justin Dunlap. Please review and reach out to #portland police about it, the shooter I believe was not in the red car but on foot. #blm #blacklivesmatter #PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests
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There's chatter that it was a counter-demonstrator standing with the police who fired. I'm withholding judgment whether this is a fan of Kyle's, a coincidental happening like the Chaz shootings, or something else. Stay safe everyone.
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