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🇺🇸 El 3 de noviembre tuvimos las #Elecciones2020 en EE.UU. Cuatro candidatos a presidentes y vicepresidentes, cuatro perfiles Twitter.

📌 Publico un hilo con datos desde el 1 de septiembre al 3 de noviembre de @JoeBiden, @realDonaldTrump, @KamalaHarris y @Mike_Pence 👇
📌 Empezamos con un pequeño análisis cuantitativo de los perfiles con los principales indicativos de los cuatro perfiles Twitter.

📊 Aquí os dejo el Excel con todos los indicativos desde el 1 de septiembre al 3 de noviembre 👇…
📌 Seguidores Twitter al finalizar las #Elecciones2020

1⃣ @realDonaldTrump 👉 87.514.061
2⃣ @JoeBiden 👉 12.098.331
3⃣ @KamalaHarris 👉 7.217.880
4⃣ @Mike_Pence 👉 5.540.957
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Ladies and Gentlemen - prepare for the Rabbit Hole. Biden's pseudonym is Peter Henderson.

#ObamaWasBetterAtEverything especially #Treason. . . Let's take a stroll down memory lane. #HillaryEmails #BidenEmails

#WWG1WGA Do your thang 17. #Patriots…
We will be learning how Obama/Clinton et. all. were using these private accounts to sell US Intelligence, state secrets, technology, etc. to China and our other enemies. She had an encrypted drop box. Donations to #ClintonFoundation. IRS has been investigating since 2016.
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Very interesting night. Anyone who watched the #BidenTownHall AND the #TrumpTownHall had to be asking what they really want in a leader. Trump was as least civil to the voters questioning him, but he was also impatient and testy (is he still on steroids?).
Biden was calm and thorough in his answers. Knowledgeable. No raised voices, no arguments. He got no push back at all from George Stephanopoulos, who was barely moderating. The voters led. The #BidenTownHall was the antithesis of the #TrumpTownHall.
But Trump did himself no favors by attacking Savanah Guthrie. It was appallingly abusive and misogynist.
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Biden references "a young man who became a woman." Trans people *are* they don't *become,* but he is definitely trying to address this issue of safety and non-discrimination for trans people with compassion and clarity.
Twitter erased my thread on this: an immigrant mother of two kids, one of whom is trans, asks Biden what he will do about the discrimination that the Trump Administration has visited on trans and other LGBTQ people.
Biden says he will overturn any discriminatory rulings from Trump. He cites the murders of trans WOC and other trans people who have been disproportionately affected by violence. He says he will address discrimination against #LGBTQ.
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Court question!
Ugh. Again. Stephanopoulous "The president is president for all four years."
Biden "yes, but after an election has started."
Wrong answer.
Biden again surfaces the idea that the problem with court packing is that it will be done by the other side if they get a chance.

HOW IS THAT WORSE THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW? Republicans want a 6-3 court NOW, and I'm supposed to worry about a 60-30 court in 10 years?
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Tuning in to watch @JoeBiden on ABC!
Joe Biden speaks & sounds like he is the president of the USA. Donald Trump speaks & sounds like an incompetent, vicious & nasty challenger to the current president!

On one channel we have a knowledgeable, rational, well-informed & honest man (BIDEN) responsibly & thoroughly responding to the questions of voters. On another channel there is a nutcase (TRUMP) spreading lies & propaganda! The choice is so easy.

#VoteBiden #BidenTownHall
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HAPPENING NOW: @JoeBiden answers questions from @LesterHoltNBC outside the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, FL.

Follow along for tweets and updates!
QUESTION 1: What is the Biden/Harris plan to prevent future pandemics and combat #COVID19.

- The individual question is a nurse who highlights the impact of the #coronavirus has had on Miami-Dade.

Q2: An undecided voter asks questions about the economy — given #COVID19 will linger for the foreseeable future.

@JoeBiden responds with science factoids, rebuilding the middle class, and restoring the souls of america.
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All eyes on @RonWyden He’s on Senate Intel, (i.e #volume5 ) & Finance Cmtes. Wednesday, he called out Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley for disseminating Russian propaganda. Said he’d have more to say. Last night was #BidenTownHall so today would be a good day for hammers to fall.
Wyden listed names related to those who are pushing Russian propaganda and are active foreign intel agents including:
Ron Johnson - Chairman of Homeland Security Committee
Rudy Giuliani - presidents personal lawyer.
Andreii Derkach - foreign intel agent
Andrey Teleshenko - agent
Ron Johnson is the Chairman of Homeland Security Committee and he was just called out by his senate colleagues as meeting with foreign agents in continuance of politically motivated investigations that would aid trump in his re-election.…
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The #BidenTownHall is revealing Joe Biden’s debate playbook:
1) Use extended and folksy personal anecdotes.
2) Repeat “Has that ever happened before? That’s not who we are!”
4) Blame Trump.
3) Smile through attacks and share it with the audience.

Hope @TeamTrump is watching.
The Trump Campaign needs to find the sweet spot when prepping for the debates. Don’t lower expectations for Biden through the floor, because then he’ll exceed them. Know that he’ll laugh through every attack line. Joe’s no spring chicken, but he won’t collapse on stage, either.
Another thing: if you try to tar Biden with his party’s far-left policies, he’ll laugh his way out of it and instead endorse a muddled position to confuse viewers and blunt the attack. Go after him on specific positions he publicly holds and explain how they put Americans last.
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There have been six questioners so far at the first commercial break of CNN's #BidenTownHall. Five of the six are Democrats, and five of the six are from the left.

Anderson Cooper has interjected eight times.
Second segment had three more audience questions, all by Democrats with two of three being either neutral or from the left.
Third segment -- two audience questions, both from Democrats. One was neutral or from the right, while the other was from the left.
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A teacher with MS is asking Biden a question about vaccines with regard to his compromised immune system; he says, "I love teaching, but I don't want to die." Biden is clearly moved & answers comprehensively, showing understanding of vaccine development. #BidenTownHall
The contrast between Biden and Trump could not be more clear. Biden's face shows his empathy; his words show his command of the issues. Biden is a man of the people suited to the presidency, the other is a monster.
Biden is responding to a healthcare worked who is making $15 an hour & is economically struggling; he shows really clearly that he understands Main St versus Park Ave. Says $15 an hour is not enough for a living wage. Then segues into the need for mental health. He's so good!
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The Obama/Biden administration used a drone strike to kill 16-year old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki in 2011.

They killed his father, U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, 2 weeks earlier by drone strike.

Neither were charged with crimes.

Should 2020 debates include this?
It won't happen, but I'd suggest a #BidenTownHall question would be whether Biden intends to continue using drone strikes to kill American citizens abroad, or if a Biden/Harris administration would commit to not doing so.

Is this a question you'd like asked?
Obama/Biden press secretary Robert Gibbs explained at the time "I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if they are truly concerned about the well being of their children."

Video in @TheAtlantic story by @Lukewearechange.…
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Stelter spoke with two town hall questioners and under the guise of "normal people," what he's doing (as are his CNN pals) is ostracize those not on their side and voting for Biden in the worst possible way. If you're not speaking "the truth," you're the problem. It's poisonous. ImageImage
For people like Brian, there's no opposing view (well, there is, but you're evil and/or stupid). In their world, why would any decent, good, kind person want to vote for Trump, let alone Republicans? It's an ugly approach to news CNN has decided to embark on. But that's Zucker!
In contrast, here's how Oliver Darcy (Brian had the day off) recapped CNN's #BidenTownHall. Not only are they dangerous, it's hard to overstate how hateful these two are toward Fox and how nothing would make them happier than sending Fox employees to the unemployment lines ImageImageImage
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